Loner’s Guide: Jobs for Introverts

Smited, slighted, stomped on by the corporate world. The word loner has become a blasphemous word amongst the circles of the socially elect.  True, at times loners can be socially inept, but sometimes we aren't.  Sometimes our only wish is to be left alone.  Is that too much to ask?

We all know that working is a necessity of life. The greatest strife comes when the socially sensitive find themselves in repugnant, straining, socially draining jobs.  If you found this article because you're currently going through  such a stressful experience, read on.  If you haven't experienced the horrors of an ill-fitted job yet, this guide may help you. At the end of this article you will find a list of possible jobs for introverts.

 Forget "Respectable"

Janitor, garbage collector, truckie...

What is a respectable job and what is not, is a fallacy.  All jobs serve a purpose. Don't base your career choice on what you think others will think about you. Choose an employment path you think would suit you best, not based on peoples opinions of what is and isn't "respectable". Remember: your worth is not gained from a title, a job, or from others. Your worth is intrinsic. You are in intrinsically worthy.  Don't fall for the respectability ploy. Unfortunately, many parents pressure their children to pursue law and medical degrees. Failing to get into college or university is seen as a crime against humanity.  In the end, children end up submitting to their parents to please them, but often times, parents are submitting to their own preconceived ideas of what  is and isn't respectable. Essentially, they are moulding their children into what they think will please and impress others. This common dilemma creates endless unhappiness. No one is being genuinely themselves, instead, they are being what they feel others want them to be.

Look for the Yin and Yang

Arty, earthy, mathematically inclined....you must focus on your interests and skills when you consider a career.  Are you good with your hands?  Do you prefer intellectual, theory based work?  Sites such as this can assist you.  Don't forget to consider what you would least like in a job, what you couldn't live with and commit to in a career, and the weaknesses you have. Above all, don't create expectations.  It is unlikely that you will find the perfect job, as much as you don't want to hear that.  There is always bad in the good and good in the bad, but each provide a contrast to help strengthen their opposing forces.  Too much good and you will grow complacent, and take your work for granted. The challenges, the trials and the negativity you experience helps you to appreciate the good and fully experience any joy that comes.  The key is to find a balance of good and bad.  You can begin doing this by researching.  Start with forums like this to discover both the positives and negatives of your desired career.

Know Thyself ... and Take a Personality Test

How well do you know yourself?  It is important to introspect and examine yourself in order to make intelligent decisions about your career. Take a home-made personality test by asking those few who know you what they think you would be good at.  If you would prefer to remain silent and unperturbed, take an online test.  Even if you can't be bothered to finish them, they will provide you with useful questions to consider about the best jobs for introverts that will suit you.  They may also help you consider other dimensions of job seeking such as your level of commitment - whether long term or short term ans whether you prefer one single job or multiple jobs.  These following tests may help:

Think, How Much is Too Much?

Money.  It's the main reason why people bother getting jobs. But how many things do you actually need?  The old truism says that money is the root of all kinds of evil. You don't have to look very far to see the thefts, man slaughters, adulteries, perjuries and other atrocities that stem from the desire to obtain money. Your life is limited - don't waste your time in a job that demands too much from you.  It may pay well, but what for?  Ask yourself what is important: fancy houses and cars, flat screen T.V's, iPods, iPads,iPhones, and every other possible gadget in existence.  Or something else that doesn't consist in physical possessions?  Financial security perhaps, freedom, happiness.  Think about the future and how much money you will need to adequately support you, and any others who rely on you, without the excess.  Check out minimalist living  for inspiration.  Finally, once you have found, and before you apply for a job, make sure that you check the job description closely.  I work in the lowest level of my job in the library and it's wonderful. Little expectations = little pressure. Little pressure = greater peace of mind.  Greater peace of mind = happiness.

Toss a Coin, Literally

If you are having trouble making a decision about your job seeking, toss a coin. This usually works for me. Tossing a coin helps to reveal what you really want unconsciously. If you find yourself hesitating over the side the coin landed on after you flipped it, this is a good indication that you either need to 1) rethink both options, or 2) you actually think the opposite side of the coin is the better option. Before you flip a coin, make sure you give a thorough think about both of your options.  You don't want to make hasty, impatient decisions and use the coin as an excuse to get it over and done with.

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Context, Content and Cash

The three C's of job searching.  We already know that exploring the contents of the job is important, and how much money it pays, but what about the context?  The context of the job is the most overlooked part of job seeking.  Us loners want peace and serenity away from the crowds and groups and clans of people. Customer service is the bane of our existence.  So think about the context. Being a librarian for instance, is stereotypically a Loner job.  I have worked in 4

different libraries and let me tell you now... working in a library is not a Loner job! At least in public libraries.  You deal with people all day long.  It's just like working in a shop, except you loan books.  If you truly want a Loner job, you must firstly think about the context of the job - is it situated in the city or some obscure back street?  Is it a huge multi-complex corporation, or is it a small family-owned business?  What are the socio-economics of the place your possible job is situated?  i.e.  is it a town where the majority of people earn a low income, a medium income, or a hefty salary?  Depending on the context of the job, it is possible to determine how many or how few people you will meet, how many staff there are, and how anonymous the work is.  Finally, don't forget to explore, yourself.  If you are serious about finding the perfectly fitted job, you must try to gain some insight into what the job is like before you are locked in. The best way to do this is by purposely travelling to places that hold similar jobs to the job you want.  For instance, if you are wanting to apply for a job as a security guard, find a place where you can observe the security guards and how social the job is.

Jobs for Introverts

The following list was compiled after some investigation.  Please note that in reality there is no guarantee that these will be suited to you.  They are merely suggestions.  If you have any other ideas about jobs for introverts, please comment to help make this list more comprehensive.









Boat/ferry operator

Bus Driver


Data Entry Officer


Factory worker


Freelance writer


Geological Engineer


Government Librarian/library assistant

Greenhouse tender


Mail Poster (Postie/Mailman)


Medical Laboratory Technician




Records manager/officer

Software Developer


Truck driver

Web Programmer




Remember to keep in mind the three C's of context, content and cash your desired job possesses, as well as how suited it will be to your skills and strengths.  Forget the fallacy of "respectability" and drop your expectations of finding the perfect job free of faults, and you will find that job seeking isn't as tricky as first thought.

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