Music For Introverts: 9 Ambient Bands

Music For Introverts: 9 Ambient BandsYou flip lethargically through your playlist of songs hoping to find something soothing and relaxing.

Everyone is fighting and shouting in the kitchen while you’re curled up next to your bedroom window, looking up at the night sky.  If only there was that perfect ambient song to help regain your peace, to help you drift off into your own world, far away from the frantic chaos in your home.

Fortunately, this article can help you add to your ever growing cornucopia of music.  If you’re an introvert especially wanting to listen to music for introverts, this article will be of use to you.

Every ambient band here was suggested by users of Yahoo answers, as well as our Facebook and Twitter readers.  Many thanks to everyone who had their say.  We’ve credited you with your suggestions.

So now, kick back, relax, and enjoy.  You may even discover your new favorite band here.

Music For Introverts


Suggested by: Lee Delaney


Suggested by: San Shrestha


Suggested by: Oliver Krone


Suggested by: @eleazhar_p


Suggested by: Luna :)

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Secret Garden

Suggested by: JBird198

The Best Pessimist

Suggested by: DanielDYDD


Suggested by: DarkbloomV

Loreena Mckennitt

Suggested by: Shygryl1981

[note] This article is part of a series of articles.  Other Music For Introverts articles include:

All suggested by our readers! If you have any bands to add, feel free to include them in our comments section below.[/note]

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Music For Introverts: 9 Ambient BandsMusic For Introverts: 9 Ambient BandsMusic For Introverts: 9 Ambient BandsMusic For Introverts: 9 Ambient BandsMusic For Introverts: 9 Ambient Bands

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  1. Tessa Coker says

    Luna, lovely Luna. I love that track by
    but it is not to be found anywhere – not iTunes, not Amazon!! HELP!
    I want it for my yoga class.

    • Christian Carlo de Jesus says

      right click on any of the videos above, click Copy video URL, then go to, click paste then download.

    • says

      Thanks Meladiction! I received your suggestions on Facebook, and I’m going to go take a look and listen (best part of writing these articles) :D