24 Stunning Introvert Dream Libraries

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

I've often thought every introvert's personality is 40% genetics, 40% upbringing, and 20% the last book they read. It seems to have been for me.

From a young age, while all the other boys aspired to own fast cars, I would dream of having nothing better than a mammoth sized personal library.  This gargantuan library would be full of rare first edition books, unfinished manuscripts of various inventors, historical memorabilia and fossilized eggs.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this fantasy.  After the interest shown in my 21 Introvert Dream Homes article, I thought I'd illustrate what the dream library would look like inside the dream home.  These stunning introvert dream libraries come from wealthy writers and film directors, spanning all the way to unnamed, anonymous libraries from all around the world.

Feel free to share the one's you love:

20+ Introvert Dream Libraries

George Lucas' Private Library

George Lucas Library


Anonymous Private Library

Anonymous Private Library


Thomas Boone Pickens Jr. Private Library

Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr. Private Library


George Washington Vanderbilt II - Biltmore House Library

Biltmore House Library


Private Library in Bowral, Australia

Private Library in Bowral, Australia


Anonymous Private Library Designed by Candour Ltd

Anonymous Private Library Designed by by Candour, Ltd


Gianni Botsford's Private Library

Gianni Botsford Library


Harlan Crow's Private Library

Harlan Crow Private Library


Library and Study ~ Hearst Castle, California

Hearst Mansion Library Study


Anonymous Private Library

Anonymous Private Library


Karl Lagerfeld's Private Library

Karl Lagerfeld Private Library


Miquel Mateu's Private Library ~ Castle of Peralada, Spain

Miquel Mateu Castle of Peralada Library


Anonymous Private Library

Anonymous Private Library


Neil Gaiman's Private Library

Neil Gaiman Private Library


Osho's Private Library (100,000+ volumes)

Osho Private Library


Otto Penzl's Private Library

Otto Penzl Private Library


The Pierpont Morgan Private Library in NYC

Pierpont Morgan Private Library


Professor Richard Macksey's (John Hopkins University) Private Library

Professor Richard Macksey Private Library


Private Library Designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis Designs

Anonymous Private Library Designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis Designs


Paul D. Cravath's Private Library - Still House, Locust Valley

Paul D. Cravath Private Library - Still House, Locust Valley


"The Brain" Library Designed by Olson Kundig Architects

The Brain Library Olson Kundig Architects


Thierry W. Despont's Private Library

Thierry W Despont Private Library


"Staircase To Heaven" Designed by Levitate Architects

Staircase To Heaven Library


Jay Walker's Private Library

Jay Walker Private Library


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  1. BlueRose14 says

    I literally got chills! I’d imagine heaven looks like some of these book-filled sanctuaries.

    Some of them seem a bit too big and grandoise to me though, as I prefer the small warm cozy places. I’m currently still amassing my own sizeable book collection… Its my dream to one day create my own beautiful home library!

    • says

      It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? A homely warm library that shares with you so many beautiful memories and experiences. A book is a love affair for some of us! :)

  2. Kyle says

    I love all of them! :D If I had my own library, though, it would probably be more on the woodsy, cabin type. Nothing feels better than a cozy couch, a good book, and being surrounded by nature, specially running water, like a small fountain, or even better, rain.

    • says

      Don’t forget the fire place and the warm cup of tea. But stop stop…all this fantasizing about cabins and woods makes me want to go on another three month holiday to the country side! :)

      There’s just something comforting about libraries in general, feels ‘homely’ strangely enough. Thank you for commenting Kyle !

  3. GallivantingFox says

    They are all so beautiful! How can anyone even pick a favorite library??? Just having all those books at your fingertips would be magnificent! (Although, I do find myself partial to the classic style.) Thank you for all of the wonderful images! :D

    • SolW0lf says

      Happens to me with my personal library. I just accumulate more and more books I’d love to read but then when it comes to choose which to read next, I get too indecisive. You’re very welcome! :)

  4. SheketEchad says

    Thank you so much for these beautiful visual displays! I actually save photos of libraries on my computer so that if someday I can build one, I have some starting points :) I’m torn between Botford’s and ‘The Brain’ at the moment.
    I’m really enjoying all of the writings y’all produce, thank you.

    • SolW0lf says

      It will only take us a few million to build one like these. Perhaps all of us can chip in and have the official LonerWolf Library :p. Thanks for reading our stuff ;)

  5. says

    Like you, Sol, my childhood dream has always been having a huge library that showcases books ranging from rarities to international best-sellers. I also particularly love the Staircase to Heaven one: I imagine myself picking up a book on one of the risers on my way up and I would read it on a cozy sofa on the top of the staircase!

    By the way, thanks for the post, Sol. Bookcases turns me on! lol

    • SolW0lf says

      I loved Staircase To Heaven as well. By the way, that’s not the original name. The designer didn’t specify one but when I saw it, that’s what immediately came to mind. Shows you that you don’t have to have lots of space or money to make a stunning library. Thanks for the comment!

  6. charis says

    Wow! I love these. I have converted a room in my house into a library but it is nothing like these. I especially like the Staircase to Heaven. I would love a large round room with floor to ceiling books and roof windows. Thanks for the posting, Sol.

    • SolW0lf says

      You’re very welcome Charis :). That’s a brilliant idea! I once had a dream where I lived in a house that was build with books as bricks :P, most of the books were War and Peace volumes cause of its thickness hahah