6 Intriguing Myths About Old Souls

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old souls

Solitary, philosophical and wise beyond their years, the Old Soul, just like any social oddity, tends to be mislabeled, and misunderstood by a society that fails to see the beauty of its own kind.

Walking through life as a social outsider, the Old Soul can find his matured temperament and outlook on life questioned and criticized.

This article will explore 6 common 'myths' associated with the Old Soul temperament, in hopes of broadening the understanding of popular, but misguided perceptions.

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For more information on Old Souls, and whether you're one or not, see this Old Soul article.

6 Myths About Old Souls


Myth #1:  Old Souls are lazy deadbeats. 
Truth:  We long for simple and uncomplicated lives.

old soulsMany Old Souls don't see eye to eye with society.  Wealth, material possessions and social statuses have no importance or allure to the Old Soul because they are seen as transient and momentarily fulfilling.

Why waste time complicating life with academic degrees, workplace competition and continuous debt when life can be lived simply and calmly?  This is why many Old Souls opt to work in unimportant, low-paying jobs, or decide not to work at all.

If money is the root of all evil, why let your life revolve around it?  In this situation, the Old Soul prefers to sit back, relax and smell the roses of life.

Myth #2:  Old Souls are asocial misanthropes.
Truth:  We tend to be quiet and solitary.solitary old souls

As pointed out in my other Old Soul article, many Old Souls tend to be solitary and/or loners by nature.  Understandably, this character quirk can be perceived very negatively by a society that values social stimulation and extroversion.

Old Souls tend to prefer their own company because only in solitude can they come to think their best thoughts, write their best works, and create their best creations.  It is the Old Souls thirst for spiritual self-actualization that fuels their need to be alone.

People, often, can become distractions and hang-ups on their inner quests for meaning and fulfillment.

Myth #3:  Old Souls are pretentious know-it-alls.
Truth:  We were born with a matured perspective of life.old souls

Young Old Souls in particular, are met with a lot of judgement when they stay true to their authentic selves.

What person, especially middle aged or old, wants to listen to a kooky looking young man or woman talking about the meaning of life.  Especially if they're dressed in what appears to be their grandparents clothing!

Understandably, many young Old Souls are measured against what is "normal" for their age, and end up falling short of societal expectations.  Thus come negative perceptions that Old Souls are "affected", "artificial" or "conceited".

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Myth #4:  Old Souls are mentally defective.
Truth:  We like taking our time to do things properly.old souls

I thank Facebook's Old Soul Group for sharing their experiences which inspired this myth.

These experiences, as well as my own, have shown that Old Souls as a whole tend to be very meticulous.  Their sensitivity and care for the world tends to make them take extra time to complete tasks.

Old Souls show their care and commitment by the amount of time they invest in people and projects.  Unfortunately, this can make them "slow" in the workplace, making them seem inept and unintelligent compared to their faster-paced colleagues.

Myth #5:  "Old Soul" is a word made up by insecure or arrogant people trying to be unique.
Truth:  "Old Soul" is a word used to describe the feeling of being old in mind and heart.old soul

Understandably, there are a few skeptics that try to rationalize "how can you measure the age of a soul?  This stuff is mumbo-jumbo".

Regardless of whether you believe in the reincarnation Soul Age theory linked with this group of people, being an Old Soul is specifically and exclusively a feeling felt by different groups of individuals.  This feeling, which can't be effectively analyzed by the conscious mind, is a subconscious sensation of "just knowing things", "having been here before", and "feeling matured and mentally aged".

Old Souls don't feel that they're any better than other people, nor do they necessarily feel insecure.  The term is simply used to describe what they feel inside.

Myth #6:  Old Souls are aloof and cold.
Truth:  We tend to have a detached, yet sensitive outlook on life.old soul

If all things are passing - good and bad, people and possessions - what's the point of becoming too attached to anything?

Many friends, lovers and family members are surprised by the Old Soul's disconnection from the cares of the world.  Understandably, this can be unsettling, even a little upsetting for some.  However, the Old Soul still maintains a sensitivity that few understand, and often display traits that can be linked to the Empath.

Still, the Old Soul, a perpetual observer of life, tends to have a "been there, done that" mentality, that many, including even the Old Soul himself, finds puzzling.  Backstabbing, gossiping, fighting, as well as addictions, money issues and other day to day problems rarely affect Old Souls.

As physical existence begins to lose its charm, the Old Soul faces deeper existential problems.  This, perhaps, is why the Old Soul often feels world-wary and tired.


If you're interested in finding out more about Old Souls, why not take our Old Soul Test?

Please feel free to share any thoughts or opinions you have below!

Photo by: Doug Wheller


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  1. Suzie32 says

    Thank you so much for this website.

    I feel like this is the first time in my life I met someone that understands me completely.

    I am definitely an old soul.

    Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy and I definitely get existential crises. I used to call them emotional breakdowns.

    Sometimes I just can’t understand why people don’t see life the way I see it.

    I find most people around me shallow and superficial and I find it very easy to see the mean side of others to the point where it causes me a lot of pain and sometimes causes me to withdraw. I am often called over-sensitive- however I really do think that one of the main ways that human beings cut others is through their words. However as a society we have just become more desensitized to it.. seeing making fun of an ridiculing people as cool or cute.

    I was also rebellious against my parents growing up (gave back talk) as I was able to see their flaws and I hated those flaws. It made it difficult for me to 100 % respect them although on the surface I did.

    I was also always called different as I was very mature for my age intellectually and didn’t care much for the things my friends did. Seeing them as often meaningless and fleeting.

    This is actually one of the reasons I left the corporate world to become a housewife. It was draining my soul. I just found it so meaningless. I find that I am able to keep my sanity more when I can control my own world and the people I let into it.

    Thanks again

    Fellow old soul :) x

    Thanks you so much.

    • says

      I know the feeling Suzie. I’ve gone through a very dark and long existential period in my life where nothing and no one made sense to me. The beauty is that this pain is serving to slowly refine you and awaken you. Soon you will come to see that everyone is at a different stage of inner transformation. Some people are still controlled by their emotions, judgements, biases and cultural conditionings, while others are coming to see through the illusions of life. All behavior is a product of pain, and once we can see that others behave the way they do because of pain, we can empathize with them and not allow their behavior to influence us so negatively.

      Thanks for reaching out x

  2. Bri says

    I didn’t always know I was an old soul, but there was always a part of me that knew I was different. As a child, I suffered a depression that probably all old souls can relate to. It wasn’t caused by the chemistry in my body or hormones and it wouldn’t be helped with medicine and I never talked about it before to anyone. Just a second grader, I suffered this certain distraught that drained me mentally, physically and mentally. I never thought my parents would ever care because I knew they’d just call it complaining. I was always feeling like I was looked down on even though I was very respectful to everyone else. Ten years later, I still feel that way at times, but my experiences have helped me deal with it in a positive way. I now recognize it as having wisdom in a world so broken in an age of entitlement. For seventeen, have this powerful empathy for people a high level of intuition. and I have this knowledge and self-assurance that was mentioned. I also am curious about the world and have no desire for most of the things that young souls hope to acquire. I aspire to use my compassion for other people through social work and channeling my wisdom through reading the Bible. The book of Proverbs talks all about wisdom and the benefits of being wise. It has helped me with numerous areas of my life and I know that God made me an old soul for a reason. One of my goals that I really hope to accomplish is to connect with old souls and inform them of the benefits of having a beautiful spirit inside of them and not to let the brokenness in the world stop you from what you are meant to accomplish: changing the world.

    • says

      Reminding others that they can influence the world in very unique ways is a very worthy pursuit, Bri. I was raised in a religious family, and reading the Psalms was one of my favorite areas of the bible (probably only favorite area). I really recommend branching out to other religious texts, especially those written by mystics. :)

  3. Marissa says

    What I find interesting is how people will label themselves, yet hate it when people label them. If the majority of people hate being categorized then why do we have labels in the first place?

    • says

      From what I’ve seen people label themselves as a way of finding themselves and understanding who they truly are. How can we lose our identities and egos if we don’t have any in the first place? Establishing the identity is first important to see through its fallacy, and is a necessary stepping stone in soulful maturing. People hate other people labeling them as it is like stepping into their own personal bubbles, and they feel only they can give accurate and meaningful labels to themselves, otherwise they risk being stereotyped or misunderstood.

  4. Sylladi says

    I have always felt like I am an old soul, out of place in the world. But I am wondering if other people feel this disconnection from their body like I do? I feel like I, more than most people, live only in my mind. In many ways my body doesn’t feel like part of me, and I have to remind myself to pay attention to it. Does anyone else experience this?

  5. Damion says

    I believe I was born a old soul in my family, because I am the only born child in my mediated family as well and have no children of my own. I have studied many things and may have unlocked ability’s though spiritual and technological meaning, because I see the world so different. I studied the Laws of Attraction but realize it doesn’t apply to me because my spirit is different then normal people, and my path is chosen subconsciously. By reading this page I finally realize I fit the description to the letter and have moved over seas to state to state when to stressed in one place, but mostly leaved alone. But more and more I’m finding more like me with a higher understanding….

    • says

      Damion, it sounds as though you are experiencing more synchronicity within your life which is a sign that you are aligning with your deepest inner needs. I’ve often found that when we live a life true to ourselves, we find so many more doors opening to us rather than closing.

  6. Dorothy Hart says

    Just finished reading a book that talks of old souls titled, “Original Innocence” by Wm. F. Fechter; that may be found of interest and value. :)

  7. Jenny says

    I’ve never realised I was an Old Soul until recently. I came across this concept a few weeks ago, and a piece of the puzzle just fell into place. I’ve had ‘old lady’ tendencies for as long as I can remember: I enjoy quietly reading or writing; I’ve taken a fancy to the lost art of calligraphy and script; I’d much rather spend a night in with a cup of tea rather than out partying or socialising; I’m of a minimalist mindset (this might have environmental roots ,though…); I like to observe life rather than be in the midst of all the action; I constantly introspect and look for a meaningful reason to continue this ephemeral existence; I don’t see the point to college (besides the wealth of knowledge available) and the rat-race that takes place after graduation; etc…

    I do not share much, if anything, in common with peers my age (freshman college student at the moment), and it’s been that way for a long time now. I simply have no interest in gossiping, or the latest celebrity drama, or politics — I never watch the news or read the newspaper. I always used to ask myself why I was so different from others — why couldn’t I really connect with anybody? I would have my childish moments (actually acting my age) where I could whole-heartedly enjoy activities with my few close friends, but it’d soon fade, and I’d feel extremely drained and tired afterwards. I always felt like I was acting a role at school, just trying to ‘fit-in’ and get through the school day before I could go home and enjoy time alone — I was always just ‘surviving’ it seems.

    It’s even worse now in college, where I not only see my peers daily in classes, but I have to live with them! I’m surrounded 24/7 by people that I just do not connect with, and while I’m a (content) loner and introvert through and through, the societal pressures to socialise and ‘network’ as the rest of my peers do gets to me every once in a while, making me question myself. I’ve had existential crises quite often because of that. I’m really only here for the learning opportunities that college provides. I don’t care for wealth or status or material items. I’m trying to find meaning in life. Life is just so ephemeral. Everything amounts to Nothing. Familial relationships are really the only important thing to me at the moment (which is quite weird for a teenager, I realise). What am I going to do when they’re gone? — that’s a scary thought…

    Sorry for such a long post. I guess I just needed to ramble to some like-minded people.

    • says

      Jenny, if we were in college together I’m sure we’d be friends (or at least, amiable every-now-and-then companions). But as you say, college is a valuable learning experience. It’s easy to be a hermit in Solitude, but putting yourself out there and challenging yourself gives birth to the most self-growth. People, after all, serve as our mirrors, and what we feel about ourselves we often project onto others.

      Also, chances are that eventually you will find someone who you can develop a strong connection with (this can level out your social contact, and make you less reliant on your family).

      Thank you for reading! :)

      • Jenny says

        Hello. The articles on this website are absolutely intriguing, so they’re a joy to read!

        Just curious: what do you mean that people “serve as our mirrors”?

        • says

          That means a lot to me, thank you Jenny.
          People are the most potent and powerful ways of reflecting back to us our greatest virtues and imperfections. The greatest self-growth we can possibly achieve is in proximity to other people. It’s easy to be a pious hermit in a cave, but it is harder to face the challenges and confrontations that other people bring. This is what I mean by “other people serve as our mirrors”: they reflect back to us what we are in essence.

  8. elijah says

    This may be why me and my girlfreind clash so much because I been a old soul since i can remeber and she , shares many traits of a infant soul

    • says

      Sharing different Soul Ages with your partner is one of the major reasons for clashes and break-ups. But developing understanding and compassion can be the greatest way of salvaging these connections.

  9. Richa says

    Hi! Aletheia Luna,
    At last I have discovered or rather uncovered a truth about myself…..that i am a loner and an old soul just like you and many others on this blog…..Now i have come to understand why I always felt like a parent to my parents rather than a child of my parents! I have never felt like a part of this society. Felt so strange and wondered why I am so different than girls of my age…..I never had any of those teenage problems, never felt the need to be friends with boys instead I used to shy away from any conversation with boys. My elder sister thought I would grew up to be abnormal and yes I do have psychic abilities too! That has helped me in saving myself and my parents from conspiracies many times!!! I used to feel strange when I had psychic experiences and shared them with my mum but now I have a better understanding of myself…I think now I understand why I think so differently and have a strangely unusual life when compared to most of the people around me. Even my parents feel that my life has been full of strife and struggle with no achievement in a worldly sense, no material success. and yes I am a counselor too…and am still waiting for my soul mate at the age of 32!!!….

    • says

      It’s a wonderful feeling when everything in our lives finally seems to make sense, or fall into place, isn’t it Richa? Having extrasensory gifts is often a sign of a matured soul as well. :)
      Thank you for sharing your joy here!