Music For Introverts: 8 Rock Bands

Music For Introverts: 8 Rock BandsYou sit down, pull your hoodie tightly over your head, and plug in your earphones hard.  It’s time for some alone time and you desperately want to block out the world, at least for the time being.

The only problem is you’re bored.  You’re bored of listening to the same old songs by the same old bands on repeat.  Hell, you can practically recite every song backwards, in French, in your sleep.  So what can you do?  Listen to them for the 50 thousandth time again?

This series of articles is for all you lethargic music listeners out there wanting to listen to something new.  If you’re an introvert especially wanting to listen to music for introverts, this article will be of use to you.

Many thanks to everyone on our Facebook and Twitter pages who suggested the following bands.  We’ve credited you with your additions.

Music For Introverts

Explosions In The Sky

Suggested by: Lee Delaney

Jim James

Suggested by: Brenda Golbus

Dead Can Dance

Suggested by: Portland Oregon Autism Resource Guide (and me!)


Suggested by: Meggan Simpson

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Pink Floyd

Suggested by: Alfredo Flores

Type O Negative

Suggested by: @blacktears78


Suggested by: @ImAHoodlum

Sisters of Mercy

Suggested by: @TimSS

[note] This article is part of a series of articles.  Other Music For Introverts articles include:

All suggested by our readers! If you have any bands to add, feel free to include them in our comments section below.[/note]

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Music For Introverts: 8 Rock BandsMusic For Introverts: 8 Rock BandsMusic For Introverts: 8 Rock BandsMusic For Introverts: 8 Rock BandsMusic For Introverts: 8 Rock Bands

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  1. Steppenchook says

    On a related topic – I have recently vowed that every time I go on a date, I will set aside time before I leave the house, to sing along LOUDLY to Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. So liberating!

    • says

      haha, I recently listened to that song Steppenchook, and I’m sort of intrigued that you find it a liberating song (guess you must believe that you’re a creep to listen to a song that embraces creeps right?) Anyhow, hope it adds a bright sparkling gleam to your dates! Thanks for the comment :P