Why I Would Vote For Medical Prostitution

Why I Would Vote For Medical Prostitution

Firstly, I want to start this off by saying that I’m indebted to Marijuana documentary “Super High Me” for the intriguing phrase Medical Prostitution.  Watching the documentary today, I heard this peculiar term used very briefly, and it really got me thinking about the sex industry and its detriment vs. benefit to society.

OK, I know that I may have already got off on the wrong foot with some people – especially by mentioning weed in the beginning.  But I hope we all try keeping an open mind.  An important part of the Involutionary process to me is about challenging the common ideas, beliefs and values that our society holds.

And after all … I wouldn’t trust such a sick society with the delegation of what is right versus what is wrong.

The Benefits Of Sex

At the beginning of this year, Sol and I were considering setting up an escort service.  So I read into the sex industry, learnt a lot, got up a website, but eventually decided that the industry wasn’t for me.  Unexpected and bizarre?  I know. :)

After this brief cerebral exploration of the sex industry, I came away with a few fascinating philosophies.  Sex philosophies.  Philosophies which state that the provision of sexual services pretty much provide a much needed favor for mankind.

Not only does the provision of paid sex release daily anxieties such as stress and tension, but it also increases happiness, calmness and general feelings of well being.  When people say “you need to get laid” they’re not kidding.  Sex has been scientifically proven to have a cornucopia of benefits, including:

better heart health, pain relief, improved mental health, weight loss, stronger immunity, increased fertility, arthritis alleviation, reduced chances of prostrate and breast cancer, increased confidence, improved bladder function, increased longevity … and the list goes on and on.

If you’ve experienced sex before, you’ll know the mental, physical and emotional differences between abstinent-self and orgasm-self.  It’s obvious that sex is good for you, in moderation.

You could even say that it has many natural medicinal properties with all the oxytocin, testosterone and dopamine released in just the right quantity in the brain and body.

So what about all those males and females who go without sex, sometimes for months on end, sometimes even for years?  Obviously these people are less well-off than their sex-enjoying peers.

Unless you’re asexual, or decide to channel your sexual energy into some higher purpose (such as sexual transmutation), chances are you’re filled with the inherent need to orgasm – whether you realize it or not.

To me, this begs the questions “should prostitution actually be legalized?”, and if already legalized in certain places, “should the negative perspectives on prostitution change?”

Why I Support Prostitution

Many, if not all of us, carry a lot of feelings and ideas about prostitutes that we’ve dragged around with us since we learnt the meaning of the word.

Prostitution is essentially a “loaded word” full of negative, dirty and dishonorable connotations that many of us easily and quickly subscribe to.  I mean, who would want their daugher (or son) to be a prostitute?  Pictures of fishnet stockings, tacky makeup and trashy clothing immediately come to mind when we envision the word.

Prostitution is hidden away, whispered about, shunned and by many religions seen as “evil”, sometimes even worthy of death.  I should know, I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian family.  So I’ve had my fair share of indoctrination regarding prostitution.

Although I’d never become a prostitute (to the best of my knowledge), and I absolutely do not condone the trafficking of women or men for sexual services, I believe prostitution is essentially good for society.

You heard me … I support prostitution!

Not just because I believe it will positively impact the health and well-being of millions of repressed people, but also because I believe it will reduce the crime rate (rape especially) significantly by providing a legitimate outlet for sexual desires.  Think of all the benefits of sex, spread them around society, and consider the impact.  The results really speak for themselves.

With the illegal and disdained status of prostitution in society, it’s no wonder there are million of mentally, psychologically and emotionally pent up people, venting their rage here and there like explosive garden sprinklers.  In fact, I would go so far as saying that many problems in society are more likely than not driven by angry, sexually-repressed people.

Common Arguments Against Prostitution – And Why They’re Wrong

I want to clarify something: I only believe that prostitution is beneficial if it is undertaken by a consenting women and man (or woman/woman, man/man).  No one’s rights are being violated if there is an open agreement between two responsible adults.  And quite frankly, people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies.

Many people argue that prostitution turns women into “objects for man’s sexual use”.  Not only is this objection clearly ignoring the female’s use of male prostitutes as “objects”, but in reality, the consuming libido of a man isn’t going to allow him to delicately consider the humanity of his female sex partner.

I have experienced the feeling of being “an object” in lovemaking, even in the deepest and most respectful relationship, and I understand the burden males carry to relieve themselves. The argument that prostitution objectifies women is a fallacy, because women will always be sexual objects, regardless of whether they’re prostitutes or not.

In fact, women won’t always be the only sexual “objects” either, men will as well.  So long as people continue to use each other as instruments for pleasure, they will always continue to be “objects”.  After all sex, just like altruism, is always motivated by selfishness because deep down it always comes back to us, i.e. it makes us feel happy, it makes us feel wanted, it makes us feel relieved.

Men are wired differently from women, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to see sex as the spiritual or romantic entangling of two souls, as female sensibilities would suggest.  In their eyes, sex is perceived as an enjoyable release from the burden of carrying so much seed.  I know because I’ve had the nerve to actually asked them.

Another interesting argument is that prostitution encourages men and women to cheat on their partners more.  Somehow, legitimizing commercial sexual outlets will tempt men (or women) to shop around for more enjoyment in the sheets with other people.

Basically, this doesn’t make any sense to me.  If a man or woman wants to sleep around – they’ll find a way to sleep around, whether via prostitution or some other way.

If a person is horny and has no true respect for you, the truth is that they’ll more likely than not cheat on you, regardless of whether prostitution is made legal and acceptable, or not.

Prostitution doesn’t tempt men or women to cheat more, it just provides another viable alternative.

Sex Is Beneficial

Sex is a beautiful and highly beneficial act that everyone should enjoy, regardless of relationship status, disability or any other condition that prevents the access to regular lovemaking.

If this article has stimulated any of your thoughts or opinions, please feel free to share them below!

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Why I Would Vote For Medical Prostitution Why I Would Vote For Medical Prostitution Why I Would Vote For Medical Prostitution Why I Would Vote For Medical Prostitution Why I Would Vote For Medical Prostitution
  • Insidious_Sid

    “Many people argue that prostitution turns women into “objects for man’s sexual use”. Not only is this objection clearly ignoring the female’s use of male prostitutes as “objects”, but in reality, the consuming libido of a man isn’t going to allow him to delicately consider the humanity of his female sex partner.”

    It’s also clearly ignoring the use of the male libido by the female for her to acquire money. In modern “progressive” societies, it’s now legal to sell sex (protect female victims) while illegal to buy it (vilify male sexual ‘predators’.) So, it’s okay to get money for sex, but it’s not okay to get sex for money. Basically, if the woman is doing it, it’s okay, but if the man is doing it, it’s not.
    In fact, if you think of the word “exploitation”, there is exploitation going on in both directions. He is exploiting her need / want for money. She is exploiting his need /want for sex.

    But only the males actions are vilified.

    This is because society has age-old notions of sex and sexual access. Her having it and keeping it is virtuous. His wanting it and him getting it is scandalous. Yet, secretly, the women giggle as they huddle and talk about how big his endowment and skills under the sheets.

    Society runs on rules and tenets which are a large book full of lies. Lies about sexuality are a big part of this book.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hi Insidious_Sid,

      “He is exploiting her need / want for money. She is exploiting his need /want for sex.” A win-win situation. I understand where you are coming from. Society is ruled by impulse-drive, emotionally reactive and unmindful/unaware people, so it’s understandable that there are many double-standards and untruths left, right and center. But I can understand the frustration, especially in regards to the socially acceptable images of men and women.

      Thank you for sharing these thought-provoking ideas,


  • Cecelia

    I identify as asexual. I think human sexual is disgusting and I am sex repulsed. However this being my sexual orientation I identify in my gender identity as Androgynous, Genderqueer, Gender Non-conforming and Two-Spirit (Niizh Manidoowag). Two-Spirit in the Ojibway/Anishinaabe Native American tradition as I am Native American.

    I have had sexual experiences with men and women but I am grossed out by human sexuality. I have no shame or guilt. I just feel repulsed by it all.

    I like to use the words “sex work,” over prostitution. Sex work should be safe and legal on a global level. However we really need to end child prostitution and sex trafficking. We need to work on poverty alleviation and look at our systems – patriarchy, capitalism, etc. Dealing with these systems then prostitution could be made safe and legal. One of my younger friends (she’s 11) was being routed into child prostitution. She was taken away from this horrible situation and adopted. However she still deals with the effects of sexual assault, rape, being around drugs, abuse, poverty, etc. She will be dealing with this for life. I wouldn’t gloss over the work that needs to be done. Many are tortured, abused, hurt and it is happening right now.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hi Cecelia. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      “Sex work” seems like a more diplomatic word that isn’t as tarnished as “prostitution”, I like it. This article deals with consensual prostitution, however I am very aware of the concerns of forced/criminal prostitution (however, that topic is for another day and another article).

      I’m happy to hear that you have no shame or guilt about being asexual (and taking away the emotional/libido drive, I can completely see how disgusting sex can be!)


  • chronic

    Being forced to have sex is rape…regardless of who you are…cant nobody argue with that

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Only if prostitution is consensual between both parties, can it be considered medical. Forced prostitution, as you say rightly, is rape.


  • chronic

    Absolutetely agree with the whole article…dont forget men can be raped aswell..why is the law so biased towards women in every aspect of life…but thats another argument

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you Chronic :)


  • Brian Hahn

    Here is a sage take on Canada introducing Medical Prostitution. http://www.sagenews.ca/Article.asp?id=3614&title=Ottawa-Introduces-New-Prostitution-Legislation

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you Brian – an intriguing article to read!


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely. When people can’t get food, we give them food stamps. When people can’t get medicine we give them medicare and medicaid. When people don’t have a home we give them homeless shelters. Humans are sexual creatures and the need for sex is as strong as the need for food, medicine, shelter. So then when someone cannot get sex why do we tell them to just try harder or to man up? Prostitutes should be provided to those unable to get sex on their own, just like our society helps those who can’t get enough food, shelter, medicine. It’s the moral right thing to do, to help out those less fortunate thsn you, even in sexual manners.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Anonymous, most definitely. I’m still puzzled at people’s reaction to sex – it’s just as natural as sitting down at the table to eat breakfast, so why such hush and taboo? It really is a pity, because those who can’t obtain sex are stigmatized if they turn to prostitution. Even masturbation is condemned by many (usually religious) groups of people. It’s a tragedy that some people go most of their lives without any physical contact, especially those with some mental or physical disability. The commenter below recommended watching an excellent documentary about this product, and I’d love to pass that on (completely worth watching!) http://www.scarletroad.com.au/trailer

  • Maxi

    In Australia it is quiet common for people with disabilities to visit prostitutes. Often those living in Government group accommodation even have part of their allowance or pension put away for such visits. Generally it’s not talked about in society though. It’s only common knowledge in the health care fields. There is a great documentary called ‘Scarlett Road’ that addresses this very topic. It is very moving and I’d highly recommend you check it out if you can. In some places it brought me to tears. http://www.scarletroad.com.au/trailer

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Maxi, thanks very much for contributing to this page. A few years ago when I began studying to be a Disability worker (but later quit), the course spoke about prostitution as a way of life for many of the people disability workers were going to work with (and that we had to place our beliefs aside to do what was best for them). Thanks for bringing this up! I’ll definitely take a look at this documentary!
      All the best ~L

  • Alberto T.

    Immensely enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings on medical prostitution, Luna. Hey, if sex therapists are legal, why not medical prostitutes? No difference between the two, far as I can see, besides a graduate degree, post-degree clinical experience, liability insurance, and a valid state license to practice psychology, medicine, social work, counseling, nursing, or marriage and family therapy in the case of sex therapists, according to Wikipedia.

    Fat chance of legalizing medical prostitution in the good old U.S. of A., though, where most of us are more intent on regulating everyone else’s morals but our own. “What a waste of time, expertise, and the people’s money,” remarked MSNBC’s Hardball talking-head Michael Smerconish on cable air just a couple of weeks ago. “I would argue that it’s time to bring the world’s oldest profession aboveboard in communities willing to allow it, clean up the trade, and clamp down on the exploitation. Let government share in the revenue, but otherwise stay out of the private affairs of consenting adults. Beyond the role of the taxman, prostitution doesn’t warrant the involvement of federal authorities.”

    “There’s another argument in support of legalizing prostitution,” Smerconish added, echoing your own view, Luna, that legalized prostitution would “postively impact the health and well-being of millions of repressed people, but also…reduce the crime rate (rape especially) significantly by providing a legitimate outlet for sexual desires.”

    Not to mention putting a severe damper on the international sex-slavery trade, which would be an enormously good thing, no?

    “Some among us,” the cable commentator pointed out, “are never going to find companionship for a variety of reasons. And their solitary existence is accentuated by the constant barrage of sexual stimulation we see every day on television and billboards, in our mailboxes in the form of fashion catalogs. It can’t be healthy for some people to feel the amassed pressure of such images, and have their personal expectations go unfulfilled.”

    Roger that, Smerconish!

    And kudos to you, Luna, for the courage and rhinoceros skin it took to express your views in such forthright fashion. “It’s amazing how seriously America (especially) takes anything to do with sex,” you forthrightedly wrote in another communiqe. “In fact, they seem to tolerate violence and gore more, but anything to do with natural bodily functions is a big no-no. Interestingly, all of the backlash from my article seemed to be specifically from American women, not Dutch women, Arab men or any other nationality, but American women.”

    But why, Luna? What’s in our diet or air or water that turns American women into such “Freezer Queens” in the words of one replier named Sultan of Suede to the question “Are American Women More Sexually Frigid?” in a blog I came across after reading your medical prostitution piece. “I’ve known and consort with a fair number of Europeans and what I love, love, love about their women — aside from the fact that they aren’t American — is their ability to look trim after having children,” SultanofSuede continued. “And also the fact that they aren’t Freezer Queens. Ditto for Asian women, whether Indian or Oriental. American women are legendary for their frigidity and have been for decades. Obesity is used as a cover for the far more darker psychological aspects of American womanhood. I see obese, I know there are likely some serious issues going on between the ears. It’s only in Britain and the U.S. that this line (‘I mean for some people overweightness is not a eating habit issue but genetics.’) is regularly given; it’s yet another way modern women escape any criticism or culpability for things well within their control.”

    “Frigidity — What I observed was that psychologists and statistics indicate that American women are frigid and having problems climaxing,” SultanofSuede continued. “An Orthodox rabbi on my FaceBook pointed out the other day that a recent study bears this out: American women have no interest in making love to their husbands. Men are by nature more sexual, but the disparity in sex interest spells doom for many marriages. I remember one feminist writer in an editorial earlier this year complaining that she couldn’t come anymore with her pathetic husband because he was such miserable creature when compared with Obama. Seriously. Women can say the most ridiculous things and never get called to the rug. As someone who has analyzed marriage from the angle of whether it’s feasible, I have to factor in objective data and the best I’ve been able to find points to it being a raw deal for men. From my perspective, I’d like to be wrong. In the past month, I’ve had two male friends 40 and up tell me that they don’t get any physical attention from their wives. I’ve heard this again and again for years from married men. All professionals, all high income earners whose greatest vices are petty stuff like watching sports center late at night with a glass of scotch before bed. But ya know what? I also know plenty of American men–brother included — who say that their Asian wives have no problems showing affection. It sounds like I’m bashing American women: Instead, I’m suggesting that instead of getting emotional, people look at what causes American women to be such corpulent Frigidaires. I can explain male philandering very easy; I can’t explain why European women love having orgasms while their American sisters don’t.

    Anyway, Luna, how great it would be–although requiring another massive application of courage and rhino skin to do so–if you gave a non-American woman’s perspective and advice on how America’s Freezer Queens might get over their sexual repression and hang-ups. For one thing, American men, whose sexual foreplay now typically consists of half-an-hour of pleading and whining, would enormously appreciate your enlightenment on this piquant subject.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Alberto! Thanks for your well thought out comment. It was immensely enjoyable to read. :)

      “What causes American women to be such corpulent Frigidaires”, I couldn’t help but laugh at that – a lot :) An interesting turn of phrase, and an even more interesting topic!

      American women are known as being the most frigid in the world? The thought took me by surprise at first, but upon a bit of reflection it really does make sense. After all, America was founded by Puritans, and still feeds heavily off Christian ideas of right and wrong. One of those ideas is that the “flesh is corrupt and evil”, including all sexual functions, UNLESS they’re strictly and specifically saved for wedlock.

      There’s so much to say about this twisted view of the body, and it really does reflect on the way American women in particular treat subjects like prostitution. I’d say that it wouldn’t be too much of a leap to say that the high level of sexual repression experienced by American women really reflects on the way they treat their bodies (obesity for instance), and subjects like masturbation and paid sex. Countries like America really do seem to have become alienated from their bodies, and inner needs. Unfortunately they perpetuate this inner and outer body alienation by condemning much needed services like prostitution! What a pity.

      I’d love to explore this topic more, and the snippets of text you included in your comment have really piqued my interest for more exploration of ‘America’s Freezer Queens’. Americans, especially, are the most mouthy and aggressive when it comes to controversial topics, so it does take a bit of rhino skin to put your observations and thoughts out there. But I’m up for the challenge :)

      Thanks very much Alberto, and have a fabulous day!

    • Indigo

      This is interesting… I didn’t know about the generalities of the “Freezer Queen” American woman since I live in America. O_o …I do know my mother and father don’t seem to clearly do it or anything but they still love each other and are friends in their long marriage as well as being very comfortable with each other so I wonder if its just how best they prefer it?
      The thing about generalities is that it can describe trends over the population but breaks down when you try to make it apply to an individual.
      If “one in ten people” have something, then simply getting ten people in a room does NOT mean one of them will have it. “One in ten people” is another generality as well and part of the statistics.
      So I wonder how much of the rumor of American “Freezer Queens” is true and how common that is, because I do know that while I may not be able to see the bigger picture, that of the self-identified women that I know, a couple don’t seem to do the sex as much and are okay with it. Some do the sex often and again are okay with it. Some are in between and seem fine with it too. And their partners seem okay with it as well. But then again this is just me looking at them from a distant perspective and yet knowing nothing of what it is really like for them within their minds and skins.
      I do know I have yet to experience that sexual side of life with another human but am waiting to do it with someone I love and trust instead. Does that make me frigid? Or does that just make me want to do something that is more special to me with someone I feel safe and comfortable with? In the mean time I am very happy with giving myself the needed orgasms and will agree with you that it has a very nice effect on the mood afterwards. :)

      • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

        Indigo, I waited as well for someone special, so I can understand the sentiment ;) Personally, I don’t see this as being frigid, but actually quite romantic (after all, you don’t want to present yourself as the “leftovers” to the person you love. At least, that’s how I think about it). I was very picky about relationships, always keeping a wary eye out, and I’m glad I waited! Thanks for coming by :) ~L

  • Strawman

    Yes, I think it would be good if prostitutes where more socially accepted. I think the whole sex is taboo isn’t good, everything from Sex ed. to censorship in films. I have had a invisible illness for the last 15 years that has stopped me from socialising and having a sex life. I have thought about paying for sex but a few things have stopped me. The high ethical and safety standards I have means it will be very expensive and would have to travel interstate, as well as the stigma (I think I would have a very hard time trying to relax enough and not get overwhlemed as well.). There is also a stigma about being a 35 year old virgin. There are a lots of reasons that people don’t enjoy a sex life, health and isolation are just two. Luckily I’m getting better now so I might have sex one day. Making prostitution more widely excepted would help a lot of people that society have forgotten about lead a full life

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Strawman, I really appreciate you thoughts.
      Most definitely health and isolation are two other factors that prevent an active and healthy sex life. If prostitution was cleaned up and regulated, it could cater to a wide variety of people that society has forgotten about. It’s a shame how dirty society has conditioned us to believe sex is. Violence and gore seem to be more tolerated by the media than graphic sex scenes for some reasons, as if the destruction of human life is better and more respectable than the reproductive processes of creating human life. Society is truly twisted in many ways, and it’s hard to wipe your mental slate clean of the grime that has been polluting your perception for years. My unspoken rule of life is: if society thinks it’s good, it probably isn’t. If society thinks it’s bad, it probably isn’t.

      I hope your condition improves. Many thanks for writing!

      • Strawman

        Thanks for the reply. Yes the concept that killing people is better then seeing a boob is a weird one. One thing that I think is slowly getting better is the stigma about men’s sex toys. Sex toys are portrayed as liberating for women but the opposite for men, like a man is less of a man if he has one. I think the more nondescript toys that are becoming available now is helping though.

        I have CFS which is getting a lot better now, learning how to date in my 30’s is daunting though. I have recently found out I’m a INFJ which has helped me a lot with how I don’t seem to fit in very well. This website and tiny budda have helped as well. Thank you.

        • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

          Strawman, isn’t it interesting how divided the gender roles are for males and females? When males sleep with lots of women they are seen as machismo studs. When women sleep with lots of men they’re seen as moral-lacking whores. When women use sex toys, they’re seen as sexy. When men use sex toys, they’re seen as pathetic. It can be very confusing. But when analyzed, we can see that these roles and beliefs are generated by society – the keyword is that they were ‘created’. They are only as real as people make them out to be.

          Ah, a fellow INFJ :) Welcome! I hope this site continues to be useful to you. Any and all thoughts and feelings are welcome here.

          All the best, ~ L

  • Malsprower

    Everyone is different, I need to be in love to be turned on. I could not handle a casual encounter, emotionally and physically (eg. UTI). I know a lot of people who have done the FWB or prostitution thing and they have regretted it, and felt dirty about it. So there are benefits and downfalls to this way of handling sex, depends who you are. I feel like a lot of people who want the casual thing have hurt many people I know who want more.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Malsprower, thanks for commenting. :)
      As you say, it really depends who you are. Personally, I wouldn’t like the thought of using prostitutes (male or female) as I get overwhelmed easily (I’m a HSP) and I prefer serious relations with people, rather than just casual flings. But each to his own. To me, it seems that people feel dirty when using prostitutes because of the ever-present stigma surrounding them, e.g they carry STD’s, they spread AIDS, they’re a shame to society etc. The use of prostitutes seems to be a much more socially-outgoing (extroverted) practice, which is also why some people may feel dirty when using them: their sexual prowess is too over-powering for the quieter types of people.

      Thank you for sharing!

      • Athena

        Well, for me a straight sex is better than having an affair.

        • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

          Hi Athena, many people would agree with you.