9 Signs You’re An Old Soul


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old soul

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? ~ Satchel Paige

There is a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth.

His solitary existence isn't from a preference or an antisocial temperament - he is simply old.  Old in heart, old in mind and old in soul, this person is an old soul who finds his outlook on life vastly different and more matured than those around him.  As a result, the old soul lives his life internally, walking his own solitary path while the rest around him flock to follow another.  Perhaps you've experienced this in your own life, or have witnessed it in another person?  If so, this article is dedicated to you, in hopes that you will come to define yourself, or understand another better.

The "Old Soul"

Robert Frost, Eckhart Tolle and even Nick Jonas have been called them.  Perhaps even you have?  I did.  Like many of them, this self discovery was made upon meeting Sol, who told me about his childhood as a precocious, intelligent boy who would befriend the teachers instead of the students, just because they were too different from him.  As he related his inability to find interest in and connection to the people his age, I discovered that I felt the same, and still do.

If you have not yet discovered whether you're an old soul, read some of the revealing signs below.

9 Signs You're An Old Soul

 1#   You tend to be a solitary loner.

Because old souls are disinterested in the pursuits and interests of the people in their age groups, they find it dissatisfying to make friends with people they find it hard to relate to.  This is one of the major problems Old Souls experience.  The result is ... old souls tend to find themselves alone a lot of the time.  People just don't cut it for them.

2#   You love knowledge, wisdom and truth.

Yep ... this seems a little grandiose and overly noble, but the old soul finds himself naturally gravitating towards the intellectual side of life.  Old souls inherently understand that knowledge is power, wisdom is happiness and truth is freedom, so why not seek after those things?  These pursuits are more meaningful to them than reading up on the latest gossip about Snooki's latest boyfriend, or the latest football scores.

3#   You're spiritually inclined.

More emotional old souls tend to have sensitive and spiritual natures.  Overcoming the confines of the ego, seeking enlightenment - as modeled by the Awakened Souls - and fostering love and peace are the main pursuits of these young-in-body Mother Teresa's.  To them it seems the wisest, most fulfilling use of time.

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4#   You understand the transience of life. 

Old souls are frequently plagued with reminders of not only their own mortality, but that of everything and everyone around them.  This makes the old soul wary and at times withdrawn, but wisely dictates the way they live their lives.

5#   You're thoughtful and introspective.

Old souls tend to think a lot ... about everything.  Their ability to reflect and learn from their actions and those of others is their greatest teacher in life.  One reason why old souls feel so old at heart is because they have learnt so many lessons through their own thought processes, and possess so much insight into life situations from their ability to quietly and carefully observe what if going on around them.

6#   You see the bigger picture. 

Rarely do old souls get lost in the superficial details of getting useless degrees, job promotions, boob jobs and bigger TV's.  Old souls have the tendency to look at life from a birds eye view, seeing what is the most wise and meaningful way to approach life.  When confronted with issues, old souls tend to see them as temporary and passing pains that merely serve to increase the amount of joy felt in the future.  Consequently, old souls tend to have placid, stable natures as a result of their approach to life.

7#   You aren't materialistic.

Wealth, status, fame, and the latest version of iPhone ... they just bore old souls.  The old soul doesn't see the purpose of pursuing things that can be easily taken away from them.  Additionally, old souls have little time and interest for the short-lived things in life, as they bring little meaning or long lasting fulfillment for them.

8#   You were a strange, socially maladaptive kid.

This is not always the case, but many old souls exhibit odd signs of maturity at young ages.  Often, these children are labelled as being "precocious", "introverted", or "rebellious", failing to fit into the mainstream behaviors.  Usually, these children are extremely inquisitive and intelligent, seeing the purposelessness of many things their teachers, parents and peers say and do, and either passively or aggressively resisting them.  If you can talk to your child like he/she's an adult - you've probably got an old soul on your hands.

9#   You just "feel" old.

Before putting a name to what I felt, I experienced certain sensations of simply being an "old person" inside.  The feelings that accompany being an old soul are usually: a feeling of world wariness, mental tiredness, watchful patience, and detached calmness. Unfortunately, this can often be perceived as being aloof and cold, which is only one of many Old Soul Myths.

Just as some old people describe themselves as being "young at heart", so too can young people be "old at heart".

Are you an old soul?  I'd love to hear your stories below.

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If you feel old in mind and old in heart, you may like to read more about this experience in my new book: "Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World".  Have a look on Amazon or Smashwords!

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  • Taoist InTraining

    I’ve always felt as though I’ve been on the planet for a very long time, I get easily bored unless I’m entertaining myself. At parties if there is fun, I’m good but if it’s a mingler type party I often feel out of place. If people are clicky and not open is like torture to me.
    I see people for what they are feeling only because I find it more interesting than the phony front they try to put up. I just SEE what people are about, but not a judging view. Altering people doesn’t intrigue me either but I like enlightening them to different views.
    I do not like the usual sage stereotype associated with “old souls” either.
    Separate thought: if we all reincarnate over and over again, aren’t we all old souls? Maybe this “old soul” business is just a personality description?

  • Aaron Bozigian

    I am 14 years old and I’ve known for a long time that I am an old soul. So far it feels like my whole life will be one big existential crisis. I am catholic though so I would never committ suicide. I feel so tired in my soul, but I am a very strong willed person, and I feel that I must do something big with my life. I want to be an aerospace engineer, but I will do whatever God will it. I am very smart and I am quite responsible. But I feel that if I don’t find love soon then my body, mind, and soul will just wither away and die. I am just going through the motions and I will continue to do so for however long it takes. I will do something great for the good of humanity though, I will finish high school with flying colors, I will try very hard to get into MIT, I will get my doctorate, and I will do something great. Just you wait.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      If you believe you will do something great, you most definitely will Aaron — something that you are proud of, something that reveals to you your true strength. Remember that love comes in many different shapes and forms. We think that romantic relationships will always fulfill us, but not all the times. Sometimes friendships can do just as good a job of that.

  • Silent

    Hi Aletheia thank you for your reply, I know this might seem a little strange!! I remember my birth! I also see & hear the unsettling souls from time to time since child hood!! I now know why I am here!! but have that strong gut feeling this place is not my world!! I can not explain this deep feeling and as time moves on, my awareness is becoming stronger within my soul!! I have been alone for a long time!!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Slowly you are coming to know your true nature: that there is more to life than just this world. You belong to something far more than the constrains of our society and solar system. Life is composed of so many dimensions and intricate layers, and you are beginning to see this. How beautiful. :)

      • Silent

        Thank you Aletheia!! your words are very kind!! I have much to learn…..Our universe is vast !! We are just beginning to connect to a new universe!! we are not alone :)

        • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

          Yes. :)

  • Moonlit Eve

    I just read this and sense of happiness came over me. So often I have been told that I feel like an old soul, that I may be empathic. Some have even told me that when they are around me, they feel a strange comfort and warmth emitting from me. I also found it interesting how so many old souls tend to study people. I remember in High School, I began a fascination with people and reading their body language. I felt as though, it could tell me who they are as person. I even laughed more as I read about how old souls are drawn to the humanities. Since my college degree would not fit into a social norm since it is all over the place, more specifically dealing with aspects of the humanities and social sciences and last but not least, I smiled as I read about how old souls, sometimes feel old. To be honest, I remember I was once listening to a song on the computer, and I ended up telling someone dear to me, that when I hear this song, I feel as though I am old. They ended up looking at me as if I were crazy and said, you shouldn’t be saying that because you are still young and have a full life ahead of you. So I thought I would just comment about some of these experiences since reading this post reminded me of them.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for sharing Moonlit. It’s wonderful that you can gain more self-insight from this article. :)

  • Silent

    Thank you Aletheia.. You have a very nice site it will help many lost souls :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I hope so Silent — thank you!

  • Silent

    After reading above!! tears ran down my eye’s for the first time in 40 years…..

  • Silent

    After reading this tears ran down my eye’s for the first time in 40 years!!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      That is powerful Silent <3
      Finally you have found your tribe!

  • Red October

    I got told by someone id never met before that I was an old soul, that was when I was about 19, I’m 36atm and reading this..it just fits.
    ive thought like an adult always (earliest memories at 2-3) perhaps not having the information to relay that, but the wisdom and positioning… You know what I mean.
    and as this is a good opportunity, i have to ask, has anyone else had a watcher? (shadowy person)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      What do you mean by watcher (Shadowy person) Red?

  • benturton

    Anyone else suffer from depersonalisation? I’ve heard its a common thing for old souls.

    “Depersonalization disorder is marked by periods of feeling disconnected or detached from one’s body and thoughts (depersonalization). The disorder is sometimes described as feeling like you are observing yourself from outside your body or like being in adream. However, people with this disorder do not lose contact with reality; they realize that things are not as they appear.”

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Depersonalization is often a result of trauma benturton, and is a primary symptom of soul loss. It is not the same as feeling detached, or distanced from the material world of passing things. The two sound very similar, but they are essentially not the same.

      • benturton

        Can you please explain a little more? I’ve known that I have dpd for over a year now (and have had it for what I believe to be as long as I can remember). Everywhere online that defines dpd describes it as what you said is different: detachment etc. If this isn’t dpd then what could it be? Thanks

        • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

          It’s about choice vs. no choice really benturton. Detachment is a choice not to attach yourself to passing things such as beliefs, feelings, thoughts, ideals, and so forth. Depersonalization is not a choice, which is why it is categorized as a disorder, and why it is often a product of trauma. Does this make sense?

          • benturton

            Yeah this makes sense! So where does soul loss come into it all?:)

  • Nathan

    All true except for ther materialistic part, an old soul should be aware and insightful enough to surround themselves with higher quality homes TV’s phones clothes and products that give them the utmost highest quality of life. Free from premature creaking floors, Flat screen TV’s on a bargain that short out, clothes that come apart, and products that rash the skin. Absolutely rediculous to shame the higher quality living older souls. I think about the big picture, our universe, astrology, astronomy, history, immortality as well as beauty, luxury, high quality living, and absolute decadence! Whats a bigger quest in live than living well rounded, humble, intellectual, and living in luxury!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I think you make an interesting point Nathan. I personally love to live in comfort — not necessarily decadence, especially if it is enslaving — but having a nice comfy couch, a fireplace, elegant bookshelves for my books, and so forth, is the creme de la creme of life. This article was mostly referring to our society’s tendency to worship materialism and buying more, more, more. But I think most Old Souls could agree that comfort and beauty is something that should be embraced in life. We were not made to be ascetics after all. :)

  • Bryant Keith Ebron II

    And I always tell people I feel like I am twice my age lol!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Well there you go!

  • Samantha Fairless

    The one about mortality really strikes home with me. It often occurs to me that any day could be the last time I see my loved ones. It’s always a fleeting thought and passes quickly, but it makes goodbyes that much more difficult and meaningful for me. As a consequence, I make sure I never leave people on a sour note. It’s the strictest rule I live by.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      A very wise rule. There have been countless people who have left on sour notes and have had their loved ones killed in spontaneous accidents. The rule you live by will never leave you with guilt or regret.

  • Me

    By coincidence or not, I identify myself with the 9 signs.
    Thanks for your quick test :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Pleasure. :)

  • Vic

    Great article. I too have been labeled an old soul numerous times. I stand around a group of my peers, and they laugh at a nasty joke and I just stand there wondering what I should do. I have been labeled mature for my age and also told I was 35 at work when I turned 26 last year. I have gotten the older in age “one” many times. Its a strange feeling. Almost as if you don’t belong. I feel like I should have been born in the 1800’s. Ha-ha. Crazy I know. I’m confident in saying that I am very understanding. Eager to forgive another. I would always sit with the adults when we had family gatherings.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I know the feeling! I’m glad that you liked the article Vic. Thank you for sharing!

  • Brandon Keath

    I would say 4 to 5 of the 9 apply to me. Perhaps I am just superficial or my career choice but I get a new phone every 6 months.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      You might be a young/mature soul Brandon. Go to the ‘tests’ section of this site, and you will find a variety of soul age tests to take (unless you haven’t already). :)

      • Brandon Keath

        Got 86/100.

        • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

          On the young soul or mature soul test? Regardless, I hope they helped to reveal something new or helpful.

  • Survivor07

    I feel the same way about 9 signs of being an old soul. In Addition to that I used to like old songs, old movies and easily attracted with a matured guy.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna


  • Tracy Rowe

    I told my mother once that when I was a baby I used to sit outside myself and watch myself. I would watch things going on around me, from a distance. I told her things that happened that she said I couldn’t possibly remember. When I was five, I drowned. I remember it so vividly. I was outside myself watching my body struggle, then stop. My outside me was much, much older, and was thinking, “how interesting”. Then I saw a hand reach into the water and pull me out.
    All my life I have felt like I didn’t fit. Like I just didn’t understand my place in the world. The other kids wanted to ride bikes and play games, I wanted to listen to Debussy and read, holding onto my cat and singing to him. Sometimes I felt like he was my only friend. I just couldn’t fit in. I thought too much about things, kept to myself. I found out years later that the people who knew me in high school thought I was stuck up because I never talked. I was just shy and quiet.
    I started studying astrology when I was 12. When I was a teenager I became a born again Christian. I remember praying one night, saying to God that I would try to be the best person I could (honestly I don’t really remember what I said) but I felt a sudden presence in the room and a feeling kind of like you feel when someone you really love hugs you with all the love they have. I was convinced that was Jesus ( I was very young). I gave up astrology and tarot and gave my life to God. I felt such spiritual love in an empty church. But I finally was so disillusioned with the hypocrisy of the church and I turned to New Age. I have read 100s of books on all kinds of esoteric subjects. Some were very silly, some I could sense were just truths. Now I’m in my mid 50s and I still am socially inept. Still don’t fit in and still questioning whether I’m just weird, or an old soul.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Maybe it’s not a question of either/or, maybe you are both. :) I must say that your experiences of observing yourself outside of your physical body is fascinating — perhaps you were born with the innate ability to astral project? Thank you for sharing your experienced! I hope this corner of the web can be a place where you find acceptance and understanding.

      • Tracy Rowe

        I’ve never consciously astrally projected, but I often have dreams and sometimes theta experiences where I am floating or flying over places in real time. One time I was having a theta flying experience and realized, lucidly, that I could just let go of the cord that connected me to my body and just leave. I actually considered it for a moment or a century and then decided not to. I think I was too afraid. I do dream a lot about being other places, usually somewhere where I am being taught. One other time I had what I guess you could call a conscious astral travel was when I was 18 and in a car accident. I was thrown from the car, and the next thing I knew I was across the street, watching everything that was going on. My physical body wasn’t unconscious, but I wasn’t in it-or at least a big part of me wasn’t. Again, I was just observing, the soul being older than I was at the time, and thinking, “how interesting.” When I was back in my body I was incredibly calm and peaceful, despite the rather horrific accident I was just in. Then some part of my self said, hm, I was just in an accident, I should be upset. I started to cry and act out hysterically, but I didn’t really feel upset. That was the last time I really completely left my body while not in a sleeping or theta state.

        • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

          This is fascinating Tracy, especially the part about being an observer in the accident you had. I have experienced this before, but in a different way — having such extreme emotions (such as grief), and then something inside of me shifts, and I am just an observer. Very strange and intriguing.

  • Danielle Mulligan

    I am now 27 but I have always been confused as I feel like i’m still young and energetic but that I am also older and wiser than I should be. But much of what you have described I fit into. I have always been different than my peers and as such have very few that I call friends. Usually I end up breaking off relationships with friends as I just always feel apart from most people. Although I try to remain postive, I get depressed easy as it feels often like I am getting nowhere. I have more of a want to learn and to teach as well as help people, working various jobs, rather than advancing myself further in the world. Although I do have a degree it was more of a want to learn, meet new people, and experience new things than to find a high paying job or career. I am hoping that maybe talking to people on this site and reading their experiences will help me to feel more at place with myself. I have never tried shrooms however weed seems to quiet my mind when I need it to. I am also curious as there is one person in my life that I seem to have a connection to. We have never been very close for very long but we never go more than a year without either seeing or talking to one another which never really seems to be planned out. I am not sure if this has to do with our souls being connected or not but it feels that way.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hopefully you will discover more about yourself as you connect with more of the content on this site Danielle. You might like to explore being a “Mature Soul” as well (I wrote an article, and there is a test on it here).

  • Maria Victoria Sosa Gomez

    I’m 19 and after reading this i think i found the “group” i belong to, the only thing is that in some aspects i might not be 100% an old soul, i also enjoy a lot making people laugh, i love talking too, but about spiritual, deep topics, are any of you like this? does this mean i’m not an old soul?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It’s hard for anyone to 100% fit into any one label in life. So you might have some old soul characteristics Maria, but you might also have characteristics from other soul ages. Go to lonerwolf.com/tests/ and you will find a variety of soul age tests that might give you a better idea of where you lie on the maturity spectrum. :)

  • Ken

    When I was a little kid in single digits and all the cousins were running around and playing, I sat at the table with my aunts and uncles and would soak in all their intellectual conversations and debates. I knew then that I was different.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna


  • Jill Digre Field

    To me, an old soul is someone who understands the connectivity of everything. Who feels love and compassion for others and gives their time to others. An old soul is Mother Theresa, or a child with cancer who deals with it , It’s Ghandi or the person who comes to this life with a physical or mental challenge. It’s someone who makes the best of their life even after great loss. . It is not someone who is a loner…though it is someone who can be comfortable when alone. I think people want to believe that old souls are apart from others or above others. But I think they are the ones most likely giving to others. I am so not an old soul!!!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      The paradox is that the Old Soul realizes that he or she is separate from others on a subjective sense, but interconnected in an objective sense. While it can be hard for the Old Soul to personally relate to others, they realize that true joy comes from being able to give to others — it doesn’t come from hiding away, or from thinking themselves “better” than others. You might like to look into “Awakened Souls” Jill: http://lonerwolf.com/awakened-soul-reincarnation/

      • Jill Digre Field

        Thank you. I will check it out. My comment is just my own opinion and to me makes the most sense. I suppose we won’t know for sure until we get to the other side.:)

        • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

          Very true :)

  • seeker

    Very nice post i see alot of thing that go whit my personality. One main diffrences is people often try to fit in whit me evan if i havent made any connection to them. And i often get tired of those aroundme so i seek time to be alone for months and when i return its like nothing has changed can i be a old soul, i dont know but i found bits of me from here id like to thank u personally one day.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      People often gravitate towards gentle souls.
      Thank you Seeker. :)

  • psk

    This was an eye opener, iam not alone, thank you so much . U R A BLESSING! Love and peace♥

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      My pleasure Psk!

  • Joaquim

    So I’ve read this post and a few comments, and I think it’s really nice to see so many people that feel alone have met people with likewise thoughts. I didn’t know there was a term made for these kind of minds. I’ve also had this feeling of being isolated in moments in my life, but I always try to explain my thoughts in ways so others can relate. I’ve also heard that I sound a lot older then I actually am(19) and that I should be a teacher, from older people, but also from friends… which was weird for me to hear from people of the same age.

    I’ve had a good friend of mine to listen to a lot of it, which made him not only understand me a lot better, but also made himself into a more developing person who is also more interested in more knowledge.

    I’m not saying you should try to change somebody, but you should tell your thoughts to more people, and you’ll see that there are a lot of people who will be willing to share knowledge back with you, which also makes bonds with people.

    Maybe you should try to formulate your thoughts in kindness and a little sign that your interested in the knowledge somebody else has. This way you show that you aren’t the all knowing arrogant person, which it might look like if you don’t want to relate with people which creates a bond, and you also get some information ;). Share your thoughts and ask people to share them with you, and you’ll meet people along the way to not make it lonely.

    There is information in everything, so once you’re bored, remind yourself of this, and challenge yourself to find a way to connect new knowledge to you. I don’t usually write stuff like this on the internet, because you never know who it reaches on the internet, although this seemed like a post connected with people with a clear view and a open perspective.

    Well, I hope this works for whoever reads this, I would love some feedback on my thoughts so I can reflect myself with you!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It is uncommon to receive such a helpful comment here Joaquim, which I want to thank you for! There are always new perspectives to learn about, I very much agree. Learning to see through the eyes of other people, no matter how old in soul they are, is the perfect way to realize that you are not completely alone: everyone essentially struggles with the same issues (wanting to be heard, wanting to be understood, wanting to be happy, wanting to be loved). If anything, that realization through the practice of empathy is enough to quell the feelings of isolation.

  • DJ

    Very weary Old Soul here… Always been an outcast, loner seeking knowledge and truth. My main failure is being able to tolerate unacceptable and selfish behavior. I guess that’s why I’m still here…learning patience. Speaking to the physically younger crowd, as I’m 53, it doesn’t get any easier as time goes on. In fact, this world is actually getting harder to ‘survive’ in… Blessed to all those that make this planet a better place.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I believe that’s probably why I’m still here as well DJ! I’m slowly learning that everyone has their own capacity that they were born with: some people are predisposed to selfish and destructive behavior, while others aren’t. It is all determined by our soul age.

      • DJ

        Thank you for the reply… Yes, understanding that others are still progressing to a more advanced level is what keeps me in check. Sort of like being a high school student put into a class of first graders. All one can do is shake their head to some of the unacceptable behavior…yet understand they are doing it because they just don’t get it yet. My issue is that in my advanced age, I am troubled witnessing an ever ‘increase’ in society’s unacceptable behavior – and that this behavior is even condoned.

  • Lis

    “Befriend the teachers instead of the students” that could not be more accurate. Through all my life that has happened, since tender age up to high school. It’s a lot less romantic than people would tell it to be: I’m 17 and it’s complicated to have a relationship because I feel attracted to older people, it’s hard to keep friends because not all of them feel like the coolest thing to do on a friday night is stay in and cook something and just talk, comunication becomes so difficult because older people treat you like you’re 17 and people your age don’t understand because, well, they’re actually 17… I even lost a job because I wasn’t sufficiantly outgoing and “fun”. So yes, I like being like that because the future becomes a little easier, but right now? It’s really complicated.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Many self-identifying Old Souls can empathize with this Lis (including me!). You might benefit from joining the Old Soul Group (link provided above in the article). Sol and I have created polls for the members to vote on revealing where they live in the world. This could help you to find like-minded people close to where you live.

  • Shyheim Nwadiei

    Our purpose in life is perceived by the things around us, titles and opinions in which we incorporate from different people, as well as our premonitions and the goals in which we seek to achieve. For example: growing up, you were raised my a over-nurturing, yet pessimistic mom, and an intelligent, overwhelmingly mellow egotistical dad, one who thinks he’s 100% meticulous with every thought and notion. These personality traits(not these in particular) won’t necessarily be incorporated into your personality, but they can render your sense of duty and ultimately what your “purpose” in life may be. Inhaling much of your dad’s notions or beliefs(in particular the examples above, in this case), you may grow up with your purpose being to pursue the intake of knowledge, and think it’s justifiable to remark or provide a negative negation to a response or an opinion which isn’t proportionate to yours. Or, structuring more around your mom, you might end up thinking your purpose in life is to be compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing to every human being as your mother did to you, yet, at the same time sort of intake that negative balance that your mom’s pessimistic side incorporates into you.

    This brings me to another point. As I mentioned previously, your purpose in life can be constructed by the personality traits of loved ones which you were raised by, but, what about the people who didn’t raise you? Perhaps, friends, neighbors, random man you always encounter while taking a walk up the street to Family Dollar. The many people you happen to surround yourself with all seem to play a part in constructing your personality, which then proceeds to you forming your life goals….thoughts I have on the daily as a 16 year old observing my environment, although incomplete

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Interesting thoughts Shyheim :) Our superficial personalities, tastes, desires and goals are influences by all of our experiences in life – whether our family members, our friends, our environments, our cultures, and so forth. However, the extent to which they influence us is really dependent on our soul age. For example, if I was raised in a religious family and was born with a baby soul, I might choose to become a priest when older to please my parents and appease my sense of duty to them. However, if I was born an Old Soul in the same circumstance, I might choose to peacefully go on my own path in life, realizing the limitations of religion and the fallacy of basing my life decisions on my parent’s beliefs.
      If you haven’t already read about soul ages, you might like to here: http://lonerwolf.com/soul-age/ This might add something new to your thoughts :)

  • Waxil Davidson

    I am everything on the list, but souls don’t exist. We’re just animals, and this is a misinterpretation of our conditioning. SOULS ARE NOT REAL. Grow up.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Saying “souls are not real” is very difficult to prove, Waxil. You can neither proven or disprove the existence of souls, however, you can ask yourself the question: “If I am not my thoughts, experiences or feelings (because they come and go) … then who am I?” Truly exploring this question in depth will show you that you are much more than an instinctual animal.

  • Todd

    Aletheia, Thank you so much for posting these signs. At 52, I have experienced everything you speak of since I was able to walk and talk. I was watching the evening news in 1967 at 5 yrs old and arguing the points of our involvement in Viet Nam with adults in the room. My first grade teacher and I would discuss her military career as a drill sergeant. I have always been a loner that everyone comes to for advice and life coaching (and sometimes just to dump their problems on me). My heart feels every persons emotions that I come within three feet of. I can usually tell what they are going to say or at least immediately read their motives before they even speak. Sometimes to the point it shocks my system. As I have aged the isolation and quiet time for reflection has become like a drug to me. The emotional downtime is like pure bliss. I find my self deep in my own thoughts and reflections sometimes for hours (oh, how I wish I would have written it all down). Ideas and philosophical explanations come to me constantly, sometimes they are overpowering. I have an adult son who lives with me full time. He has Aspergers Syndrome and an IQ range in the 70s, so much of time is spent protecting him and steering him through this chaotic, misunderstood world. Though I must say he has certainly taught me how to see the world as a child of innocence every day. As I near retirement now, my thoughts and a greater power seem to be recruiting me for some higher purpose of service that I just cant seem to follow. It’s like I can see all the different ways that I can grow spiritually and share myself but just cannot find the right path. But I will as I have known since I was that inspiring 5 yr old, bigger things are coming. thanks again for your articles.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      What a beautiful thing to finally emerge from the turbulent years into the more peaceful, retiring years of life – you give us younger Old Souls something to look forward to Todd! Thank you for sharing these experiences from your life with us!

  • Brooke

    like to think I reason I don’t care was because at one point I cared too much,
    atleaat that was the way I explained the way I was. I never thought of myself as an old soul
    for 21 but I can relate to almost most of the signs except teaching I have a
    hard time specking what is in my mind, but it wasn’t always so. When I was
    young I was really shy and love to play alone in my own world outside for hours
    but when I got a little older and started to attend middle school it changed
    and yeah I did have the extrovert personality. I just loved to be around people
    and fit in. I made the introverts and extroverts all at ease because I understood
    them, and didn’t care what the norm was for social manners or the “survival-of
    the-fittest”. I would always travel in a pack of close friends and was always
    be arguing with my teachers or people who looked down on others. Looking back
    most of the things I did to get attention was immature, like doing a belly drum
    solo in a fancy restaurant waiting for food to make others laugh. Or making my
    pencil extremely long so that my teacher would take it away, just so I could
    argue the point that I couldn’t do my work. But then one day it just clicked
    that I didn’t feel the same anymore not that I followed the latest trends or
    anything that follows those lines. I’d find more ways to be alone, and let
    friends slip away. Not because I lost interest but because I didn’t see the
    point anymore, they were all the same. The
    only difference was the different likes and dislikes. They all had the same insecurities
    the same thought process enough so that yes you could predict what they wanted
    just by looking at certain signs of their body movements and expressions. Then
    I took a step back and realise just how many people I hurt just to be popular.
    And it hurt just to think about how mean I actually was. The more I contemplated
    this the more aloof I felt about it all. Things I never knew made perfect sense
    like the reason I wanted attention was because of something that had happened
    to me when I was a child. I became wiser in such a short amount of time, that I
    answer questions without them even been asked, I know when something is bugging
    someone else when they don’t want anyone to know and I know it annoys the hell
    out of them or scares them when you voice these thoughts. Everything just comes
    to easy that I now lack motivation to do anything anymore. It’s come to the point
    that I know I don’t know anything at all and that I feel still feel immature
    and stupid. I ask so many questions about everything that people get annoyed or
    think I’m thoughtless. I even question myself because it would be easier to
    revert back to an extrovert though it’s become too hard. I do at times feel extremely
    old and I’m tired of living, but I don’t want to die. It feels like I’m playing
    a game with someone or something about my own mortality because I would never
    take my life. These thoughts come often and I find myself brooding over the
    thought of death and the meaning of life, when I think it is to make it mean
    something to you in that amount of time you have to live or just live off the
    emotion you’ve become addicted to. At least that is what my thoughts leave me
    to believe because I know it’s different for some. I also want to thank you, because I really enjoyed your article. And now I have an excuse of why I’m a loner lol.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Brooke, I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to bare a little bit of your soul and share your experiences here with us. It helps more people than you know. I’ve found in my own life that the more you learn, the more you see that you know nothing, which to me at least is fascinating, or at least stimulating. In many countries now the use of shamanic plants such as ayahuasca, cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms is a common way of exploring the nature of reality, death, life and the identity. I really recommend that you look into this fascinating element of life which you might not have looked into already. Many people say that such experiences with shamanic or psychoactive plants have completely opened their minds to new possibilities, possibilities which I believe you would very much be interested in. At the end of the day it is really up to you (and of course how legal these plants are in your country). Best wishes. :)

  • DSMITH246

    All of these traits relate to me, although a few things are different, such as the fact that I “matured” in my early teens/late childhood. I became more focused on the big picture, I was told that I had good wisdom and I learned to appreciate the old way of life. Our class was one of the first to stop being taught cursive, however I learned it myself after realizing that it was part of my ancestry, and that I should continue using it. I have a strange preferece to candlelight instead of regular light bulbs, and I rarely misspell a word or forget punctuation when writing or messaging someone. I also am happy without owning a cell phone, as I am usually a man of writing letters or spoken word. Yes, I did have some trouble getting friends but I am happy with my small group of friends I have now. Yes, I do believe that I am an old soul.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for sharing your life experiences DSMITH. ^_^

  • Kiera

    I am nineteen years old and as a child i spoke of things that happened before I was born, things that weren’t spoke of. As I got older I experienced alot of deja vu but had quite a normal childhood, the only real difference between myself and most other students was that I was intellegent and loved to read. It was only when I started secondary school that I began to realise how different I was, I had no friends through my first 3 years, instead spending time in the library and taking my moms friends as my own. I also became interested in Paganism at around that age and have been a practicing Pagan ever since, of course i was bullied terribly for it but not a single insult or snide look bothered me. It was so easy to rise above it that even my mom became worried, thinking I was just pretending I was fine. But I really was. I remember some lunch times I would just climb one of the highest trees and sit there writing or reading until classes resumed. I still have very few friends as I find it hard to be interested in the normal dramas of girls my own age. I have yet to have a real boyfriend for the same reasons. I get easily irritated when people make a big thing out of something that I percieve as being irrelevant. My dad says Im never really HERE, that im constantly in my own world but I find everything to be so very boring. I dont feel any really strong connection with anyone but my mom, like she is literally the only thing keeping me tethered to this world. I cant stand being in crowds and so It has become a very lonely existence. I always knew I was different and began to expect I was an old soul many years ago and had a medium tell me the sane thing although I felt no connection to the lives she named.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It comes as a relief to discover something that perfectly encapsulates who we are! Many old souls go through long periods of isolation … but if you are open to the many doors life presents, you will eventually find yourself connecting with like-minds/souls (as you have with this article!)

      • Kiera

        It can be very good to know that we are not alone, even though we may feel like it. I truly believe that there are more people out there that are old souls, but finding them in your every day life can be tricky, especially when most try to follow the crowds, even if they don’t feel comfortable in it. Not many people are content to be on the outside looking in. One of the reasons I love the internet :)

    • Konstantina Nadia Katsepa

      Oh my Goddess, I love you. Can we be friends?? It’s just I am EXACTLY the same. I was always an old soul and that led me to Paganism and I have also had problems with relationships because of … well… the things I think about. Or maybe it’s the fact that I think about the world too much, so much that I don’t give enough attention to myself and how I look. You see I don’t seek to impress anyone. I never have and when kids at school laughed at me for the way I dressed up (it was weird) I just didn’t care. I simply wasn’t touched by their insults because I knew that they probably had their own problems and that they just couldn’t understand because they wouldn’t wanna talk to me about it. My point is, I feel like we are very much alike in that department… So maybe you would like to keep in touch…?!? You know, e-mails and stuff (i’d say facebook but i don’t go there very often only to see my messages to be honest :P ) anyhow, thanks for making me feel like I’m not malfunctioning and that I’m not just failing at being a human. :)


      • Kiera

        When I wrote on this I never expected anyone to have gone through the exact same thing, or chose the same path I did for the same reasons. It is very refreshing. Likewise, I never expected to find a kindred soul and friend thorough it but I am very happy to have, it makes it easier to go through the things we do if we have someone to talk to about them, someone else who understands. I would very much like to keep in contact with you also. My email address is kieraforrest1995@yahoo.com. I look forward to speaking to you further :)

  • dreamingbudz

    when i was young and in school, i never fit in. I couldn’t relate to anyone and refered to myself as an old lady. When i turned 16, i began smoking weed occasionally. which eventually lead me to a guy with DMT and MDMA, 2 years later. my life changed after that. I was more content with being alone and could finally see that i couldo do whatever i wanted, i didn’t need to follow the social norm. I felt more at peace. I began reading about meditation, chakras, gmos, and the government. I also grew an organic garden, the tastiest tomatoes ive ever had came from there. I guess something inside me woke up. I’m 21 now, i dont know where im going, but i hope some day i will be living in a self sufficient village surrounded by good energy, teaching children everything i know

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Sounds similar to a dream of mine dreamingbudz ;) It’s wonderful to connect to like-minds here. Thank you for commenting!

  • anthony gah

    This is a very calming blog. I keep smiling when i read these beautiful facts that old souls do exist! Thank you for sharing mam… i wish nothing but the natural spiritual evolution for mankind. Let us shine the darkness together

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      That is a surprising compliment Anthony, I’ve never had someone call this blog ‘calming’ before … but I welcome it! :) Thank you for connecting with us all here!

  • Bridgitt Lee

    I wonder if this is me or if I’m different, because I struggle a lot with learning disabilities and I get overwhelmed easily, I’m not like other people. I can remember being different as a kid, I tended to befriend my mother and grandmother more than other kids, and I couldn’t stand children. I thought everyone was quiet and played by themselves and read and did a lot of solitary things until I was ins school and realized how loud and aggressive and mean some of the other kids were especially to me, and other people who were more introverted or reserved. Your whole life your told you should be an extravert, that you should want the same things as other people your own age, and it just doesn’t feel natural. The things I want are different from them, and I’m not better, but you can’t force yourself to be someone your not, and force yourself to like people or lots of noise, if you like animals and small groups, and more solitude. Likewise, if you only want one or two close friends and not lots of facebook friends, it’s seen as odd. Oh well, new year’s resolution is to not care what others think.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I made that resolution once … but realize a better one was: learn to love the person you are despite what other people think or say. The good news is that you are definitely not alone Bridgitt – just reading the comments here will show that to you!

  • faith logan

    I’m only 13 and i have been told by my mom that i have an old soul.I sometimes find myself thinking,’That’s not wise.’ or ‘you probably shouldn’t do that but i know you’ll do it anyway.’ when people do stuff that would just make things worse.I tend to examine peoples actions and sit for a long time thinking about the reasons for their actions.i’m always lost in my thoughts,commenting on the things i see or hear.It’s odd,some boy told me awhile ago that it was weird that i didn’t talk to anyone in class or listen.But he’s wrong,i hear everything everybody says and am just so busy thinking and watching calmly that i don’t respond.maybe that’s why i only have two true friend’s,in all my life here.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      You do sound like an Old Soul faith, particularly with your tendency to watch and observe. :) Also, better to have two friends than none!

  • Kelby

    It made sense…, growing up with friend that are 2 times older than me, love being isolated to refresh my mind or to relax, and not good at finding lovers in high school and even in my adult life. Loners is not a choice, its what you are and born with. I knew it wasn’t like oh-so-special thing, it’s just who you are and I. Nothing is nice to live like one, unless you become a famous book writer or something. :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna


    • Nita Enyeart

      Sits back quietly just watching others. Diet coke in one hand paper and pencil in the other. I get it. I really do.i feel the same.

  • trappedinapettyworld

    I am a 23 year old Indian girl…can’t believe what I just read…its such a perfect description of my personality. I find it simply exhausting to try and fit in because I find everyone around me to be so immature. I lost a parent some years ago and the experience made me painfully aware of the triviality of most of our pursuits. I am a budding doctor with a spiritual outlook towards life and I just can’t find a single person my age who has similar principles…probably the reason why I am always drawn to people who are much older. The narrow outlook of people here is another problem. Everyone confines to social conventions and they are all ‘normal’ which makes me feel like an outsider. I pray that somewhere sometime I will find a soul like me in pursuit of wisdom and peace :(

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Like attracts like … so you will sooner or later. I felt this for quite a while, but with enough searching, I stumbled across a beautiful soul – the soul who writes with me here on LonerWolf. Sometimes if the world doesn’t give you this person or people you must go searching. That is what I did, and it worked. I wish you all the very best in finding this person or group of people you can identify with. At the very least you are aware that they are “Old Souls”.

  • mseal

    i have friend who is an old soul his name is oriel he is very old soul

  • Faye

    Its so weird. You just somehow discribed me! I am almost turning 18 and i always had problems with friends. I do had/have a lot of them, but i dont really call them good friend. Just bc i expect more from them then they can give me. Somehow i always end up having friends who are at least 6 years older than me, those r the people that i call good friends. They tell me that they forget thats im just 17 when they’re around me, just bc im so mature and always have been.
    The friends i have who r my age dont understand me. I always think difrently about things and i am somehow always acting when im around them. If i am quiet bc im thinking: im no fun to be around. If i am excited about something: im annoying. When i find this as the uneverse, the human body and sience intresting: i am a nerd. Its so annoying that theyjust dont get me that i always back out of the friendship, if i have to act so people like me. I rather be alone

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It’s good that you have friends though, Faye, friends that you can relate to that are older than you. But it can be hard when you’re a teenager and the pressure there is to fit in and be accepted.

  • John

    I’m 18 and I feel the same exact way. I always feel like the friends I have aren’t truly the friends I want, but rather people I surround myself with so I don’t feel so lonely. I do what they do only out of conformity, but it doesn’t feel right. I just joined a business and made a whole bunch of adult friends that are 25-60years old but we have way more in common than any friends my age! They are well into their lives so it’s not easy to hang out with them as much. I just wish I could find 1 person my age I can genuinely connect with on all levels

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It can be an alienating experience, but you will find that once you learn to enjoy and respect your own company, you will not be so needy for others. Once you are comfortable with yourself, it will be easier to connect on a deep level with others, because you will no longer be taking, but will be giving as well. I dealt with a lot of disconnection at your age, but one of the best things I ever did was to join local meetup groups on topics that I was interested in. I met many interesting people this way.

  • Angelica

    I am 18 years old and i think i’m an old soul. I think the ability to learn from experiences makes one wiser, and much more appreciative. Definitely me. I also have this deep understanding of life and how the Universe works… People are always telling me that i am far beyond my years!

    I am also finding and identifying myself through spirituality. Some have even identified me as a spiritual healer (dont know what that is, but sounds like something exciting). Has anyone else felt very, very connected spiritually?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for leaving a comment here Angelica :)
      Spirituality means a lot of different things to a lot of different people … but to me it means perceiving yourself as a small part of a larger wholeness. There comes a point in your life where you realize that “you” are bigger than “yourself”, and form a part of the large, complex web of interconnectedness in life.

  • Augie Baza

    Hi…. By any chance…. Is there any way that you can find out who I am. I’m an old spirit. Not like anyone else but no one is the same as the other. I am an Introvert. I could feel spirits (Presence) when I was a kid. I am that one that any one can feel comfortable and tell you all about their life within in minutes. I can read ppl really well and have some different view about life than most. I have a daughter. Her soul to me is much older than mine. I can just see it. Do old souls have an ability to attract more into their family?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hi Augie. What do you mean when you ask: “Do old souls have an ability to attract more into their family?” I would need you to clarify that.

  • meatball

    I just want to know where do you get this info from? who made this old soul story up? how does it make any sense?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Meatball, thinking yourself to be old in soul is an intuitive feeling, an expression of the unconscious. It may very well sound like a bunch of baloney to some people, and that is fine. It all depends what you believe, how you perceive yourself and the world, and how you were raised. You are just as free not to believe it as you are to believe it.

  • Randall Stevens

    I am 19 too and I am definitely an old soul. I look at everyone around me and I wish that they would all be like me. I wish everyone was like me. I wish we were all old souls. I don’t want to be myself because everyone likes someone else, so I usually just pretend to be someone else; like a movie star. Such as batman or dennis quaid. But I still don’t find fulfillment in pretending to be someone else, but I think I will keep on doing it because it feels good. Why be yourself when you can be someone else is what we always say where I’m from.

  • Naomi

    I turned 16 exactly a week ago. I’ve always felt.. like there was no connection between me and the things around me, even though I have some really good friends of my age that I like a lot I often can’t relate to them since I’m an introverted and awfully nervous person. Absolutely anything can make me cry, especially things about the meaning of life, of our current society, of all the things we have to do and that are actually useless (such as the fact I have to learn how to drive a car because now I am 16 and that it is, in France, the age young people start to learn driving). The fact is that, most of the time, I feel really sad and misunderstood, I feel lonely but I sometimes enjoy it.
    I took the old soul test. I got a 80% score. And I cried. Because it is the first time I can really relate to something, because I now understand my obsession over time and old books and why I feel the urge to collect watches and any object which can see the time passing.
    For that, I want to thank you with all my heart. Thank you for existing and permitting people as lost as I was to find who they are.

    Best wishes,

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Naomi, feeling older than those around you can be a disorientating and alienating experience – one that I continue to feel. I hope, though, that this article can stay in your mind, and you can remember that there are other souls out there who relate to you. We are never alone.

  • name

    It’s so funny that ppl belive that they have a soul

  • Si Hāya

    I am 16 years old, and I would like to connect with someone close to my age, would any be interested.

    I started studying shamanism, also using a variety of entheogens at the age of 13, being dealth a nasty hand in life (although i have never gone hungry) .. it was my only choice were I to continue living. I have found my peace with life, the universe, the act of being, mechaanics of living true to myself ect.. found my peace in how everything fits together..

    I like good company who dare to be honest and who would cultivate positivity and peace with me, without judgement or anything egoistical or pushing of beliefs ect.. sharing honest emotions.

    If anyone interested would see this mail me at trengerjegenadresse@yahoo.com . I search to form a network of likeminded people around me, sadly, not one under 30 to this date.

    It is very lonely to walk alone, especially when you like company.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It’s unfortunate that there is no social network as of yet for like-minded Old Souls, but we are planning to create a place in the future, if possible Si Haya. Otherwise, have you joined the Old Soul group (as mentioned in the article on Facebook)?

  • Jack

    Upon reading this article I am sure that I have an old soul. I am also 19 and for most of my life (especially recently in college) I have felt separate from others because of my calm nature and level of maturity. Unlike many of my peers, I place importance on personal values and ideals such as romance and character. I don’t listen to modern music, and I love film and television but I’m very particular about what I like to watch. I end up spending a lot of time on my own because I find that I can usually get things done more efficiently when I’m working by myself at my own pace. I’m also more focused on strong personal relationships and I don’t waste any time trash talking others in a joking manner as a way of socializing. I wish that all girls could be nice, humble, classy, and polite. I am disgusted by our college system and the hook up culture that developed with it. Sometimes I feel as if I am different but now I have a better idea why!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’ve learnt that wishing for anyone to be other than what they are is an act of violence in life. Personally I still struggle with patience, but it is understandable that younger souls find the attraction in what they do being at the stage of evolution that they are. But it definitely can be alienating.

  • ricky

    I scored 73% and then 77% on the old soul test, then I tried the infant test and scored 63%. all the others were in the 40-50% range. hmm interesting!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for taking the tests :) It is common for us to share a range of attributes from various other soul ages. I would recommend taking the Mature Soul and Young Soul test as well to get a better idea of where you lie on the soul age spectrum.

  • Jace

    I am a bit younger than most of you, fifteen, but i totally understand, i hate it though, i can’t enjoy most things, thinking about costs, i am lucky though, me and three other kids who are literal geniuses (iq above 140)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It can be frustrating being young and more ‘aware’ than other teenagers – although being an old soul is not necessary the same as being super intelligent in the traditional sense of the word. We all have differing intellectual abilities – some logical, some creative.

  • TreeAndLeaf

    I always joke that I was born 30 and have only got older since, but the truth is my entire life I’ve felt more like .. well, thousands of years old. I’m 22. I find it impossible to work for other people or do things that don’t set my soul on fire with purpose and meaning because all I see is the utter futility of wasting my precious time here sitting behind a desk, only getting out into the world two days a week (or more realistically, spending those days recuperating). Most of my friends are in their 60s. They have children my age I could be friends with, but I just get on better with older people.
    I find a lot of joy in gardening, walking my dogs, hiking, adventuring and being in nature. I paint and I write, a lot. I burn out if I spend too much time around people or corporations. I burn out if I’m not true to myself, whereas other people can keep pretending for years. It takes only a week (or less) of not being true to myself for me to crumble.
    Everything in my life has to be done with more integrity than other people. Not from my own desire, but out of necessity for my own wellbeing.
    I live in the moment and revere everything natural in life.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      TreeAndLeaf, it is souls such as yourself who are the revolutionaries of life, and I love that you have a strong sense of personal integrity to be true to who you are. I also feel this way constantly. Anything that tries to constrict or limit me I try to immediately do away with … this doesn’t bode well for holding down a steady job though! Which is why I try my best to make my living out of my passion online (this website!) Thank you for sharing here. :)

  • michael

    I am 23 years old and i am a native american i am an old soul through and through. all nine of these describe me to the T. I was told my soul was reincarnated and i know have the soul of the wise elders. I am able to say what other people are going to say before they say it. Even weirder just recently i lost a family member and i was with this person 2 days before they passed due to cancer i had this feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulder. Two days later my Gram passed away from cancer. i also had this feeling when two of my freinds passed away and other loved ones in the past is this from being native american and from being an old soul does this happen with anyone else??

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Many old souls experience heightened perception, and ‘extrasensory abilities’ due to the strong bridge formed between the unconscious and conscious mind – perhaps through many lifetimes of refinement. Precognition is something I’ve personally experienced a lot more recently, and it is a strange, but wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing :).

  • RAyer132

    I’m 20 and have been thinking I was an old soul forever (at least since I learned about them). I think this is why my sister and I don’t get along so well. She gets mad because I can’t make myself care about current like she does, I get mad because she’s always trying to label me. I don’t know if I’m an old soul (maybe I’m like really really old), I’m to the point of burning bridges & watching the shit hit the fan.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      You might be a mature soul RAyer132: http://lonerwolf.com/11-signs-youre-mature-soul/
      Otherwise, I can relate. I could never connect to any of my family, including my brother and sister. In the end I burnt bridges and moved on. It was the best choice I made.

  • Anonymous_Sender

    OMG, I just have to say… I am sooo happy I found this article. For a long long long long time, I thought there was something wrong with me. It wasn’t until I met this women who said I had an old soul, which kind of dawned on me. So here I am, Googling “Old Soul!” I read every comment and it’s truly nice to know I am not alone. Like Elizabeth said, I really thought I was emotionally anavailable (an emotional rock) as well. I just couldn’t say things like, “I miss you” or “I love you” to a person after knowing them for a short period of time. This caused a lot of issues in my personal life, which lead to loss of friends and such. Sometimes I want to be like everyone else and I try to, but eventually I fall right back in line–being alone and enjoying myself. At 24, I realized that is what makes me happy the most and I’ve accepted that. Thank you!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      “I am who I am” – possibly one of the most freeing statements we could ever apply to ourselves! It’s wonderful that you can finally affirm your worth, and also discover a group of people who you can relate with so closely!
      Thank you for commenting here Anonymous_Sender!

  • Jenna Blevins

    Yup…it’s also called, “Borderline Personality Disorder”…At least that’s what the “experts” say.

    • Some random dude

      Who’s really to say that something is wrong with someone else cause once you think about it aren’t we all a little fucked up anyway. There is no normal and everyone has there own problems and ways of thinking, these are just some peoples perspectives but I respect your point of view just trying to give you a different viewpoint on this subject. :)

      • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

        I’ve always found self-proclaimed ‘experts’ amusing :D As if a piece of paper that says “degree” or “diploma” on it can really ascertain your true level of knowledge and deep understanding!

  • Kfish

    I am 11. This article is pretty much me and I feel better now for reading it. Thank you. It is so hard going to school. A lot of the kids at school are nice to me and I feel I have a ton of school friends but outside of that I am alone.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Kfish, you must be one of the youngest (earth aged) readers to comment here … and it is something all Old Souls can relate to: that feeling of being alone and isolated. But remember that there are many “fish in the sea”. When I was younger I found a lot of solace in talking to older people. Also, now that the internet is so popular, it’s much easier to find groups of like-minded people! Nevertheless, life gets better with age! But it is good, at least, that you have a group of ‘friends’, and aren’t rejected or outcasted as many Old Souls are when young.

  • Alex

    Wow this article pretty much describes my whole life, by the way I’m only 18 at this time and I feel as though I have the mind of a 45 year old. To be honest I sometimes feel as if it is a curse but I know that many people have it much worse than me so really this is a blessing. I’m happy that I have this type of mindset but it is a lonely one, indeed. It’s so weird to see that their are other people that are kind of like me in a way. I have always felt in life as an observer not really fitting in anywhere not thinking that I could make friends or blah blah blah haha, but then I realized why be so selfish and self centered, these problems that I’m having are only little tiny problems in a big world with many problems and I shouldn’t worry about my tiny little minuscule problems when once again people have it way worse than me so I should try to help them because helping others is really why I feel I exist. Even religion seems to baffle me not to demean it in any way because to each his own but my religion is simple I believe in people, I believe in the goodwill of people and I believe that no matter what their will always be people who will be willing to lend a helping hand. I don’t understand how some people are just nice because they want to get into what they believe is heaven. I really don’t care where I go after I die as long as I’ve changed this world for the better I’m fine with burning in hell for all I care haha. Also I’ve come to understand these principles in life that I will soon be getting tattooed on my body. The first being time, I’ve come to understand that time heals all wounds and I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Second is Peace it is what I stand for, as in my way of living. Third is love because you can’t live life without it. Finally my religion being people which I had already explained. Wow its so weird to write all this down. Sorry about the long post but just feels kind of cool to relate with people for a change you know.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Alex, I loved reading your comment, thank you :)
      I especially relate to your comments about religion, and the principles of life you mentioned: love, peace and true religion. It is refreshing to hear from a person who has such a broad perspective and understanding of life. So many people get lost in the little day-to-day details which slowly undo them. But very little matters in the end except for what legacy you leave.

      • OldSoulBiz

        I highly suggest that both of you check out “Islam” and look at the values it stands for. I did and it fulfilled every part of me being an old soul. It fits perfectly. I am at peace with myself and everything more than I have ever been.

  • Bryan

    I thought I was just a f*****g weird kid but as soon as I saw this article idk it just described me exactly and I’m only 16 its really odd living so old inside and everybody around me is just so young inside, they’re all wired up in social media and trying to get attention. This is pretty cool knowing that there is others like me, everybody sees me as extremely mature.

  • Shayboogie

    When I was young, I have always felt more mature than my friends. Even my elders and other people, felt I was older than I was at the time.

    I always was the person my friends went to for advice. I rarely went to my friends or parents for advice because I had this “knowing”. As if I knew what I was talking about even though I may not have experienced the situation. More often than not, I tend to be always right about things. I had a friend who even admitted that she didn’t like seeking my advice any longer because she knew I would be right..haha

    Throughout my life, I have felt that way. And I always had a good sense about people or situations.

    I didn’t realize the connections until I experiences one of the most painful things in my life. That is what made me spiritually awaken. Everything and my whole life started making more sense. LIFE made more sense. Throughout that time, I started seeking truth in my spirituality. I met a lot of gifted people and people who I knew in past lives. Even they started saying that I was an “old soul”. It all made sense!

    I’ve experiences so much since then that further validated my old soul. It’s been a beautiful and true blessing to know some truth. I am still learning thru my journey in this life. I have much to learn no matter how OLD I am haha But it’s an amazing feeling to know that God and all heavenly beings are with me guiding me and protecting me during my life’s journey. They are the only beings who have always been there for me and I am eternally grateful for that!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      No matter how old we are inside or out, there are still lessons to be learnt in one way or another. But that brings the life into life! It’s wonderful to hear that you are finding peace on your path.
      Thank you for commenting!

  • nauphragus

    Like many other youngsters in the comments, I can also relate to what you wrote. I am 27, but I go to college again, with 19 year olds, and it is incredibly hard to make friends. But it has been like this all my life.
    Now, what I’d like to ask you if you can mention any negative aspects of being an old soul. Because everything you write is so nice and positive (who wouldn’t like to be special? who wouldn’t love justification for being socially awkward as a kid?), but as there is no 100% in anything in this world, definitely there must be some negative traits that old souls possess. The other question I have is whether you have any advice to blend in easier, not necessarily by changing who we are or denying our spiritual history, but just to connect easier to “younger souls”. Thanks!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      You are right Nauphragus, nothing is ever black and white, and neither are Old Souls. Negative elements about Old Souls tend to be perceived differently according to the Soul Age, but we can be seen as aloof, detached, sometimes even uncaring. Old Souls also tend to get tired very easily, don’t bother with frivolous connections, and can tend to be demotivated, perhaps even lazy at times, not seeing the worth in much. I will be publishing an article similar to this one about ‘Mature Souls’ which you may like to read in a couple of days. This could assist you as well. In terms of connecting with younger souls, it is definitely a challenge, but patience is the key, as well as understanding of their conscious limitations. You can certainly learn a lot from them though, particularly about yourself!

  • Alana

    I can’ believe what I just read. You have described me perfectly, even though you don’t even know me. I am a 16 year old girl and I oftentimes feel quite alone. It is a profound loneliness and it won’t leave me. I think of things I shouldn’t think about; of life, death. I think of death alot. I reflect on matters long forgotten, of lost civilisations and people; I think of everything. But I can’t share it, because all my peers think about is if their instagram picture will get likes. That is why I’m usually seen as a quiet and reserved. I am not shy, but I simply get perceived as such because I prefer not to waste my words on insignificant nonsense. It is difficult. Adults think of me as a regular teenager and treat me as such( only some of them know I am a bit different from the majority), and I have friends, but they don’t understand. I’ve tried to talk to them but I found it to be in vain. And knowledge, I adore knowledge. History as well; I love it with all my heart. I enjoy learning of kings and queens, battles, Romans, Egyptians, about Socrates, Petrarch, Elizabeth I, the list is infinite. I read, and I listen not just modern music, but also classical. I often wish I was “normal”. It would certanly make life easier.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Teenage years are very difficult for the Old/Mature in soul, but you are certainly not alone Alana (although it may feel that way right now). Slowly through life you will meet others who resonate on your wavelength – but of course, you must keep digging until you find the ‘gold’.

  • JMH

    I am a 15-year-old girl, and I enjoy things that no one else my age does, such as knitting, having in-depth discussions about various topics, studying exhibits at museums, giving communion at church, talking with the elderly at nursing homes, and reading history textbooks for fun. I am homeschooled now because I was bullied in school, and I believe it was in part due to the fact that I was always “different.” I thought that something was wrong with me until I found your blog. Thank you so much for writing this. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It makes me happy to read a comment such as yours JMH as it reminds me of why I wrote such an article in the first place! Thank you for reading, and all the best with this new-found self-knowledge!

  • Wesley Lovewell

    Well when it comes to me. I literally experience 1,000 years every day, so after about 16 years it gets very tiresome.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It does get tiresome, but wherever you are, there are always small glimpses of beauty and mystery. Even Old Souls don’t know the answers to all mysteries in the world.

  • me

    Believe in Jesus, worldly wisdom just doesn’t cut it

  • lightsaltearth

    Ever since I can remember, I have always felt older than those around me. I have always felt alienated from everyone, almost as if I am of a different species or race. Inconsistencies jump out and scream at me. Most folks never notice them. Patterns are everywhere to be remembered and used. Everything is a learning tool, if one merely pays attention. It appears as if most if not all are distracted and out of tune. I have learned to interact and try not to overwhelm. I have peace with who I am.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I love this part of your comment Lightsaltearth: “Patterns are everywhere to be remembered and used. Everything is a learning tool, if one merely pays attention.” Very true, and very useful for everyone to know. Thank you for commenting. It’s nice to connect with another Old Soul.

  • Clayton Sanchez

    I am an old soul, and shall be an old soul till I go. Finding someone with enough depth to date is the hardest thing I go through. Actually it’s not because I don’t date. Eventually though I know I will get to a point where I am comfortable with the difference and just take it as it is, old souls still mature like everyone else, and that is just part of maturing. It’s not settling for less – it’s accepting things simply for how they are and adjusting.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’m sure whoever you need the most to be introduced into your life, will, Clayton. That the wonderful thing about non-resistance: it opens us up to a world of possibilities and unique doorways. I admire your philosophical outlook. Thank you for sharing, and best wishes!

  • Zanderphis

    A child lost in a forestfinds a tree full of aples, he takes the seeds and puts them in a sack. Years later the child dies and Is buried with the seeds that he collected from around the world…
    The Mealenia comes there is war, there is death, there is conquest, there is desease, four times the nations faild, the finale breath excaped the last man as he grieved at a grave asking to be forgiven…
    Suddenly a sproutling came forth from an ancient grave, it grew strong and healthy in the barren waste land, it was a fruit tree that bore many kinds of fruit more than could be counted…
    Soon the grave yard became green, animals came from hiding, a spring sprouted, and the plants cleansed, the world a garden, it begins anew…

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      A beautiful and meaningful story, thank you Zanderphis. <3

    • Kelby

      Hey, you. Yeah you. You should be a writer, I believe in you. I love to hear more of this, I would love to buy a book from you and become my favorite author… XD (unless if you don’t want to, its alright…. lol)

  • caleb smart

    I’m really glad i stumbled across this it blew my mind because it has been bugging me my whole life you pretty much just described me in almost ever way but i stayed getting more into it because Ik very close to this elderly lady and it seems that she was right she had told me a lot of what i just read. She told me that she if is fascinated by the way i think and act she informed me i have a very old soul that has been around for hundreds of years i didn’t believe her at first but after thinking about it and researching it a lot i would have to agree with her 100% but it’s so to describe it no matter how hard i try

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It’s wonderful when you discover something new about yourself, something that you share with many others! Thank you for commenting here Caleb!

  • Emma

    Sometimes I feel bad for not belonging to a social group. The friends I have made seem to have no trouble expanding their social groups, while I’m still the same lonely kid that I’ve always been–if not lonelier. I admit that I feel a splinter of jealousy at seeing my friends make more friends. The thing is, I would rather befriend older people than people my own age. It doesn’t stop me from feeling like the odd kid out.

  • Guest

    Sometimes I feel bad for not belonging to a social group. The friends I have made seem to have no trouble expanding their social groups, while I’m still the same lonely kid that I’ve always been–if not lonelier. I admit that I feel a splinter of jealousy at seeing my friends make more friends.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It’s hard being the lone wolf .. I’ve always struggled with it, and it makes you question yourself a lot. When you’re young it’s quite difficult, but as you grow older it’s easier to accept the way you are (especially as you find yourself in fewer clichey situations).

  • PK

    I liked hanging out with old people as a child. I couldn’t relate to other children and found their games stupid. My parents forced me to play with other children and they even took me to a psychologist because they found my behaviour weird.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Now you know that you weren’t weird PK, and that many people in this world share these same quirks!

  • eckythimble

    Hi a very nice site.
    One tip: photos of old people with old souls are impressive, but photos of children with old soul eyes really catch the attention due to the contrast.

    Always felt humans varied much more on the inside than you could see from the inside, based on life(s) experience. I also have an intense drive to complete a “mission” of sharing my knowledge on certain topics in this life and so was relieved to recently publish my first academic paper on a subject I’ve never formally studied… just thought about it deeply in my spare time.

    I think for all those old souls who are struggling for meaning, find what you’re good at and perfect that even more in this life using modern jargon, and then start sharing it. Also don’t exclude, sharing for money, e.g. being a professional consultant in your field. No need to be a poor Old soul!

    One thing I find a little bit hard is Baby souls. Mature and even Young souls are often receptive to my assistance, but the Baby ones think they know everyhting better, are often strict religious and ironically like to fret about the state of my soul. And when I try to assist them in any way, they get offended because hey they think know it all all better and are anyway habituated to their high stress, gossipy lives. I guess the lesson for me is… assist only when asked…

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thanks for the tip Eckythimble, that was my first preference, but it’s difficult to find such pictures on the internet! Hopefully the one I chose will suffice though.

      Haha, try living with Baby Souls … but everyone, no matter what Soul Age they have provide useful lessons (if not simply serving as mirrors to reflect back ourselves).

      Also, I’m sure many who visit this page will appreciate your advice! :)

  • deanohboy

    Well that’s my whole life summed up… I come from a line of old souls; my mother and grandmother are old souls, but then again my mother is a caulbearer and my grandmother used to be a seer (possibly still is). But anywho Thank you for the wonderful article, twas very enlightening!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for reading :)

  • Lilly

    Wow I’m 18 and I have older friends who come to me for advice about any issues they have. I’ve been told since I was 16 that I am wise beyond my years. It’s amazing! I’m very mature and very different from my generation, which makes people gravitate towards me. I truly admire being this way ♥

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It can be a blessing and a curse Lilly, but it’s wonderful that you can experience so freely the benefits of having a matured mind. :)

  • Andy

    This is a great article I can relate to, all 9 points have some aspect in me, making me believe I am definitely “an old soul” who has been here before and will be here again.

    Being alone is not the same as being lonely. It’s a blessing, so embrace it because it won’t be forever:)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Nothing is forever, and that thought can either encourage us or demotivate us (depending on how you choose to look at it!) Thank you Andy!

  • Reithandina

    This truly did describe everything about me. I’ve always felt so old, and when talk with other people – always much much older than myself – I always refer my past as ” When I was young ” as if I was an old lady. I’m 25, and I’ve felt like I was ancient since I was a small child. I thought my world weariness was because of my mother’s detachment to life and as a mother. I live a life that I don’t understand much of, like what people are saying when they’re not being concrete. I’m always being concrete, I never doll up my words. I love music, I see it’s peace, it’s beauty, I see a world of wonder and life, and that’s the only place… This world… It’s so.. Disappointing. So Tiresome. Troublesome. I walk this earth, with no sense of purpose, longing for something I can’t reach. Most of the time I don’t feel anything at all. When I read, when I write, when I paint, when I listen to music.. I FEEL. for just a second. But… What can I even do? Is this the Old soul in me?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Life and existence is only disappointing if you have expectations and desires for it to be anything other than what it is in the first place Reithandina. I’ve discovered that it’s our resistance to what is that creates our pain in life. I believe we all have a calling in life, something that fulfills us, it’s all a matter of trying many different paths, stumbling, falling, and getting back up again. It’s a confusing time, and many refer to it as the Dark Night of the Soul, but there is hope if you continue searching. :)

  • mag

    Is it possible that my soul is an old child? If i was to describe what i mean in simple terms it would be something like.. I feel like my soul is an old soul, exactly like its described above. But i also feel like my soul is a child that’s just been a child for a long time. (an old child) the reason i say this is because i’ve always had a childish nature and i’ve just felt like a big kid most of my life. Yet after having read the old soul blog above, and others. I feel like this is me exactly.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It really depends what you mean Mag. Can you relate to many of the characteristics of Young/Baby Souls? (http://lonerwolf.com/young-soul-test/ and http://lonerwolf.com/baby-soul-test/) Old Souls don’t necessarily feel as though they’re on the verge of death, and they do have childlike elements, e.g. the sense of wonder one feels about the world and how vast and complex it is.

      • eckythimble

        It could also be possible that Mag is both an Old Soul and a young behaving astrological sign, that can make for an interesting combination, e.g. Sun/Moon in Aries or Gemini.

  • Montse

    Sometimes i Feel like old soul, but I not quite sure if I’m one of them, but there is a lot of points that totally describe me. Eventhough I like to go out and dance, have fun like a kid and just be my self. I’m 32 by the way. But i am Very introspectivo and not really superficial, but Sometimes i will like to have a lot of money and spend it in nice things, travel around the world, Stay and eat in the best places. Sometimes I found that The people tell me things Very personal and they said “i don’t know why i told you that if “… And I’m not really social, i not the best one in communication

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Montse, you may be a Mature Soul that has just come out of Young Soul stages. This article may help expand your understanding: http://lonerwolf.com/soul-age/

  • Tempskya

    I think that there are some old souls who fit part of this description, but not all of it. I am an old soul and my time is spent with those around me in teaching, learning, supporting and in the attempt to help those who are younger and less experienced. There is no point in having knowledge and experience and then keeping it to yourself. If you are truly old and see the big picture, then you know that part of the responsibility of being old is helping those who are just starting out. Sure, culture and society in the modern world may get on your nerves, but aren’t those who are old supposed to be able to see beyond that and view the true value and characteristics of those around us? It would seem that soul age would make one more patient and forgiving, rather than harsh and unrelenting. It is difficult to spend so much time being misunderstood, but as an elder, one needs to remember that with growth and experience, understanding is obtained. We cannot expect others to fly before they can crawl, and it is arrogant and selfish to expect those around us to have a complete understanding of why we are different if they have not had any interaction with us. Most people who describe themselves as “old souls” to me have, either literally or figuratively, locked themselves away in dark caves and spend most of their time either brooding over injustices, being bored with this life, planning their next hostile act on those around them or complaining about anything and everything that irritates them. Perhaps their age has led them to default to the isolation and darkness which are the greater part of the universe. After all, it takes a lot of energy and effort to keep learning and move toward light and truth, even if you don’t agree with the truth that you find. We have a long way to go, eternity is a very long time, and one needs to find his or her own tribe/group and learn that our best selves come from helping others along the way, not condemming them for their youth and inexperience. This is true no matter what your religion, belief, race or creed happens to be.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I agree Tempskya. While an Old Soul can love solitude, and tends to prefer spending time alone, it’s selfish to spend your life shut away from people. Many Old Souls, the Sages in particular, gravitate towards teaching roles in life. Sol is a perfect example of this. Others, the Mystics, gravitate towards counseling roles of emotionally supporting others, which I believe is more my role in life. (And of course, there can be hybrids of mental nourishment, and emotional support). Old Souls are not perfect however, and as you have illustrated they still are prone to human displays of imperfection. I’ve written on the topic of Old Souls living in a Young world: http://lonerwolf.com/old-soul-in-a-young-soul-world/ Young Souls can teach us the greatest lessons about ourselves, and about life.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)

  • Harley

    Luna… thank you so much. You have put into words what I have known in my heart for so long. I’m 23, but ever since I was a child, I have always struggled with finding satisfaction in relationships with people my age. Discussion topics and interests always seemed so trivial, so worldly . I often thought about, as you say, the transience of life, and I have spent so many hours of my life thinking and evaluating myself, my actions, and the lessons I can learn from them – as well as from other people. My sense of disconnection from the majority of my peers has often led me to feel isolated, and at times this escalates into periods of depression from which only I can extract myself. But at the end of the day, I find peace in my solitude, and I generally enjoy the time I spend alone in my thoughts. And yes, I just sometimes get this “old” feeling; a weariness in my spirit, to the extent that my family sometimes pokes fun at my age. I have learnt that accepting the way I am means accepting that I may be a little lonelier than other people, but that fighting my nature leads me to feel as if I am betraying myself, which is a whole lot worse.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Harley, life is about acceptance. When we fight and reject, all we come across is stress, pain and disappointment. So you are on the right path. As an Old Soul you will be more lonely than others, however you do have an advantage in that you’re more aware of what will truly bring you happiness and fulfillment in the long term. Also, you won’t necessarily be completely alone for the rest of your life. There are many souls out there, and with enough persistence you will eventually find a soul who harmonizes with your own, like I did. It is frustrating at times, and certainly takes a lot of patience and effort, but as you have seen there ARE people out there who experience what you do. ;)

  • Chelsey

    Hey guys. So I’m 15, about to be 16. I’m going to share my story, because I don’t tell anybody anything really. And I’d like to let it out. Well, I do, in fact, believe that I’m an old soul. Ever since I was little, my parents always told me I’m an old soul, and that I have a very special gift in life even if I don’t understand it yet. I’ve always preferred to hang out with the adults, I’ve felt closer, and more like I could talk about anything and everything with adults, like my aunts, uncles, etc. Much rather than cousins my age, or anything like that. Friends at school, I don’t have many, but I like telling them my problems. Problems like, relationship issues, family issues, etc. Because I feel like thats the only thing I can talk about to others my age. But there’s so much more that I think about that actually matter. I think too much. Which makes me quiet. Everybody, my whole life tells me i’m quiet. But I think about things like, understanding humans. Whether what makes them them is their by their zodiac sign, if they can help acting a certain way, I think about the universe, I think about a lot. This is personal, but I’ve even considered suicide. Not because my life is horrible, even though I may be a little depressed. It’s more like, a feeling of I’d rather be home. Because life down here sucks. And when I’m high, I’m not crazy or outgoing like most people my age. I’m laid back, I don’t talk, I just think. About my soul, the universe, stuff like that. When I look at myself in the mirror when I’m high, it’s like I’m outside my body looking down on myself sometimes. Because I don’t feel like I look like I really do. Not saying I’m ugly, or anything. I just feel like I’m somebody else than who I really am. That beings, I like it when people tell me about myself. Like myself on the outside, how I act, or present myself. But if somebody tells me something about myself on the inside, like personally, an in how I really feel about things, how I really think, etc. My response is, “No it’s not. You don’t know me. Nobody knows the real me.” Just because I don’t let it out, I keep the real me inside. I’ve tried so hard not to, but I just can’t seem to let it out. I’ve been hiding it my whole life and acting like something different than who I really am, a part of me is just convinced I have to act like this. Every time I do act like the real me, or try to let it out, I get in trouble. It’s just really kinda hard. Because people think I’m so innocent, and sweet, etc. But inside I know I have a really dark side, I’m no wheres near as polite, and innocent as everybody thinks. I’m in love with the thrill danger gives me. I just like to keep that side tamed. I have it so under control. It’s ridiculous. Because I’m at the age where you’re still trying to find yourself. It’s hard. Especially with thinking what I do, and not fitting in with people my age because I think that they are so immature. I think very spiritually about things. I don’t go to church everyday, I don’t pray everyday. I think spiritually about other stuff. Not praising god, even though I do believe in a higher power. It’s just beliefs of mine that I have. And I can easily tell when people have old souls or not.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for sharing Chelsey.

      You make an interesting comment about having a dark side. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as we all have a light and dark side within us, just as there is day time and nigh time. This is the essence of yin and yang philosophy: balance is creating through opposites. And so to become a whole and balanced person we must embrace our dark sides, not smother or repress them. Sol wrote an interesting article about how to express your shadow self: http://lonerwolf.com/encounter-shadow-self/ and http://lonerwolf.com/shadow-self/

      15 is a hard age, and through time you will discover your calling in life, and people who you can relate to. It can feel isolating to be internally older than what you externally appear to be, but have you ever considered that other people you talk to do the same? Hide their deeper sides away from daylight, just like you? It is possible, and we tend to make many assumptions about people (I’ve been surprised a few times, as some people are very good actors).

      Thank you for reading!

  • Ku’uleimoanikeala Kupahu

    Without reading all comments, I’m sure I can relate to most… We all have a level on consciousness, some like me wish that we all could be at the highest level of consciousness. I am 18 years old and reading the “9 signs you’re an old soul” helps me to remember that I am not alone within the endless amount of souls that exist on Mother Earth.
    I don’t mean to “advertise” but if you trully understand the purpose of life, I encourage all to search this beloved soul named Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. When you learn his teachings, much clarity will come to you. You’ll never feel alone and will feel at peace with everyone and everything.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      But the wishing part is what creates frustration and disappointment, isn’t it? I believe everything is as it’s supposed to be, but I can definitely relate to those wishful feelings.

      Thank you for the recommendation, I will look up your suggestion.


      • Ku’uleimoanikeala Kupahu

        Yes indeed it does. To my understanding frustration and disappointment is another form of testing… right?
        Yes I also believe that everything is as its supposed to be… for the balance right? We need that balance like a Yin Yang balanced world. The question is just how we are to have it “balanced.”
        …just a thought…
        Thank you for looking up this Master :)

  • Oldsoul999

    It gets tiring being so many a time around.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Most old souls can empathize with you there!

  • Lindsey L

    I’m sixteen years old with an old soul, and it can be frustrating at times. I have always felt like I had no age in an infinite sort I way, so when people try to tell me that I’m “too young” to do this or that, it gets under my skin. I want to travel, experience other cultures and places, live, learn, and expand my understanding of the universe. That’s when the realization of my limitations set in; I’m not perceived or treated the way I feel. I’m not trying to sound like a punk when I say that, but more like I don’t have the same mentality and attitudes as my peers. I know I don’t know every thing- and I’m glad I don’t- because how boring would life be if there was nothing left to learn.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I understand Lindsey, I’ve been there before. Patience is what you’ll have to develop, unless you decide to become a gypsy at a young age and leave your family (which is probably not recommended, as it creates a lot of worry and strife).

      Many old souls in young bodies experience what you are going through (including myself) – of not being treated the way we feel. But do we really need their validation?

  • Figuringmyselfout

    I’m 15 and I cannot stand my age group right now. I never realized how different I was from my peers until high school. Physically I seem the same, but mentally I’m at such a different place. I cannot bring myself to care about the petty things everyone seems to care about from the relevancy of how many followers you have on twitter, to what I got on my geometry test, to what dress I’m wearing to this weekend’s sweet 16. The things we (us teenagers) worry and stress about are so unimportant in the long term. I don’t know if it’s more frustrating that nobody else seems to realize that, or that I do. Sometimes I wish I could just maintain a normal thought process of someone my age for five seconds, but I don’t and that’s okay because that’s what makes me, me. It’s just so frustrating that I feel like I don’t fit here. I want to go somewhere where I’m actually being productive, being helpful, doing something that matters, something important. I’d rather being doing something that makes me feel fulfilled, then that makes me feel like I’m wasting my life away being unsatisfied in school. It’s not getting an education that makes me angry, it’s the absorbing of so many unnecessary things. All anyone my age cares about is getting drunk and hooking up with each other and I’m so over it. I just want to give and love. I don’t know why this sudden realization that I’m not really on the same page as everyone else is such a surprise to me… I’ve literally been giving my mom advice since I was three years old. So many of the things stated above are spot-on to my life. I’ve always been different on some level and as bitter sweet as it is, I really have hope good things will eventually (hopefully sooner than later) come.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      School is very overrated, and mostly, pointless. What can I remember from school that actually benefited my life in the long term? Not much at all. Maybe a bit of math here, and bit of spelling there, but that’s about it. We actually have an article on Education, and what famous (and very intelligent/wise) people say about schooling: http://lonerwolf.com/education-quotes/ Just if you’re interested.

      So my advice: don’t take school or grades too seriously. They are not the be all and end all, and even though it’s nice to please our parents, it’s even better to remember not to stress or fret.

      You seem to have your head very well set on your shoulders for someone being so young, and that will benefit you in the long run. There are many ways to give love, if that is what you desire to do. You can express love in small ways to your family members, friends, strangers even, animals, nature, even to yourself. It’s not necessary to wait until the future until everything is perfect either, because nothing ever will be perfect. The time to start is now.

      I appreciate your comment, thank you!

  • Ralph Storrier

    I’ve always been described as an ‘old soul’ from the time I was a young child. I never ‘got’ other children and always found them immature and boring. I was the kid sitting with the adults at gatherings and holding my own, and was generally welcome in conversations with them. I was introverted and introspective. I preferred reading by myself to ‘playing’ or participating in sports or social activities with my peers. I always found history fascinating and interesting. I listened to my elders experiences and adventures and reveled in their stories. I was always wise beyond my years, and people, even adults, sought my advice. It’s been a blessing and a curse, as my peers (and some adults) were suspicious and even hostile towards me at times. Even now as an adult, my friends, colleagues and family members
    seek me out for comfort and counsel. I never thought that I was better than other people, I just felt an uncanny understanding of the human condition and the world around me.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Everything in life comes with its pros and cons, doesn’t it Ralph? It can be difficult being that person who acts as the emotional dumping ground, but then again, life is so much easier when you know when to avoid unnecessary paths of suffering and attachment (rather than having to go through them all over again – not that life can ever be without suffering).

      Thank you for sharing :)

    • el neto

      I must be an immature very young soul, because on my narrow understanding, and after just reading your post, .I don’t like you already… It looks ,from my short sight. perspective , and having read several posts here,that being an “old soul” means being in a dark,cold,solitary ivory tower., thanks, no thanks.!! I enjoy people around me ,and friendship is something to. Cultivate.,, we don’t. Have to get everything. Our way.,,every person has positive unique things that make us special..but we have to be willing to look behind the masks
      Everybody here sounds the same…if im a loner and its hard for m. To socialize.its because. Im waay far ahead of the rest, and there’s. Nothing worth.my attention..and anyways,..they wouldn’t understand my genius…..GTFOH

      • Freddy

        El Neto ….you nailed it in your first 13 words. It’s crap like this and people like you that make it such a blessing/curse as Ralph Storrier mentioned in his post. Good luck to you, I hope you find yourself one day.-Freddy

  • Kspice

    I am 19 as well. I still feel like I am 13, however. Which sounds odd, but to another old soul I’m sure you know what I am talking about. I discovered a while ago that I was an old soul just because I have always been very self aware and information seeking. But I am so happy to find this website…because I am going through a time in life where I dropped out of college, am now surrounded by people already settled into their paths, yet realize that I am still trying to pave mine. It’s just very awkward because I can only relate to people that have already gone through what I am going through (and are at different points now), yet can’t relate to people that are going what I am going through. If that makes sense. In other words, I am 40 years on the inside as far as emotional and intellectual depth, but my physical and chronological reality is 19 year old that is a college drop out, serving tables, and trying to pursue what she is good at: music. Which is incredibly whimsical at this point because the music industry is so corrupt…but unfortunately, that is my talent, my “gift,” so you will. And while I struggle to find a place and purpose in this world of…only human constructs, I am mainly just resistant and want to give up because I know that all I truly need to be happy is nature, wholesome homegrown food, loved ones, and my guitar. Anyways, I just appreciate that you guys have formed a community for people that kind of see the world a little differently. It’s…comforting. And makes me personally feel less crazy. Thank you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I think I understand Kspice: you relate better to people who are already grounded in life, rather than those people who are still paving their way. It’s a strange time to live in for Old Souls: there is such emphasis on quickly finding your path early in life, of settling into one career quickly, getting a family all-too-soon. The rush is so unnecessary, but it is needed by society to fuel the way things are, the fast-paced, mechanic construction of everything. I’m at a point in my life where I am currently unemployed, no wonderful or impressive degrees or qualifications. Nothing of the sort. So by society’s standards I am failing. By my own standards however, I am succeeding doing what I love: writing (even if it isn’t making me a big income). Sometimes we just need to learn how to block these noisy nuisances out from our worlds.

      Thank you for being here and sharing your story.

  • Thereisnoescape

    I just turned 19, and still I feel as if nobody can relate to me. One of my biggest flaws is that I study the people around me, and try to imitate them, adapt part of them onto myself. And sometimes I will say what I believe them to be thinking, to the person before he /she has a chance to say it, or if they don’t want to say it , I will for them , just to see if I’m right. And I almost always am. Unfortunately the person will end up thinking that we are alike, that we think the same. I end up backing out of relationships, and losing friends, because in my opinion, there isn’t really a real me. But were they ever my friends if I was just acting? Or is that the closest I’m actually going to get to a real friend, or just a healthy relationship I guess

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      19 is a difficult age – it was for me, and for many others. These years are when we are still shaping our identities, and our senses of self. I’ve learnt that pretending to be something other than what you are is not worth it. It never is. All it creates is stress and disappointment. My recommendation: don’t do it. It’s very difficult to always be your authentic self, but I’ve learnt just to be quiet in the presence of others. Amiable, but distant. Eventually, with enough persistence, you will find others like yourself. You already have in a way. Try sites like meetup.com. Find a topic you are interested in (e.g. spirituality, metaphysics etc.) and search for groups in your area. This was one way I managed to meet people similar to me. Sometimes you just need to get creative.

      • jordan

        I went on meetup,with older people,Im 22 and so glad I came upon this article,someone also told me I was an empath,which I looked into and fit almost all of descriptions!!

    • John

      Research Magic Mushrooms. I had a similar problem and they helped. I was too depressed to have feelings which caused me to have to imitate normal people.

      • Anonymous

        Just please be very, very careful!

        • Waxil Davidson

          Psilocybin won’t kill you, 5 grams will be profound and you’ll be fine.

      • ludvig

        This also helped me… It gives me the ability to describe emotions and relations much more efficient than I usually do.

      • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

        Yes, Psilocybin has been proven to help a lot with anxiety and depression, plus, it is not addictive. Many shamanic cultures used mushrooms for self-exploration, but unfortunately our society condemns anything with psychoactive abilities.


      Well i do exactly what you u do Btw am …. huh 16…. its really hard….its hard being and old souls… am still trying to figure out who i am……idk what to do anymore l….

    • Pete

      Maybe it is worth you trying out meditation, more reliable than any substance. :)

      • Waxil Davidson

        Sensory deprivation tanks work way faster.

    • Waxil Davidson

      Everyone mimics their environment, it’s part of being humans. This is why solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment, we require something to mimic in order to stay “sane”.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’d be curious to hear what you mean when you say “there isn’t really a real me” thereisnoescape.

      • Sam

        So I know exactly what he means. It’s more like your focused on just being the type of person they want to be around instead of yourself. But it just kinda happens it’s not like I have to try.

    • Mason

      Thereisnoescape, you took the words right out of my mouth! I am also 19, and I do the same exact things and feel the same ways that you listed! Never before in my life did I consider the idea that maybe there is another person with a similar thought process towards social interactions/relationship building. I too feel lost, but reading your comment has given me much solace, thank you!

    • alex

      That is not a flaw at all. Actually its a huge advantage. Being able to study and read people is great. I’m the same way, you just have to learn to tame the thoughts and keep them to yourself. You are special, don’t let society make you think otherwise. Try meditation and exercise, its helped me tremendously

    • Ashley

      I felt the same way you did for many years, Thereisnoescape.
      I stopped doing that because it was just hurting everyone around me and for that me, too.
      Now I’m an aloner, waiting for someone crossing my road that truely gets me.

    • Sam

      Man I just turned 19 too and I can relate to you on everything you just said. I say things that I think there thinking and in the end it’s hard for someone to get to know ME like the real me.

  • Abi

    Hello Luna, thank you for your wonderful article. I can completely relate to your premises. All of my life I have always had a great intuition and predictability about people before I would come in contact with them. Like I already knew them without really knowing them and how they would act towards me. Sometimes sheer judgement can just get in the way but usually I am quite right. As well, I have always felt too mature for people my age and would click a lot better with older people. Or sometimes it would seem that older people would gravitate towards me too for some reason. My mother would certainly approach me about this on why I wouldn’t socialize with people my age at parties and such but I would lie and say that I was just shy but the truth is I couldn’t really get sucked into their topics wholeheartedly. Now in many cases I have had a few good friends my age that I could click with but not too often. It makes me quite depressed sometimes because I feel like people don’t get me and sometimes I don’t get people my age and that kind of makes me come off as I’m a know it all or awkward personality. I wish I could give them the simple excuse that I am an old soul but they would probably be confused.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      That’s definitely one of the biggest problems I’ve come across: coming across as being too know-it-all, too snobby, or too weird. But it only becomes a problem when you make it a problem. We can mold our thoughts, and change our mindsets. I’m still working on caring too much about the way people perceive me, and it’s hard work! But I’ve seen that wanting to be liked and accepted creates the most problems in my life, and many people’s lives. So I keep going … keep experimenting. It’s sort of like being a Scientist, or a voyager into new worlds, shaping the way my mind works. That’s the beauty of self-improvement … the struggle is worth the gain, always. Thank you once again for sharing here Abi!

  • Elizabeth

    Do any of you have this mindset but their are moments of undeniably child-like curiosity? I identify with most of those traits and went through depression much earlier on then hormonally expected from humans. I find it hard to fit in but I don’t want to it’s very upsetting to see people my age being so reckless and idiotic, you just want to shake them! It’s like the look but they don’t see in life or try to understand.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      There are most definitely Elizabeth. When you slow down, and see through the illusions life presents, you realize that this moment right now is all you have. So you try to make the most of it by immersing yourself in as much beauty as you can find. This is where you start to appreciate the mystery of life. So I understand what you mean … especially when you’re young, it’s frustrating that others don’t share this same appreciation as you. It’s very alienating, but as always, you are never alone.

  • Keecksee

    This is a perfect describtion of what my life/ personality are like! It’s great to know that this isn’t such an uncommon thing cause when i was a child/ teenager my mother often couldn’t cope with my behavior and made me feel like there was something very mentally wrong with me, the result: at 18 i had a 7 month hospital stay to be treated against “chronic depression” just because i felt this sense of purposelessness about leading my mothers and my peers ideal livestyle.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It must come at a great relief to you to find this article, to know that going through an existential life crisis is often a symptom of the old in soul. You are solely in charge of your life, and when other people try to impose on that, you need to make the decision to stay and let them interfere, or distance yourself and go your own way. On good terms of course. Your life is yours, and no one elses to shape, so use this opportunity to make some important decisions. My best wishes!

  • Emile

    Thanks Luna for this article.
    I mostly agree with all 9 points. However I wouldn’t say I find it dissatisfying to befriend with people I find it hard to relate to. I find all friendships satisfying, but I am aware it is sometimes easier to remain friends by not seeing each other too much. Most of the time someone tells something unpleasant about someone else, I simply find it sad, as I would like everyone to try to understand each other much more. I enjoy watching others’ minds and trying to understand their specifities. The same with cultures. This is one of the reasons why I am still very sociable.
    About the materialistic I used to be very much just like other people mentioned, with collections and having “everything”, and I almost always had a collection. My last one was of music albums, but it had a sense as I really like listening to music. I don’t really have anyone now but this is also because I am always moving and want to spend money more wisely. I but a lot of second-hand stuff and have a very basic phone, I consider it as a tool and I don’t give much interest to fashion.
    As a kid I was terrified with death and I learnt by myself to dominate this fear. One of my motto was that if you worry about death, it means everything is fine so stop worrying. Another one was that life couldn’t work without death, or would be terribly boring. It helped me a lot. Now I am not terrified but simply sad about it ; the fact that all these bonds that exist in life have to die at some time.
    I always felt the need to understand more about everything.
    Being the last child of a family of 4 children and being the much youngest probably helped a lot to me being this way. My father once told friends of my parents when I was there that I liked the company of old people and another time that it seems like I am learning from others’ experiences. I realised he was completely right and it helped me understand myself. This is why I never tried to start smoking anything for instance.
    But my pesonnality then mixes with the fact that I am demisexual and find gossips uninteresting.

    So for other people who believe are old souls, did you have much older brothers or sisters too? Are you demisexual (there is a test on this website)?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hi Emile :) I wonder if having brothers or sisters, being the oldest, middle or youngest sibling influences how mature you are in outlook? That would be interesting to look into … as for me, I’m the eldest of 5 children, so I learnt to take responsibility at a young age, and to be relied on. Perhaps that had a say in the molding of my personality. Another interesting question you ask is in regards to sexuality. I personally identify as bisexual, and sexual, rather than being demisexual (however, I would never have any casual relations with anyone, and never have out of pure distaste).

      As for your thoughts and feelings about death. I went through a stage where everything depressed me (this was when I was a religious convert). I saw that everything was destined to die, and that according to Christian ideas of heaven and hell, most people would go to hell. Thank goodness I saw the light and left this narrow way of thinking! Death is a mystery, and as you say, is necessary to add the spark to life. If everything was always the same, we would be sick of life. Life would not be life, would not be lively, without the component of death. But more and more, I’m more inclined to believing in the possibility of reincarnation, just as a flower rises, dies, and it is reborn from its seeds that enter the earth.

  • http://oldsoals alesha stevens

    Angel bernard told me im an old soal today Im still curios about what this implies spuritually Are their young soals?Were we all created at the same time? Are we not all old soals?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Alesha, you might like to have a look at this article: http://lonerwolf.com/soul-age/ It covers all 5 Soul Ages and their personality traits.


  • Eyrian

    I’m a student…and one of my teachers wrote in a comment that i have an old soul..in a good way…i thought that old soul people would mean something wrong…but instead after reading this i feel so enlightened and so happy to be who i am..

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      You should be Eyrian, your teacher sounds quite perceptive. What a wonderful complement. :)

      Thank you for sharing here!


  • Jenny

    I love learning about old souls because it only confirms how I’ve always been feeling. What describes everything perfectly is “knowledge is power, wisdom is happiness and truth is freedom”. I often find myself learning about things everyday and if there is something I do not know, I have to Google it right away. Whether it’s movies, animals, the world, I always have to know it thoroughly, know why things are the way they are, and one search for one simple thing leads to me learning about so many other things that are all related somehow. There’s no game I like more then state one fun fact!
    As for wisdom, it’s happiness to me because it makes it easier to know how you should feel about certain things. The wisdom to know if your time spent getting angry or overly affected is not worth it. Spiritual wisdom is what makes me more compassionate as well as more understanding to the fact that we are all different, come from somewhere different, have grown up in different environments and that no two people can be dealt with exactly the same. Sometimes things just pop into my head and lessons in life just make sense. I often find myself noticing how predictable people are (especially relatives).
    As for truth being freedom. I believe it is freedom because to be free would mean to not have to hide right? People often try to lie and hide things and pretend to be something they are not, or want to prove themselves to everyone, but why go through the trouble when the truth is always there. I believe in people to be transparent as well as myself that’s why I choose to be truthful and honest (always with good intentions) because then you don’t need an explanation or an excuse. I could go on and on about this subject. I guess I’m always looking for places to vent out what I really think and feel inside. Thanks for this article! Is there a way to know how Old Souls and the different types of souls were discovered?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      “As for wisdom, it’s happiness to me because it makes it easier to know how you should feel about certain things. The wisdom to know if your time spent getting angry or overly affected is not worth it.” I like this Jenny, very logical and pragmatic. Wisdom to me is happiness as well because it helps guide your life in the right direction. So much unhappiness and pain is born from going in the wrong direction, or choosing the wrong paths in life.

      The origin of Old Souls and Soul Ages is very nebulous and omnipresent. I do know that the term Old Soul possibly has its origins in Buddhist texts, but all through the ages people have spoken of their inner feelings: “young at heart”, “you’re an Old Soul”, “child inside”. Only recently did I think of writing an article on such an experience, receiving such amazing feedback from a large variety of people who could strangely identify. This really led me to consider the possibility of Soul Ages. But there really is no hard, factual evidence as with anything in the realm of the soul.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you around here! Thank you for sharing :).


  • Steve

    I can’t believe what I just read! I am completely stunned! You have somehow described me perfectly haha, it’s nice to know that I’m not f***ed in the head like I thought lol, all my life I have been different than everyone else not giving a damn about social media or what’s hot! I grew up very fast my father was a very strict and hard man, he never raised me like a boy, but brought me up like a man. It has been very hard to find a partner in this life because no girls have the same values in life or share the same sort of life experiences that I have. One of the best pieces I read in this article was that of the lessons that “old souls” learn from their or other people’s mistakes or successes in life, I have taught myself so many important life lessons from past experiences. Every job site I have ever been on my co workers believed I was around the age of 35-40 just from the way I carry myself and apparently my old fashioned work ethic lol!

    By the way I’m 23 years old and thank you so much to whoever put up this website, you made me feel not so alone in the world!

    • Elisabeth

      I totally know how you feel. Before reading this article I really thought that I am emotionally anavailable (an emotional rock). I am 20 years old and I think and feel like I have more experiences than most 25 year olds. I may be very social and know many people but I find it really hard to make true frienships because nobody understands that at times I just want to be alone with my thoughts. Everyone I have come close with ends up complaining to me that I don’t want to bond or that I ditch them a lot and it ends up with them implying “you either become more open and outgoing or we leave you”. They think that because I want to be alone I have problems I don’t want to talk about and in the end that I don’t share with them as much as they do with me. They never understand that this is just me and that I just don’t know why I like being alone. Just by not being shallow enough to call somebody my “friend” just by knowing them a month or saying things like “I love you” or “I don’t wanna lose you” in the same situations makes them feel that I don’t value them and that I don’t want to bond (I just have heard that phrase so many times I’ve come to hate it)
      Anyway, sorry for writing so much but I felt really happy knowing there are other people like me out there.

      • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

        Thank you Steve (and Elizabeth), it’s wonderful to know that like-minded souls can meet hear and know that they are not alone in their perceptions and beliefs about the world.

        As you can see Steve, there are other females who can relate to you (as you can see above), and you are also young age wise. So don’t give up hope or despair. ;)

        All my best wishes your way,


      • Reithandina

        This is exactly the way my life is. It’s amazing. I truly thought I was all alone. That I was touched in the head. Missing my soul even. I’ve always believed emotions are attached to the soul, so walking around, being A cold hearted woman, I thought my soul was lost or that I just wasn’t born with one. I’ve always heard of people talking behind my back, calling me a sour and ugly bi–.. It’s hurtful.. I just contemplate so much about life and this terrible longing in my chest.. I forget time and to smile at people. This.. This really makes my day.

      • asdfghjkl

        Ugh. I adore you for not being swept away by people like those. I was forcing myself to feel the same way as they do (just as saying I love you to people you just met and being ‘polite’ by smiling at every single person you see.) because my family made me feel like I am an emotionless and crazy person who didn’t care about others. I’m not blaming them at all. It’s just that I think they’re lying to themselves sometimes. Now I’m probably getting closer to not letting other’s opinion bother me that much. I’m 15 years old right now.

        • Si Hāya

          People are lying to themselves all the time. This is what brings our end.

      • Loner

        OMG i feel you and btw im only 14 yrs old

    • bcb

      I am 18 and with a 52 yo…look into older women

    • bcb

      I also am mistaken for mid-20s on a consistent basis and simply get along with adults rather than young adults or adolescents.

    • Waxil Davidson

      These reactions from people around 20 years old, shows immaturity, NOT maturity. The fact that you’re amazed others are like you proves that. It’s time to join a group or something, but don’t feel elite, you’re just part of a smaller strain of human, none of us are special.

  • Josef / Mr X


    Okey, this feels strange to say, however I tried to find an answer for how you possibly could look “Inside peoples’ hearts” and this came up, so I clicked the link and felt like the description of being an “Old soul” which seems to fit me.

    I am currently 15, and is at the first year at high school (just started) so I still feel like I am a “Newborn” in some way…

    In any case, I have always been seen differently from others, as my sense of “logic”, does not apply…
    An example: people want to try and finish a math equation…
    And when it comes down to me, I always make the whole thing for me and my teachers so complex, that even I most of the time cannot understand how I thought at that one moment.

    I do not know if this helps getting a better picture of me, or others, but it seems like we “Old souls” share the personality type of being an INFJ.

    I do not want to link anything really, as viruses could appear inbetween the links.

    Either way, I have always seen myself as mature, and people describe me like one in different ways as well, so it isn’t something new, however as I started to finish ninth grade, I have started to feel, experience and … “Re-live” different types of… I think the word I am thinking of is either “Futures” or “Dimensions”.

    And this made my mind become free and more powerful, however as times goes on, it feels like I start to become one with the world, and different sorts of planets and galaxies starts to appear in my mind like never before!

    I guess that these “Appearances” has something to do with the spirituality, but that’s just a theory.

    And as I started to “Write” down my thoughts in the genre of poetic, everthing became so much smoother and… “Realistic” while still giving me the influence of being a “Dreamer” that hunts down his goals in life.

    Life is not easy, but being a crybaby will not help except becoming more and more like one and also, if being a crybaby all the time would solve problems, we would eventually try to become more like them.
    Also, if you see yourself like something, you will most of the time automatically see yourself like one, no matter what you seem to be at that moment.

    Life is pain, life is joy. Life is everything you will not find in the realm of Light, nor Dark, and the same goes for the Void.

    Oh, and I thought of this recently but I am unsure of what to write about it, “Emotions being more advanced methods of our everyday logic” because I thought of the idea that if you had an option where you could either choose in a world full with logic or a world of emotions,
    I want to take logic and rules, because most worldwide problems come from different cultures and the fierce battles between them.

    However, living in a world with rules and logic would make life sooo boring, and our goals… we fought for… wouldn’t be the same experience as we once had thought.

    Oopsie… I wrote a little to much I think,
    but I am a “Writer” after all, so it would not be to much of a surprise, right?

    Thanks for making a side of me come out from the shadows… it has been locked in for some time.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello Josef, thank you for writing :).

      Life, to me, is about living in balance. That means balancing the mind and heart, the logic and emotions, the instincts and deductions, the soul and body, dreams and reality, practicality and impracticality. The reason why so many of us suffer from sicknesses is because of these imbalances we create in life. Clinging to one side of life and not exploring the other breeds many types of neurosis and physical ailments.

      I’ve noticed that as well: many Old Souls seem to share the INFJ personality type, or at least the “IN” side of the spectrum!

      Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences here!


  • squirrels.L


    It feels really good to read these comments because I can relate to them and thought I could probably share my experiences too.

    I knew I wasn’t like my peers since I started nursery because I could recall the girls I used to spend my time with during lunch breaks. They would pick on a certain boy for the food he carried and despite being in their company, I felt a strong sense of sympathy towards this boy.

    For ten years of my life (I’m younger than 16), all I had been trying to do is fit in but I just never did. This all changed at the age of 10 when I said that I would be myself and the transition began with my music taste. I used to listen to modern pop hits but once the song was a month old it was regarded as “old”. In the summer of 2009, my parents began playing more of their music and I realized that I liked their music more than what I used to listen to.

    I spend most of my time alone, usually in my balcony during cool winter nights listening to slow, soothing music. I worry much more than I should so staying alone just calms me down and I relax. I also do struggle in school because I do excel in various areas (sports, Art and academically) but I feel much older than my peers. I usually can’t stand them; it’s like looking after young children since they indulge themselves in useless fights or invite me to hang out at malls though I would rather spend my evenings playing a good game of soccer.

    I also realized that I’m extremely empathetic and this is why I enjoy solitude. It’s quite overwhelming. I noticed this once in class as we were watching a video in English. I am hit by a wave of emotions and thoughts and feelings from students and then I knew that they weren’t mine.

    I tend to read people too and this is why I’m an introvert. Once when I was 5, I knew there was something wrong about my dad’s business partner and his family: they were too arrogant and self-centered. They betrayed my family in the end (their dad was a con man). This has happened many times before.

    Just a year ago, I used to do some sight-seeing in my free time and I would be hit by 1-2 second visions of places I’m certain I’ve never been to. This started when I transferred to a new school. It began to frighten me because I didn’t understand what was going on.

    Thanks for the post and for listening.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It’s a pleasure to read your comment Squirrels.L, so thank you for sharing here!

      I don’t often read comments from people below 16 years of age, so it was surprising, and refreshing, to read your comment, and I’m sure many of the other young Old Souls who visit this site will appreciate your thoughts and experiences as well.

      You may be experiencing precognitive abilities. If you still have these flashes of certain places, pay attention to whether they show up in the future. Precognitive abilities are usually linked to highly developed psychic/third eye abilities, and many Empaths and Old Souls for whatever reason experience these types of gifts frequently. You may find this article I just published of some interest or use to your life: http://lonerwolf.com/what-type-of-empath-are-you/

      Once again, thank you for reading and sharing here!


  • Em


    I have always felt different and I’ve always been a loner, but I’m quite happy being that way. I’ve always been very insightful and I’ve been curious as to weather I am in fact, an old soul or not.

    I’m not even 20 yet and I prefer to spend my time at home with myself doing craft and learning about anything and everything I possibly can.

    I’ve always been very carefree and observational. I can feel souls omitting energy when I’m around them, animal, human and spiritual. It’s not important what I see because I know that the cells that make up the physical world are mere transparent when you can quiet your mind and spiritually intwine. There is nothing quite like the feeling of full connectedness with another.

    I love to help others, make them laugh, or smile. I see the beauty and uniqueness of everyone. I find others fascinating, talking to them, being with them, finding out what makes them unique. I uplift others by being optimistic and passionate about being alive, being for filled, being fully self-expressed and honest. I have always spent most of my time with people 20-30 years older than me, and that doesn’t bother me. Age is a silly thing to be prejudice about.

    I still feel disconnected. I left school early because I found it too easy and I just wanted to pursue life. I want to create and share the lessons I have learnt.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Finding a carefree person in life is so difficult and so rare Em, so it’s brilliant to know that you are making positive ripples and contributing to life in your own way.
      Many thanks for reading and sharing here!


  • F

    Dear Luna,

    I can totally relate to this post, thank you so much! And, in general, thank you for the site, it’s comforting to find peer souls to share our solitudes.

    As a kid I had a lot of energy, as any kid, but I would spend it exploring nature, thoughts and uncovering the world’s principles. I would rather gather with my grandpa and his friends than with other kids. I found their stories and their experiences way more interesting than kids’s (I still prefer age groups other than my own, be it children or elderly).

    As a teenager I had really hard times. Sure I would go out, I knew a lot of people, I (almost) did what everybody else, but with a different perspective. It felt like playing my part, walking the walk and talking the talk, but nothing that would substantially add-up to my life. I felt very disconnected and, of course, that there was something missing inside me.

    From my twenties to my thirties, I spent my full time and energies trying to appease my conflicts, trying to understand myself, reading a lot of psychology, meditating (not the mainstream kind, I really had a great teacher here), and generally trying to find my place in the world.

    Now that I am over thirty, I am succesful, I have economic independence and live on my own, I am beginning to allow myself to be who I really am, at my pace, with my rules. I never felt the urge to travel the world, or to own anything in particular, or to belong to a particular group. I know everything I need to know, and if not, I know I can learn it. I observe the world, its transient-ness, human frey. It feels like I could die any given day, and there would be nothing that I would come to find still to be done. Certainly that feels like an old soul.

    I have gone through periods of depression in my life wishing for that “something” else that everybody has, the zest, the blind passion, the one-sided triviality, all of this powerfully backed-up by living in a heavily social mediterranean country. But as the path unfolds, I see there is nothing missing, the only true solution is complete acceptance.

    Thanks again for being there.


    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      A beautiful comment F, thank you. To connect with the rare few like-minded souls in life, is a great pleasure, and I’m happy that we have crossed paths and contributed in a small way to each others lives. Complete acceptance is a topic I have been thinking about and experimenting with lately. Those hippies weren’t wrong when they proclaimed “go with the flow man!” Because when you don’t accept whatever comes, you become like a rock in the stream, and life suddenly begins to become a lot more strenuous and burdensome.

      Once again, thank you for sharing here!


  • Psycheinlove

    I didn’t learn about old souls till recently when I heard someone being described as such. I was immediately drawn to the term. Now, finding this page, it’s kind of a relief to me, I’m not alone after all.

    I’ve always somehow felt different. I describe myself as somewhat boring compared to people my age because I wasn’t into the same things. I love being with my own company, I love thinking, I love questioning, I love philosophizing, I love having insightful conversations. I also have this detached outlook, like we’re not really of this world, hence there’s no point becoming emotionally attached to the worldly things. Hence, at times I feel like I’m being passive yet one of the things I yearn to achieve is mindfulness, and this therefore confuses me sometimes.

    I’ve always believed that because as human beings, we value different things, we tend to manifest different ideals and attitudes and pursue different goals, hence there is no single path to living this life and I respect that.

    Hence, to everyone, may we continue to tread this life with the kind of peace and certainty we’ve always had.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Happy to hear that you have discovered this article Psycheinlove!

      Boring is a terrible word to ascribe to yourself! Unique sounds much better, “Old Soul” even more so! Interesting how more dogmatic/emotionally involved people seem to have this tunnel vision view of life. These people often scream from the rooftops that there is only “one true path”, which I believe Old Souls generally disagree with. So it’s refreshing to come across the rare person who sees that all paths lead to the same destination.


  • TheSchubita


    I agree with most point, except the “materialistic” part. I like having and collecting lots of things, I don’t necessarily care if they’re expensive or a “status symbol. Rather, I like quirky stuff that stands out and noone else has, I just like having thing and collections I guess. Also, the “feeling old” part. I don’t feel old a lot, but rather, I feel like I have all the time in the world. Time, in the “grand scheme of things”, simply doesn’t matter that much. I don’t care if I have children at 30 or 40. I mean, I like being on time for appointments but for the “deadlines” of life I don’t care all that much.
    Also, while I like solitude for gaining energy back, I also like being around people and entertain them/make them laugh, and exploring things.

    Does that make an old soul nonetheless, or am I simply “mature”, yet not old?

    Thank you!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      You may be a Mature or Young Soul TheSchubita. Generally feeling ‘old’ inside is the main determining factor of an Old Soul, but then again, there are no set-in-stone rules. You may like to check out the Soul Ages article for more info: http://lonerwolf.com/soul-age/

      Thank you for reading! :)


  • P

    Hmm.. I agree with everything here, except for the materialistic part. I tend to be somewhat materialistic – I want the best, or rather, I don’t like limits. I want the latest version of the iPhone cause it’s faster than the older versions and ergo more useful. Quality matters in everything – and quality never just falls in your lap. However, I noticeably don’t always have the energy to go after what I want. I could, but I’m mostly like: “It’d be great if I had the new iPhone, but it’s just not worth it. I’ll make do with what I have.” Status and fame – couldn’t care less.
    Everything else, spot on.
    Thank you, nice post.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thanks P. Almost all of the signs here are very general, and are easily identifiable by almost anyone. However, what sets apart the Old Soul is a feeling of being old inside, like a old woman or man. I’d say that would be the most important, and revealing, sign of an Old Soul at heart.

      But I do agree, quality over quantity :) That’s why I lament that most things these days aren’t made to be repaired, or even to last more than 10 years – but to be thrown away and replaced easily. :-|

      Thank you for reading and sharing here!


  • andi

    1st stumbled across the 9 signs of an old soul on Facebook
    It felt like coming home, so I just Googled it to show my daughter, to see if she could recognise me, or maybe herself in the description.
    It doesn’t change how lonely and detached I feel, but thanx for showing me that someone gets me xxx

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      But hopefully the knowledge that many people share these feelings with you is something of a reprieve, and even relief, knowing you aren’t alone in your differences. My hope is that all people here can learn, eventually, to become enough unto themselves, in order to banish such common feelings of loneliness. I struggle with this sense of alienation and isolation as well, which is what drove me to create the Old Soul Facebook group (link above in article). Perhaps you can join us there and connect with like-minds?


  • http://Lonerwolf.com Chandler Lee St.Myers

    It’s just strange seeing a website take what I’ve always felt and share it to the world, I’m only 13, so this is a great explanation on why I’m so understanding when it comes to relationships, emotions, and love. I’ve always passed classes with no problem, as if I already learned everything, I just considered myself a young therapist haha, but an old soul seems to fit perfectly.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      That’s what I always thought (and others too, my parents quite often saying “stop psychoanalyzing!”) Old Soul does seem to be a much more appropriate fit. :)
      It’s good that you have discovered this article at such a “young” age, as it will help you through the tumultuous times of teenage years.

      All the very best,


  • Linda Kapusciarz

    Explains a number of things I did not understand about myself and life. Thank you,

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’m really happy to hear that Linda, thank you for taking the time to share!


  • ryan

    Yes.. I’m all of those things…. I’ve been called “grampa” or “dad” countless of times with my friends – especially when I was a teenager. I always thought, if the idea of old soul actually exists then I probably was one. Interesting post and website!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thanks Ryan! I was called a “Granny” when I was a teenager, so I can relate to your experience. If you haven’t already, please feel free to take a look at the Old Soul group on Facebook. Here you will find many like-minded souls: https://www.facebook.com/groups/imanoldsoul/


  • sampea

    I don’t particularly consider myself an old soul, but sometimes, I just feel like I’m in the wrong era. Like, today, it seems that all science cares about is to increase the technologies. Some even explore the prospect of finding a way to make us live forever. I don’t really think it’s worthwhile, because without death I feel that, eventually, we would no longer have fun living. I can’t say I’m whole-heartedly ”vieux-jeu”, as I have a problem with using Internet so much, but sometimes, I wish I could go back to when I was young, where we didn’t have a computer.

    To come back to my feeling of being in a wrong era, I just feel like everything has be done. And I sometimes feel like I don’t belong to my age group (young adult). Does anyone ever feels like this?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Social displacement, yes, I’ve certainly experienced that before Sampea! The other day I was sitting on a bus, and every single person I could see was absorbed on their phones texting, playing games or listening to music. While technology has made life more convenient and fast, it really has deprived society of some essential element it used to have. So I can see where you are coming from.

      As always, you are not alone in this feeling of alienation.


  • Dan

    8 out of 9 apply to me. There’s nothing I’d rather do than sit in silence and watch the sun set. Other than that I just like to walk in nature. It makes it difficult to find the desire to engage in pursuits which I find worldly. I suppose the point of life is to teach people what I know…that everything in this world will pass, and the only thing that matters is what is left after all of that is done.

    The end is coming.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      “The end is coming”, very few people think this way, and that is what I believe separates the Old in soul from the Young in soul. The Old are very aware of death, that it is very quick, spontaneous and is right around the corner. The Young don’t give much thought to it, or else avoid it, which is understandable, they don’t feel ready to go!

      Thank you for your thoughts and for sharing here!


      • http://Lonerwolf.com Chandler Lee St.Myers

        This is so very true, when I was very young I always thought differently, I was the youngest of my family and it would always come to mind “I’m going to be the last one to die in my family”

  • julia

    I”ve been called an Old and Evolved soul several times. Am 30 physical years old now….I know that this life and world is fleeting and rather surreal.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’ve never heard of the phrase “Evolved Soul” – something to look into!
      Thank you for reading Julia. :)


    • Jessica Hubbard

      This might strike you as ‘random’ ;) maybe it is. Just have a feeling about it.

      I’m 29. Never believed in God until age 28 when I had… what a call an extremely, incredibly – no words for it really – ‘spiritual awakening’.

      Whatever is out there hit me over the head. Hard.

      I had been agnostic. Started seeing what I now call signs. It’s like people were… channeling something. It made me literally insane. The point here is, one of my professors at the time ‘channeled’ something. I think. Part of the ‘insanity’ was actually believing I might be the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary (!) seriously.

      Anyway. I also seriously considered – feared – that I was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Not really shocking they locked me up for a bit. Ha? Numbers started meaning things in a way they hadn’t before. Apparently Jesus started his ministry – like, you could call it he ‘came awake’. At age 28. My age at the time. I started having intense fear of the number 33. Allegedly the year he died.

      I emailed this professor (quite random – he is brilliant, but not exactly the ‘warm and fuzzy’ type by a long shot). I told him what I was afraid of.

      Have you heard this song? I sent it to him.


      I’ll never forget what he said to me. He said:

      ‘Oh, I think we all have long lives ahead of us.’

      I think he was correct. I’m crying as I write this. Fear of death is – terrifying. It’s terrifying.

      It’s terrifying if you truly love life. I do now. Thank. God.

  • Olivia

    I am only thirteen, so I suppose I could be called an old soul, but I’m a bit too old for it.. Ironically. I don’t have any friends, my teachers talk to me like equals, and I write books. I am terrified of not knowing… Well, not knowing the things I should, is what I mean by that. Every item you put forth in your list agrees with me, so, I will go by an “Old Soul”. My mom and a few others think I’m too mature for my age, and have already nicknamed me that, so the transition shouldn’t be hard.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I understand what you mean Olivia. Many Old Souls are past the point of self-identification and identity building, as they are already pretty well established in who they are, so do not need further labels. However, for some, identifying as an Old Soul is a source of comfort and justification.

      Many thanks for sharing these experiences from your life here!


  • Jessica Hubbard

    I don’t know how to say this. Whether I’m an ‘old soul’ or not – my life has consistently been about hammering in humility. It’s get untethered, start to float, it’s ego… then pulling myself back. It’s tricky. Takes a lot of work and intuition to find just where the line is between ‘I honor myself’ (yes – important!!!) and ‘I am living through ego’ (not good. you’re hurting yourself mostly. but probably others too.)

    Ego is a trap. But here are the facts. My father called me an old soul from the time I was maybe four. We watched ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ together. It finished, I turned to him and said ‘Dad, they were just jealous.’ To me it seemed obvious and still does. But apparently it’s not the sort of thing all four year olds say.

    I’ve always lived on… I guess you could call it a fence. There were (are) equal parts this-is-what-is-I-must-work-with-it … but also this-is-what-could-be-make-it-happen. I was pulled to the latter. It’s like I knew full well from early on, around age four, I was different. Very different. But I wouldn’t let myself know it fully. That would interfere with engaging in the first part. Guess you’d call it the material world.

    My attitude is – we LIVE here. How can we not try? How can we give up on it? If you feel these things the only way to make sense of it is to believe we are here for a reason. That we CHOSE it. I believe I chose it. I know that sometimes I regret it. And then I come back to myself. Who I am is a person who chooses to love life, and others. No matter what.

    So I catered a bit. Adjusted. Had just one meaningful friend throughout middle school, then high school, who I spent a lot of time with. There were casual friendships with any number of people from different walks of life. But if you just do that – just stay eclectic in your social life – you’ll lose credibility. People will think it’s weird. There’s a productive way to be perceived as weird, and a far less productive one. And many other ways that fall somewhere on that spectrum.

    I buried myself in relationships. Partly because one person was manageable, regardless of whether the relationship was ‘healthy’ or ‘good for me’. I felt I was doing some good and serving some purpose just being in their lives – and it’s another effective way to cloak ‘weirdness’. People think ‘Oh, she’s with her boyfriend all the time. It’s not that she’s asocial, antisocial. She’s just hung up on the guy.’

    I learned tricks. I learned to become a chameleon. That’s probably why it took me 28 years to have an incredibly intense – what I call ‘spiritual awakening’ – and (re)discover who I am. It… didn’t feel safe to be who I am before that. I wouldn’t have been as effective. Timing is everything. I think timing is God.

    Things started flowing. Things started clicking. It was terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. Pain stopped being pain because it stopped being that deadweight cloudy confusion. It’s very much pain – but it’s REAL. It’s worth it. You feel it teaching you. You feel it opening you up. You are 100% confident at (almost) every second going through it THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS and I will know it someday soon, and be incredibly grateful.

    And there is joy. There is joy and peace and love the likes of which cannot be captured in words. I love words. Language is my gift and calling. But words just don’t suffice here. That might be part of the point. If I had to sum it up, I’d say: Roses.

    I think I suppressed me til I was ready. It was awful. Now that’s the pain I never want to and never will live again. It’s walking dead. Clouds. Dreams, but they’re nightmares. Fog. You don’t know what’s real, and you’re too tired somehow to figure it out.

    But I think it was strategic. I think it was bizarrely – it was bizarrely a conscious choice I made, around age four, to become unconscious. To live that way until it was the right time to wake up.

    Waking up could not have been more terrifying, or more beautiful. Again, there aren’t words. What I will say is from what little I’ve read about this ‘old soul’ concept – I do not buy the stuff about ‘simply be’. I buy it up to a point. You have to feel at peace and centered, you have to know true joy within yourself, the kind that mostly can’t be shaken or taken away, in order to give it to others. But to the extent we are here to help or improve others’ lives, and not just our own (and I 100% FULLY believe that is what we are here for – otherwise why hang around? makes no sense) –

    You can’t give up.

    You can’t detach.

    You can’t get cynical.

    You can’t decide you’re not human, and try or start to act that way.

    While we’re on earth we are human. It is a blessing and a gift. It hurts horribly sometimes. Just awfully. Excruciating. But embracing that bit is called BEING ALIVE. Why are we here except to be alive? For me – being alive means connecting with others. It means sharing, loving, growing, learning, trusting, feeling… and feeling the entire spectrum of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, joy and pain.

    It takes courage and strength. Willpower. There were several nights last year when – well, I died. One night in particular. An L.A. hotel bed. Angeleno. I writhed and sobbed and begged and kicked and even screamed a little. That’s not like me.

    My ego was dying. That’s how you come alive. I happen to think anyone can do it, regardless of where you might ‘classify’ them in ‘soul evolution’, whatever terms you’d want to use.

    What I have always tapped into, felt, and known deep down is the extent of the power of the human mind. We are… again, no words. Self-fulfilling prophecy is the closest I can come to this thing. Each of us – every single one – has vast, truly unspeakable untapped potential. There are 100 billion neurons in each and every human brain. I happen to think it’s a matter of which ones are firing, and where. It’s what makes us different from one another. It’s also what unites. Some people encourage more neurons to fire, and in more places.

    Those that don’t – those that don’t we can inspire to do it.

    I think that’s what we’re here to do.

    • Jessica Hubbard

      And I don’t know if anyone knows what ‘claircognizance’ is – but maybe look it up. It’s one of the things that started happening last year and I still find myself feeling in the twilight zone when it happens, even though it happens all the time. Like I almost can’t believe it. It’s kind of like intuition on steroids. Also this ’empath’ thing. It’s beyond extreme with me. I can feel vibes from about a mile away (hundreds of thousands of miles via internet chats). Learning to manage that’s been tough. It’s like this ‘magic’ that’s so incredibly real and wonderful and points you in the right direction in the material world so much of the time… it’s also potentially dangerous. It’s kind of ‘not of this world’. Not at this point in time, anyway. So you can’t just chase it, give in, and disconnect from this one. Part of that is (I believe) it’s not right. But part of it is – face facts. We’re here. Work with what’s in front of you, use that ‘magic’ to make it better, to inspire people… but don’t decide whatever that is out there is all that exists. It’s silly, and can be dangerous. I think that’s what happens to many, many people who end up institutionalized in mental hospitals.

      • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

        I like your practical approach Jessica. It is tempting to escape from life, to avoid what is happening here and now, but at the end of the day we are still human beings (although some of us seriously question it).

        I do believe that it is possible for any person from any walk of life, or soul age, to have an awakening. Only 5 years ago I believed in a God and Devil, a heaven and hell, and that people would burn there for eternity. Only 5 years ago did I believe that the Bible was the only truth, and that ‘outsiders’ and ‘non-believers’ should be approached with caution. I was very much primitive and limited in my way of approaching the world (some would consider this to be the characteristics of Baby Souls). However, after a series of events (very serendipitous, even synchronous), I slowly began to wake up. Life shook me and slapped me in the face. The beauty is, I believe this can happen to anyone.

        I like your perception of mental illness: the inability (or refusal) to look beyond the physical, material world. It’s a sort of neuroticism, a hidden ailment of the mind. I think I will look into this further!

        Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences here, they are greatly valued.


        • Jessica Hubbard
          • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

            Thanks for the share Jessica :) This topic particularly interests me as I have come in contact with a lot of extreme mental illness recently. The difference of cultural perceptions towards these kinds of people is astounding and intriguing. I also recall seeing a documentary on such a topic (which I haven’t yet watched!)

  • teresa

    I so enjoy pouring over these wonderful descriptions of myself…I identify 99%!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      That is excellent to hear! Thank you Teresa :).


  • Zac

    After reading this article and many of the comments, I feel reassured that there are people out there who I can identify with and who understand me. I have had people telling me I’m an old soul since I was very young (according to my mum, the nurses commented on me being an old soul as a baby in the hospital). Being seventeen, it can be quite alienating to have this complicated thought process which the article defined accurately as ‘seeing the bigger picture.’ I see the world from the perspective of a detached observer, where everything everyone does is futile and insignificant- although I have accepted this reality and learnt to live in the moment and make the best of what I have, and so by no means am I depressed. My friends all go out and search for cheap hookups and meaningless sex all the time, and nobody can accept or understand that what I want is something more authentic than that. It’s great to see that there are people out there who see the world and society from the same perspective as I do.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It is alienating Zac, especially at your age, but it is encouraging to hear that you have made the best of your situation in life. I really respect that, as it is indeed a wise decision. It can be tempting to fall into self-pity, but that path leads nowhere.

      Please feel free to join the Old Soul Facebook group we have created (if you haven’t already!) You might be able to connect to someone local there!


  • Sean

    I just read ur article and it strangely identifies my personality now and when I was a teenager I always felt out of place socially, even now as a young adult I dont socially hangout with people my age, but I strangely feel more comfortable around people that are twice my age and older, thanks for the article, I know Im not the only one now

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      It’s wonderful to hear that you don’t feel so alone anymore Sean. I’m glad my article could help you with this aspect of your life. :)


  • nelson

    I have had quite a lot of people tell me that I am an old soul since I was young I have took interest in more the history of origins of species of animals amongst a lot of other things I was called wierd for or bullied for at school I always befriended teachers and isolated myself from classes, I am always the first to put my hand out go even the worst of people and give them advice even if I haven’t met the person but know of them an example is “through the roughest tides keep your chin above the water and swim strong eventually every current will turn calm or you will find calm seas, I have felt a presence since I was younger in every place I have lived I have had wierd expiriences with paranornal and all sorts I have lived all over this country and since I was 16 I have lived in hostels, friends sofas etc all over ghe country I can be sentimental with certain objects from people in the past but I’m not materialistic and money is of no value to me I go for walks for hours at a time with music in my ears water and food I have found myself walking with a bottle of water over 14 miles then when I reached the point I started from I looked over the distance I traveled and thought this to myself ” life is like the bottle of water you have in your hand if you drink it all at once you will have nothing left, dehydrate and not feel too well by the end of your journey but if you ration out your sips make them small and value what little you have then you will reach the end and be fine maybe even with some to spare ” when I talk to anyone about things like this I’m never understood. I think I am an extremely old soul in 26 now and what I have gone through in this lifetime alone if it was the first time I went through so many catastrophic events I believe that there is no way I would of looked let alone found any hope to keep pushing through . If there is anyone on the same level reading this I would really like to hear from you . Thankyou guys – nelson

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello Nelson. Thank you for reading and sharing your experiences here.

      “Through the roughest tides keep your chin above the water and swim strong eventually every current will turn calm or you will find calm seas” – I love this observation. :) Believe me, many people have come here feeling as though they can’t relate to anyone, and have discovered, to their delight, that they finally can. Please take a look at the Old Soul group that Sol and I created at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/imanoldsoul/ Many like-minded people who identify as Old Souls gather here regularly to talk about their thoughts and share their experiences and advice. I think you would be a wonderful addition to this community!

      I’m really happy to hear that this article could impact your life so positively.
      The very best to you,


    • http://OldSouls kendall

      Very interesting. I too love solitude. I have had the unique experience of having embalmed my
      own mother. Full autopsy. I was pretty much shit-faced when doing it. The experience is now
      8 years past and I’m still assessing the impact of that endevore on my soul. I know that I am an
      old soul. Being an old soul is not a free ride. It might be the hardest ride of all of them. We can
      only hope that there is something wonderful after we transcend this material experience. I know that there is more than this. Hopefully I’m not blowing smoke up my own ass. I have seen
      things and have my own truths that speak to my heart. When this body takes it’s last breath, if
      that is all that there is, then so be it. I can say that I’ve lived life to its fullest and experienced
      the highs and the lows. I trust in a higher power.
      M. Kendall Hauton

  • morbius

    I AM am an ‘old soul’. I have seen flashes of past-lives, usually not dissimilar to short films/videos, except that, all too frequently, I experience other sensory input, as well… such as feeling the warmth of the sun, and the smells carried in the air (for example).
    I am seeking a connection with other like-minded people… but specifically, geographically near me (37862)… almost as if something/one is, or has, programmed it… or… like I’m magnetically being drawn.
    Additionally, I seem to sense that my crossover-point for/of this life is near, yet I’m… perhaps, not so strangely, almost looking forward to it… like, I’m ready to go back home to the omniverse.
    Thoughts like that, make me feel like a dumptruck… ready to dump its’ load, take a rest, then go fill up again.
    ~So much for sobriety~

    PS~ I would ‘like’ you… but I don’t do the ‘what’s hip this week’ trendy sh!t, like facebook. (Remember ‘My Space???) (Bah!)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello there Morbius.

      What an interesting comment – I’m especially intrigued by your mention of having past-life flashes, and sensory input experiences. I too experience sensory input experience, with smells, temperature changes, wind, rain and so forth. It’s difficult to experience, but certain places, times and environments take me back to something before I was here in this age.

      If you have Facebook.com, feel free to like us there: https://www.facebook.com/LonerWolf :)

      I wonder if you also have unusual dreams? Many people who identify as Old Souls seem to experience somewhat revelatory unconscious experiences at night.


  • Charlie-may

    I’m 16 and i am inevitably an old soul… Its very difficult to find someone i can relate too especially in this day and age and i often get random dreams that are definitely not from now but also are more like memory’s than dreams. Strange but true as much as it is nice to be an old soul it is also very isolating and that is sad.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      As a teenage, Old Souls feel especially prone to depression and feelings of isolation. However, there is hope Charlie-May. As you can see, there are many people out there who share your feelings. Getting involved in groups, such as the ones on Meetup.com for your local area, will help you to meet other like-minded people.


  • Estelle

    I have been told that I’m a very mature, adult person for my age all my life, and have always thought I was an old soul. Reading this article, all my own thoughts were put into words perfectly. Thank you for your extremely interesting and inspiring website! :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Many thanks for your kind comment Estelle. I’m delighted that this article could have such a strong impact on you. :)


  • Thomas

    Have recently been called an old soul and your description hit the nail on the head.

  • Thabo

    Wow now I know why I find being around my aged isn’t ” fun” as they say it…I’ve always thought I’m disturbed by feelings but now I know why I’m hoe I am and why I’m seeing things in a different way than others

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you Thabo – you are in very good company!


  • Timothee

    wow glad i came here, i always thought something was wrong with me. Reading your article it all makes sense. I’ve always felt detached from people unless its someone that i can relate to. I am very disappointed in people these days. Funny thing is i am an established music producer, i am a creator and in my business i have to deal with people all the time. I love my job by the way. At times i feel lonley, sometimes withdrawn, strange, i over think, i look at life from the outside in. It almost feels like your in a small room banging on all 4 walls but no one is listening. Great article by the way, thnks.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’m happy this article and this small community here could show you that you aren’t at all alone. Thank you for reading. :)


  • Amy

    I’m so tired. I’m not sad or depressed at all. I just feel exhausted with this life. Negative people and high strung people drain me. I have become more introverted and it bothers others. They think I’m not “enjoying life”. I just enjoy, and would rather be by myself, with my thoughts. I struggle with addictions, but I am functional. Therapists tell me they can’t help me because ” I think I know more than them and have it all figured out.” I used to work for a therapist and he came to me with his problems, and many he did have, lol. I’m wondering how much longer this life, dimension or existence has to go on. Humanity seems like an experiment that has gotten out of hand or that we were put here for God’s amusement. Our creator definitely has a sense of humor. My children are old souls. They do not make friends easily, but it doesn’t seem to bother them. Others think they are weird. I’ve learned how to put a mask on. Like when my husband insist on me attending a family gathering, I have to put on my mask and fake my way through the whole ordeal. It is exhausting. I see straight through the superficial self of others. I used to find it fascinating, but have grown weary of it. It’s like I don’t have time for it anymore. It upsets my husband. I have an enormous capacity to love others and genuinely care for people. But I feel like time has ran out an it is a waste of my time and energy. This place doesn’t feel like home and I’ve always felt very close to God. As a little girl, God was my invisible best friend. Does anyone know if this is normal or maybe I am depressed an don’t know it? Thanks for your time

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello Amy.

      Sounds as though you are wary of the life you are living, and are forgetting the innate magic that is present in all existence. When sensitive/spiritually natured people are disconnected from the rawness of life through tiresome routines, nauseating social duties, and constant demands, life can seem like a bore, a joke, a burden. I have experienced this myself many times, but always found that changing my habits, changing location, or making an effort to connect more with the earth, remedied my feelings.

      As a mother with many demands, duties and expectations, you are understandably tired and fed up. You must take some time out to dedicate to you, to discover what you really want. Happiness requires some level of selfishness, however, the happier you are, the more you benefit other people.

      I hope this makes some sense. Thank you for reading and sharing here.


    • steven


      • steven

        Your not alone…. Don’t lose hope. I feel same way usually . We will help the world more than you know !

    • J K Michelson

      Amy, I dare say, we could be soul mates. I don’t think you’re depressed but I can hear the weariness in your voice as I read your paragraph. I am weary too. I too think the human race is kind of a joke. God has been and is still my best friend. I have never fit anywhere at any time. I could go on and on….

  • oldie

    Wow describes me to a t,great read

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Appreciate that Oldie – thank you for reading!


  • https://www.facebook.com/Bestemming?ref_type=bookmark Yvie

    As a child being I for sure was lonely and feeling old…..I was either spending time alone or with older people… thing is; I knew what was ‘wrong’ with me… I knew it, but I just could not make myself clear….. ((and did not want to do so growing up))… Now……56 years of human age…. I am so much younger then those days…. and yess…. I surround myself mostly with younger people that love my ‘stories’……. still need my time alone but HAPPY with who I am…. HAPPY also to be able to pass ‘it’ on…… _/\_ Yviexx

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Thank you Yvie :)


  • Gabriel

    Scott is very on point, well at least in my opinion.

    I feel as if you have a great” knowingness” and an exceptional awareness you are able to relate to an Old Soul.

    With that said, i feel connected to being an Old Soul but also with being a New Soul. I am very wise, always thinking always alert and observing.

    I feel as if you LOVE LIFE i mean you say randomly here and there just for the joy of saying LOVE that you LOVE LIFE and at the point your in life at, either up or down, you are a new soul. But also couldnt you be an Old Soul… Knowing that your heartbreaks and pains are just quick and rare and to be happier and free later on in life, you must go through “EARTHS obstacles”

    Scott, i hope you read this. I want to maybe discuss a few points with you. I feel as if we have a similar thought process and could be beneficial in the long run. Maybe be the next Great Minds Think Alike phenomenons.

    Anyways, thank you all for your time. The pleasure was mine.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hi Gabriel,

      It is possible for an Old Soul to have a bright, youth-like perception towards life, but with the care and weathered-caution of an Old Soul. The above signs are very broad, so almost anyone can identify with them if they really want to. As I have said below, I believe the main defining characteristic of an Old Soul is an inner feeling of having lived hundreds of years before, or even lifetimes.

      Thank you for getting in touch,


  • Jessica

    This described me perfectly. Thank you so much.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Glad you can relate Jessica – and thank you for reading. :)


  • Scott

    Just a thought, I consider a primary characteristics of old souls is being someone who tends to have an exceptional awareness, a sort of secure presence of ‘knowingness'(not that they ‘know it all’), and, being well adjusted socially and having a pretty decent social life, – that being a good part of exceptional awareness,… hence, not typically a loner.

    Btw, speaking about myself, I feel I fit the first 8 points, but I don’t feel old and certainly don’t feel like an old soul. I feel I have more of a young, innocent soul, who had to do some learning, especially since 2001, socially particularly. Unobvious genetics of the mind, which give us the personalities we have along with the social environment of our development, are other major factors.

    I tend to the think the ‘old soul’ deal is about genetics and social environment, together.
    Typically, more-so ’emotionally challenging, and related life of hardship situations’, along with good innate intelligence, makes for the ‘old soul’ spectrum, for people who didn’t develop from an ‘old soul’ immediate family or have close ‘old soul’ mentors.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hi Scott,

      Perhaps. From what I understand Old Souls generally tend to have a strong inner centre, which attracts many people who seek stability.

      Why exactly people feel so old inside is a mystery. It could be to do with genetics as you say, it could be to do with nature and nurture, it could be to do with genetic memory or with reincarnation. There is no exact way of knowing. I find it particularly interesting that many Old Souls experience unusual aptitudes such as precognition, highly developed levels of intuition, empathic abilities, as well as past-life recall. Life is a mysterious affair, so we may well never know.

      I appreciate your thoughts!


    • Bonnie

      I, too, have been thinking about the “old soul- new soul” dichotomy. I can’t tell whether I’m an old, tired ghost or a would-be indigo child. So many people that I have known and felt to be “old souls” were wise, calm, loving, balanced. But I suspect that some of them only came to that point through working on themselves, as we say.

      I also know many young people who are simply There, not apologetic about anything at all (even when they make what one might call a social ‘faux pas’ they take it in stride.) Are they old souls? Are they the new humans?

      And what are we, the 50-somethings that have felt since birth that being alive is akin to treading water? I find Geoffrey Hoppe’s concept of “Shaumbra” to be particularly pertinent and even important for those of us who can’t find another community or definition that resonates.

      We have so much to give, and yet we feel so handicapped by our sense of “not being from here”.

      Still looking for a way to heal that in myself, so that I can share what I find with other seekers.

  • Connor Sage

    I have known from a very young age, I am an old soul, an empath and am also very spiritual, I have been from the age of 11 but I have never been able to fit in. I am fascinated with my ancestors, how they lived and worked. I am forever in museums and art galleries, I love the outdoors, I appreciate nature and am not materialistic at all. Thank you for this wonderful article.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’m happy to hear that you can relate Connor. Thank you for sharing here :)


  • Georgio

    Being an anti social loner who is friend with teachers instead of playing with kids in the playground doesn’t necessarily makes one an old soul. This article is written from a subjective point of view describing obvious situations that many kids experience, which challenges them in their childhood. Its overcoming and understanding those challenges from the past that makes one stronger and more spiritual and this isn’t always the case… many kids suffer all their life from the childhood situations and might not develop as thoughtful and introspective as this article suggest… can a person who had a good childhood filled with love and joy with his fellow friends and family develop spiritual tendencies and have wider view of life as well as respect/compation towards others? or that wouldn’t fit in the old soul criteria?

    who makes all these rules? it seems that the author uses this article to justify his life and reshape it into a so called old soul by making himself and all the other “old souls” sound so much better than everyone else…. Sorry but all this sounds like the wrong type of self awareness for me that in fact isolates those “old souls” from their brothers and sisters who are around them, HERE and NOW, IN PRESENT…
    “People just don’t cut it for them.” hmmm how spiritual… try to apply this sentence to Buddha or Jesus or any other spiritual master and you’ll see how pathetic it sounds. Its okay if one feels different and doesn’t share things with his peers…. but don’t make all that sound like its a unique phenomena. Because its not in most cases… Its quite a common thing. it is what it is in the end.

    I don’t deny the fact that old souls exist. I admit I relate to many of the above points but things are not so black and white in life. We are all unique creatures traveling through the labyrinth of life, learning things on the fly, both spiritually and intellectually. All the great spiritual masters had to go through almost the same things as each one of us does. And one thing each of the masters would teach you is that the dignified life traveler would never call himself an old soul. inherent YOU is beyond description and identification with another label…the spiritual one in this case.

    I THINK appropriate and important points have been mentioned in this article but for me it is only half successful as it has a feeling of a spiritual coffee shop that serves fast answers for the people that are looking for the answers in the external matters and spiritual labels instead of looking within themselves.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hi Georgio,

      I appreciate your perspectives. Identifying as anything, or with anything, in life is a subjective process, and I make no claims that this article is objective or factual, but is simply from an inner feeling of being old that can’t be quantified or measured. Many of these signs are very broad, and I realize that many people can identify with them if they want.

      You made a comment: ” And one thing each of the masters would teach you is that the dignified life traveler would never call himself an old soul. inherent YOU is beyond description and identification with another label…the spiritual one in this case. ”
      Many spiritual teachers say something along these lines: in order to lose “yourself”, you must first find “yourself”. Although this article may sound like a spiritual coffee shop article to you, its basic purpose is to help people find themselves, to understand themselves and to develop self-acceptance. How can you lose your ego without having one first? That is an underlying purpose behind many of the articles on this website.


      • Bonnie

        And the article is a good discussion starter, which is precious and appreciated!

  • Karen

    My son just turned 12, and I believe he is an old soul. From early on I noticed his introverted tendencies. He has always been very spiritual and very laid back, never “into” all the things kids his age are doing. He’s never been materialistic, never asking for anything, always gladly excepting whatever is offered or given to him. He is fascinated by history and loves old things…. Trucks, tractors, farming and preserving all things God made. He is so different from his two younger sisters and extremely protective of them!! He truly amazes me!!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Karen, Old Soul children are beautiful gifts, and you are so lucky to have given birth to one! Perhaps one day he will find out himself that he is an Old Soul (this will assist him in accepting himself and finding more peace, knowing that there is a reason why he feels so different from others).

      Thank you for commenting here!


  • Kyle

    Finally an article that speaks to me…..from the unusual introverted child to the introspective truth seeker. This type of article truly improves the younger generation idiosyncrasies by not allowing them to feel awkward and different.It took me until my 40’s to j destined that introverted people are unique and should be admired instead of being looked at as aloof or odd .

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’m happy to hear that this article spoke to you Kyle. Strangely, we all think we are alone in our oddities, but we never are. I’m glad this article can show this!


  • Judith Ross

    I am an old soul.I have known from a very young age.I enjoyed your post and can say each is correct for me.I have often said I felt hundreds of years old.I find I know things I do not know how I learned them.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      I’m happy to hear that you can relate Judith. :) Thank you for reading,


  • Donna

    hello, I’ve enjoyed reading this information. I don’t know if I’m an old soul, no one has ever told me that I am, but I certainly recognize it in others. I have two daughters and two sons that i would call old souls out of 7. I do believe I have lived more than once as I am very drawn to certain time periods and cultures and carry a fascination for these as well. I experience a lot of deja vu as well. My daughter has a friend who distinctly remembers being in a war. the old souls I know are not all loners but they all exhibit wisdom and words far beyond their ages.I wish I could find out what I have been in the past I think it would help me in the present. Any ideas? I feel that I may have lived in pioneer times I also feel that I may have lived in Europe over 150 years ago.as for me, I feel a duty to live for something beyond the pleasure of this earth. Heaven is on my mind on a daily basis and the thought of life beyond this earth gives me tremendous strength. I feel a burden to help people live beyond this materialistic plane.I feel weak, but I’ve had more than one person tell me that I am the strongest person they know. I seem to know things about people intuitively. It is not hard for me to meet somebody and know many things about their life without them telling me. What would you call this? I have a friend who feels people’s emotional pain what would you call that? thanks in advance for any feedback.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello Donna,

      Something called past life regression (a type of hypnosis) could help you connect with past lives. Also, a person who is very intuitive and can feel the emotional pain of others (and adopt it as their own) is called an Empath. You may like to check out the test here: http://lonerwolf.com/empath-test/ Judging by the brief description of yourself, as well as what you choose to write about, I would say that you may be a Mature Soul: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/

      I hope this all helps. :)

      All the very best,


  • http://crome Mary D. Plunkett

    You have answered the reason why I feel that I don’t fit anywhere in this life. I’m a seeker of my own truth and a loner. I feel that I’m on the outside looking in at all the people around me, even my children. Very little interests me and I am tired of material stuff. I would like to travel because I am restless deep down inside. I spend most all of my time alone. I look after family when needed and then prefer to be to myself. I am deeply lonely at times yet people that I know are boring. I am happy to know that I am an old soul and not just strange.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Mary, I’m happy that this article can better help you understand, and accept yourself for who you are. Thank you for sharing your experiences here,


  • Vusumuzi Tshabangu

    Wow ,since i was a kid ,i’ve been looking for answers as to wat am i really, been in relationships then they turned out boring all my friends turned out boring , but the problem is i was good looking n some guys thought i was cool coz i hardly said anything but replied them so direct that everyone wanted to be friends wit me ,then i went on a campaign to destroy my reputation to get everyone off my case coz i always felt i ha bigger things in min than petty conversations.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      A campaign to destroy your reputation? Wow. But I relate to your frustration regarding feeling bored by conversations, and the company of certain kinds of people.
      Have you tried taking the Mature Soul test at all? http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/ This may help you broaden your perspective.


  • Jeff

    So, I relate to almost everyone of those signs but I feel real young. I feel like I’m spiritually grown inside (older) but outside everyone always thinks I’m around 29 and I’m 40 lol. I was just wanting your opinion on that. .. Thanks!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello Jeff,

      These signs are very broad, so many people, regardless of what Soul Age, can identify with them in some way. However, the main defining element of the Old Soul is the feeling of being very old inside, as though one has lived many lifetimes on this earthly plane. You might be a Young Soul, so you could try taking this test to see your score: http://lonerwolf.com/young-soul-test/ You may also like to take the Mature Soul Test: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/

      Thank you for having a read :)


  • Shoshana

    Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d likee to follow you if that would be ok.

    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi Shoshana :)

      Yes, we use twitter, and our address is: https://twitter.com/LonerW0lf

      Thank you for showing your interest,


  • Raphael Audibert

    I fit on almost all of them (except the socially maladaptive kid, even if i was not like others, the “maladaptive” is far from the proper word). I went in insomniac depression at the age of 14 (I’m now 16) And founded faith through music; which bought me to spirituality.

    But I wonder if those “signs” are not something that could fit to almost every pretender ? As they approach the “old soul fact” by the external aspect of it. (Being lonely ect) So I’m just wondering if 70% of the “normal kids” wouldn’t see them selves into this description ?

    I’m hoping for an answer. Peace, Love and harmony to you brothers.

    Namaste, Rapha.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello Raphael, I appreciate your comment.

      The 9 signs listed above are indeed very broad, but the feeling of being ‘old’ inside is very specific (and accompanied by these signs). So it is possible that many people who identify as Old Souls aren’t Old Souls, but rather like to identify with the “wise” figure image in order to boost self-esteem, self-image and so forth. Certainly, many people who have identified as Old Souls don’t sound like it (superficially from reading the contents of their messages), but then I can’t really know.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


  • Djedida Hector

    I realized that I was an introvert when I was about 14 or 15. It did not come to me sooner because I was raised in an environment where people did not understand that kind of personality (The Caribbean). As a result, I always felt like I was weird and that I did not fit into this world. That was one of the causes of me being moderately depressed form having a low self-esteem from the age of 9-13. Another reason why I was depressed was because I was separated from my parents (the only people that did not think that I was weird) when I was 9, that was when I move into the States. During my depressed years, I went through every emotion that I had alone, not expressing them to no one. It was and still is how I deal with my problems, I like to solve my problems from within. What got me through that phase; it is that I always told myself things are going to get better if you do well. Looking back, I laugh, because I realize that basically raised myself. I did not have a role model or anyone to look up to form junior high school; most of my wisdom came from within me. Most people who knew me told me that I was wise for my age.

    The road to self-understanding began when I was no longer depressed. First I understood that was an introvert, then later on I felt like it is much deeper than that. I did not realize I was an old soul a couple of months ago. It all started with this FEELING that I have experienced life before and I felt OLD all the time. It’s like I am tired of life and I am detached to everything. I am now 19 years old and I can’t wait when I retire. I also think about the meaning of life all the time. I took the soul age test, turns I am an old soul. I am enlightened about all this and I want to know more.

    At this point of my life I feel ok (not extremely happy, nor sad), I think that there is still lot for me to learn about myself and the world, I am still trying to figure out what is the purpose of my life and what is there for me hereafter. I would like to let you know that this is my first time sharing this with anyone, and that it is heartfelt. This is how much I appreciate your articles on this topic.

    Sorry for the spelling and grammar, English is my second language.

    • Visvam

      Hi Djedida,

      I was struck by your statement that this was your first time sharing these feelings and thoughts.
      I see it as something sacred and courageous.
      Have look (and a listen) to wwwkryon.com. I found them extremely useful in my search.

      Peace and greetings.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Djedida, thank you very much for opening yourself up and sharing your thoughts, struggles and triumphs here. I really appreciate that, and I am overjoyed that this article could further help to enlighten your road of self-understanding.

      You commented that you “basically raised yourself”, and this sounds very similar to the experiences of my fellow writer Mateo Sol, who pretty much did the same. I wonder whether many Old Souls have experienced this? An interesting thought.

      Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and experiences here!


      • Teresa

        I identify as an old soul, and I too raised myself. I did not grow up with any type of spirituality, but I found what resonated with me in my twenties. I started reading Psychology Today at 15 yrs, and found a counselor on my own at 16 yrs old (pro bono) who helped deal with my dysfunctional family of origin.

        Thank you for this article.

  • Alexander w keaton

    By the time I was 12, to me, the world was full of shit. I never followed suit. I walk my own path, though be it long , I walk it steady. I have been many place’s , done many things. I can see behind the shadows and lies of our culture. But enough with the philosophical B.S. . That is weird,I have felt like I could read between the lines since I was 12. I left home at 16 and started going to trade school and became an electrician. I am now 40 and in school and working on my Engineering degree. And now matter what, I can not bend to authority. I watch the people around me change , and always for the worse. They destroy , they care not for humanity but there own self gain. I sigh for the world. I hope they change their ways before the planet takes them back.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/luna/ Aletheia Luna

      Hello Alexander. Sounds as though you are quite anti-authoritarian, and cynical towards the world – all traits of a ‘T’ according to MBTI. I learnt a long time ago that you can’t change the people around you unless they are willing to change themselves. But perhaps that is how life is supposed to pan out for some people? All we can do is learn to flow with what life throws at us, regardless of what it is.

      Thanks for reading.


  • Anubis

    Hello old friends

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Anubis :)

  • Rob

    I’ve long suspected that I was an “old soul”. I meet all 9 perfectly. Even when I was in my early 20’s my “friends” would see me as “old” – even nicknaming me “grandpa” (at 23!).

    (btw LonerWolf – I have always viewed myself as a loner AND the wolf is my totem)

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Haha, I can relate Rob – my parents and siblings used to call me “granny” in my teenage years.

      Thank you for sharing here, and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!


  • Damien

    After looking at a few of the blog posts on your site, I seriously appreciate your technique of writing a blog.
    I bookmarked it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back in the near future.

    Take a look at my website too and let me know your opinion.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you Damien, Sol and I both appreciate that. :)


  • Kierra

    I have lived but seventeen years, but I am so much older and wiser compared to my peers, and even some of my superiors. Often times, I become very frustrated with nearly everyone’s inability to comprehend, digest, and accept my tranquility and knowledge. I become weary, almost, with the trivias of today’s society. Although I am readily capable of adapting to almost every person’s level of intelligence and so on (I empathize so well it’s frightening at times), it seems that I can never find anyone to REALLY stimulate my senses. When I think I have at last found someone who can partake in a riveting conversation, he or she falls short, and I must lower myself again, to his or her level. I feel that I will never be truly happy in life. However, fo keep myself sane, I ignore my desperate desires to delve into my introspection, and attempt to live on the surface, as does everyone around me. Just as a previous commenter stated – as humans, we crave socialization. I do not believe it is wise or even safe to detach oneself from society completely, although that could quite possibly be the key to reaching the ultimate pinnacle of oneself. And so, I blend myself into the cage of this society. Sometimes it makes me feel a lot less conscious, as if my perception of the world, which was once vivid and lucid (but only in the depths of despair) has been clouded. It almost feels like I’m trapped and this Earth is my cage. I have such a strong yearning to cascade into the spiritual world, where I feel I belong, that it is painful. And yes, I must admit, this all does drag me down sometimes.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      I empathize, Kierra, with your suffering. I hope that his article has shown you, however, that you aren’t actually alone, and this should provide some level of solace to know that your strife is shared by other people around the world – even in the same city.

      It’s easy and tempting to get stuck in the world of the mind, the world of noble suffering, however, in order to increase the quality of your life you should consider reaching out to people similar to you. It’s difficult at first, but the internet helps a lot – try meetup.com for instance. Search for groups that surround your interests, e.g. spirituality, metaphysics, self-improvement and so forth. Above I have also listed the Facebook Old Soul group if you are interested. You could gain extra ideas there.

      I’ve personally found the internet very helpful in my search for people like me. In fact, that was how I connected with Sol (coauthor of LonerWolf). So perhaps try giving this a go.

      All the very best,


  • scubasniper

    Its like I have the values and beliefs of a very old man, yet I’m 18 years old. Of course there are some strong “cons” to being an old soul, but its all about perspective. I love being an old soul. Earlier this year I was clinging to very toxic friendships that I had to let go because I felt they were hindering my spiritual growth. I am now 100% comfortable with being alone and it is by far the greatest feeling ever. I can say that I could be alone for the rest of my life and be fine. That in itself puts me in a small percentage of the human race, simply because by nature, we are social animals.

    Being like this kind of sucks at the same time too, people think you’re lazy because you think the things they think are VASTLY important, are incredibly pointless. It kind of sucks because you don’t fit in with your age mates, but it doesn’t suck when you realize you don’t really want to…

    Friends and people try to change you because they think you’re broken or “wrong”.

    It’s all good though. I know who I am now, I’m very deeply introspective and know how my future is going to pan out. Once I get there, I’m going to buy a huge field with flowers and everything and just live. No need for anything else.

    I don’t like to look down on the “others” because they are just humans being humans. I have this quote I made up “Don’t hate humans for being humans”. Humans are just animals, that are being animals. Being ego driven is a human thing at this point in time. Although it would be great for everyone to operate from their higher self, thats just not how it is right now. Like a dog is a dog, humans will be humans. Hopefully in the future the vibration will be raised on this planet, but for the most part, never dislike a human for being a human. Understand where they are coming from and why they are doing what they are doing. For the most part I don’t even feel “human” in the mainstream sense anymore. I feel like a spiritual being in this weird shell. Looking in the mirror is fun.

    I feel as if old souls are souls that can easily be taken advantage of by narcissistic younger souls because of our empathetic and caring nature. Don’t let this happen guys! Monitor your relationships and if you are not growing from being in them…you must leave.

    One time I kind of started liking my friends mom (shes 44) because she was the first person that I could have an actual conversation with. I could talk to her for hours. It was really cool. I told her more about myself within 2 days of knowing her than I did within the 2 years of knowing that friend. It was a very weird situation and I know it could be classified as “wrong” to like your friends mom, but things just sort of happen, ya know?

    To anyone pretending to be like your age mates, stop doing that. What is the point?

    Although you probably won’t listen to that advice, you will learn that it is pointless sometime on your own journey.

    I’ve been looking for more old souls to connect with but it’s very hard to find them. I know I will meet some of you during my journey on this planet though. It’s only a matter of time.

    I really love myself now and It fascinates me that im only 18, how much farther my spiritual progression will go because of how far I am right now. I can’t wait for the rest of this life and good luck to all of you old souls that have commented on his page.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for sharing some of your advice Scubasniper – what you’ve said regarding accepting other people for who they are, and yourself for who you are is simple, but extremely important. I’m not sure whether you’ve joined already, but Sol and I have created a Facebook Old Soul group, and I think sharing some of your insights there would be really useful: https://www.facebook.com/groups/imanoldsoul/


  • Tenzen25141

    I am 13 years old. I fill in most of the signs for an old soul. I ain’t too comfortable of hanging around peers my age. When i hang around people who are way above my age, i tend to get along better with them. For truth be told, i don’t even try to or want to fit in, i want to just be myself and no one else. One thing that saddens me is how i’m limited to people who i don’t feel that i’m compatible with. My grandparents have called me an old soul in a young body, and i agree with them.
    I am VERY happy that i’m not alone.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      And I’m very happy that this article could show you that you are not alone, Tenzen. :)

      All the best,


  • Angela

    I am eighteen years old. I have a free and jovial spirit. Most people would view me as a sanguine and a young adult with a silly personality. However, it is through my personal insight and spirituality that I am able to realize at a young age that I am very wise beyond my years. I have never been in a relationship in this life but emotionally and mentally, I understand so much about relationships. I have been told that I have a very old soul and I do agree. I have lived many times and I have carried that deep knowledge within me even to this life.

    As to being an introvert, I am actually a very big extrovert. Like most people, I do have my moments when I am an introvert though but only when I am not in the mood to socialize. I do value my alone time a lot and I feel that it is extremely crucial to often be alone and re-evaluate our personal feelings and to recharge our energy. I do believe that most old souls tend to be in solitary. I do love to do things on my own and I have no issue doing so. Most of my friends are too embarrassed or afraid to do things by themselves so they love to be in groups. I understand why, but for me I enjoy my time alone and sometimes it is much better for than being in a large group.

    As for seeing the bigger picture. Absolutely true! Sometimes even the things my older siblings do or say make me wonder if they realize how silly their actions or words are. I think that people these days are too caught up with how people view them that they actually begin to lose their self identity-and in the process, lose touch with their Higher Self.

    I absolutely enjoyed this article. Thank you for sharing your brilliant magic with us all. God bless.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Many thanks Angela. Have you considered that you might actually be Ambiverted instead of Extroverted? Many of the characteristics that you describe regarding your personality sound like a mix of introverted and extroverted. More in this article: http://lonerwolf.com/ambivert/

      I really appreciate your comment here, and for adding to this small community of comments we have. :)


  • Magenta

    Ever since I can remember, I gravitated to adults. Even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying when I was young, I still liked to listen to their stories. And when I learned to talk, many of my mother’s friends and family said that talking to me was like talking to an adult.

    We used to visit Lake Michigan every summer and spend a week out there. After getting lost and found at the Pavilion, a lady gave me a huge blueberry muffin and told my mother “your daughter is an old soul.”

    From the first time she recounted the story that I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with old souls, young souls, all souls, really. I never thought to research into it, however, and now I think I have an interesting path of self discovery ahead of me.

    I’ve always learned my lessons mostly through watching others, and I can learn most anything simply from watching. And I’ve always been the one who gives the best advice among any circles I’ve walked. I guess I’ve always kind of felt like I know how the world works, and I can usually tell when someone is good or bad–but mostly only when it doesn’t relate directly to me somehow.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi Magenta, many thanks for sharing your story here.

      If you’re interested in reading more about Soul Ages, you should have a look at this article, which is a brief introduction (if you haven’t already): http://lonerwolf.com/soul-age/ You may also like to read a book called Nature and the Human Soul by Bill Plotkin, which (although heavy at first), discusses a different take on Soul Ages.

      Thank you again for reading,


  • K

    I’m kasey. 18 years old.
    I live in this small town where I attend a school filled with many kids. From the age of 12 and up, I’ve always found it so difficult to keep friends. For some reason, I feel myself automatically take a step away the more I’d take a step closer. Why? With the friends I’ve had, they never made me feel comfortable to be who I am. Not only in that aspect but I think so deeply about everything. I think and think and I can keep thinking until I’m blue in the face. That’s just who I am. Not even in an emotional aspect. If a topic comes up, I think it through and I analyze every part of that something and I love nothing more than to talk about it, but the people I try to discuss my thoughts and perception of things, never understand what I’m talking about or at least they are always so disinterested in what I think. And to be completely honest, I don’t like that. Who would? My thought process is so complex even for me sometimes and I can admit that. My mind thinks so far and beyond that I wish I could simply express to people how it works. And I think incredibly fast, one thought after another. Ideas and questions mostly! When a certain scenario comes up with a loved one, I love nothing more then analyzing their situation and putting myself in their shoes, giving them the most helpful and realistic advice I can. This world is so large beyond our comprehension. All we can do is think and pace ourselves. Live our lives to the best of our ability. Learn, love, and live. Learning more expands our minds and that is the absolute greatest gift we can have. The fact that our minds can go so far beyond normality, so far beyond the harsh reality of today that we can actually take our minds and create our own perfect reality. Whatever perfect means to you of course. Learn from within yourself. Love. Love is exceptional. Love is beautiful. Love is happiness. Love is helpful and forgiving and trusting and kindness. Above all harsh and cruel things or people. Above negativity, love can conquer that. Love is what makes people feel. Feeling love can motivate anyone to evolve into their greatest desires. Love is everything and everything is love. And living? Living, breathing. You sitting here reading my words, you are living. You are. That is greater than learning and love itself because without living there is no ability to learn or love. Living is simply being somewhere your mind can have you feel and be aware.

    • P

      I know exactly how alot of you feel. Surrounded be people but feel kind of alone. I am not depressed. I have a great life. Just lonely. You start a coversation and people only follow so far before you lose them and they start to want to talk about video games, sports tv shows or “dick and fart jokes.” Then there is the times I am thinking faster then I can express myself and people look at me like I am an idiot if they don’t know me that well and then later see me write or do work and are suprized and then start talking to me then I feel like they can’t keep up. Believe me I am not bragging I hate it I wish I was slower and didn’t think about everything all the time. I sometimes wish I enjoyed tv shows over documenteries and books. Or followed sports just so I could talk to people on there level. But my mind just can’t sit still. In the end though keep giving your advice some people need that advice and I know it makes me feel good to give advice and be helpful. It also makes me feel good to see others like me and it makes me feel good to hear your stories and wisdom

      • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

        Hi K, many thanks for sharing here.

        I think one of the most difficult parts of being a young Old Soul is the fact that, more often than not, you have very little people to talk to that actually understand you, or who can relate to you on the same psychological level. That is why you are lucky to have discovered this concept, and to live in an age where the chances of connecting to someone like you is quadrupled enormously thanks to the internet.

        I encourage you to join sites like Meetup.com, which as you may or may not know, have a variety of groups all over the world dedicated to countless different topics of interest (life, spirituality, esotericism etc.) Of course, that is if you feel isolated. If not, there is no need. But it’s always nice to have a person or small group of people who you can connect with, especially when you are young.

        Thank you once again for reading,


  • Alex

    hello, as a 15 year old, I can relate to all of these things. I find it hard to communicate with my fellow classmates and I have always felt out of place. I have tried to change in order to fit in but it just results in hurting more. My peers seem different than I and this causes me to have low self-esteem. I feel as if I am the only one who sees the big picture and I am always asking questions about existence. It is tough to try to talk about things that i like, like science, psychology, physics and spiritual ideas to my friends since they lose interest in what I am saying. I am not usually talkative nor am I an outcast. I try not to behave as a smart teenager so that my people won’t categorize me as a “nerd” since most of my friends are troublemakers. It’s hard to see how everybody seems so happy but I can’t knowing that I am not here forever. I think about so many thanks things throughout the day that I become overwhelmed and stressed. I have even gone as far as to be slightly suicidal. I feel as if i am the only one who thinks this way and i feel so alone..I hope I can some day become more social and learn from other people to enjoy life as it is.

    • Dylan

      Hey man, your not alone. I also am 15 years old (a boy btw) I also fail to ‘Fit in’ with my peers in my class. I have never although gone to the extent of having suicidal thoughts. Right now I’m just mimicking my peers and just ‘acting’ like any other normal 15 year old, I fear of becoming a loner myself. Just think positive bro.

      • Alex

        I am also pretending to be like others my age, I will try to think positive. Thank you bro

        • Meme

          Hey guys! I’m also 15 and I feel the same way. It really scares me on how wreckless, some people our age can be. I am also blown away about how they don’t care about anything much other than drinking, drugs, and partying. Find a trusted adult at school! That’s what I did to avoid the stupidity and ignorance of people our age. Go to the person during breaks, lunch and such. We all need a break and We are all in this together.

  • KtBoo89

    This sounds so much like me its scary. I have heard the phrase “you’re not like other people, huh?”, more times than I can count.

  • wanbligleska

    This article says it, alright. Like many of the other commenters here, I have been told by many that I have an “old soul.” I can remember knowing that already even when I was too young to know what that was. When things came just as feelings or images before I learned to speak. I have all kinds of memories from back then.. I always knew I’d been here a minute. Never thought much of it until it began to compromise my ability to relate to others and make/maintain friendships. I’ve always been able to feel the emotions of not only other people, but animals, too. I’ve always been real sensitive to the point where i couldn’t even go fishing cause watching that poor fish flipping all over gasping clinging to life just messed my head up something terrible! The emath thing gets to be a pain when you have a whole classroom full of kids’ emotions and mental chatter playing like AC/DC in your head when you’re trying to figure out what the hell algebra is and when you’re ever gonna need to use it in real life.. you don’t need it.. ever.. the lies! the deception!! .. But I digress… I’ve been an artist and musician all my life, so I just figured that was the reason others saw me as weird. I never felt a real need to have a whole lot of friends anyway, the small close knit group I had (which you could literally count on one hand) were just fine with me. I didn’t mind not being popular, it’s the getting ripped on mercilessly every freaking day part that I could have done without. I was always so sensitive and deeply hurt by it.. Pisces thing you know. Even despite that, I never was able to muster up any sustained hatred or resentment until I was older. I’ve never really had any known enemies, even if the other party considered me their enemy, unless i was having to deal with them at that moment, they rarely entered my mind. I suppose I was too busy with art or music. I didn’t hate them for teasing me, they didn’t know any better. I just felt their pain. The anger, animosity and contempt was pretty transparent and I found it difficult to hate someone who is hurting. I knew I was very different from them on a very fundamental level.. Not better than them, just different. I don’t see myself as being in any way superior to anyone, it was more like a feeling of inferiority. While I may have all the experience and “wisdom” that one would get from being old. lol.. I realize I’m not done yet. I’m always going to be a work in progress as we all are and that I need to be guided by the love and connection all of us share. The younger souls remind the older ones of some of the basics we can forget from time to time. They also remind me personally to keep that sense of wonderment about the world. There are no teachers and students here, we all take turns. it’s supposed to be symbiotic, i believe. There’s always so much more we don’t know just waiting to be discovered. Everybody has their place in this universe and even the youngest, most seemingly naive souls deserve the same love and respect as the eldest among us. Some older souls become understandably bitter at the younger ones who ostracize them, so they look down on them with contempt. Ego starts paying more and more rude and unannounced visits until you’re so full of yourself you get all blocked up and your learning slows to a halt the more jaded you become. I thought I was better than everyone else and became a total self important douche. I’m so glad that only lasted a few years.. I had gotten so frustrated that nobody got me and so resentful of how easy the social thing seemed to be for other “less evolved” souls that I became bitter. Now I realize that while I’ve only known two or three people at best who get me, I accept that it just comes with the territory. I don’t usually tell anyone I’m this way and don’t really talk about it much at all. I just do my best to leave each person I meet a little happier than I found them. When I talk to people, I never bring up my “age” lol.. The goal for me is to highlight how we as people are connected, not what separates us. The biggest problem we have is the individualistic, ego driven, competitive society that our own insecurities has driven us to create. We fail to realize we don’t need to steal someone elses lamp to see our way around, we just need to plug in our own, then everybody has light. The culture of scarcity and the resultant dog-eat-dog mentality with which the last few generations have been raised has extended past the material and now into the spiritual/emotional and we are forgetting those things are infinite and each of us has infinite amounts within us. we don’t need to make someone else look bad to look good ourselves. I don’t really claim to know much of anything that every living thing on this planet doesn’t already know. The fact is everyone is created as an all knowing entity.. We just unlock more and more knowledge as we gain the experience to fully understand and utilize it while looking to the younger ones to help us with the occasional refresher course to maintain a strong foundation opon which to continue to build our understanding. Just my opinion really..

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi there Wanbligleska, thank you for sharing your insights here. A lot of these ideas and truths are very much forgotten by most of us.

      I’d love if you could share your experiences and ideas in the Old Soul group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/imanoldsoul/ There have been some big, intriguing conversations here about every possible topic, most centering around spiritual ideas and insights.

      Thank you once again for taking the time to comment here,


  • Jay

    Hey after reading your list i realise i am an old soul. The group i hang out with or the new friends of theres i meet 18 – 25 seem so…. dumb and lost when i try to teach them things they look at me like a parent lol. I have even counciled older people than me and they responded as “you are so wise etc, don’t know where you get it from” also i used to tell my mother stories of my past life as a 5 year old kid or 8 or so i can’t remember but i was very young. i also used to tell her i had many rewards in heaven from god with no education about religions at the time i also like to isolate myself from my dumb generation just because i can’t relate i strive for more knowledge / wisdom because it increases my confidence as well knowledge is power! well hope was exciting to read :P ceow

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi Jay.

      I’ve heard of that before … children telling their parents of their past lives (I’m not sure if I ever did), but it’s very intriguing and bizarre at the same time. Thank you for sharing!


  • Richochet

    Old souls can be materialistic, oh yes. Eckhart Tolle bought himself a very, very high end house in British Columbia for a huge ammount of $$ after the success of his books. Don’t confuse depth of experiences with poverty. It is a common myth that to be advance you eschew materialism. Not true for without material comforts and the choices and options $$$ allows, you can not expand your experiences outwards. Sincerely, from an old soul LOL

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Richochet, I probably would as well if I was Eckhart Tolle. ;) However, the difference lies in how you approach material possessions – if with lust, attachment and greed I would consider this “materialism”. I don’t personally know Eckhart Tolle or what runs through his mind, but I see his actions as perfectly acceptable. To live in a hovel when you have the choice not to borders on insanity.


  • Rolph Mars

    It seems like you are one of the very few people who’s alike me! It makes me so happy to meet people like you, even though it’s only on the internet. Haha.

    I have this deep, deep sadness that few know about, because I don’t have the real, deep connections with people. The conversations with my peers are so superficial. While I want to talk about topics that really matter. However, whenever I try to have deeper conversations, they just don’t listen me to at all. It hurts, because they don’t appear interested in the slightest. :/ I would describe seeing myself through the eyes of outsiders as the top of the iceberg. You see it, but the don’t see the underlying stuff. I badly want to discuss about all the damn things i’m interested in like science, but especially spiritually, psychology, people, marketing, design…. life. It saddens me that I can’t display my true self, because people misunderstand me and my intentions all the time. It saddens me that I don’t have many ‘true’ friends, because I have so much to discuss and I just want to make the most out of life…

    I’m 20 and it’s time to actually get some life experience. It’s kind of hard to be a sensitive guy in an insensitive world, especially one where men aren’t allowed to show emotions it seems.

    I know I should meet more people who like the deeper aspects of life. It would greatly benefit my life, because I have always felt like something was wrong with me. As I never fitted in. I was always the odd one out, and still feel that way all though I know it’s not true.

    It’s a feeling i’m always fighting. Deep down I know i’m not a socially inept person, or a misfit. There’s nothing wrong with me, i’m convinced. It’s just that the people around me seem to operate on a different level that I can’t reach. I have tried, but it’s sabotaging my true self.

    Well, this is my journey and i’m sorry for inconveniencing you with it. I just wanted to express my feelings, because I think expressing feelings is important. And because I feel you will understand, because I have a feeling you’ve gone through similar experiences.

    My life is, well difficult. I carry much weight on my shoulders and sometimes i’m so sad to the point of being slightly suicidal. I won’t ever commit it though. I will live, and I won’t disappoint, and I will become a helping hand to the world in the end. I just saddens me that my life’s to be so serious all the time. I want to have more fun, because, isn’t that the purpose of life?

    Anyway, what I want to say to the fellow people here:

    “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you’re not, in fact, surrounding yourself with assholes.” – William Gibson.

    I don’t know any of you, but I wish you were part of my life, because you all seem like educated, deep people! That’s what I love! We probably all feel ‘different’, but I want to say that I admire people being different. I admire special people, the loners, the misfits! We are the ones who can change the world, and we will!

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      A wonderful comment Rolph :)

      I do carry the same despair at times, especially when surrounded by people. Even something as simple as going to do the shopping at the supermarket is depressing. Listening to and watching people is a very strange thing … it’s a surreal experience like waking on another planet with strange lifeforms that don’t speak your language. But although the world can be a lonely place, there is still hope, and the excitement that we can meet some like ourselves, some solitary soul who speaks our language.

      That is why I recommend sites like Meetup.com . Many people mourn not being able to connect with anyone, but the internet is a gargantuan place full of so much potential to connect people of different mental “languages”.

      It’s very hard at first not to think that there is something wrong with us. Many people, me included, go through the futile cycles of trying to change themselves in order to fit in, in order to feel more accepted. But I’m delighted to hear that you have stepped outside of this cycle, and can learn to appreciate yourself for the unique individual that you are. Many of us need to learn this lesson, and are still learning it.

      Thank you once again for being a presence here, and for sharing some of your story. Please feel free to join the Old Soul Facebook group that I mentioned in the article above. Many similar voices here.

      All the very best,


    • Isabelle

      Okay we must seriously be the same person! You just peeked into my mind and wrote (beautifully) everything I’ve felt about myself and life. Don’t change (but if you do–do it for yourself and for the better); I’m a very serious person with an almost intense view of life. I’m so amazed and even speechless with the new things I’ve learned here and seeing all kinds of interesting people who view life similarly the way I do! Again, praise to Luna and Sol! You guys are amazing and I hope you continue doing what you do! Sorry I tend to get really excited when I’m impassioned, but the point I’m trying to make is I hope you live life to the fullest (in your own way the way you want to) and remember to enjoy the beauty life has to offer. Take it from someone who’s been weighed down by life’s negativity, but life is beautiful and we should all be more thankful that we are still alive!

      Isabelle :)

      • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

        Thank you Isabelle, a very kind and thoughtful comment.
        :) All the very best to you,


  • Trevor

    Although I have always felt old at heart, I’ve always been drawn to having experiences with people even if the ones at my age seemed immature. Probably because as a kid growing up people never understood me. It was always easier to ignore me rather than relate and talk to me, and having a better insight on my situation now shows me that when people saw me confined or isolated, being kids we couldn’t understand the greater picture so I was named weird, strange, freak, “We shouldn’t talk to him, his weirdness might rub off onto us.” And I believe that is why I always retaliated with rage rather than passiveness, I just couldn’t accept being an outcast I wanted to be important, not more so than those who already had it, but to just be one with them. I never once thought of flocking for the idea of following someone always seemed “stupid” to put in words I used as a kid but unreasonable. Following someone always felt wrong it felt like putting my fate in the hands of someone who couldn’t decide their own. Growing up my life has known more pain, sorrow, and unimaginable rage for not knowing myself or those around me, I felt compelled to understand to crave and desire answers, I wanted so badly to know why people looked at me as if I were the devil himself. I admit that being short tempered probably didn’t help a whole lot but added with the strain and anger of being shunned by everyone around me I was overwhelmed and had frequent outburst. I guess you could say I was the rebellious type, always getting in trouble and spending nearly everyday in the principles office. It was hard, feeling like I was a burden to everyone else I developed an even deeper state of sorrow that I withdrew from everyone. Asking why I was even alive, even crying out to God angry with him for forsaking me with such a painful existence. I’m now 16 years old, and even though the rebellious stage has come to a calm the isolation hasn’t changed very much. For a long time I believed that the days of not having friends was over, for I had found friends! I truly believed that life was now worth living, but even that hope soon subsided, I was ignorant and forgotten all about my pain and suffering and that led me to my most fatal years in life. As I began to make more and more friends I also became more intuitive about how they felt towards me and they didn’t even have to say a word. It’s almost as if God had cursed me with seeing directly into their souls and hearts and feeling their true feelings just by looking them in the eyes, their facial expression meant nothing it was what I could see in their eyes that told me everything. Soon more and more of the people I believed to be my friends just seemed to out grow me some faster than others but all the same every last one began to feel the same way “A nuisance, annoying, depressing, dull, boring, incompatible.” One by one everyone I knew felt the exact same way about me, and I began to reclaim my former thoughts of why am I even here if no one could ever love me for who I am. Today even though I am not contempt with the direction my life is going, I have come to realize there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. People always thought of me as a whiner, that I was just feeling sorry for myself, but you know something? I’ve realized that those who called me those things were just blind they can’t truly know the extent of ones pain until they have just about torn it out of that persons soul and felt it for themselves. To be honest I don’t know if I’ll go on living or one day just get too fed up with it all, I’ve already come close to death 4 times and sorry I’m not trying to mislead any of you I just hate the word suicide, it’s so ugly. I think for now I’ll just try my best to just deal with it and people, they can’t change even if you tried forcing it on them, and to any of you who were kind enough to put up with my sob story right up to the very end I give my sincerest thanks for I don’t usually talk much so you can really tell I poured my heart into this so again thank you for listening.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Trevor, and thank you for sharing your problems here.

      16 is still a difficult age to go through. For me, and many people, it’s a very emotionally tumultuous time where we are still discovering who we are and what we want out of life.

      Your problem seems to be caring too much about the way people see and think of you. Because you lack self-love, your life is in the midst of emotional chaos, and you are unable to feel happy with yourself in any way. This is because your self-worth comes from outside of yourself, rather than from within. Whenever we seek for acceptance, happiness or comfort from without ourselves we end up suffering because of the transient and unstable nature of life. However, if you decide to go within yourself to seek for acceptance, happiness and comfort you will have endless wellsprings that will support you all throughout your life.

      I recommend that you join a group such as Meetup.com, and look for local people to meet up with in your area, who share similar interests or problems. There are countless people in the world, and you do not need to restrict yourself to the group of kids you’re around now. You need to assess you options, and figure out how you can progressively make your life better. No one is going to hand this on a platter. Life is difficult, that much can be said, but life can also be ecstatically beautiful.

      I recommend that you read the following articles: http://lonerwolf.com/low-self-esteem/ , http://lonerwolf.com/how-to-become-your-own-best-friend/, http://lonerwolf.com/involution-self-love/ . These will give you a starting place.

      All the very best,


    • Isabelle

      I’m utterly speechless and in awe with what you just wrote (yet I feel I have so much to say if that even makes sense). I’ve been going through something very similar to an extent. My hope for you is to live life earnestly and see all the beauty and positive aspects that life has to offer (not just the negativity of life). This blog is absolutely inspiring and awakening. I’m thankful to have discovered this site; I’ve learned so much in such a short span of time. Also I don’t quite agree with you on one thing when you said ……”I have come to realize there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. ” That’s not true! You always have a choice! Doing nothing is the real enemy! Im 16 too, and I’ve been heavily weighed down by life’s negativity and my serious personality (which for awhile I began to hate). I’ve slowly began to learn new things and rediscover life. And I hope you do too! Sorry for the long monologue; I’m just so impassioned at this moment! :)

      P.S. Live life to the fullest the way YOU want to

  • Monika

    I’ve always felt myself as being rather odd and can relate to many of these things. However, I do feel as if though some of these topics are rather exaggerated. I’m only 19, but as a 19 year old, I do feel that sometimes it’s okay to get out of my comfort zone and explore the things that I’m allowed to do at this age, and just explore in general. Maybe then again, being open to new things could be part of my life lesson, but I do believe that old souls are not always introverted and socially awkward. I might have taken this article the wrong way, but these are just my 2 cents.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Monika,

      You may like to check out the Mature Soul and Young Soul tests here: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/ and http://lonerwolf.com/young-soul-test/ .

      Old Souls are not necessarily socially awkward by nature. More often than not they exude calmness and warmth, however, are more typically introverted by nature.

      No one ever said that exploring the world is not allowable at your age. It’s a natural human urge, and one that I fulfill as well.


  • Antonio

    I fit the description of “old soul” perfectly, i have 90% in the test, but ive always been just a strange guy, most of classmates didnt talk to me when i was younger, they just didnt like me, and i got used to be alone, and talking to other people began to annoy me… My friends used to be older than me, but now im not interested in talking to old people anymore, i feel like their answers aint that interesting anymore. I enjoy though having some superfluous conversations with mates. I dont feel proud of being the way i am and id love to fit like anyone else, though most of the time i feel like they are just kind of pretending and they dont know themselves very well… Is an old soul meant to always be alone?

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi there Antonio,

      Go to any casino, and you will realize that old people aren’t necessarily that wise or even intelligent. They may have a lot of experience, but psychologically and spiritually they can be just as malnourished as teenagers.

      If you’re not proud of being yourself, you lack self-love, and lacking self-love contributes to most of the tensions, worries, illnesses and depressions in your life. If you are solitary by nature there is not much you can do about it. You can try all you can to fit in, fake it, become the lovable, social King, but you will never feel whole, and you will never feel happy. I recommend accepting the way you are, which is not a simple thing to do. But it’s worth it.

      Try to find a different circle of people to talk to. The internet is an excellent place to find similar souls. Meetup.com is one good example.

      I hope these suggestions help in some way.


      • Antonio

        Thats what ive been thinking about these days, its all about accepting yourself. I need some time alone to realize i have virtues other people dont, and that i dont want the lives other people have. What they have and i dont is self-love, but its hard to appreciate yourself after going out and staying with people that dont value your virtues, and i dont blame them, they are worried about different things and are just different people. The thing is, accepting yourself means accepting you’re being alone and its hard to do. I came to think that i was being narcissitic for thinking that i was different and not able to just fit, but i just feel so empty when i try to be like the rest. Perhaps i am and “old soul”, which helps me feel that im just different and not an unadapted guy. Im glad i found this website, and thank you for taking your time to write a good answer; never thought of internet as an option, but maybe it is.

  • freddie

    Whoops, I’ve messed up twice now. First I hit the share button early, then my Ipad died right as I finished typing everything,anyway. What does it imply when everything seems tedious and dull constantly? I was thinking on the question alot, and the only thing I could think of was that maybe the soul is getting exhausted of being here.(I dont know) But the worst thing is I believe that every soul is here to accomplish something (I don’t mean something small either). From Start-finish the soul thrives to fufill its commission in my opinion. And It feels like I haven’t yet achieved my purpose for being here yet. Maybe that explains why I have so much uneasiness and feel imprisoned within myself. I guess the real question is, What is the soul required to do in order to reach the next place? and wow i just solved it: nobody knows cause they would already have done it. btw i also had that parent-son/daughter switch. Well if anyone else can help add to the thought or has an idea/theory to help solve the problem I’d appreciate it thanks ’cause its driving me insane now.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hey Freddie, thank you for coming by.

      Generally constant boredom is either a sign of some kind of mental illness (e.g. depression), or aimlessness associated with having no clear direction, no meaning, no passion or no hobby in life. In order to discover your purpose, you need to delve more and more deeply into your heart, mind and soul. Even Old Souls undergo a state of inner evolution, and this Involution is composed of a variety of paths that help to create a balanced, complete and self-fulfilled individual: http://lonerwolf.com/7-paths-of-involution/

      You may also like to check out the Mature Soul test: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/

      I hope these help.


  • Freddie

    Hey I came back to elaborate on the topic, and seek insight.Thanks for replying! Elaborating on the topic more, I came back seeking insight.

  • Wolf Spirit

    It started when I was 13 yo. I could hold conversations with adults. By the time I was 15yo I was the one that would ask my friends, Why do you want to kick over the garbage can? Or why do you want to go Into the apt. building and ring all the door bells? You know a lot of old people live there and it’s 9 pm and they are probably in bed. I started feeling like I was the daddy. When I was 16 I started hanging out with people who were 18 to 25yo. I seemed to fit in better with them than kids my own age. If they were getting together to hang out I would be invited to join them. It felt right and I was more comfortable with them. I had my first relationship when I was 16. He was 25. It lasted a year because he had a drinking problem. I went into my second relationship when I was 18. He was 38. We were together for 40 years. I never thought about age. We wanted the same things in life. I tell people I knew for sure I was gay when I was 17 and knew what I wanted in life by the time I was 18. Most of my life I have felt out of place. I don’t look at things and life the way most people do. So I’m considered to be strange. So I strive to be stranger and let everyone else wonder what I’m up to.lol I’ve almost always been interested in different religions. Mostly what happens to the I that lives in this body. Today my beliefs lean towards Eastern enlightenment than christianity. I read that if you feel like an old soul it means your reaching Karma and you won’t have to come back to this plaint of existence again. I truly hope it’s true.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello WolfSpirit,

      I really enjoyed reading the recount of your teenage years – very typical Old Soul behavior. :)
      Thank you for sharing some of your life insights here. I’m happy that this article could be of some use to you.


  • Susan

    I am certainly not going to make any claims for myself but the checklist above seemed to sum me up pretty nicely in many ways.
    My husband was very similar to me, although unlike me he had a very high I.Q. As well as being a Mensan he was also very introverted, private and pretty quiet natured. Sadly, he took his own life last year, which left us all devastated, me especially.
    My own childhood was less than ideal. I was bullied at school for being quiet and withdrawn, when actually I was thinking about issues such as the mystery of death. Are children supposed to think about the mysteries of death?
    My teenage years were spent in my bedroom, often without friends, and reading books on spirituality, from the paranormal to the great literary works such as the Indian Upanishads and the Yoga Vasistha. It’s these things which gave me the greatest pleasure.
    Other teenagers – and especially boys – terrified me. The teenage years are often the worst for aggressive behaviours.
    To add another dimension to this (and without wishing to come across as boastful) from my young teenage years I seemed to have an ability to receive ‘communications’ from deceased relatives shortly after they had died.
    As a result of these experiences I tend to be open minded about the possibility of life after death, although this is punctuated with a healthy scepticism.
    My most recent experience involved my late husband, who ‘communicated’ with me three times after his decease. However, I feel he has gone on now I will not be hearing from him for a long time to come; probably not again in this present lifetime.
    People can scoff if they want, call me mad, strange, whatever. But I think I might be a little bit different from a lot of people around me, who as you say love to follow the herd.
    I don’t know if I’m an ‘old soul.’ For all I know I might be at the beginning of the journey; I just do not know. I am however, well aware of the transience of all things. I would like to leave you with a few lines from Alexander Pope. (I have always loved poetry).

    “And life itself can nothing more supply
    Than just to plan our projects
    And to die.”

    A. Pope.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you Susan, for sharing a piece of your story here.
      It’s certainly not normal for a child to think about the mysteries of death, or a teenager to read ancient religious texts, which is why – from my own limited perspective – you most definitely sound like an Old Soul at heart.

      It’s common for the Old in Soul to have “supernatural” experiences – precognition, premonitions, deja vu and the ability to connect with the spirit world have all frequently been reported, among other strange abilities. So once again, you do fit the bill.

      Sharing your experiences here means a lot to me, so I thank you. I wish you all the best,


      • Susan

        Thanks for your reply. Your website certainly has some interesting topics for me to read.

  • mudit

    i am 22.. male.. I knew i was different.. i always get the bigger picture and hidden meaning of the things.. that made me a good person too.. people around me wonder how i got so intellectual- wisdom guy.. i am ENTP..
    now the thing is.. i have realized that “old souls” can’t fit in the world easily.. instead of blaming world, i showed the world what they wanted to see.. “the young soul”.. this leads to a dual personality.. only close ones know my intellectual side(or some unknown facebook friends)..
    i am not isolated at all, i have people around me and i have fun and remain in the center of group.. that being said, i am always isolated at heart.. there is constant pain but i tend to ignore it.. i think its hard to find someone who is intellectually strong as i am.. but then i think, having someone just like me would be a waste of life(no fun)..
    i give importance to knowledge and i feel contented that i haven’t wasted my life in some lame shit. there can be many reasons of my “old soul”, mainly suffering.. but it was worth it..
    i also think that world is a good place and i want to see every color of life.. somewhere i feel like i am blessed – in many ways.. future is vague – and i don’t want it to be clear.. i want the surprises that life has to present..
    i like books on “way of life” . . but for doing the material things, i have to constantly motivate myself.. motivate for things that, i feel, are so mediocre.. i still need a direction in how to use my skills and thoughts to make most of this life.. i feel like i have lived my whole life, and have more knowledge that a normal person can gather in his whole life.. what’s remaining is just a surplus.. :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Mundit.

      It’s nice to read the different philosophies people have towards life, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences here with us all. It’s not often that an extroverted (“E”) identified Old Soul leaves a comment here, and I find your thoughts regarding feeling isolated at heart interesting. As always, it goes to show that a sense of wholeness can only be achieved by cultivating your inner self, by following the path of Involution.

      Once again, thank you for being a presence here,


  • Grace

    I’m all of the above. And I’m a wounded old soul too.People are so tiresome. It’s crazy how people are so preoccupied with mundane things. Even when I was still a kid, I felt older than my mother.I guess it’s a classic case of parent-child mismatch. I enjoyed deep conversations with people who are a lot older because only then can I feel understood. I even had a romantic relationship with someone who was 22 years older than me. That got me into trouble and damaged me in many ways. While my peers love to chase over the latest fashion, celebrity gossip and other senseless activities they like to call “fun”, I ponder about the vastness of the universe. People like to call me “anti-social” because I don’t fit in. It hurts because I’m pro-social in every sense. It stings so bad when I witness other people suffering. I’m from a country they labeled “third world”. I pass hungry children in the street everyday only to deal with my colleagues showing off their latest version of iPhones. I joined twitter just to fit in. My peers wanted me to follow them so they would follow me too. How does that even make sense? Aah! Please forgive my blabber. I’m happy to have found this site today. Thank you and more blessings to you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Grace, we are all wounded to some extent. Some more than others, some less than others, but the point is that we are not alone in our sufferings. Ever. The world is isolating and confusing for the Old Soul, there is no doubt about that. Even an act as simple as sitting on the bench in the park watching the people that walk by can trigger such profound confusion and wariness with the world, and with life.

      It’s somewhat a relief to realize that the only true, long-lasting home we can make is the one we cultivate within ourselves. The more at home we are with ourselves, the less we need to rely on others to provide us with comfort.

      I wish you all the best. Please feel free to join the Old Soul group listed in the article above. You will find many kindred souls there.


  • Glenn

    My first real job was selling furniture at age 33. One of my favorite memories is when my said “You are the oldest young man I have ever known.”

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      It’s strange how the simplest of sentences can speak a whole lot about who we are deep down, can’t it Glenn? Thank you for sharing this small piece of your personal history here. :)


  • http://lonewolf.com Susie

    83% guess I’m an old soul! Iv lots of friends but no close ones! I don’t trust people completely! apart from family! I enjoy company but enjoy being on my own, I like my outings but like going out myself, I like healing, spirituality, I want to achieve a couple of new things, I don’t want to be an old human, iv got very high morals, fraud and corruption theft really irritates me, I flick from volountry to volountry I get bored easy, I hate people who think their better than me, who ridicule me for being spirit in human form, I like waiting and doing nothing when nasty people do things that hurt people as I know karmas going full circle, I like the sea the woods the moon, dark nights to watch the stars, I like my job but bored with it after nearly 19 years, I’d like to live in an African village in a mud hut and teach whoever wants to read and write. I want to be of some use to society. I want regressed to see how many previous life’s iv had, that fascinates me all the different planets we don’t know about, underworld cities who are far more superior than us, aliens are they higher level spirit, the planets off radar who have been flying for thousands of years, there’s so much we don’t know.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for sharing your self-realizations Susie. :)


  • Holly

    Dear Luna,

    Thank you very much for the beautiful article. What an encouraging reminder that I’m not alone in this world! Although I’m only 23, I’ve always felt much older in heart, mind, and soul. Growing up, I couldn’t easily connect with my peers and generally preferred the company of adults. I knew I had a more matured perspective on life at the most fundamental level, but couldn’t explain why. Reading, writing, listening to music, baking, and taking long bike rides are some of my favorite pastimes. I love vintage movies, music, clothing, cars, and décor and have long wished I were around in the 1950s. People tell me that I always seem so peaceful and content. I attribute this to my deep faith in God as well as the way He’s created me.

    Thanks again!

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Holly.

      I’m encouraged to hear that you found this article a source of personal justification :).
      Thank you for sharing this gratitude with me hear. It really does make writing, researching and sharing such experiences worth it in the end!


  • Freddie

    Ya when I was little I could figure the meanings of really deep songs and explain them flawlessly. Especially about condolence related type songs. And would talk to adults cause I hated the ignorance of other kids. I now act stupid to deceive and actually secretly flannel-mouth people. It’s sad and I hold contempt within myself. I feel like us older souls are given more difficult life’s to mainain growing from, and it’s hard to pick yourself up when you fall down. Maybe I’m more sentimental than others but I don’t know. It’s extremely hard to explain every thought. I feel like a chameleon cause I can blend in but don’t belong. I think maybe we isolate ourselves so much because we’re so lost in our constant thinking of our own little worlds we get distracted that we could actually join together and support each other. But idk tell me what you think I’m 14 years old by the way. I don’t want to ramble on to long but I feel you’ll understand as a old soul like Marina said.

    • sophie

      I feel you.
      I know there’s another me out in this world.
      I don’t know what friends even mean anymore.
      Everything is an act to me.
      I am 14 as well.
      I wish we could all just hang out and talk about our own thoughts…

      • Alex

        I am 13 years old.
        I always hide behind a mask when I am around people who I am not close to.
        I understand, not everything, no.
        But what you feel, I understand.
        I ‘act my age’ and I hate it.
        I feel alone, even though I’m not.
        But my thoughts are lonely, and I can’t think otherwise.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Freddie, and thank you for commenting.

      14 is a very tumultuous and difficult age (it was the most difficult for me), where we are still finding our identities and place in life. The more you pretend to be what you’re not, the worse you will feel in the long term. You will eventually find that the best thing to do for yourself is to surround yourself with like-minded people. At your age, this almost always means seeking out older people with more matured perspectives, but those that you can feel understood and heard around. The more you repress your true thoughts and feelings, the more psychological issues you will create for yourself. This is my advice, and the advice other people have given before on this page as well.

      In the end, the best thing to realize is that you’re not alone. As Sophie indicated above, there are other 14 year olds out there as well, fighting the same fight.


  • Rebecca Press

    I benefited by reading this article. I have always felt different and interaction with other people most always leaves me feeling lonely and dejected. I feel extremely lonely and isolated. After reading about what it means to be an old soul, I see this is normal. I long to connect with other old souls to feel connected to something and someone. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi Rebecca, thank you for reaching out.

      Sol and I created a Facebook group which has almost 2,000 members, most of which are active and who identify themselves as Old Souls. The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/imanoldsoul/


  • Marina

    I feel identified with all of the signs. I’m almost 16, and I don’t like being around people my age at all.
    I have a problem, though; I’m a calm and reserved person (not shy, but I like keeping things to myself and you get the point…) I also smile a lot and I’m a happy person but the thing is that people talk to me as if I was a 5 year old! I don’t give much credit to it, not opening my mouth is the wisest thing to do. You might be wondering how I feel inside; well, I feel neutral :P, my thoughts actually are that those people might not be as evolved as I am so they think I’m “stupid” (stupid is not the word that best defines it) when the truth is the opposite and they’re the inexperienced ones. It’s weird but I don’t mind it anyways.

    P.S. It’s really hard for me to express this kind of stuff with words; I tried my best, but I believe that as old souls you will get it. :)

    • Liam


      I’ve been here for 20 years. Up to 15 years of age, I was always strangely detached and distant, but found myself acting like a larrikin just to fit in with the people around me, making them laugh, smile, feel deeply – all that stuff. Then suddenly, everything about the way I expressed myself changed. I could no longer resist this urge inside me to go deeper, see deeper. I embraced it, and watched as the people who I called my buddies drifted away to other, more outwardly energetic persons. They treated me like an outcast and rarely approached me to converse or just hang out. I was ‘that weird guy’. I probably seemed dull and depressing after my inwards turn, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. There was this inner world revealed to me that made so much more sense than the jovial fun-and-games of the outside world. My point is, I totally feel where you’re coming from with your story. It is personally touching for me to read as it reminds me so heavily of my own past…

      You are not stupid (well, sometimes maybe, but as humans we can’t help it :P), you are not weird or anything people might say to give them some sort of a reference point to make sense of you. You are you; vibrant, spiritually shining, ‘in touch’. Embrace the feeling and allow it to guide you. Find that if you listen to the ‘old voice’ within, it will neeeever lead you wrong – that’s the perk, that there is an infinitely wise and ‘enlightened’ (for lack of a better word) spirit inside that already knows the game and how to play it. How could it not? It’s been here many times before. The gift is that it (that old soul within) grants universal wisdom intuitively into us… It’s hard not to feel special with that guiding light… It’s almost like cheating ;)

      Personally, I struggled to make sense of what was happening to me once I began to listen to myself… Everyone else always told me ‘how it is’ and ‘how the world works’, ‘how to act’, ‘how to get by’ and it conflicted with everything I could feel… So I struggled through it all, wanting to end life so I could be done with all the contradiction and uncertainty. Thankfully, I pushed through. Now I am studying to help others who are ‘down and out’ as a counsellor. My point: Life has a extraordinarily BEAUTIFUL way of revealing itself to you if you dare to jump in its currents. Life teaches us that we must be imprisoned to understand freedom. We must feel pain to know fulfilment.

      Ha, wow, 3 paragraphs… Sorry for drifting off into my own self-absorbed fantasy-land at the end. I don’t know, I felt like it was pertinent. If you want to talk more (I know I’d love to!), I threw my email in.

      Stay well my friend,

      • Liam

        Turns out I didn’t leave my email after all… >_>


        • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

          Hello there Liam,

          I find this thought beautiful: “Life teaches us that we must be imprisoned to understand freedom. We must feel pain to know fulfilment.” That which is good and healthy for us in the long run is rarely easy or appealing, and it’s wonderful to read of your journey discovering this. It’s also encouraging to hear that you have chosen to study as a counsellor, and I wish you well in your endeavors.

          Feel free to join the Facebook Old Soul Group as well, we’d love to hear from you there. ;)


          • Liam


            You are right – I get very caught up in the imagined idea of ‘good’ being easy or natural, especially in a materialist society. It is an immense grace that I have the internet so readily accessable, to see people who remind me I am falling asleep :)

            Thank you all for your stories, insights and wisdom – particular respect to you, Luna, for your efforts in tailoring this article – without whose efforts the connections here would never have been made.

            P.S. I apologize if my somewhat open and overt nature piques a ‘he’s a weirdo’ thought for you, but I find ‘Luna’ to be an extraordinarily beautiful name! :)

            – L

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Marina, it’s certainly difficult being treated like a child, and I can empathize with you there. Not being understood for the person you are is one of the most difficult things to deal with as a teenager. I too dealt with this within my family who were quite judgmental, skeptical and dismissive towards any interesting thought or insight I had to provide.

      However, you seem to be fairly well grounded within yourself, which is the best defense in the long term: to built your strength from the inside out.


  • Tiffany

    As a young child, I always had adults that I considered some of my closest friends. I never could quite resonate with others in my age group very often. I was very unaware of this until I became older, and noticed a pattern unfold throughout different phases in my life, yet always produced the same results. Many of my friends are 20+ years older, and that type of age difference was similar when I was 6, 7 years old. I’m regularly called an old soul by others who know me well. Also, my childhood was very disfunctional, meaning, my parents, and my brother seemed to always live in chaos, and I never could quite understand their chaos. I could always see the negativity that resulted, and always felt like the odd man out. I knew at a young age that something was just different, but I was always okay with that. I found it strange that not only when I was a child, but clear into my own adulthood and raising my own children, my parents always came to me like I was their personal therapist, it was usually matters of the heart, their real emotional struggles. I always seemed to try and get them to see the bigger picture.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Parenting your own parents … yep, a sure signal of the Old in Soul. Mature Souls also exhibit this characteristic, but can deal a lot less smoothly with the emotional drama and pressure.

      Thank you for sharing a bit of your story here Tiffany!


  • Dennis

    Hey fellow old souls.. and Luna.
    Is there anyway that I can break off from this Old Soul thoughts and beliefs?

    I know being an old soul is like a personality, a characteristics, something that ought to come naturally..

    Well.. at times I’m completely fine being an old soul, and have no trouble at all being alone. I even have thoughts of moving to remote areas to farm for the rest of my life – to break away from society and forms of social interaction.

    But at the same time.. I have desires.
    To be successful, to be great, to be rich( I came from a below average family, and had always told myself I will work my way up to earn momey to buy the things that I want. as I was always restricted by money)

    Im constantly swaying between the mind of an old soul, and the mind of a vibrant, ambitious persona.

    This has affected my social interaction with my peers, as being seen as being emotionally unstable, Im beginning to lose a lot of connection with even the closest of my peers.(at the same time, ironically, I dont really like social interaction)

    I find social interaction a chore, and I don’t like to waste my energy on engaging conversations that has no ultimate purpose. For instance, if it’s just a casual talk, I would be very reluctant to continue the conversation.

    Unless, it’s a conversation with
    regards to counselling, or mentoring, or discussion about a project, an idea, I love to engage in these ‘bigger talls’, than those small,casual talks..

    To achieve what I desired, I need to work hard etc, and by that, when I join the workforce( Im a student by the way), I would need considerable amount of social skills and interactions.

    My dream job, is to be of the management level, and that alone requires plentiful of interaction.

    This contradiction of mine.. is troubling me, to the extend where Im beginning to be very very concern of myself and my future..

    Couldnt seek any help because all the people around me just is just so different from me – so vibrant, so energetic.. they couldnt relate to any bit of the concerns that I have..

    • Tiffany

      I completely understand what your saying….

      I feel the same exact way, in fact, as I’m writing this I have been at a crossroads in my life.

      Not a student, but plan on becoming one, and for all the same reason you listed in your comment.

      I too came from a very under privileged household. I always had motivation deep down inside to make something of myself, but not being a very social person, I’ve struggled with putting myself in that kind of position. I’ve picked jobs that isolated myself. I’ve always been unsatisfied though…. I too, could easily move out on some land, grow my own food, tap into my own water source, I’ve even thought of going to the extent of setting myself up in a way that I would produce my own electricity, and so on!! Haha, self sustaining…

      What I’ve recently realized is, old soul or not…we are here to take something away from this lifetime…and if you have a nagging feeling like I do, that kind that comes from the core, I believe that’s the path to follow. This feeling is something that just will not subside… It’s been with me from the beginning, and since I’ve chose to ignore it, I led myself astray.

      I always knew I needed to be in a position of management, teacher, counsler……I have something to contribute, and much to learn!!!

      Not for the purpose of money though, which is what I thought at a younger age, but more for the fulfillment, because like you, I always feel comfortable, and in the right place when I’m involved with such matters. Which I’ve come to understand, that the socialization will become easier, especially when your in your right element. I think I’m a teacher at heart, and I can contribute a lot to a lot of people through teaching.

      That would be living my purpose.

      The money is more of my ego talking, but would defiantly be an added bonus. I look at it this way, with the money and the great career, I can get the best of both worlds…..that land just far enough away, and the job that fulfills the teacher inside of me!

      • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

        Dennis, you should perhaps check out the Mature Soul Age and Young Soul Age tests. Tests I wrote on each of these can be found here: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/ and http://lonerwolf.com/young-soul-test/

        From a superficial read of your comment, I would say that you are actually in transition from Young Soul to Mature Soul. The Old Soul is unconcerned with material gain or corporate success (this is more of a Young Soul pursuit).


        • mudit

          We have something special.. we have more to give and we have more to live..
          don’t be too disappointed, its just a personality.. history has proved over and over that this mind can do more than what we can ever think.. people achieve greatness by embracing what they have and learning what they don’t have.. our old soul is capable of something great.. we just have to take actions for going to that “route”.. i couldn’t ask more from life than the wisdom i have.. people get this wisdom when they are about to loose their life.. its like a rebirth in the same lifetime.. we can love more, feel more, give more..
          only thing we have to do is to find where we lack.. spread the goodness in world..
          wise minds know that money is just a piece of paper and if you read more books, you’ll know that we don’t have to waste our whole like for earning it.. i would recommend you to follow robert kiyosaki(for money stuff).. you can find the way to earn money that suits us old souls :)
          feel blessed.. god doesn’t give this to everyone :)

  • Jackie

    Growing up I was always told that I was mature for my age. That I thought about things on a level above those of my peers. Several times I’ve been told that I was an old soul, but I hesitate to call myself that for fear of seeming like I’m trying to give myself a title that I don’t deserve (if that makes sense).

    I can relate to many things on this list and then some. I often find myself not reacting to events (births, deaths, etc.) the way others around me do, and “faking” my reaction just so people don’t look at me funny. The best example is with the birth of my children. Don’t misunderstand me, I love both of my children and would do anything for them, but I didn’t feel that sense of overwhelming emotion that so many women describe. For me, it was, more like “okay, that’s done, time to go home and start parenting”.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Jackie. You sound very much like a phlegmatic temperament (and in fact, most Old Souls are).

      Thank you for sharing here!


  • Dimples

    I am alone most of the time and mentally tired most of the time .As a child I could never fit in ,I felt different and was always treated differently . As the article describes I don’t care for worldly status and material things .I just want peace around me . I have managed to be no longer a people pleaser and have come to accept who I am . I am also en empath and get premonitions at times. I still have it difficult in this world and at times are so overwhelmed by this loneliness that I wish not to live anymore

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Dimples, possessing a different mindset and outlook from other people is very alienating. Always remember, however, that you are not alone in your aloneness, and that it is possible to reach out to other people who are like you in many ways. Often times chronic loneliness is a result of not finding peace or happiness within yourself, and looking for it externally instead. This is important to keep in mind when pursuing your life path: happiness and wholeness always comes from within.

      Thank you for reading.


  • john

    What a dumb list. Just dumb dumb dumb. Except 1, 2, and 5. Number 9 was just laughable.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      I’m happy that the article was a source of amusement for you John, better that than boredom any day :).


  • An old soul

    First of all, thank you for this. As I sit alone, away from the busy crowd, I smile because I just realized how much I appreciate my alone time. My favorite part of the day is spending time with myself and soaking in everything that the day has brought. I get chills reading this article- I often feel inspired and humbled. Everyone I encounter I try to put myself on their “level” and connect with them one on one. I am often told that my presence is very calming. And now that I have finished writing this, I laugh because sometimes “I just feel old.” My heart feels heavy and my head is exhausted. Old souls appreciate sleep because we can finally calm all of our thoughts for the first time all day.

    This article nailed it. Every old soul is different in their own way, but I think the biggest thing I have learned in all my lifeS is that kindness is so utterly important and you can always learn something new.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you for your very welcomed presence on this page :).
      Perhaps number #10 should be “You love sleeping whenever you get the chance”?
      Thanks for commenting, and all the best!

  • Ramon

    Hello… right now Im at the stage of my life, when Im rather conscious about that ”condition” of my soul and I have to say Im quite proud of that.
    Through the last years I started fully to feel the whole thing about seeing a bigger picture (6#)…
    Sometimes I was really desperate how some people was not able to understand wider contexts of problems and their deepest causes to get rid of them… and I still have to learn a lot about how to let it go easily, but Im on the way I guess:)
    .. Now I just want to clarify current situation…
    Im here, read this article after I typed ”Im an old soul” to Google, after I came to work after hour and half walk from my home. I woke up around 5:30 to have enough time for the walk and to hear at least a half of some nice opera piece while walking. Mornings are still quite freezing, but sun is beautfully comming out along.. So Im up there approaching the view above the city and seeing all the cold sun-flooded beauty all around and feeling just heavenly…
    Such a normal thursday moning:)
    Greetings from Prague

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Ramon. I’m happy to hear that you have developed a sense of personal pride along your personal path of self-discovery. It’s frustrating sometimes to witness the lives of other people who seem quite aware that they are creating the same cycles of destructive behavior – this is all due to the inability to perceive the wider picture. You are fortunate to have developed it.
      The place you live sounds beautiful by the way!

  • Caroline

    Please help. I feel like this is me almost completely. I find it very overwhelming. I need alone time. But when I get lost in my thoughts I feel like I shouldn’t be here, like I have no connection to anyone, not even the people I love. I find myself having “mental” out of body experiences, if that makes sense. I feel trapped in a way.
    I remember being younger and going to see a new doctor for the first time after moving. I could have only been 12 or so at the time. After talking to me for about 30 seconds she told me I’m an old, wise soul. At the time I didn’t understand. But those words have always stuck with me. And as I have grown some, I am now 22, I know what she was telling me. One time, during an exercise type activity in middle school, people were told to whisper nice things in everyone else’s ears. Everyone’s eyes were closed when it was their turn to hear the nice things. Of course, most of the students says things like “you’re smart” or “I like your clothes”. But one of the adults in the room told me that when they look at me they see an angel spirit. It completely took me off guard and I’m still not sure entirely what it meant.
    Do you have any advice on how ti deal with this mental, physical, emotional, etc dissonance I am experiencing?

    • Deanna

      I suggest looking up angels that have incarnated to Earth. Another interesting thing that you might want to look up is starseeds. Or I suggest that you could try to mediate and try to seek answers that way. But it’s all up to you ^_^ I hope you find the answers that you are looking for.
      Namaste :)

    • http://facebook.com/canadabound92 Will

      It’s hard to say if there are answers, at least that we can find. The term “old soul” itself is something I would imagine isn’t taken literally, but whatever it is that causes these characteristics it’s clearly a well defined phenomena. It was like reading a description of myself from start to finish.

      • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

        Hello Caroline.

        In response to the suggestion kindly given by Deanna, you may be able to identify with the following article: http://lonerwolf.com/are-you-a-starseed/ and your sense of emotional dissonance. Always remember that you are not alone in your problems – many others in the world share your feelings and experiences as well.


    • Clarence

      I’m 23 this year and it feels a little amusing to see how this list resonates with what i know of my being. Based on my experiences, i would recommend writing, painting, or any other mediums as a way of expressing your feelings.

      I do also slip into periods of existential anguish and feel detached from the world of man most of the time. To counter that, i have been trying to exercise mindfulness – to see beauty in the moment and to always ensure that my mind is not easily taken in by the pace of others.

      My main issue at this point in life would definitely be relating to others. I have no issue talking to people, but very often my soul dies a little because i have to talk about the things that are relevant to their lives, of which i have little interest in – because i think it’s all pointless. It makes me rather judgemental and i am afraid that i might come across as being offensive. I’m trying to iron it out by forcing myself to view others kindly and to acknowledge that they too are products of their circumstances.

      I still do feel the pain of being alone and detached from the world of man, but i want to think of it as a gift – a different way of viewing the world that can benefit society.

      I hope this helps :)

      • Francis

        That was a good article. This issue about feeling old, to me it feels like a weariness of the world, like youve been there done that, atleast in terms of the internal experience. I broke up with a girl I have come to realize I really adored, (I dunno whether I loved her) but to me the cause of the breakup was a realization that we could never ever be on the same level. She was ready to play in the endless cycle of destruction, at a level where i could foresee the eventual outcome with every choice she made and rarely was she able to understand my perspective. I am 28 and tired of searching for a gal and friends too, who meet me at my level. So with girls I basically just have a good time and not take anyone seriously, I know its not cool but a man’s got to live. So its true that it’s a path of the loner, even when I’m with other people, I feel alone because, what they want to talk about, feels so mundane and pointless. Luckily I can share a tip i learnt from someone; the secret is a good laugh, when you are in such company, don’t try to agree because you actually don’t agree, just try to see and converse about the funny side of what the conversation topics and stories, because that is the last common ground you got. It’s hard when you start, because you are still learning to get with that attitude, but once you get it, it will be easy to have fun and be authentic at the same time, cheers everyone.

  • Lora

    Thanks so much for this great article. I learned so much that rang true for me and my son. This had been very helpful to remove this feeling I have of being cold and antisocial. I am going to look for this book.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      This is wonderful to hear Lora! I do hope the small book that I have written can help to elaborate what the Old Soul is, how they function, and how they perceive the world.
      Please feel free to let me know any more thoughts you have about this topic in the future!
      Warmly, Luna

  • https://www.facebook.com/gvillars1 g,villars

    boy did I hit the bullseye on this. started my “meaning of life” journey at age eight. If I wasn’t learning something at all times I would get restless and on edge, and have never been able to involve myself in mundane conversation. This has always led people to say I am “standoffish” which I never know how to react too. I am the best when I am inside my own mind or asked my advice or perspective but rarely offer it on my own. I do not like being the center of attention and feel better knowing perhaps I was able to enlighten someone else on a topic so they may take the spotlight.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you Gvillars! It’s wonderful hearing that this article has hit the bulls-eye for you. :)

  • Stacy

    I am a bit of a bohemian and lived my life according to what was morally right or wrong regardless of what was socially acceptable. For that reason I have often been warned throughout my life that I would be sorry someday for making the wrong decisions. I am 50 years old and am college educated, been successfully married for 25 years, have two great kids who are drug free and college bound, never been arrested, divorced, or addicted to any substances, or alcohol. Basically life has been pretty good for me and through it all everyone kept telling me I was going to be sorry someday. Most people admit now that their predictions were wrong but basically I think many of the people who were planning my life and guiding me were older than me in age but younger than me spiritually and morally and their ideas and guidance although well meaning was alway short sighted. It is hard to impart wisdom, we can teach many things but wisdom only come with age. My gut feeling has always been right and my predictions about future events, which I often keep to myself, are also always on the mark. I believe I am a very old soul and that was probably why I followed my own path regardless of convention. I helped people who trusted me, connected with those whose intentions were pure and loved those who were generous with their passion for life and all it has to offer. And god smiled uopn me and has given me a great life. I have no regrets.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Stacy, it’s refreshing to read such a self-possessed comment, and I commend you for your decisions, regardless of what other people told you. This is a lesson that we can all do with: to live our lives in a fashion that seems true to ourselves. Thank you for sharing these life experiences of yours here.

  • JD

    Like most others here, I’ve been told this by many people all my life. Even when i was little. Although then I never really understood it, and thought it odd that someone would call a child old. I guess now that I’m considered middle aged, I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to really look up what an old soul is, but here I am. All of these things kind of made me laugh because I fit into them. I could literally be put in solitary confinement with nothing but textbooks for the rest of my life and then some. I used to sit and read college textbooks as a kid and would get me laughed at more than naught from most people. I like sports and things as a kid, but I’d much prefer being left alone in a quiet room. Even now, my coworkers want to sit and chat, and I’m constantly telling them to shut up. They’re always asking if I’m mad, and I have to explain all the time that I’m not mad, I just prefer quiet of idle chit chat. But regardless of whether I believe this or not, it’s nice to know that not everyone that is labeled a “loner” paints their fingernails black and wears all black clothing. I’m just a normal businessman. I wear suits, I go to work, and on my off time I’m reading things that help me learn different skills in life.

    Thanks for the good read.


    • JD

      I just want to add too, something that I thought was odd at the time. I was told once something my wife and I always felt that we were soul mates. But we were also told that there are several types of soul mates and that we weren’t the kind that get married. Our type was supposed to be a teacher student relationship and that I should not marry her, and instead teach her all that I could and then move on. Well we didn’t listen, of course, got married and are now divorced. We can still talk peacefully, but could never be together without killing each other. So maybe there is something to souls/soul mates/ soul ages…

      • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

        Thank you JD!

  • Jessie

    Hey! My name is Jessie. I was just told by a man that I am “an old soul” but I had a ten minute conversation with him. He said the way I look, walk and talk he can tell that I’ve “been here before”. I did some research and realized I am. Every single thing I read about one who has an old soul…I have. When I was younger I found it hard to associate myself with the other kids but sort of forced myself too. I found it easier to hang out with the older kids and people because I felt more comfortable. I “matured” at a very young age. I also get the feeling like I’ve been to places before or I could finish someone’s sentence. I have a strong connection with most people emotionally. Especially when something is bothering them. I always look for advice and I listen more then I talk or like to talk. I love nature, animals and the starts. I have yet to figure out my purpose here but I want to badly. I also have a very strong hearing ability (beyond the average person) and I feel things I probably shouldn’t be able to. I have gotten very spiritual over the years. And often dream about things over and over again. Maybe I am truly an old soul…or maybe I am just uncertain about who I truly am.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi there Jessie. Your experience sounds very strange, a man telling you out of the blue that you are an Old Soul? Strange how life tends to spontaneously lead us onto new paths, paths that reveal deeper aspects of our personalities!

  • Rebecca

    Hi, I have always been a loner. And had an attraction to being around older people. I do enjoy being around people but overall I just prefer my own company. I have this strong feeling I have been put on the earth for a reason. I walk around and just look at people around and just don’t feel like I fit in like I’m not the same. It’s strange. I have never really had any friends. My only close friend is my cousin and my mum. I have acquaintances and friends which I see every now and then. I only feel at my best when I am around nature and animals and outdoors. I also feel at my best when I am being creative. Please help I need some help and advice that I am not crazy. Kind Regards Rebecca.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi there Rebecca, thank you for reading and also for sharing some of your story here.
      You may find some solace in the Old Soul Facebook group that Sol and I created a while ago: https://www.facebook.com/groups/imanoldsoul/
      Otherwise, please let me know what exactly you would like assistance with.
      I wish you all the best, Luna

  • rick

    Where to begin…Diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Not many friends as a child. Craved adult approval, not so much my peers. Recently I’ve come to realize I have felt disconnected, like an outsider in my own life. Going thru the motions but never connected. I have the ability I assumed everyone had to see the ‘end’ result of actions beyond the immediate consequences. I’m drawn to medieval things and futuristic life in space. Very little about today’s world makes me enthusiastic. I feel comfortable with a sword in my hand, but not a cell phone. Today, going about mundane life tasks at home I felt a strange revelation. Like this is the Matrix. Nothing in my life is real, important or belongs to me. I feel like I’m waiting. Starting to wonder about reincarnation…even my name seems to be a contrivance forced upon me at birth that I’ve never been comfortable hearing. Psychology suggests people love hearing someone say their name. It make me uncomfortable. Home, family, car, job…these things are trivial and fleeting. I feel like I’m trapped in a time and space I don’t belong in. The old soul test suggests I’m not, but I’ve always felt that way. I have an underlying sorrow for the world as I see lives torn apart by fleeting, unimportant moments that I truly cannot understand. Honestly wondering if I’ve lost my freaking mind or just scratched the surface of previous existences I’ve had and long to return to.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Rick.
      Not only can I relate to what you’ve written, but countless others here can as well – and I guess it is this knowledge that offers us some kind of consolation. Have you checked out the mature soul test? http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/ Perhaps your angst is as a result of dwelling in this particular soul age?

  • Alex

    I am eighteen and as a child I remember absolutely dreading whenever a friend would come over, because that meant they would mess up my personal space. I was not by any means a stuck up kid, the emotions were just overwhelming enough to remember today. This confused me then, but now I understand. Today, most of my feelings are spent wishing I was released from the world, a continual feeling that I want to return to the peaceful place I feel I used to know. It gives me a great deal of frustration and I have terrible anxiety that originates directly from these “trapped” emotions. The medication I take takes the edge off, but I still feel a deeper frustration inside. My boyfriend is a young soul, and we often clash, leading to a desire to hide in a shell. You really cannot begin to explain all this to a young soul, they have far too much inner growth to experience. I do have friends, but I feel like I am constantly playing a cat mouse game. When I spend too much time with others I feel like I easily suffocate. If you believe in Aura’s as I do, I have a crystal aura, which absorbs the energy of others very easily. I find myself taking on the aura’s of others which fuels the anxiety that I have. Over the years I have learned the importance of space and I have really learned quite a bit about myself. I’m still learning and I really enjoyed reading your blog, thank you for the opportunity to share.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Alex, many thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences here.
      I can relate to your feelings. I too absorb a lot of emotional and psychological energy from my surroundings, and it really is exhausting. Like you, I am slowly learning how to deal with this in my own special ways. Sounds as though you may also be an empath. If you haven’t already taken the test, feel free to take it here: http://lonerwolf.com/empath-test/
      All the best!

    • jay

      your aura isn’t crystal who the hell told you that? don’t believe everything you’re told. the aura is magnetic and pulsing in a vortex fashion. it has more to do with your “charge” .

  • Craig

    I have just stumbled across your blog & it has had quite an effect. What I have read has resonated. As a child I was excessively shy, introverted, even labelled borderline autistic. I read a lot & slept little. I lived as a devout Christian as a mid teenager but after dissatisfaction with the faith I struggled with alcohol & substance abuse issues for the next decade. I married & had 2 children but have always had few friends & spent most of my time reading & reflecting. I struggle to connect with people who are not like minded. My marriage fell apart 2 years ago. 12 months ago I walked away from a successful business as part of my separation but as time has gone on I have realised that ethically…spiritually maybe, I cannot be part of the corporate world. I really don’t feel as if it has been via my choices but my life has become very simple…not working a lot with very few possessions. I felt compelled to share my experience with you

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Craig,

      I love hearing that this blog has resonated with a lot of your own thoughts and life experiences.
      Thank you for sharing your story here!
      All the best wishes, Luna

  • cheetos&gasoline

    i feel old and I miss home a lot.I don’t know what and where that “home” is but it’s so overwhelming sometimes I feel like I m gonna go ape-shit…that and to find others like me.I need people like me like I need Oxygen. it’s been this way all my life ..love your blog by the way. subscribed

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hey Cheetos, thank you for sharing.
      Isolation is frustrating and draining, like a leech constantly latched on to you, feeding off you everywhere you go. I would suggest joining meetup.com and finding a group in your local area that enjoys the same interests as you – this is one good way of meeting people similar to you. Members of spirituality, self-help groups are often the understanding, sympathetic kinds, and you may like to check some of these groups out. At the very least it will provide you with the first step towards improving the quality of your life.
      Also, thank you for subscribing!
      All the best, Luna

  • rekha

    I have always felt tired from my birth and always had great tokerance and patience for pain. I am very sensitive and found difficult to fit in. I blamed it on my health and Anaemicv condition. But this article has been very helpful. In the beginning of my life I pusued career in engineering soully for financial stability but after some time I felt that the corporate job was not for me. I just wanted to be with myself and kind of ruminate on my life. I quit soon and suffered depression for some time. People around me criticized me for my decision and called me quitter or loser but it was a call from deep inside.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Rekha, thank you for sharing your story here.
      Following a path with heart was never easy, and although you were criticized and insulted for making the best choice for your well being, I’m happy to hear that you still stand by your decision. Imagine if we lived our lives by the terms of others? We would be miserable, empty souls. I’m also delighted to hear that this article has been a great help to you – this fills me with joy to hear!
      All the best, Luna

      • rekha

        The greatest conflict within me and still is how to differentiate between
        genuine detachment, disinterestedness and laziness? I have done well in my education and acquired a well paid job and I could have continued it. But the soulless atmosphere simply stifled me. I could have still carried on and earned lot of money and a good position but I simply did nor have that kind of ambition. I have a 3 year daughter and have decided to look after her rather than pursuing a career. Only time will tell if this is a wise decision. But would like to know your thoughts on this.

        • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

          Hi Rekha,

          I’m not sure that I can answer these thoughts sufficiently.
          Detachment, disinterestedness and laziness are often interconnected, for instance, disinterestedness arises when you fail to see the true worth of something, followed by detachment and laziness (unwillingness to dedicate your time to something you fundamentally believe is ‘not worth it’). I’m not sure whether this is a very good distinction, but these are my thoughts anyway.

          All the best,

  • Rick

    I need help..

    I would consider myself pretty much an old soul. I always seek greater spiritual discovery and would always reflect about everything around me.

    Being an old soul has its benefits.
    But, I’m a teenager, 17 to be exact. I have very little friends and Im not a person that’s into parties and having social interaction like how other ‘normal’ , typical teenagers do.

    I listen more than I speak. I could go a day without speaking a word, but couldnt go an hour without thinking, and reflecting..

    This is fine by me. (Well.. sort of..)

    However, Im beginning to be very concern..

    Living in a corporate world, social interaction is necessary, we have to work, to earn a living, so that we could survive. But Im concern that my old soul behaviours, character, will not get me anywhere in this corporate world, where everything is about efficiency, people relations, and social interactions. This alone, has very little meaning to me. I dont see any meaning behind huge gatherings and parties as well.

    But to survive, I have to interact and get socialised. Which is something I loath..

    Any advices?
    I need help.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Rick.
      By no means do I have all the answers – but finding a job that requires little social interaction in the first place may be a start. Not sure whether you have read the article I wrote on Jobs for Introverts, but you may like to check it out: http://lonerwolf.com/jobs-for-introverts/
      Certain societies (American and Asian countries in particular) emphasize the need to get fancy, laborious degrees in order to get by. However, many people find ‘success’ by simply getting a small certificate in Security Operations for instance, working happily as security guards that have little to no social contact during the night time. Don’t feel the need to “go big”. In my own experience, not only did it put me in serious debt, but it also starved me entirely of the desire to learn. That is why I’ve opted for alternative forms of education. You may like to read this article on the subject as well: http://lonerwolf.com/alternative-forms-of-education/
      I hope that some of what I have said has helped. Feel free to let me know how you go!

  • Pia

    I have always felt a bit weird that I am not obsessed with latest gadgets, parties or fashion. I always took the most mature way. Even materialism does not interest me. Now I understand I am an Old soul.Some of my colleagues and friends call me motherly and come to me with their problems.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Pia. I’m happy to hear that this article could help you better define yourself.
      Thank you for commenting!

  • Gaurav

    B4 I came across this post, I knew nothing about something like ‘Old Soul’, but I knew that I am somewhat different. All the signs discussed above, click with the way I am, except #3. I won’t say I am an atheist, but unlike others, I ‘just’ remember God when I am happy, I thank him.

    Most of the time my perspective is different from my friends and people around me, which they often seem to fail to understand. People I anonymously talk to, guess my age 10-15 years more than I actually am. My Granny says that I am wise and mature. Once my close friend told me that he thinks I am the most mature guy of my biological age he has ever seen (he might be kidding maybe). The fact is, I also feel aged inside, because of the way I think, because of he way I believe ! I used to have a notion that this might be due to my habit of reading books, but lately I realized, I actually never read anything except fiction, but I had to say things about the things I have not even read or heard about.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Gaurav. Thank you for the thoughts.
      It’s uncommon for people to fit perfectly into one label or another, but if you feel that you exhibit most of these characteristics, chances are that you are indeed Old in Soul, or at least other people perceive you that way.
      You may also like to check out our test on Mature Souls if you are at all interested: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/

  • mowwli

    hello,this is mowwli,happy to know about this information.thank you.
    yes,i feel wise all the time as i know many things.i don’t have desires to experience luxaries and all.when i watch a few things happening,i understand it’s reaction without knowing it consciously…nd above all.
    thank u :-)

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Thank you mowwli. I’m happy to hear that you could identify with this article. :)

  • Ana

    I was told I was an old soul for the first time at a palm reading when I was in 6th or 7th grade, not really understanding what it meant. I now 15 years old (10th grade) and recently began reading articles on souls and I feel like my life makes so much more sense now. I understand now why I feel unconnected to things my younger souled friends have interest in, like the newest brand name clothing item or the newest school gossip because I can’t see the value in it. I feel very unamused with things like that because it all seems very unimportant. Many things in this article related to me as well, like that I think about everything and learning/reflecting from others actions is the best teacher, and that I just simply feel older than everyone my age. There are several other reasons but I don’t need to list them all. However, I am commonly told I act older than my age. People ask me if I’m in college or a senior in high school, when I’m only a sophomore. Even my parents joke that the way I think things through is in a more mature manner than they do (I think they are young souls). When I ask why they thought I was so much older, people tell me that I just act like it. So my question is do old souls also act a lot older than their age?

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Ana, thank you for reading and commenting.
      Most definitely. Young Old Souls have the tendency to act older than what their age suggests. This is why they’re often thought as being “mature”, “precocious” and even “smart asses”.
      What you have provided here sounds as though you are Old in Soul, which at your age can be difficult and alienating. A good solution to this would be to find people who are older than you to befriend (this prevents you from feeling misunderstood and isolated).
      – Luna

  • Natalie T

    I have known for a long time that I am an old soul. As a child, I had a hard time relating to people my age and would often find myself alone. I’ve always had more wisdom than most people my age and I know that I am different. I steer clear of overly complicated things and I don’t care for the latest cell phone or fad item. I don’t watch sports and I don’t even care for television really. I read books on health and spirituality. I offer advice to my few friends who are younger souls. My friends are all old friends and I rarely make new friends. I don’t care about success or making money. I find the past more fascinating than the future. I can make inferences about the future because I know how human beings behave. I don’t care to get involved with the troubles of the world because I know there is no point. I don’t like the injustice in the world, but I know that it must be that way. Life must be difficult so that we can learn from it. My focus has always been about having experiences and about nurturing the few relationships that I have. Death has always been a very real part of my life, but not in a bad way. I believe in reincarnation and I know that I’ve lived before. I enjoy offering advice and wisdom to others. I also appreciate the small amounts of beauty in the world and I notice a great deal more than most people. I know that I am not perfect and I don’t care. Life is not a race and there are no awards for popularity so why bother with that. I would be surprised if I wasn’t an old soul.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Natalie.
      The description that you have provided of yourself definitely sounds as though it matches the Old Soul temperament. I’m happy that this article could provide you with some food for thought! Thank you for having a read, -L

  • p

    Maybe Instead Of Chalking These Characteristics Up As “Old Soul” Let’s Analyze Other Similar Characteristics That Can Determine This Type Of Perspective…

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi P. Thank you for reading.
      What would you suggest?

  • Doug

    Oh man, this is definitely me. I’m 21 going on 22, and I’m not naïve enough to take one of those surveys where I wind up saying “That’s exactly like me!” for everything. But legitimately, everything on here does in fact describe me lol. Interesting…

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Well I’m happy to hear that this article could shake you up a bit.
      Thank you for reading! -L

  • Gee

    Hi, im 20 years old and im from NYC, its so weird now that I actually read this article, I always feel very disconnected from my generation. Im a huge music lover but i always find my self listening to old school music as well as neo soul. For some strange reason I wish I was born between the era of the 1960s and 1970’s. I have so much love and respect for anything before my generation. I do often find myself to be introverted and in my thoughts, also very mature and to myself. At a early age I was very mature also, very quiet and observant. Now that im in college however I feel as if im searching for something, I dont quite know what it is yet but im sure its something greater, wish I could explain what Im trying to say but vividly i cant interpret. This whole article connects to me 100% , I defiantly believe my little brother and myself was both here before. Thanks, this is really cool. :)

  • Monique

    This is a very intriguing article and puts a lot of things in my life (and I’m sure many others) into perspective.
    I’m currently 22 years old and my whole life I’ve never felt an urgent desire to fit in or a sincere interest in materialistic, media-based values and labels . I’ve always felt so fluid without desiring or relying on external influences to understand what is happening around me–despite any of my hardships. I have always felt this overabundance of wisdom flowing through me and often I find myself always contemplating on deeper meanings, fitting puzzle pieces together, that many people I know ESPECIALLY my age don’t seem to understand or fathom of linking together. I have been told one too many times by people so much older than me that they recognize I am an “old soul” and it really makes me wonder although I have always felt as if I have known.
    When it comes to friendships and romantic relationships, I have never been one to frolic amongmany strangers, but to appreciate and value close, genuine, and true connections that go beyond skin-deep; the ones that I feel a certain soft “at home” feeling with that comes so naturally–not forced. In fact, throughout all my romantic relations the strongest spiritual and physical connection/pull I ever felt was with someone a lot older than me.
    I have a strong sense of empathy and intuition–those I know and people i meet for the first tend to naturally tell me their deepest secrets and I still am in awe for why this is but perhaps this explains it.

    thanks for putting this up; it helps me understand myself a lot better


    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Monique, self-discovery is often a very convoluted, confusing thing, and I’m so happy to hear that this article could serve to help you on this quest! -L

  • Lisa

    In regards to the article expressing the nature and characteristics of “old souls”, I thank you. I have never been able to put this sensation into words, and I am filled with exuberance and relief to read it so plainly put. I’m 25. I have three jobs. I’m fortunate looking, educated, well mannered and spoken with a raging hunger for knowledge. I have moments of weakness when it comes to loneliness, but more often than not, I am completely satisfied in my own company. I go out to eat alone. I abhore technology and its grip on society. I don’t drink alcohol. I have no close friends or any love interest. At times I yearn for a like-minded person to talk with. Might you have any suggestions on Old souls and finding love? I can’t relate to my own age group, and desire a partner with limited personal issues, which is a problem that arises when someone in my position chooses to date older people in order to compensate for maturity. Have you happened to find in your personal walk, a way to connect with another old soul? How do we find love? How do we date? How do I find someone like me? I want to have a family and a simple beautiful life. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time. Your articles on the matter were a pleasure to read.

    Lisa M.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi Lisa,
      I’m happy to hear that this article could put into words what you have felt for so long. Finding a suitable partner, especially for those who feel so naturally disconnected from others in life, is tricky. There is no one magical solution, but I do recommend that you try your luck online. Meetup.com is a terrific way to meet like-minded people. If you have an interest in spirituality for instance, you will be able to find spirituality groups in your city. Same with philosophy, history, esotericism, art and so forth. I met Matthew Sol by creating a group of my own, inviting people to meet up and make friends in the city I lived in. So the internet really does expand your chances of meeting a wonderfully suited person. I hope this suggestion helps!

  • http://www.blog.phoenixrosedesign.com Rose

    I’ve been an old soul most of my life. I think the other thing about being an old soul that you’ve failed to mention is that because we have already learned so many life lessons – from ourselves and others – we tend to try to help others on their path.

    I often find myself being the advice giver, the problem solver, the person pointing others in the right direction or asking the pointed questions that they are too afraid to ask themselves. I have had boyfriends and friends who have gone on to grow up while I was with them – and ended up going from my relationship with them into the long term relationships that made their lifes more joyous while I have remained “alone”, unmarried, without a soulmate – and guiding the next person who needs my vision to move onto the next stage in their own life.

    What’s funny is that although I have always wanted to get married / have a family of my own, for most of my life, I have realized it won’t happen because of who I am and my own destiny to walk others through their “growing up”. It makes me sad, and yet, I accept it as my destiny.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Rose.
      Yes, that is an excellent addition to this article. Thank you for making the suggestion. Most especially, I’ve noticed the Old Soul’s desire to guide in my fellow writer Matthew Sol, and to me it’s a beautiful thing to witness.
      Although you are without a soulmate or partner of your own, it must benefit you in some way to know that you are helping fellow humanity with patience and kindness – that your time on this earth hasn’t been in vain, but has been used to help countless souls to achieve happier lives.

      I hope this article encouraged and comforted you. -L

  • Emily

    I’m only a teenager, but my entire life, I’ve always been the one to have “deep” thoughts while every one else is so shallow. I’ve always been a wordy person, and I’ve always thought in depth about the big picture, and the meaning of life, and the why of everything. The thing I’ve wanted the most has always been just to be a good person, and this is the only thing i really want. I get upset only if i do something i think could hurt someone, and feel like it’s my job to make sure everyone is ok. My parents and all of their friends always said i was extremely mature for my age, and i am. I never feel satisfied with just average day-to-day life, and always feel like i need a purpose.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi Emily. I’m pleased to hear that you’re continuing to understand yourself more. Thank you for reading. :)

  • Luenel

    I remember nearly all of my young life, far before the age where my memory was supposed to dissolve. I was always charismatic but I never begged for attention or sought it out. You see, I found that you don’t need other people to be happy because they can not keep you eternally happy on their own so I found others tiresome. My company with myself was the best I had or wanted. I was far wider than I should have been at a young age; once even when I’d been spoken to rudely as a toddler I turned to a parent and merely stated; “Well, we might as well wipe the dirt off our shoes”, implying I knew I had been treated rudely and knew also to just turn the other cheek. I have an astounding work-ethic and all I need to motivate me is a simple ” I need to”. I’m also an eccentric learner and lover of vocabulary expansion. Now I am only 15 and I still feel the same detachment from the governing system, fads, society, and change.

    Though, I want to ask of you; most of my wisdom I had has dissolved and I think I know how but I know not why. I had fallen backwards and when my skull hit pavement my life had flashed before my eyes. I have a crack in my head now but; do you think it’s possible I’ve lost some of my memory attained years ago as an old soul?

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Luenel. While reading your comment, I got the impression that you were in your 60’s and was surprised to read that you’re 15! I suppose this is the greatest marker of the Old Soul. I’m sorry to hear that you fell and cracked open your head, but fascinated at the expression “I saw my life pass before my eyes”. I’ve always wondered what this meant as I have never experienced it before. I find it difficult to answer your question, as it is very relative to your situation (how hard you hit your head etc.) Personally, I believe that the more you learn about yourself and the world, the more you realize how little you truly know – which may be the reason why your “wisdom has dissolved” with time. It’s also difficult for me to answer your question regarding your accident and your past life memories, so what I say is merely speculation. To me, I think it would be impossible to lose the experiences and knowledge that you’ve gained from past lives. If you’ve heard of cellular memory (which could be one explanation for the old soul phenomenon), you realize that this information is rooted very deep within you, forming your make-up – a special DNA of sorts.

  • Michaela

    Speaking as an eighteen year old, I have the feeling that I am an old soul. I’ve always felt different from the people around me, and that feeling has only increased with age. I’m in high school right now, and high school is the place where young people show signs of the adults they will become. All around me, I see so much immaturity and people caught up in foolish, materialistic things. I just don’t understand them, and they’ll probably always be that way. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they just don’t have the depth that I crave in my friends. I’ve always felt so deep, and I think about everything and everyone. I feel very alone sometimes in my thoughts because I am so different, but I think there is a kind of power to being so deep and an “old soul”. I will go through life, experiencing it differently and seeing the true beauty of it all. I think it is the old souls like us that keep this world beautiful. I’m happy to see that I am not really alone.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Michaela, welcome!
      I’m sorry to say that your observations of high school life often carry on to adult life. There’s still elite groups, gossiping, bullying, melodrama, and all other things you can expect in high school in the adult world. It’s something I’ve had to learn to accept, rather than to fight, because after all, you can never change a person unless they’re willing to change themselves first.
      At this point in your life, you may benefit from reaching out outside of your school to develop different bonds with different aged people. (Meetup.com is a great website to do this). It makes me happy to hear that this article could bring you some kind of comfort. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • emily

    Being an old soul at times is an exhausting experience and very lonely one. People say they understand how you feel about things, occasionally they do but mostly they don’t. People seem very harsh to us old souls. We never gang up, we never cause problems, we think completely alone and will stand alone even if we end up alone.

    I’m only in my 30s and when i’m out with so called friends (all of whom are older than me). The conversation is usually so small I can barely be bothered to speak and no in case anyone was wondering I don’t have autism.

    I amongst others who will read this can easily spot someone who haven’t lived many lives. They are usually in packs with like minded others, gossiping and causing as much destruction as possible. Its so desperately sad to watch but you know there is no point even trying to educate them as it would be like asking a two year old to do a degree.

    When I feel for someone over a situation they’re in I really feel. Its not a case of thats sad now lets get on with my life I really feel feel for them. No matter how happy I am there is always a sadness in my heart that basically I just want to go home. I can both hear and see spirit and believe me there are always when they are around.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Emily, your comment reflects a lot of sadness, sadness which I too can relate to. For a large portion of my life I felt things so deeply, as you do, and saw through things so quickly I wondered what was the point of doing anything at all. I quickly learnt that the healthiest path for me was to distance or separate myself from the people who called themselves my friends, but really weren’t on the same level as me, who said they could relate, but only really cared about their own dramas and issues to form a strong, close bond. I hope that you are able to find that person, or group of people, who you can develop some kind of soul compatibility with. -L

  • Jess

    Ok for people that read this I very much believe in God!!! However, at different points in my life I have been told I have an Old Soul. At first I blew it off cause I thought these people were crazy. Then I got older and I was sitting on the stairs of my apartment building when a guy I never saw before walked by and then stopped. He said hello and we thought he was a mental cause he was acting a little off. He looked directly at me after a sentence was spoken and said You have an old soul and I laughed and told him I got that a lot. He left almost immediately after that. But if this stuff is true that would explain why I feel as though I belong in an earlier time and why I just get so tired. I also get discouraged with human behavior. My choice of career is being a care giver and some how I feel like I’ve been doing it forever and sometimes I think that people are leaving humanity behind. It’s weird but I have felt like this most of my life
    So what do you think.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Jess. Well, only you can really answer that. Being an Old Soul is only one explanation among thousands for why you feel the way you do, and why you perceive the world in your own way. Of course, taking a couple of tests may help you figure this out yourself more. You could start off with these two: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/ and http://lonerwolf.com/old-soul-test/ Let me know whether they help. ;)

  • Rynn Hamilton

    I am a pansexual and an old soul. I also have Aspergers’, so that makes sense. I love music and art, so that’s what I’m going to college for. It doesn’t really matter to me if I’ll make much money at it. I’ll be happy, so who cares?

    I have very few friends, and I’m always the quiet one. It’s not a bad thing. I used to think that I just felt old, which was weird; I’m only eighteen years old! I mean, while things bother me, and I do worry about things sometimes, I just learn my lesson and move on.

    My parents never talked to my brother and I as if we were little kids, and I remembered it always annoyed me if other people did. Now I know I’m not the only one. :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Rynn, a unique combination there! I don’t think I’ve ever read a comment by such a diverse mix of person. It’s terrific to hear that this article has opened your eyes to see that you are definitely not alone in your experiences. Many thanks for sharing these with us!

  • potato

    Ya’ll need jesus

  • Rachel Marshall

    I have just read with interest your article. I have a question to pose to you, something I have been mulling over. I have two children whom have been diagnosed with autism (both are now verbal and can do many things). In discussions with other spiritually inclined peers the discussion has turned to the concept that this group of children are young souls who do not know how to fit into their physical beings. I am of another view that these children that are old souls whom do not fit with the energy of today and in many cases do not want to be here as they are not resonating with the lower level of consciousness that this linear world now portrays. I am very close to my children and I seem to be able to understand and we learn from each other. I know I am an older soul and wonder if this is why we are able to connect to one another so well.
    It would be lovely to hear your view on this subject.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hello Rachel.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences here.
      There could be many explanations for why your children are autistic – after all, meaning is from the mind, and that is relative to the person and their experiences. So there really is no way for me to answer your thoughts. Honestly I don’t know. On one hand you could be trying to rationalize why your children are the way they are, as autism can be hard to accept, on the other, your children really could be Old Souls, or a thousand other explanations that have yet to be explored.

  • Brandon

    Simply put, I’ve felt a heaviness inside of me for some time now, almost like Ive endured more then I can possible remember. Most of these can easily describe me. Maybe I have figured out why I am the way I am.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Brandon, thank you for reading this article. Most definitely being Old in Soul could be one explanation for why you feel as though you’ve dealt with more than you have within your current lifetime. You may also have a lot of repressed memories from earlier childhood, which also tends to contribute to feelings such as heaviness and depression – although this is just another suggestion which may not necessarily be true for you.

  • Lynn

    Thank you. This was very helpful. I always thought I was a bit off from the time I was a child bored with my peers and preferring the company of adults. While today I function well enough in the world, married with a family, I still prefer to be alone especially with an animal by side. I am curious and try to help where I can out in the world, but find it exhausting and am most at peace when I am alone.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Aletheia Luna

      Hi Lynn, thank you for sharing. Your thoughts resonate with many people’s here, and I hope you gain comfort out of learning that there are many like you here as well.

  • Astoria

    I’ve always felt like an older soul. Not necessarily “old”, but I feel a few years older than myself. I feel like I should be in my middle/late 20s. I usually get along with older people in their 20s/30s better than people my age. People my age are just a little too immature for me.
    Also, I try to stay spiritually connected to the universe as much as possible.
    IDK.. I just feel older, but not too old.

  • Leela

    I read this purely out of amusement as my fiance loves to claim he is an old soul. Its funny how so many people love to be labeled as ‘old souls’ – understandable with so many positive attributes. But it always makes me uncomfortable, surely an old soulis not fond of labels, and surely and old soul doesn’t read or write articles such as this?

    Also, perhaps this is worth pondering – if Ekhart Tolle is an old soul, why then is such a character described as being an intense thinker? As far as I can understand, Tolle teaches us to switch our thinking minds off.

    With Respect

    • cold soul

      haha good point

  • Leela

    I read this purely out of amusement as my fiance loves to claim he is an old soul. Its funny how so many people love to be labeled as ‘old souls’ – understandable with so many positive attributes. But it always makes me uncomfortable, surely an old soulis not fond of labels, and surely and old soul doesn’t read or write articles such as this?

    Also, perhaps this is worth pondering – if Ekhart Tolle is an old soul, why then is such a character described as being an intense thinker? As far as I can understand, Tolle teaches us to switch our thinking minds off.

    With Respec

    • Luna

      Hi Leela, whether this article resonated with you or not, I’m pleased to hear that it provided you with some kind of entertainment at least :).

      You make a worthy point; there is a great allure in identifying yourself as an Old Soul. Not only does it make you feel intelligent and wiser than the people around you, but it also gives you a special label to separate yourself from other people, thus enhancing your ego. On the other hand, some people genuinely do feel old at heart and isolated because of this. So in a way, this article provides some form of solace, and also a small explanation, for why some people are the way they are. Of course, there’s no way of proving that there’s any such thing as an “old soul” in the first place, as it’s impossible to measure the age of a soul, but like many things this is simply a belief.

      There are many different perspectives surrounding labels. Some people love them, some people hate them. I have a neutral perspective towards them; on one hand they can trap you within a narrow box and help to discriminate other people, on the other they help the person seeking self-knowledge to come to a better understanding of themselves as a self-growth tool. In the end, both are choices, so the label is either valuable or valueless based on a person’s decisions.

      Also, without intense thinking and introspection, Ekhart Tolle, for instance, would have never been able to come to the conclusions he has come to about the ego and illusion of self. In order to lose yourself you must find yourself first, and this usually involves intense self-study.

      Thank you for sharing your insights here.

  • Ian Fornal

    I find that this describes me well, deeply set beliefs, a feeling that I am equal to my parents, 4 friends my age to date, I’ve never really gravitated to any religion, I’ve made friends with the school nurses and teachers, adults talked to me like I am an adult, and many more. This resonates with me and I thank you for that

    • Luna

      Thank you Ian, I’m happy to hear that this resonates with you!

  • Taylor

    This is so strange to me. All my life I’ve always been called an old soul by everyone. Growing up was hard because I was always a very creative child, but in a different way than other kids. Now that I’m almost 20 years old I look back and see what a strange kid I was! I was never interested in partying, drinking, or being popular. I’ve always had my head in a book or writing. Reading this article was eye opening for me.

    • Luna

      Taylor, uncanny that you have come to read this article! Another explanation could be that you are simply introverted by nature. Many people tend to confuse introversion with being an Old Soul, even though people who feel internally old tend to be introverted, so there is some small overlap.

  • Suzy

    I am completely blown away. I had read about this subject in the past but only very briefly and did not take it too seriously then. Now that I read what you wrote, every word is me. YOU know ME. You just wrote about me in a detailed way. This is crazy! :-)

    Thank you. (I am still processing)

    • Luna

      Suzie, I’m happy to hear that you can relate so strongly!

  • Emil Talic

    I am just amazed to find out I am an old soul, but I am not surprised that this is how I am. I could never fully understand why I lived the way I did since I was a little kid. Everyone who I’ve came across wondered why I am so quite and distant all the time. I never really felt connections with any of my friends in school or anyone my own age. Many things we have in today’s society like social networking, touch screen devices, and popular culture do not really interest me too much. I have been called introverted and quite many times and I finally understand why. I really had a hard time socially from elementary to high school. Especially girls, I have always been interested in older women which is a little embarrassing ha-ha. I love history and anything vintage; clothes, cars, music, vintage tins and antiques. I love to learn about anything and everything and I think constantly, I even find it hard to sleep because I just keep thinking about everything. I am just amazed to finally have a full understanding of who I am. I am glad to have found this sight and that you have helped me understand my identity, that I truly have an old soul. I think I have spent a lot of time thinking and trying to understand why is it that I act and live the way I do.

    Thank you for writing this article Luna.

    Thanks again,

    Emil Talic

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      It is truly amazing isn’t it? There is so much out there that consistently follows a certain pattern in people, types of personalities, maturity, sexuality, and somehow we discredit them as mere “abstract feelings” as if they shared no major importance even though it makes us feel so different from other people.

      When you learn something about yourself like this, it changes this abstract feeling entirely. Suddenly you feel much more centered, you realize where you stand by knowing why you are the way you are. I am happy to see that this discovery has had such an impact on you! :) It truly awakens the possibilities of what else there is out there to discover about ourselves, why is our main purpose with Involution :D

      Thank you for a wonderful comment!

  • Odey

    Thank You very much for this great article!.

    I can relate to every part you wrote,and It definitely helped me identify my self somehow, in time of need.

    I wonder if the so called “Old Souls” are possibly “Supra Humans”, in other words; the Humans that are a step ahead of the others on the evolutionary ladder?. Just a thought I have on my mind that I would like to hear Your take on.

    Thanks again,

    Odey Tayem

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Hello there Odey. I’m pleased to hear that this article was of help to you! I do believe that there is some kind of involutionary process happening slowly within humanity – or, in other words, some kind of inner evolution taking place, where we are gradually, as a whole, learning from our mistakes. If you believe in cellular memory, then it could be said that we are benefiting from the lessons learnt from our ancestors, and thus we are becoming wiser as a result. Interesting thought! I think the theory is quite valid and could be quite possible.

      • http://mdispirito.blogspot.com/ mentored1

        There’s also the possibility that old souls are the ones who have learned from past mistakes and that, as a whole, humanity repeats things over and over without learning. There is a lot of evidence to suggest civilizations have risen and fallen for much longer than written history (and some of us feel it, if that’s the right phrase). Humanity commits the same acts, horrible or wonderful, as if we’ve never done them before!

        Involution and evolution may well be two sides of the same coin. Evolution creates more complex forms, allowing for more action and sensory data, and involution offers an opportunity for such complex forms as humans to understand their potential. Just like with evolution, it’s difficult to ignore the possibility of “dead ends”. It may be the some of us cannot learn more than what we already know, for whatever reason, and the pains and pleasures of life easily keep most folks grounded.

        • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

          I don’t know of you are aware of Bhavacakra, or the Buddhist Wheel of Life.

          It is my own experience also that humanity and history as a collective seem to go through this cycle where the same joys and miseries are experienced over and over again. It is only those who cultivate understanding of themselves, through this life and many past lives that have developed the maturity to become aware of this cycle and choose to break out of it. Psychology also supports this idea with the school of Transactional Analysis, in which we are broken down into three possible selves (Parent, Adult and Child) and it is only those with a well developed child who are capable of making mature unbiased decisions by either of the other two influencing selves.

          Involution is our attempt to create a universal language, a system in which to cultivate understanding of ourselves and if not in this lifetime, in future ones accomplish a much better well and whole-y developed human beings.

          Thank you for a great comment!

  • http://mdispirito.blogspot.com/ mentored1

    Fascinating read! One of my friends sent me the link, probably for a reason. I’ve heard the “old soul” thing before, but I was always wary of new age related stuff–for better or worse, ideas like “old souls” are part of that culture.

    I have journals going back a looooong ways and some early stuff (around 9 years old) is very odd; even reading it today, it’s difficult to understand it came from a child’s mind. The penmanship clearly gives it away, though. There are questions in there about feeling out of place, something missing, wanting to understand why we exist at all, and so forth. Fast forward two-plus decades, journeys through various faiths, mountains of books, and a lot of introspection (meditation and chemical-induced) and I’m still asking the questions.

    Most of the time it’s not places that stand out, it’s the way things are. People mistreating one another, focusing on themselves or the latest trend, technology, politics, government abuse, lack of vision, and so many other issues that feel tired… the nine millionth lap around the wheel for that poor hamster. I have the nagging question in my head: “Is this the best we’ve managed to do?” Stated just like that, echoing in my consciousness. Drives me nuts.

    I have found only three others in my life that share these traits, so it is (if not rare) very unusual. If souls can be old, it seems reasonable there are shades of grey between young and old. I’ve met some folks who have flashes of that “old soul” thing, wanting periods of isolation or pursuing knowledge, and then wading back into the shark-infested mainstream.

    I’ve noticed a great many comments (and even the article) are generally positive. I’ve seen this a lot with discussion of “old souls”, life, etc and have to wonder why I rarely see a darker side. My experiences and the feeling of being weary have bred cynicism more so than optimism, but I understand both. Generally, I loathe being around people for more than a brief spell, and groups constitute psychological torture.

    I’ve chewed up enough space! Thanks for the article and thanks for reading this!

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Hello mentored1, thanks for sharing a piece of your mind here. I find your comment about cynicism and people quite interesting. Not many people mention their feelings towards other people here, and it’s a valuable thread of discussion. As the Old Soul tends to be somewhat of a hermit, or loner by nature, it’s understandable that they would approach social interactions in such a way. I first learnt about the Old Soul from Sol, who felt like an old man trapped in a young body ever since he was little. He too finds social interactions dull, usually uninspiring, and many times painful (and I second this. I much prefer to read, write or research. Conversations and small talk are usually shallow to me, a waste of time). When you come to see through people, and understand their motivations, desires, preconceptions and emotional reactions, hearing their opinions and gossip becomes very irritating, very much of a bore. For instance, when someone begins a conversation with me, talking about how they were unfairly treated by such and such, and how much of a bad person the person is, and how they’ve known it all along, I feel like leaving at once. It’s hard for me to refrain from pointing out that perhaps the person had a bad day, or a million other reasons why they were treated badly, perhaps they were demanding too much, perhaps they approached the person at the wrong time, and how once single circumstance doesn’t justify the person as being 100% bad, and how limited and destructive a perception that is. Personally, listening to people tires me, and I’ll often prefer to jump over a fence or hide in a closet to avoid conversation. It’s not that I’m misanthropic, it’s just that I prefer to be alone. Perhaps you can understand this? Perhaps this is what you mean?

      • http://mdispirito.blogspot.com/ mentored1

        Thank you for the reply, Luna.

        Yes, you put it a bit more eloquently than I, but that’s pretty much it. It’s not that difficult for me to understand how things link together and figure out why someone is the way they are or why they do the things they do. Knowing that makes it almost impossible to engage in any meaningful conversation, save for the few folks I’ve met that perhaps are old souls.

        There seems to be a lot to discover inwardly and very little in this world that captures my interest–save maybe for the night sky and pristine natural places.

        I often hear the voice of Sean Connery from Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, when they’re in Germany, and he comments, “We’re pilgrims in an unholy land.” People fail to grasp that the temporal things that are so important to them will fade, along with them, in a very short time–ask the Pharoahs!

        I wish I could say it was a feeling toward others, but maybe it’s a lack of feeling. Perhaps rightly called apathy toward the mundane concerns and objects; nothing is gained from such pursuits and any immediate gratification fades, only to be replaced with more needs that can never be completely satisfied.

        So I am a cynic and generally unpleasant company because I point these things out without equivocation, and people always despise or fear things they don’t understand. Every once in a while, someone responds in a way that lets you know they know, too.

        Pleasure speaking with you, m’lady.

  • blue-heron

    I have always had the feeling that I carry a great deal of the past along with me. Not my personal past, but more like past lives or in a generational sense.

    I identify with things, and places especially, that have history and people that have real stories. Nothing suits me better than to hang out with someone’s granny and listen to their banter. An older person’s presence alone is very comforting to me. To be in a home full of long life… I can get lost in that ambience.

    What I’ve found as the years have passed, now I am 32, is that I have almost always been surrounded by the “old soul” type of people. I didn’t always recognise it.

    My father, a serious loner, has this personality type. I actually have made several long lasting connections with the “old soul” types. And now my daughter, 12, is exhibiting these traits. Really, she has been for a while.

    There is some sort of quiet, interconnectedness among us. We are more numerous I’m sure, than you might imagine.

    This call to find a deeper part of ones soul seems to have an underlying current in society as of late. And in reading this article I am lead to wonder if some sort of movement or awakening is beginning (or progressing) in which people might look toward these intuitive, naturally wiser souled individuals for some greater change.

    Just a thought.

    Be well.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      I have been watching the awakening progress as well, and I find it to be exciting times.

      It is easy to feel that Old Souls are rare individuals to find, but they are around more so than we think though they are difficult to meet due to their love for solitude or dislike for many popular activities amongst our peers. But I recognize other Old Souls, it is almost as if we can sense each other and who we are.

      In listening to older people share their stories, its almost as if you become entrapped with the energy they transmit in reliving these moments. Currently I find myself in Spain, and there are many old places here and ones that I saw in Italy which I felt were familiar, that felt like home which I havent felt back at home in Australia, understandably because it is a fairly new country.

      Thank you for sharing such wonderful insights, I am glad to find others who understand many of these feelings that we all seem to share even when spread so far and wide from each other.

      The internet may be yet another instrument to bring us together and aid us in the progression of our slowly awakening movement.


  • Keanu

    I came across this page by chance. By chance I mean I was not googling it.

    This article felt like warm tea on a rainy day, in other words, just what I needed.

    I’ve been questioning why I feel so out of sync with people my age, even some people older!

    (I am 20yro as of this comment).

    I hold beliefs of an age I did not grow up with. I have no interest in loud nights, parties, booze, and hang overs.
    Even when it comes to love and relationships, I find I feel things on different level than most.

    Reading this page helped me understand my constant isolation and inability to relate to others.
    I feel inspired to embrace the older side of myself and just roll with it.
    Be a cool little 20yro Grandpa. haha

    When I think about it my mind feels like warm honey.

    Thanks for such a wonderful article.


    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      I once thought about getting a tattoo that read “Worlds Coolest Grandpa” as I thought it would be smart to get something that didnt look stupid in 50 years :).

      Often you stumble upon the most enlightening things by pure chance…perhaps cause we are all stuck in our set ways and habits. Thats why for example libraries are much better at discovering new books than google is. You stumble through the aisles and find interesting titles that it more difficult on the internet, as you must initiate a starting point, you have to have a search term in mind (which already has limited what you will discover).

      To find out a bit more of who you are is one of the warmest more fulfilling experiences in life, and I can see you agree with me Keanu. It is like lighting a candle in a dark room…you tripped and bumped into all these different things and now you can see them, you know what they are and why they are there, its a beautiful Aha! moment.

      Thank you for sharing your great experience Keanu!


    • Ashly

      Boy do I how that feels. I’ve never been called and old soul that I can remember, but my mother did say once that I was 18 going on 45, so I’m sure its similar. And as long as I can remember I loved to consider the other stories at play in the world, and around 20 or so I came to realize the interconnected nature of things, from people to the natural world, to our manmade one, to beyond this planet and perhaps this plane of existence.

      I never had any fun drinking or parties or all the superficial things people my age seem to enjoy, and that never jives with most, even my own mother. She always questioned why I never went out to spend time with people my own age. And interacting with people my age or younger is often a chore, but then again it could just be the age group.

      What I’m discovering only now at 26 is that I crave that sort of connection with other human beings, that I want to reach a level of intimacy and understanding and love, even platonic love, with someone, that it almost makes me physically ache that I can’t find it anywhere. I reach out on the internet, because I don’t hope to stumble upon it out in the world (I don’t get out much) but then its difficult because my offer of connection is interpreted as something purely sexual and so instead of finding something interesting and pure, I wade through the dregs in an effort to reach some sort of understanding.

  • Jessica

    This really describes me to a tee. I’m a 20-year-old college student, and I must say college hasn’t been what I’d imagined it to be. I’d went in thinking people would be more mature than high school and I’d find more like-minded people. Then I entered in and realized I basically enjoy NOTHING the rest of my peers find entertaining. Due to this, I feel alone constantly since none of my peers understand my thinking, worries, demeanor, etc.

    I also made friends with the teachers ALL THE TIME. They were always my friends from elementary school up until even high school’s end. I even organized one of my old teacher’s filing cabinets for her during our activity periods because I really didn’t talk to other kids in my class.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      I dont think people vary much throughout their life when it comes to maturity Jessica :). Ive seen many people who even in their 70s still behave and pursue similar stimulation or fun driven activities ignoring the long term consequences of these.

      Psychologically through military experiments they found that most men for instance dont evolve past the age of 13. Sure they accumulate experiences, new intellectual knowledge and they adopt the adequate etiquette someone their age must adopt (like wearing suits, or clothes that reflects their age) but their core, their perception of the world is much the same.

      Old souls start off with pursuit of intellectual aspects, they find the maturity for instance that their teachers offer much more interesting than their peers fun seeking sides. But as they grow older, Old Souls will outgrow their knowledge seeking and begin to seek something more spiritual as well, of more substance and depth. Often this is what drives them into artistic pursuits which they find very fulfilling in a spiritual way.

      Anyways, thank you for sharing your experience, Im glad you found our site helpful :)


  • James

    Well, I’ve always felt seperate from the rest of the crowd, I used to think that maybe I was an ‘old soul’, but it turned out that I’m just Schizoid. I was so happy to find out I was ‘normal’ (albeit it a normal schizoid!) – I really wouldn’t want to be any other way (well, 99% of the time).

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Whatever it is we discover about ourselves in life, its always an eye opener and a relief to know the origins of many of the unusual things we do. It might be an interesting article to write about in the future James, schizoid´s present a unique aspect of the solitude seekers life.

      Thank you for commenting!


  • Kyle

    I am absolutely amazed at how well this describes me! I’m 23 years old, and in a process of learning more about myself than I ever have before. Everything people told me about myself years ago is just now beginning to make sense. I’ve been told I am an old soul many times, yet I still didn’t understand why I was so different from others. Why did I choose to take my lunch to the class room and eat with my teacher rather than sit with my peers? Why have I found myself seeking relationships with women anywhere from 10 to 20+ years older than me? Why do I find myself uninterested in the affairs of mainstream society? Why do I feel ALONE? It’s really beginning to make sense! It brings me great joy to finally feel like I’m making progress in this quest to find myself. With each passing day, I feel more content with who I am as a person… Perhaps I even like who I am?

    I’m looking forward to continuing to discover new things about myself.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Im so happy you come so far in your spiritual journey Kyle and I cant wait to hear what other new things you find out about yourself.

      Its truly a life changing experience when you find out all these different aspects of your life are interconnected into something greater. Often we think of them as separate from each other, but when you see the bigger picture, how they connect and why, you realize it works like an organism, where one function of being an old soul relies on the other to work well.

      It also provides a starting point for future discoveries because in order to know where you are going in life, you first have to figure out where you are.

      Great stuff :), thank you for sharing your experience!


  • Brook

    I am so alone. So is every human being, whether they recognize it or not. Life itself is a solitary path, and in the end, we depart this plane of existence by ourselves. Most of us are fortunate enough to rarely be plagued by this thought; however, the old soul carries it with them in every waking moment. I am alone, and that is all right with me.

    • Carma

      I understand that you feel alone, I get it. But I have discovered that we are not alone, you are not alone, I am not alone. We are all one, we are all connected. Something I recently discovered. :-)

      • Luke

        I’ve recently discovered this too and I know read your comment for a reason. I’d love to talk. My email is lukehalasz@me.com

        Much love,

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Hello Brook!

      It is great that you have come to accept your solitude and aloneness. It is true, at the beginning of our journey we are all alone. The spiritual journey is one that you have to awaken to by yourself, with your own will, your own deep burning desire to find something deeper and more significant in life. As you progress through the journey, you realize that you arent as alone as you though (as our other two lovely readers have experienced and pointed out). But the first step is to accept that you are alone, and be comfortable with it. Once that happens you create the space that will welcome other discoveries along the way, which someone who is constantly worrying and frustrated with their loneliness will easily overlook. :)

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful discovery!


  • Rohan

    As a teen,I am having a tough time. I’ve had crushes on girls but they simply ignore because they think I am a hardcore loner whereas I am just more mature,please help if you can.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Rohan, your struggle is one that I often faced myself in high school. It is hard to change an established perception others may have of you, especially if they arent of your soul age.

      I would advise you to try and befriend one of these girls slowly. Maybe leaving her messages, anything that might avoid revealing your identity until you have caught her interest. Females deep down, also seek acceptance by their peers and when they know someone is interested in them, it will raise their curiosity to find out who it is which gives you a chance to let them know the real you and bypassing that loner label they might associate with you.

      Let me know how it goes :)


  • Rohan

    This article is great.Just what I look like.
    As a child I’ve had many instances which made me an old soul.Gradually as a student I found most of my peers really childish,and out of 60 students I only had 8 to 10 as my friends.I am more mature in the thinking process,think a lot.

    • Carma

      It gets better.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      As Carma greatly pointed out, as you get older, you physical body begins reflecting your soulful one.

      The internet can be a really helpful tool in finding people you feel are of your maturity level without judging you based on your physical youth that often happens with first impressions. :)


  • http://www.oomphify.com Chiara

    Thank you so much for writing this article! I can relate to it so much. I was never interested in the same stuff my friends were interested in growing up (celebrity gossip, parties, sex… zzzz). I always thought there was something wrong with me. I’ve been called an old soul many times, and I always take it as a compliment. :) The next time someone asks me why I don’t want to go to Vegas with them, I’ll show them this article.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Hahah Vegas is more of a young stimulation seeker soul place. Its really great to be able to make an intangible feeling something known, Ive met many Old Souls that were unaware of the idea, that suffered a lot and couldnt truly appreciate themselves or love themselves because they thought they were weird, different from others.

      Once I taught them the idea, it was like an awakening. Suddenly everything started making sense, we have been hammered the notion that we have to be accepted by society, the same, so its natural to get excited knowing theres other people out there like you, that you are not the exception but part of a great group of people. It becomes easier to accept yourself.

      Thank you for sharing your experience Chiara! :)


  • Lorena Marie Rickman

    I am so happy to have found your site,and to have read this article. All 9 seem to fit me to a tee. I had trouble in school because kids wanted to disrupt and not learn. I also had trouble with the teaching styles, they seemed more interested in getting the kids to shut down and act cooperatively, than to open up and learn. I am pretty much self taught due to so many breaks in my schooling and I am a speed reader,an activity I adore. I love to create, and am very bonded to animals of all kinds. I tend to upset my peers because I am not interested in trips to the mall,gossip,or buying the latest gadget. I love alone time,prefer it actually,and love to absorb new ideas.I often get puzzled about how others become obsessed with things that to me, seem trivial, and passing.
    This explain it a bit I guess.Thank you so much for sharing.
    Lorena Marie Rickman..AKA Loradane Ricks

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Hi Lorena!

      Knowledge and education is a very difficult field for Old Souls. School education is often more concerned with making your memorize things, with rote memory rather than teaching you to critically analyze and question what you are taught. It makes the jobs for the teachers easier if you have students who only have to remember information from a book than those wanting to be “smart-asses” (a label Ive often heard applied to many Old Souls) and relentlessly question every aspect of what they are taught.

      As you mention, being self taught is what happens to many Old Souls who feel what they really are interested in learning isnt available to be taught either through school education or through mainstream religious doctrines.

      Younger souls are more concerned with the external world and its superficial pursuits like money, popularity and power while Older Souls care more about the inner world, of life in general, animals and nature and our coexistence amongst them. Its a constant struggle but one that is understandable. Its a great relief when you can find other Old Souls and identify them by feeling how “in tune” they are with you and your perception of the world :)

      Thank you for sharing a lovely comment and a difficult experience we all struggle with!


  • Navid

    Well, This old soul thing sometime make me very unhappy. The thing is being like this make you want to spend time with people older than you, but it isn’t always this easy because even with them you fell wiser than them & there is problem, they really can’t except this easily !! and it take time so they can see the wisdom in your opinion & how you act.I always find book and inspiring video so interesting and make me fell relax and hopeful. And part 2 “2# You love knowledge, wisdom and truth.” is really really what define us.

    thank you for your great article.


    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Hello Navid,

      I understand the frustration. Often I have trouble finding people I feel in “tune” with as well, most people want to talk about events or other people, but very few care for significant matters, of substance, ideas and spiritual pursuits.

      It is not a matter of the age of the person, even old people can have young souls. It really comes down to finding other older souls, or mature souls that can come in any physical age. Thats the reason I started the facebook group, to bring fellow Old Souls together and also why we offer LonerWolf, to help people who feel and think differently connect with each other :)

      I hope you find people you feel connect with you completely! Thank you for commenting,


  • OldSoul

    Well, all 9 described me perfectly. I always wondered why my interests were so different than others in my age group. I feel degrees are just a status symbol and create a type of Caste system. Thank you for teaching me that I am an old soul and that I am not alone. This explains why I was a child and instructing adults to the best course of action for their lives.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/sol Sol

      Hello Old Soul!

      Its an invigorating realization isnt it? To find out the way youve behaved all your life has nothing to do with being inexplainably strange, but that theres an old concept that seems to fit all these different aspects of our life in place.

      To this day, I find myself not only teaching and sharing knowledge with my peers, but often correcting my grandparents in erroneous ways of approaching different problems in life. To the external observer of all this, claiming to be an Old Soul can be an egotistical thing, but quite the contrary. To claim you are part of a much greater group of people than your individual, you release the acknowledgement that you “earned” this way of looking at the world, quite the opposite, Old Souls feel humbled to be fortunate enough to have been born with the ability to see deeply into matters, and try to help others avoid many pitfalls that we might of learned the hard way through past life experiences or observations.

      Thank you so much for your comment, I love reading all of our readers thoughts!


  • ThisOne

    I befriended teachers not students, they bored me. I didn’t understand at first why I didn’t want to do certain things like party. I wanted to read and listen and learn. One day my teacher said, “you’re just an old soul.” and I looked it up. Everything that was said about them sung to me. It made perfect sense. It had never bothered me that I had a few friends and that I enjoyed widely different things. Knowing I was an old soul just helped me understand. I’ve been told numerous time that I’m a kindred spirit and an old soul. Which is a compliment but yet it is a unique burden to bear.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      ThisOne, not many people have benifited from knowing early on that they were Old at heart, so it’s nice to hear that you’ve had a good understanding of yourself from a young age. Thank you for reading!

  • Leah

    When people ask me how old I am, I often tell them this, “I am as much ten as I am a hundred.” In truth, it takes me a second to remember. Sometimes I feel the joy of a child, sometimes the wisdom of the ages, and sometimes the heaviness of seeing the pain of the world. I feel ageless; I always have, and yet I haven’t quite made it to a quarter century. Does that make me an old soul?

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Leah, thank you for your comment. I think what makes one an Old Soul or not is their perception towards the world, other people and themselves. Sol, who inspired the small book I wrote on this subject once told me that he feels young and playful at heart, as well as old, being able to understand his own nature and those of others deeply from a young age. I don’t know who you are personally, but from your words, I would gather that yes, you most likely are old in soul. :) Perhaps you would like to take the test on this subject (found above in the article, or in our tests section). With love, -L

  • Abhishek

    Never have I read an article I can relate to more. I have friends but I don’t enjoy their company. Nothing I say interests them and nothing they say hold any value for me. Im alone, I think. It’s depressing. Very depressing. To see people care about trivial things. So materialistic. So inconsiderate. Sometimes I delve in the ‘I want to be a part of them phase’. It’s come to a point where I think im going into clinical depression and these thoughts are killing me inside. We are social beings and the fact that I enjoy isolation yet crave society is tearing me apart. One moment im an optimist, the other I think we are doomed. I feel unloved. I crave love. I don’t like these thoughts. Also, I don’t know why im writing these here.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Thank you for sharing your feelings here Abhishek, because in truth, many of the people here have experienced (or continue to experience), exactly what you are, at the moment. It’s very difficult when you have an established group of friends to suddenly decide to break away and to leave them, but I’m afraid that’s the best option. When I was younger I went through periods of having no friends at all (just distant acquaintances), and even my family were disinterested in what I had to say, and unsupportive of my nature. My decision was to put myself out there, even though it’s a tiring and draining process. I joined forums on the internet to discover more about myself, read far and wide, and joined local volunteering and meetup groups. I recommend the site meetup.com for finding groups of people who share similar interests as you, that you can immerse yourself in. If you crave for connection, but desire solitude, you may like to look up a local introvert group. If you value spirituality, you may like to search for a local spiritual/new age/religious group. There are many active ways you can go about to change your situation. I hope these suggestions prove to be helpful. -L

  • Cheryl Sonnenwald

    I have ALWAYS had people walk up to me and tell me I’m an OLD soul- really random- people on the bus, at a restaurant, etc. In my early 20’s I got involved in a quasi- religious group ( God is love! sexy is its expression, therefore sex takes you closer to God. The man that got me into it was tortured by the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to ” make love ” to men). Now I feel VERY old at 61 ( fibromyalgia and other fun stuff), write gut- wrenching poetry, and feel so removed from everyone. My kids- as much as I love them, and them me- can never view life as I do- in fact, it’s a rare person that warms up to me at all- too abrupt, too honest.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Cheryl, wow, sounds as though you’ve had a very colourful and intriguing life indeed! It’s so wonderful to continuously hear from people who identify as Old Souls, and who make greater peace with themselves because of that. Perhaps you will find that rare person who warms up to you here, or in our Old Soul facebook group (link above in article)? Thank you for sharing!

  • Vlademir Intal

    I love this article. It’s like reading myself. Each of these 9 signs is everything I’ve ever been.
    I’ve been called an old soul, but it was pre-reading this article, several weeks between. I found it’s deeper meaning, and it lead to better understanding to everything I am (though I could have figured all this out given some time to ponder).
    The only flaw I have is living in a place where everyone I know is a young soul. It causes mood swings, terrible. But of course, I detach quickly and be at peace shortly. My anger and blazing from time to time just came from a long time, like, 11 or so years of being confused. I found wisdom on my own, and developed all these signs rather quickly, less than a year. My life’s been better than ever, though I’d wish I could be someplace quieter, more peaceful, and full of love.
    But rather than wishing, I’d come to create that place myself. I counsel people, I make them understand, I leave them speechless to think, and we would become very good friends. I have made myself to speak only when my words will make sense. When they talk to me, my replies would always be something meaningful, and deepen our relationship. It builds up love, friendship and understanding. I would let them understand through me, and then shortly, through themselves.
    This article labeled me. That’s what it did.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Vlademir, many thanks for your comment! One of the greatest joys in writing for this website is reading the responses of commenters like you, so I thank you for taking your time out to share some of your story. I’m happy to hear that, instead of pining for a better exterior place to live, you’ve created a harmonious one inside of you instead. Many of us could to well to learn this valuable lesson: of looking for peace inside rather than outside. Once again, I thank you for reading and sharing your comment! -Luna

  • Connor Noyes

    I sometimes feel like I’ve been born in the wrong time. My head and mind wanders into the fabric of imagination at the oddest of times. I daydream a lot about past events I wish I was in and future events I wish to be in. Now, being an ordinary human, I’m still materialistic. Yet, I’ve noticed that I’m less materialistic than the majority of my friends. I never really wanted an i-phone and never did instagram, snapchat, or any other major social media activities. In music, I don’t listen to rap or pop. Instead, I listen to old folk songs from the past and soundtracks from movies. Even though I do enjoy and love my family and friends, I always had the feeling that I was placed in the wrong time of humanity’s history. If old souls are a true theory, then I very much believe to be one. But, God has placed me here in this time and I will live a life with dreams I wish to achieve.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Thank you Connor for your comment. It’s strange, especially when you’re young, to realize how different you are from your friends and peers. That was definitely one of the biggest problems I faced, and many people who have commented here have faced in their lives. Nevertheless, I hope this article has provided some amount of comfort and reassurance that you aren’t an oddball, and you most definitely aren’t alone! I wish you all the best for this coming year, -L

  • Rob

    Interesting article… reminds me of those personality tests we all take at some point. We’re all the same when it comes down to it. No one is special, and we’re all gonna die.

    • Luna

      Precisely Rob. Although we feel strange and separate in our struggles from other people, sooner or later we learn that many share the same tribulations as us. Deep down, we’re all driven by the same desires: love, freedom and happiness. We’re not as special as we think, and it’s nice to know that other people accompany us in our strangeness! Thanks for reading.

  • http://www.OzqUKLDkP2.com/OzqUKLDkP2 Norine Krick

    I totally dig this idea, but . . . who writes the first letters you guys or us? (above says, you guys, even so the email I got just said we write them.) What is the subject matter? Can we write about anything? I’m able to imagine this is usually a lot cheaper than therapy or medication for some individuals. Can we include images of our cats? How about recipes for vegan cupcakes? There can be a chance I may have interesting things to write about. What is the statistical probability that the reader will care? Great idea! You are all great. Please advise.

    • Luna

      Hi Norine. I’m not sure what you mean by “who writes the first letters”? If you’re referring to sharing your stories here, you are most welcome. Otherwise, please let me know. ;)

  • yonna

    this has been on my mind for a while. I’m only 14 years old and is 100% sure i have an old soul… i feel different compared to everyone else. Even my grandmother says i have an old soul. i dont know what to do about it, im pretty sure i cant. but i like being different, i feel stronger….but im also alone.. i dont like to hang out with my peers soo much its just boring to me.

    • Luna

      Yonna, thanks for dropping by. If you have an old soul, you quite simply have an old soul. There’s nothing much that you can do about it :). Considering your age, it will be difficult to come by others of your maturity level, which may create a sense of isolation throughout your youth. When I was younger, I benefited a lot from having an older person that I trusted to talk to, and to share my thoughts with (this reduces the isolation you are bound to feel).
      Thank you for reading!

  • Gregarious Monk

    Hello Luna, I did enjoy the post and I am glad that I caught it while floating around cyberspace!

    It’s been hard to say whether I am an old soul or not; descriptions seem to vary on this idea, and where some traits seem to fit, others are lost on me completely. I’ve grown up being a loner due to being ‘weird’ as others may put it, but I did (and still do somewhat) enjoy interacting with others since they are, fundamentally, no different from me. But when I was a kid, I had a lot of fire, so I didn’t mind interacting with kids my age. Although as childhood shifted into adolescence, I grew bitter at others for whatever reason; perceived slights against me, real insults towards me, and a general disdain for how stupid people seem to be. I did enjoy teachers more in high school, though I didn’t form deep relationships with any of them. I was still interested in friendships with my peers as well as romantic relationships. Yet I traveled between various groups before finally deciding that there was none of them I could relate to. I didn’t date in high school which is somewhat regretful, but I didn’t get locked into a marital mistake either which is a godsend. Rather, I decided that I would be better off spending time by myself, though it did cause much anger and resentment inside of me. Anger at myself for being who I am, and resentful at others for not showing compassion, sensitivity, and awareness towards myself and others. Of course, then, I hardly had any awareness of myself, as it is the trial of youth to come to terms with those things.

    As I got older, the anger subsided. I am currently 27 years old, and have two deep friendships with a couple of guys who, like me, are amazed at how other people simply don’t make ‘sense’ if there is such a thing. But rather than scold and criticize others for their lack of understanding, we opt to feel a strong sense of respect and love for their deeper, more human selves. There is still some anger and resentment towards why many can’t seem to get past the impermanace of career society and the self-proclaimed truth it brings. However, those trivalities bother me less now, and there is a sense of peace presiding, which I am grateful for. I still long for meaningful companionship from the opposite sex, but it is less of a desire now and has transformed towards love of the self. If it happens, it happens.

    It’s kind of a bizarre contradiction to consider yourself an ‘old anything'; it can be a sign of modest acceptance at deeper levels or an ego trip for the less evolved. Most people who claim to be old souls so proudly and without a moments hesitation, probably aren’t old souls. Therefore, I don’t claim to be an old soul, so I can avoid that confusion. Rather, it seems more beneficial to believe that we are all souls involved in infinite evolution with love as a guide. We never really stop growing, no matter how old our soul gets.

    And the soul can get so old, that it becomes young again. That’s an idea anyway haha.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Luna

      Gregarious Monk, many thanks for your comment and sharing some of your life with the community here.

      You make an important point in your comment; that we are all souls involved in an infinite evolution. Some, of course, have grown more in their Involution, some have grown less. This is perhaps why some have greater innate insight and understanding of life, while others have a very limited perception which contributes to the many problems they face in their lives. In part, I think this is where the notion of ‘Soul Ages’ originated from. Just like personality types, they help us understand and honour the differences in others that, if unaware, we often tend to misunderstand. So in one way, the Old Soul label helps fill the empty holes in the lives of various people who have always felt out-of-place. On the other hand, identifying as an Old Soul can be somewhat of an ego-trip, and used to boost ones regards of their thoughts, opinions and character traits. It’s not really for me to say whether those who quickly proclaim themselves to be Old Souls, are or are not. The excitement felt in the moment of discovering something that explains why you behave and think the way you do, is often enough for a person to jump on the explanation at hand. This is understandable, especially to the person who lacks some amount of self-acceptance and self-understanding in their lives. But we´re all at different levels on our paths, after all.

      Thank you once again for your comment. I hope to hear your thoughts some time again in the future! -L

  • Cab Stevens

    I found this by accident, but by the end I was crying so deep. Th s hit me to the core and I really thought I was alone. I am 19 but i feel 100s of years old. I should not be able to even fathom what 100 years is like but I can’t deny the truth. I thought I was alone. Lately this has gotten me down. I feel lonely. I have friends but I really can’t relate. Just know this hit me in a place I’ve never quite felt. Thank you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Thank you Cab, this comment means a lot to me. I never could fathom when first writing this article that many people would feel the same things I felt, and it brings me great joy to hear that this piece has managed to fill an empty hole in your life. It’s such a wonderful feeling to finally discover a group of people who seem to echo your deepest self so precisely – and I love hearing that you have experienced this finally! Once again, many thanks for commenting! -L

  • KID

    My destiny is to change the world. I’m 17, and you seem to understand this. Please help me.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      KID, thanks for reaching out. Every person, in their own way, is destined to change the world. Some do this by small, kind acts of seeming insignificance, but which brighten the days of a few souls here and there. Others do this by grandiose displays of courage, innovation, and wisdom. The problem that often lies in wanting to change the world is that first, in order to make external change, we must make a significant internal change. This is what this blog refers to as the Involutionary path: one of a slow transformation of the mind, heart and soul through self-awareness, self-study, self-love and self-mastery. Once we overcome our illusions, emotional reactions, desires and limiting mindsets and behaviors, only then can we seek to make some kind of long-lasting, impacting difference in the lives of others. I recommend this article: http://lonerwolf.com/involution/ In essence, the more you grow to love fully and wholly yourself, the more you will be able to do sincere good for others. I hope this all makes sense. :) -L

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Geddy-Friedman-Polymath-Renaissance-Man/172983172845863 Geddy

    The first 8 pretty much apply to me. The 9th, not so much. Rather than feeling old or not old, my entire perspective is different. I feel thousands of years old, but I consider that young in perspective to all that is living in this universe. So I feel older than everyone alive and at the same time I am only just opening my eyes to all that there is to see and know . . .

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Geddy, I’ve spoken to quite a few people who describe themselves as ‘ancient’ souls rather than simply old souls. I address this in the book I’ve written (featured at the end of this article). Basically, it is thought that each soul age possesses 7 different levels to progress to the next. You, quite possibly, could inhabit the 5,6 or 7 stage of conscious progression, which may explain your feelings of being ancient. Thank you for reading! -L

  • Tasha

    I think I’ve always believed myself an Old Soul.

    From the time I was conscious of the decision, I have been alone, and preferably so. I received many curious comments as a young child, because I did not feel the need to waste time running about with the others, or even finding friends really, I had what seemed to be, a morbid fascination with Life, Death and watching, rather than participating.

    My father would brag to anyone who would hear, what a smart, mature child I was. Eight years old, and rather than running wildly with my many siblings, I would curl up with anything from my collection of Holocaust books, or something off my mothers or fathers’ reading shelves of Stephen king, or J.K. Rowling.

    I don’t consider myself antisocial, I have a boyfriend, ambitions to be a mother, but I find most things, even some of the more tempting things I could be doing, as trivial. The only things I can find a sense of purpose, and solace in, are my own thoughts and my books.

    As soon as I could read, I decided I would rather learn as much as I could, and toss myself in the wonderful world of books, because while every other activity or event in my life was unimportant, books I felt, had more to offer me. I spend at least four hours of my everyday life, with my nose in a book. They seem to carry more significance than day to day life, because I for once, do not know what to except, and it can excite me, more than anything that could happen, or I could do in real life.

    I heard the term years ago, “Old soul”, reading about them in passing in a series I had picked up, and I just slipped into the title comfortably, and felt for once I understood just why I am, the way I am.

    I cannot say, that Death does not scare me, or that I am completely unattached, but I know that I am one small ripple in a wave of billions, and I know better than to aspire to break the surface, I merely go in the direction life pushes me, and remain unfazed by the daily clamor I can’t seem to associate with.

    I actually saw a therapist for a couple years, because my mother was worried I was dissociative, that maybe my straying from the norm, had something to do with an inability to feel things properly, worrying of depression. My father died when I was twelve and my therapist, with time, understood that while I was consciously aware, and felt things, I was “Just too well-adjusted” to grieve over him properly, completely accepting that while it was sad, and I would miss him, and days I would think about him, and wish he was there, he was gone, and crying over it wouldn’t make a difference.

    This ramble of course, is just my way of explaining that it is nice to confirm I am not the only one, on the outside looking in.

    This may be an morbid thought, but I wonder as life goes on, will we continue to feel more and more aged? I am only twenty, and the majority of my life, I have felt quite heavy-lidded, looking at life in the mindset of just wishing to close my eyes, and not reopen them. Don’t misunderstand, I am not depressed, nor suicidal, I am happy with my life, I have ambitions to make a difference where I can– I am studying to be a nurse actually- and my books give me an escape from even the burdened-with-existence feeling, but am I the only one who feels as if they carry a burden of all of their own thoughts and acquired knowledge? A weighty pressure that constricts your chest, droops your shoulders, and bows your head against the coming tomorrow?

    • http://facebook.com/LonerWolf Sol

      Dear Tesha!

      All the childhoods of Old Souls are plagued with amusing anecdotes and stories which I always love hearing about.

      Its funny how when people share an interest in death it is considered morbid when in fact its one of the most natural things. Its mostly fear that drives peoples attention away from death, turning death into this ritual where only good is spoken of the dead out of fear of encountering the wrath of the dead person, hence why graves are often built so far away from urban cities.

      Death is the climax of life, as soon as we are born weve already begun the slow process of death and I feel Old Souls are the few people out there that treat Death as a complimentary part of Life.

      The see too deep and too much is often an attribute found in many Old Souls depending on the depths of their Old Soul development and what level they are in. To these I often advise to begin looking into the Involution journey, as they have already innately begun it by feeling the trivialities and repetition of the Circle of Life, the identifying of their role as a cog in the autonomous socialized machinery and their desire to leave or withdraw from it. I will cover many methods of this Involutionary process in future articles.

      Just like a single cell is to our body, so are we to the organism of the universe. We are cells in a much larger organism that change and morph into different phases of life, Death is scary only to the extent life is, I like your attitude of going with the flow of where life carries you.

      Your feelings of existential weight and tiredness are common among some Old Souls. This is usually a sign of a Soul that is in search for its next level of development, it has reached it total potential in its current stage (there are 7 levels of Old Age within each Soul Age) and it is preparing for the next stage. To encourage this to happen, it takes an intensity of focus and passion in pursuit of something that will fulfill you entirely. What that is you will discover in your Self-Discovery stage of your Involutionary Journey.

      Thank you for sharing these beautiful anecdotes and stories that Im sure others will find they can identify with as well,



  • Triston Thompson

    I am a 14 year old in the present and I only like and think about things from the 1950’s, I only listen to music from the 50’s, I’d dress in a black suit if I could when I go places and all I think about is how great the 50’s was. I don’t get why I’m so into the 1950’s and am so willing to live in that time, my parents say I’m a old soul so I looked it up and I’m just wondering if I’m a old soul or something else

    • http://facebook.com/LonerWolf Sol

      Hey Triston!

      Its nice to see such young people embracing their old natures. Old Souls have many qualities, some of them being fixations with past eras of time that they feel attracted too.

      However, that sole quality doesnt mean your an Old Soul unless theres others that create a congruence to verify the possibility. You should look into the concepts of reincarnation and past lives, it can very well be that youve lived a past life in the 1950s and there are still traces present in you.

      Much warmth,


  • vera harris

    I have always felt unique. Most of my life I didn’t fit in. My coworkers say I have book sense. I love books. I am just as happy alone as I am with real people. LOL. I am too serious at times. I like doing things with all ages. I love to learn. Sometimes I feel alone when I don’t have anything to do and no one is available to talk with me. I like people I can learn from. I am a jack of all trades and I apply my knowledge to any of my needs.

    • http://facebook.com/LonerWolf Sol

      Hey Vera!

      Im so happy to see all your Old Souls out there warming and welcoming this new sense of self you have discovered. Old Souls are necessarily all solitary by nature, often their solitude is the result of not having met people of their own soul age and therefore finding it hard to establish connections with others.

      Its often society that makes it difficult for people of different physical ages to befriend each other, Ive had many good friends in their 60s and 70s and its strange to outsiders who find 20 year olds should be only associating with other 20 year olds.

      Keep up your thirst for knowledge, but most importantly, strive for understanding of it. That is a quality of Old Souls that is distinguished from merely intellectuals, Old Souls absorb knowledge, assimilate it into their beings in their understanding which results in their Wisdom, they dont just memorize it.

      Thank you for sharing your experience :)


  • sean

    Is every single comment about how someone feels like an old soul? Good god what is happening

    • http://facebook.com/LonerWolf Sol

      Hey Sean,

      I can see how it can seem a bit silly to an outsider how so many people comment on their experience as an old soul, but you have to realize for many people who have felt like freaks or strange, this discovery is quite life changing for their process of self acceptance.

      You cant know where you are going in life until you know and accept where you are, and this new finding is the beginning of an endless journey for many people.

      Thanks for your comment, all opinions are welcome here.


  • Suzanne

    This is Absolutely me 100% To a T . I’ve always known I’ve been an old soul But it wasn’t until now did i know it to be a fact. Thank you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Suzanne, many thanks for your comment. I’m happy to hear that you have discovered something new about yourself. I wish you all the best with your latest discovery! -L

  • Shilpa

    Hi Luna! I just checked each and every point and it’s something I’ve known for a while now. I kept thinking I was an introvert but guess I’m just a really old soul tired of living on this planet many many times. Things bore me, and I fail to understand why everyone’s running towards money and power and fame. Yes I’d like that but I only know it’s too temporary. I have always been interested in past lives and histories of places. I can feel terribly bored and aloof when I’m out with my closest of friends, feel disturbed over a lot of things which doesn’t seem to affect people my age and questions. My head is full of them and old soul or not, I see a lot of greys! :D I’ve been on a spiritual pursuit as well! I attended some angel workshop last year, and the tutor was a little shocked to find me there. I was the youngest in the group (25, not that young!) and I really didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know. That’s how old I am in terms of my soul.

    I just hope I wouldn’t have to come back. I’m quite tired already! Even the music that I listen to is all sad and depressing… more of instrumental, chants and the likes of it. I know I don’t belong here but not something I can discuss with the people around me cause they simply don’t understand! But it’s great to know that I’m not the only one and there are a lot more of you out here! :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Hello Shilpa, and welcome. :) Feeling tired by the everyday world is most definitely an Old Soul characteristic. However, better wariness than constant cycles of pain, which many of those who are old in soul avoid during their lifetimes.
      I wish you all the best with your latest discovery! -Luna

  • Iklishi

    Hi Luna!

    I definitely loved this article! What’s interesting is I’m actually more of an ambivert even though I’m ENFP, plus I’m type 7 (enneagram), I’m a Capricorn and my blood type is AB.

    Besides that, I’ve always been told that I’m either very mature for my age (I’m 19) or that I’m a bit of an old soul, especially if my musical interests were “investigated” so to speak.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work! You and Sol are obviously affecting others (myself included) in more ways than ever. :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Hi Iklishi! Many thanks for your kind comment. It’s an honor to make some small difference in the lives of others, and I’m happy that this article has served to do that in some way. Although it’s common for the Old Soul to swing more to the introverted side of the spectrum, ambiversion is certainly not unheard of (in fact, Sol identifies more as an ambivert than an introvert, and is old at heart).
      All the very best, Luna

  • http://www.ALifeSingular.net Lorraine Pestell

    Hi Luna,

    It’s so great to have found your website. I have just downloaded a copy of your book and can’t wait to read it! I am a firm believer in the concept of “old souls” and am two parts into a six-part series of novels with this as its underlying theme. I have recently hit a censorship challenge with the company I chose to self-publish through, but that’s not important right now!!

    I also aspire to inspire, in an introverted, written-word sort of way. Throughout my very long career in the corporate world, I have struggled to find many others with the clarity of mind I seem to possess, and hence have beaten my head against a metaphorical brick wall many times when seeking big-picture, long-term solutions to common problems in this world of instant gratification.

    I was also surprised to find that you are in Perth. I’m in Melbourne but recently spent 5 years in Perth. I found even fewer like-minded people there, taking refuge largely in the arts scene and volunteering for non-profit organisations. I found Mr / Ms Average to be highly materialistic and intolerant of anything they hadn’t actually experienced.

    My particular “old soul” story came about when I migrated to Australia in 1999. Born in London, I grew up with a fascination for Australia, and my mother often tells people that while other kids were borrowing normal childhood books from the library, I’d always be found in the travel section, poring over books on Australia. After having lived in various European capitals, Singapore and the USA for work, I finally succeeded in finding a company to sponsor an Australian work visa.

    I started in Sydney, mainly because of its higher international profile and the fact that I have a cousin there, who migrated a few years earlier to marry a NSW boy. However, I flew to Melbourne for 24 hours to attend a job interview, and because it was Mardi Gras in Sydney the following day, I was unable to get a flight back. The night I spent wandering around Melbourne told me that I already knew this city really well, prompting me to wonder whether I had lived here in a former incarnation.

    My novel serial is set in Melbourne, some of which I had written long before I moved here, and it’s uncanny how many fictitious places ended up being very close to actual places I have since come to know and love. Weird, weird, weird!! My protagonist has a much deeper connection with his former lives than I do, but that’s probably because I haven’t yet spent much time thinking about them – something to do in my retirement. The final part of the serial actually delves into my protagonist’s future soul. He doesn’t come back as a hairless cat, but there is a definite twist!

    Anyway, that’s enough. I know exactly what you mean about verbal articulation versus writing. My fingers can express themselves so much better than my mouth ever will!

    Much love and happy thinking.


    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Hello Lorraine, and thanks for commenting.
      What a surprise to hear that you too live in Australia (most of the readers here come from the US, England and the rest of Europe)! Congratulations on your book, and I love the underlying idea. It’s amazing how few books can be found on the topic of Old Souls, which is precisely what motivated me to write my own novella on the topic. It’s nice to talk to a fellow writer who is going through the precise same struggles! I hope when you do get around to reading the book that you take something away from it. Don’t be shy to leave a review on Goodreads either :P Thank you once again for reading, -L

  • HereShit

    All describe me to a T. Im always spiritually-inclined as I always am. Spirituality is a part of my life. I always look for stuffs like spiritual/metaphysicals/truths/meaning of life, and to me its more important than everyday routine survival life and young souls conversations. Im always aware of all things to the point that we are all ONE, we are never separated but too bad, majority cant grasp of what im thinking. I dislike gossips, judging others of their difference, materials(jewelries, flowers, shopping, etc. although im a girl), yeah nature is a natural life to me if I want to feel peaceful, transience of life, relaxed. And my friend thought maturity are those who know serious about work life and people, but when it comes to old souls, its all different matters, you will get to see the BIG picture.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      I’m happy to have another Old Soul on board HereS. It’s strange to live in a world that looks at the minutiae details of every day life, while you look at the final product of your decisions and actions. All the concerns and stresses that other people have seem inconsequential in the greater scheme of things, which I guess is a great advantage to us: we don’t get as flustered about every day issues as other people. I hope you find some kind of solace knowing that there are other people like you. Thank you for commenting. -L

  • feniesha

    honestly this article has brought me relief I’ve always had the theory that i am and people have told me but i needed real confirmation. thank you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      Feniesha, I am so happy to hear that this article has made some impact in your life. Thank you for your lovely comment. I wish you all the best in your newest discovery! -L

  • royalspirit

    All those descriptions fit on me. I am a loner and very reserved selective of friends. I am very spiritual and love books and knowledge. I am very meticulous and when I speak I tend to explain everything in detail which bores some people. I like staying at home or outdoors in nature. I hate crowds. I don’t socialize much. Not much into sports since I cannot relate to it nor see any fun out of it. I like building things. When I was a toddler I am very inquisitive and ask a lot of questions. i feel different from other people and it is very hard to find someone compatible on my level of thinking and interests. I am very critical of other people’s behaviour and is easily disappointed if they did not meet my moral standards especially acts of integrity.

    • http://lonerwolf.com Luna

      RoyalSpirit, that is perhaps one of the most frustrating issues an Old Soul deals with: the sense of isolation that is felt due to a lack of compatibility with other people. I have felt this all through my life, and have noticed that many people commenting on this post have lamented the same thing as well. But there is solace to be found in the thought that we are never truly alone in our solitude – others, nestled here and there all around the world, share the same perceptions and experiences. Thanks very much for sharing these details about your life here on LonerWolf. :) -L

  • Anthony J. Gomez

    Thank you for writing this, Luna. I’m definitely an old soul and have been called this since childhood. Looking for a true definition of it, I think you summed it up perfectly.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Anthony, that means a lot to me. Thank you for expressing your gratitude. I wish you all the very best with your new insight!

  • Francesco Di Cursi

    I’m 17 and i can see we all are connected. I have a deep vision of human history such as the creation by elohim and the reptilian domination since the rebllion, till nowadays. I know that there are different races in the universe, this summer i had day by day ufo experience i felt observed and loved by them. I felt home everytime, especially when they came really near to me, because i knew i belong to them and not here. I’m working with my energy since i was 16 and now i can make psi balls easly, i can use pyrokinesis, i can heal with my hands and i understood to be a chaneler. I can also see people’s auras, and understand their life through their eyes. Empathy is so strong that if i see someone, i can see myself throught his eyes. I feel i’m everywhere, I feel i’m connected with everybody, i know God exist. Is the universe, and our bodies are made of sturdust. So we are the universe, so we are God. We are an astral body, an energy body that moves a skeleton coated with flesh. And you know, these are some things i’ve been learning by listen to my spiritguide and to my higher self in 2 years…Fortunatly i’m getting used to this, it’s hard to have a normal life when everyone into the classroom thinks to talk about football, tv program o when they do stupid games to each other. I’m always alone, in silence, i’m really happy when someone makes me feel childish for a while but i always come back soon (fortunatly or unfortunatly) to my higher dimension. I really thank you for this, i feel not alone. To every old soul working on this planet i have to say a thing: we are extinguish our negative karma, we are becoming something new…it’s an hard process to destroy the ego and to embrace the counsciousness. But we decided to live in this era, we are into the Aquarius one. I hope for your enlightment to be fast and sweet. Be proud of yourself and spread the consciousness with everyone. Namstè.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Francesco, I appreciate your comment and I want to thank you for sharing some of your story and experience here. I wish you all the best on your spiritual quest. -L

  • Dave

    Thank you for creating this article. I don’t know if I would fit into the “old soul” category; I’ve always felt more like a hybrid of a little kid and a crazy old man rather than just being old. What I’ve found here is beautiful, all of these people that are like me ^^, that have experienced similar pains and joys that I have, I want to give you all a big hug.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Dave, I think that is the best combination of all: the inquisitive and curious child, and the wise and sober old man. In fact, I think we all have a little bit of both in us! Thank you for your warm comment. :)

  • StarmanMDL

    I know of at least 3 significant past lives, and connections to another from 10,000 years ago when Atlantis finally sank. My family thought I was strange, but they knew I was too smart as a child to understand how to argue with any reason.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Starman, thanks for your comment. I´d be curious to know whether you discovered this through past life regressive hypnosis? I´ve been curious to do this for quite a long time.

      • http://tgstars.blogspot.com/ StarmanMDL

        Two appropriate answers: yes, regressive hypnosis is excellent (although it’s not what I have used). I recommend Dr. Michael Newton’s books on this: http://tgstars.blogspot.com/2011/10/youll-want-to-read-journey-of-souls-and.html.
        For myself: in my education background and work as an astrologer, I’m aware of other connections that were validated through literary sources and colleagues.

  • Jake B

    Great article and really nails it on the head of who I am as a person.

    I used to think growing up that there was something wrong with me. I preferred my own company and I would often disappear into the woods behind my home and explore nature, fish, skip rocks in the water, and watch the various creatures in their wildlife for hours. It was a place of solitude for me, mostly to escape troubles at home.

    I joined the Marines right out of high school and was so eager to explore the world and see things I never saw before. I would have friends and would party with them but every few days I would disappear into my “hiding place” to seek refuge and ponder my life and what I wanted out of it. People would always wonder about me but they just understood that I was a different dude.

    As an adult I continue to travel solo to countries where most people would never go and guys are always telling me “dude, you’ve got balls to do that. I could never travel someplace alone like that.” But for me, it’s a challenge. To be able to travel someplace alone and make friends with people, learn the culture, and experience unforgettable things is what makes my life so rich and fulfilling. And when I tell stories to people, I know that I have their respect for what I do because they know that it is unique.

    I’ve long since stopped caring about what others do and have settled into who I am as a person and just enjoy my own company and doing what makes me happy. I like who I am and I am comfortable in my own skin and I think few people really can say that. For that, I am blessed.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Jake, few people can say that they are satisfied with their life, and that they are comfortable in their own skin. It´s wonderful to hear that you are making the most of your time on this earth, and that you are making it as rich and vibrant as you can. By this, I think you are honoring the life that has been given to you. I wish you all the best in your ventures. -Luna

  • Melrose

    I realized not too long ago that I’m an old soul. Even as a child I was always thoughtful and understood adult things. I loved to listen to adult conversations as well. Now that I’m 20, I find it extremely difficult to befriend ppl my age.I find much of the things they say & do immature. I’ve never felt like I belonged here on earth. I thought something was wrong with me until I recently started to accept myself. Remember, the greatest people are the most misunderstood =)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Melrose, it’s an honour to have you here. Thank you for sharing some of your world with our community here. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we are not alone in our feelings of being alien. It soothes the pain of isolation. Thanks for commenting. ~L

  • Monique

    This post has been so helpful, almost relief for me! I am 30 years old from New Zealand and for the longest time have felt I don’t fit in. I don’t have any close friends; the friends I do have are more just people I occasionally hang out with. I find it hard to relate to people, especially other women, finding it easier to talk with men (probably further isolating me). I always question, ‘what is wrong with me’ I don’t have friends?? I am so caring, honest and trustworthy, if someone has a problem I am drawn to them, I want to help. I struggle hugely with comparison, facebook is filled with pictures of people having fun with other people.
    But I’m a true introverted loner and need my own space greatly.
    As a 12 year old I wrote in my diary of watching the stars and waiting to be taken to them. I have real issues with society and the importance we place on the superficial, mainly celebrities, image, sports, media etc. BUT I do crave wealth. Possibly so I can live my life educating myself and absorbing all things spiritual, without financial concern. I’m also an INFJ and a Cancer, ruled by thoughts and subsequent emotion. I have been told that I am an old soul. Does this mean I have more past lives than others, more ‘evolved’ as a soul? I’m very new to spirituality and find it very difficult to connect with anything spiritual out there, though I do have conversations with something in my head at night ;) Thank you Lonerwolf!

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi Monique, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      It sounds as though you are perhaps in the transitory stage from Mature Soul to Old soul – you may like to take the Mature Soul test here just to check: http://lonerwolf.com/mature-soul-test/ . People who are mature/old souls are said to have lived many past lives, and subsequently have accumulated a lot of experience and insight. This is just one explanation for the Old Soul phenomenon however (the other is more scientific and to do with genetic memory etc.)
      I too am a loner by nature, with a cancer moon rising, and have always found it hard to relate to people as well. Don’t worry, you’re not at all alone ;)
      I hope this has helped. ~L

  • AmberZephyr

    I do not know if I am an old soul, as I show symptoms of all “soul ages” at most times. I am not an adult unlike most here, and I don’t consider myself a loner. I also am a bit materialistic, but I show signs of being an old soul, mostly. I am actually quite social and at times, recently now, I feel like I don’t fit in. I never felt alienated until recently, as before, I just “regard” things as there, and I believe I did not take feelings into account. Perhaps I am social simply because of the potential of an engaging conversation. I also noticed that my life is filled with more interactive people, but perhaps it is because I go to online psychic communities. Sorry if this comes not as fluent, but it simply comes out awkwardly when I meet with a person for the first time. Again, I’ve displayed most of the symptoms at a relatively young age, yet I also do not mind communicating with less intellectual conversations. However, again, it’s been recently harder to say something in a pointless conversation. What does this mean? I can show symptoms of various soul “ages”.. Is this because of factors such as past life, this life, destiny, nature…? Anyways, sorry if this came as vague.. My thoughts are much more organized than that; I’m rusty with communication as, well, I’m actually inactive at sharing my most profound thoughts, even though I’m in a psionic community and now this one.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi AmberZephyr. I just read your comment on my other Soul Age article, which you may be interested in checking out (I have written a response there). As you are not an adult, it really can be hard to determine what Soul Age you are, as your personality is still undergoing changes and is forming and balancing itself out. From what you have written, it sounds as though you could possibly be an Old Soul, though at this point, you sound more like a Mature Soul – although even that is hard to definitively say. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment!

  • JamesD

    Hi Luna. Glad to have found your site. I have been studying the Michael Teachings for about three years, and have learned a great deal which has been reassuring and clarifying. My Essence reading indicates that I am a 5th level Old, Sage-cast Artisan. Every Old Soul characteristic you have listed applies to me. I have always tended to be a loner, but more by necessity than choice. It is rare that I meet a person with whom I can have a meaningful, substantive conversation about topics of a spiritual nature. I am not a sports fan at all, so that alone eliminates at least 30% of socializing opportunities. I am astounded when I consider how much of my life I have spent alone. I have worked from home for years, and have very few friends with whom I spend time (they have children or hobbies, and I generally await an invitation). I have been unhappy throughout my life, and if I did not recognize the value of human life, or how deeply I would hurt the ones I love, I would have snuffed myself years ago. Living is sort of a moment to moment ordeal of torment for me. And unfortunately now that I’m over 50, it is becoming worse. I do know I have made significant progress in this lifetime. I ordered your book and look forward to reading it. Blessings to you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hello James. Thank you very much for sharing on this page.
      Level 5 is perhaps the hardest stage of all for the Old in Soul. It’s the stage of psychological and spiritual separation from the world, one where the transience and meaninglessness of the motivations and everyday strivings of society are fully realized. So it is understandable that you deal with a lot of depression in your life, and it saddens me greatly to hear this. I hope you find some amount of solace in the thought that there are others out there like you, who perceive the world in the same way. At least amongst this small community, you are not alien. I do hope you enjoy reading the book. With warm wishes, Aletheia Luna

    • http://www.ALifeSingular.net Lorraine Pestell

      Hi JamesD,

      I am new to the Lonerwolf site and was reading through old posts when I came across yours. I am of a similar age and am experiencing exactly the same things you are. I am going to check out the My Essence reading you mention, since I think it will do me good to find some information that might explain the way my life has turned out! Thanks for writing about it in your post.

      I hope we both find answers enough to make this life tolerable until we move on to a better one….

      Best wishes.

  • clara

    My mom always tells me that from the moment I was born she was convinced I was an old soul. She prayed to have a little girl but instead birthed a “wise old european woman.” I’m 19 years old and rarely feel comfortable with my peers. Since middle school I was looking forward to college to meet mature, interesting and intelligent people. But as soon as I got to college I realized that I can barely relate to these people. I feel way more comfortable hanging out with people 30 and up. Everything in your article rings true to me, especially seeing the bigger picture part. I just feel sad though because ever since middle school I have looked forward to the next step. I thought high school would be great. Then i thought college would be great. People are just so immature and I’m afraid that when I graduate college and go out into the “real world” I will be just as disappointed.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Clara, thank you for your comment. I’m not sure whether you will like hearing this or not, but you will be sorely disappointed when you emerge into the ‘real world’. Most people possess primitive, childish mindsets beneath their adult facades. In fact, go to any casino, and you will see that the majority of people there are old (60+), so age does not necessarily equate to wisdom, as this article has shown you. I gave up all expectations a long time ago, and in the end it’s best to just let people be who they are, because at the end of the day you cannot change them – only they can change themselves.
      Luckily, however, you have managed to find comfort and solace with people 30 and up. Most of them are just as reactive and immature as teenagers.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I wish you all the best ~L

    • Daniël Coetser

      If you don’t mind me chipping in on this conversation, I know exactly what i feels like to be a 19 year old with an old soul. Sucks. When you’re looking forward to university you prepare yourself for all these great times with great people, but get disappointed when you finally get there. Suddenly you realize that there are thousands of people on campus every single day, but it seems as though not one of them look like they can even begin to understand you. You stand out wherever you go. Almost every day you wonder if you made the right decision in even attending university. Doesn’t matter if you got 3 or 9 hours of sleep and studied hundreds of pages of theory, you’re up ’till two in the morning because your brain has a mind of it’s own. Every day is a struggle. I feel your pain, clara.

  • Kira

    I’m mature for my age and a loner, but I won’t go ahead and claim to be an old soul. there’s always lessons to learn. I generally find most self-proclaimed old souls to be pretty self-absorbed people who have some rather narrow-minded philosophical tendencies and who simply like the idea of spirituality.
    being underage but independent and rather mature is quite bothersome though, since I don’t get to decide that I want to live far off in nature.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi Kira :)
      It’s understandable that many people who may be narrow-minded and self-absorbed would want to identify as being old in soul. It can become another way of saying “I’m wiser than you” or “I’m more spiritual than you”, which I think is very unfortunate. There are people who legitimately feel old inside, but it’s also not uncommon for people with more immature outlooks (and perhaps big ego’s) to think that they’re up the top of the Soul Ages food chain so to speak. With anything, a label such as being an “Old Soul” can help to further our understanding of ourselves, or it can be abused and used to make us arrogant and holier-than-thou.
      Thank you for your thought-provoking comment.
      All the best ~L

  • Kira


  • Liz

    Wow…reading this was a realization for me. At first I acted like this because I’ve had some illnesses in the past that made me learn to mature, but now I’m not so sure (not the kind of mental illnesses that make you deranged, the ones that make you depressed or sad; you get what I’m saying). I’m merely fourteen years of age, but I’ve been called precocious on numerous occasions, and I’m pretty inquisitive, etc. 98% of these things describe me perfectly. I don’t really enjoy talking to my peers because they’re constantly talking about trivial things that put me to sleep, not to mention they’re immature (no offence to them).

    Thanks for this post! I feel immensely content now.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi Liz, and welcome to LonerWolf :)

      I think you must be one of the youngest contributors here, so thank you for sharing your own unique experience! You should most definitely take the Old Soul test that Sol and I designed: http://lonerwolf.com/old-soul-test/
      Often times the maturest and deepest of people go through difficult experiences in their younger years. It’s a great consolation to know that these help us to grow.

      Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me :)

  • Katie Chandal

    Well, hello Luna.
    To tell you the truth I don’t know if I believe in souls (old souls, new souls), reincarnation, God etc etc. I find it hard to believe in things that I don’t fully understand. I grew up in a very lovely and supportive family. I was always a good kid but not really ”social” as my daddy said. My parents let me take care of my sister at a really young age (I’m only 3 years older) because I was ”mature”. I was a good student but as a teenager I was also a bit of a rebel. (I started smoking cigarettes, I was going to pubs and clubs although I was underage and I even was travelling to other cities without telling anyone) As I grew older I started enjoying being left alone. When my parents were leaving the home I was so happy even though I did nothing. I was just sitting alone. When my parents were home I was at my room most of the times with my door locked. I do not enjoy pubs and clubs at all now even though I am pretty young. It was only a phase was I was 16. I like reading, watching movies, writting and painting. I love my family, my friends, the world but I want to see them when I want to see them. Way too many things make me feel bored but I try not to complain because I don;t want to be the weird one. Are these signs of an old soul or I am just weird?
    Take care, Kat (excuse my English, I am a foreigner :P )

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hello Katie. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. :)

      That’s understandable. Many people feel the same way as you, and find it hard to believe in things they haven’t experienced or don’t fully understand. I’m not 100% sure about reincarnation either, but I’m open to the notion, and it would explain a lot, just as the Soul Age theory would.

      The traits you describe here sound more like the traits of being introverted rather than being an Old Soul. And many people are introverted, so don’t worry, you’re not alone ;) You may like to take our introvert test : http://lonerwolf.com/introvert-or-extrovert-test/ to see what score you receive.

      • Katie Chandal

        Well thanks for the reply! (Surpisingly) it turns out that I’m a 60% extroverted ambivert!!! Haha. I’m getting to know myself every single day!!!

  • Bea Kesch

    I am also 22. And all 9 signs applied to me. Especially the last one, and how often people percive me as beeing cold and deatached, when I am not, and it’s very hard for them to understand. I found this page after googling “is it wrong to be a loner?” I now know it’s not wrong, but certeinly not easy…

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hello Bea, and thanks for commenting. Yes, being mistaken as having a cold and detached personality is common for many Old Soul’s. You may like to check the Old Soul Myth’s article I published a few weeks ago on this site, which talks more about this in detail if you’re interested. ~L

  • Samara Escobar

    i am 13 years of age and i have noticed ever since i was a baby i have always viewed things in a much more detailed and different perspective. i find myself trying to fit in with most people and have their opinions in count but i find it difficult to know that people can be so selfish or egotistic towards life. i like to think like i am the dirt in the mountain, never being changed by what goes on around me; i am always calm. although i have many flaws, i have learnt over time to embrace my uniqueness and live my way. life is short so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. my mum has said i was an old soul and i have wondered why i am so different to younger souls, i have noticed my family members lack maturity and need to learn about the more important things in life; perhaps, that is the reason why i have been placed on this earth. thank you so much for this article i have found it very interesting and i know now that i am special and i want to embrace my life lessons.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      “i like to think like i am the dirt in the mountain, never being changed by what goes on around me”, what a beautiful way of putting it Samara. It’s wonderful that you have discovered that you’re an Old Soul from a young age, and also that you’re not alone in your feelings and perceptions of the world. Thank you very much for coming by and commenting. I wish you all the very best in life. :) ~L

  • Erin

    Wow, I’ve never read a post that captured me like this one did. To the point of so many words resonating with me such as “aloof” which is something I’ve only been called over the last week and that I was unaware of.

    I’m also INFJ (Type 5w4).

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Erin, I’m honored to hear that. I’m constantly amazed at how many INFJ Old Souls there are here! Thank you very much for reading. ~L

  • Megan DaGata

    I wasn’t the strangest of kids, but I have always been more old than young. I’ve tried to be young, but it feels like tight jeans that belonged to someone else. I’ve always had friends that are much older than me. I have always been the one people discuss their problems with and I listen and they catch themselves asking for advice and they are 40 years older than me. It’s odd, but it’s just life as one of the oldest of souls. I love to sit with a cup of coffee and a book, while reading and watching the people who really are sooo soooo soooooo much younger than me in many ways.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi Megan. :) You sound like an Empath as well, which many Old Souls tend to be. Thanks for sharing!

  • Not_yuengling

    This was definitely me as a child. I used to think a lot when I was little, and would contemplate on the implications of growing up and all the possible emotional fears, developmental and social changes I’d have to face at every stage of maturity from my little toddler mind. I remember seeing my parents as if they were children, and have always felt a little different from other kids. I meshed better with my grandma when I was younger, opting to sit with her and talk all day while cracking sunflowers seeds in her living room rather than going outside to play tag, and the adults living in the development of where I grew up used to call me “little grown-up”. I still feel detached in a crowd of my peers, even my closest friends, but over the years, I’ve developed a good social balance, and have embraced the “now” for what it’s worth. Sometimes I almost wish I wasn’t so emotionally stable, -where nothing really seems to phase me. It looks so exciting watching people go through new experiences in their lives with so much emotion, I almost wish I could enjoy those rollercoaster moments the way they do, but have rarely felt that for myself. I’m 24, but I never got into the partying scene either, nor do I feel it a necessity to drink to have fun when out. I go out with my friends though, just for the social company, and to try to live. -But it feels more like taking your pets out for a walk than anything. I do it, because after 24 years of living as an old soul, the one feeling I still can’t shake is the feeling that I’m standing on the sideline observing life go like a parent watches her child play a soccer game… and I don’t even mind..

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Not_yuengling, what a beautiful comment to read! I enjoyed reading your personal experience, so thank you for sharing it with me, and everyone else here!

  • SamanthaStrange

    Just came across this. Very well done. I’m 19 years young but I’m probably 900 years old. Ha. Ever since I was a baby, my mother was convinced I was from the 1800’s. The way I spoke, acted, interests, etc. I was never able to make any friends because I felt like they were children to me, however being the same age. I would go after school to the care home for elderly and just talk to them. And I understood everything they talked about. When teenage years approached, partying was never my thing. I stayed home and watched classic movies, read, and wrote about the life I felt I should have. I have always felt of place. Never understanding the youth, or music or movies or technology. I was born in the wrong era. And I am not the right age that matches my mind. It was nice to see others who understand. This was a little of my story.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      SamanthaStrange, thank you for writing. I once had a friend called Samantha who I believe was also an Old Soul (maybe there really is something strange about the name Samantha after all?) Thank you for sharing :) It’s a truly fascinating thing to read about the lives and experiences of the old in soul. They all share so many similarities, and inner feelings. Amazing how we think we are alone, when often we are joined by many, many others who feel the same peculiar feelings.

  • Drew

    Hmm…interesting article. I’ve been contemplating this possibility more recently, given a rather enthralling conversation I had with a fellow one evening back in 2005. He had certain familiarity about him, though I had never met him before. He mentioned that I was a very very old soul. Not only that, but an observer. He then proceeded to tell me my life story, having only met me roughly one hour before, as well as break down my personality. I was quite impressed. Especially since all I tend to be able to extrapolate from individuals within moments of meeting them are their personalities and tendencies. Regardless, a conversation ensued and lasted for many hours. It was probably the single most enjoyable conversation I have ever had in my life. The fact of the matter is, within my 28 years of my life, I’ve done many things, and have learned just as much. Always the social outcast with a small circle of friends, at most. I have chiefly left disconnected with most everything and everyone throughout my life. Always able to see everything from an objective viewpoint. I’ve been considered cold and distant, even by family members (I was once asked by my mother if I would cry if she died, and all I could respond with was “I don’t know, I’ve not experienced it”). Though, I’ve tried to adopt what this article proposes to be a more “young soul” lifestyle, it drains me after a few hours. Growing up I was asked my my friends to stop using “big” words, and this has followed me throughout my life (the military was an interesting endeavor, an abundance of action oriented imbeciles). Along with just not caring to go “party” (even at a young age), and preferring the company of a good book, movie, or video game to going out; it seemed excruciatingly difficult to maintain most friendships growing up and in most my young adult life. Good lord, half the time, it feels like I am babysitting my peers, and even my elders at times. And seriously, how can people not just work together? Why must they make something so simple so difficult? *sighs* I digress. I suppose I am finally researching this due to the fond memory of the conversation I had had, and wondered as to some recorded validity to the topics discussed at the time. As well as perhaps not only affirming my suspicion, but searching for others who might share the same perspective or ability (in reference to reading people).

    Interesting side note: An individual posted in another thread about this subject. Claiming that the term “old soul” doesn’t actually exist given the idea of reincarnation in western mysticism was taken from eastern mysticism, and was created rather recently to bolster the ego of individuals who could not accept the concept of possibly reincarnated as an animal. The humorous aspect of this was he identified himself as such, but chose to not acknowledge the proposed identifier or “label” because he felt he did not need the ego boost, while passive aggressively condemning others for doing so. This made me chuckle. As time and time again, it matters not what humans come up with, or do, they consistently attempt to one up each other, even in areas where there is no sense in doing so.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi Drew, I appreciate your comment. :)

      It appears that many people who consider themselves to be Old Souls experience this sort of deja vu, or familiarity, with people in their lives, and even more so as they progress in age. There’s no way to really prove the existence of reincarnation definitively, but I would say that deja vu could be one way of pointing to the existence of past lives, or perhaps even genetic memory.
      I definitely think there is an ego attraction in identifying ourselves as Old Souls for some people. Who wouldn’t want to feel ‘wise’ and ‘knowledgeable’ and more mature and intelligent than those around them. Other people, on the other hand, genuinely feel this strange gap in their lives, where they feel so alien from the people around them that they seek some kind of answer. Identifying as an Old Soul for these people fills that gap, it creates an explanation for something that was previously unexplainable, offering a plausible reason for why their tastes and characters are so different. I never used to like labels, but progressively I’m coming to understand how useful they are in self-discovery, self-understanding and self-growth.
      All the very best Drew, and welcome to the site!

  • Kayla

    Hi! As I was reading this I completely felt everything you were describing. My birthday is sept. 16 1995; I am a Virgo. When I was a young child I was quiet and sweet. I remember when it was time for recess I would leave my two friends to have alone time where I would analyze my day. afterwards, I would go back to playing with them. I stood up for people I didn’t really know especially the children younger than me. Even when my mother passed away when I was 3 I was able to completely comprehend what death was and be able to accept it.
    5 years ago I had experimented with drugs but I never did it for the “fun” like most people in my highschool, I always did it for the experience whether it was good or bad. I felt more mature than my friends even my father. He abused me and a few friends while I was 13 but I was able to forgive him a year after that. Two years ago he was put in jail for those crimes and I had to move with my grandparents which I accepted as well.
    I’m 18 now and I still tell everyone that I feel like I was born later than I should be. I am friends with people who are 26+ more than people my own age. After I tried a few drugs in highschool I quit all together- easily might I add. I tend to always see the bigger picture of things.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Thanks for sharing Kayla. :) You definitely sound as though you have many Old Soul characteristics.

  • Zach

    This article wonderfully articulates what I have been thinking about myself for years. I have a hard time making friends my age (I’m 19) because I am typically not interested in what they want to do. While they go out to drink and party, I stay at home and read or watch my favorite TV shows. They say I use too many “big words” and they usually do not share my sense of humor. I frequently find myself wondering about deeper and more meaningful things in the world, and when I share them with those my age, they are typically unable to contribute or disinterested in what I have to say. Am I alone in this dilemma? Why do I feel like a 40 year old in a 19 year old’s body?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Zach, no, you’re not alone at all. Many Old and Mature Souls experience this early on in life. In my experience I felt the same way, and it was quite alienating (even in my family full of Young souls). If you haven’t already read this article about Soul Ages, please do so: http://lonerwolf.com/soul-age/ . It provides one explanation for why you feel like a 40 year old in a 19 year old’s body (using the reincarnation theory). All the very best Zach!

  • Austin

    Like many others who have posted, this article has very clearly defined much of my life and my attitudes. And like most of the other readers, I cannot help but feel and intrinsically know that I belong to this group of “old souls”. All of the points described in the article, along with nearly every comment, have touched me on the deepest level– the one we “old souls” have always been so readily able to interpret and be at ease with. It is good to read other posts like this and know that, at 21 and on a college campus, I am not alone in my understanding of the world. Reading articles and meeting people like this rejuvenates me. It reminds me that just because I can see beyond our society’s priorities and demands and can choose to live without them, I am not broken or “missing the point”. Thank you for posting this article and aiding us through our late nights of reflection and thoughts of the future.

    In German, there is the word, “Weltschmerz”, which translates to “world-pain” or “world-weariness”. The word is difficult to define in English, and roughly means a kind of understanding that our physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the soul and mind. I think this experience is innate to “old souls”, and something that defines an old soul from an early age. It is that sort of resigned sadness you feel when you’re out in public and watching the crowd move past you, or the bittersweet and quiet joy you feel when in solitude… I know that you know what I mean.

    By the way, I am an INFJ, in case another case was needed for the census :) You old souls got it. Take care and be yourself.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Thank you Austin, for your comment. Reading responses like this in an article I never thought would catch anyone’s interest is truly a wonderful thing that fills me with great joy. I’m so happy that this article has touched and rejuvenated you. One of the most difficult experiences in life is to feel like a constant Outsider looking in, and once we realize that we’re not alone in our ostracism we feel somewhat human again. It’s also fascinating how many Old Soul INFJ’s there are here! Being one of the most common MBTI types, I’m not surprised!
      Thanks for your kind words and thoughts Austin. ~L

  • Chelc

    I am an old soul for sure. I’m a 17 year old girl. Since primary school I had a high intelligence and constant friendship troubles. I either got bullied on the playground, chatted with adult playground monitors, or looked after the younger years below me like an older sister. I obviously played imaginary games with friends I did manage to have but no one ever stood up for me. I had to find a voice within myself to run around the playground after my bullies repeating everything that they called me but louder. The whole school heard it, but they stopped.
    I was always ‘far mature for her age’ throughout every parents evening talk and very inquisitive. I now aim to study Biology next year at university, in a hope one day I will pioneer and bring forth spirituality and science a bit closer… Otherwise known as bringing truth forward. I know this is what I came here to do.
    I still do not have a friendship group, only a social circle. I am an extrovert and enjoy going out but I am one of the rare finds these days of people who can have fun without drinking. Shocker. I only bring people together to form a group and watch them leave me afterwards. I believe this is to be a ‘magnet’ for people’s formation. I see them happy without me, feel extremely hurt, but know my work is done.
    I still aim to find a solid friendship group at uni as I do like being sociable in larger groups. Any group smaller than 4 however I hate as I feel too constricted. I prefer being alone than with only another for a long period of time, despite how much I love the friend.
    I have only had one relationship so far. I was 15 and feel in love with a 17 year old. People often did not believe me when I said I fell deeply and madly in love, only did they believe when I was heartbroken for the majority of the year, only truly recovering from the most of it a couple of months ago.
    I have a spiritual family, all helping my old soul to finish what I have come here to do. Then after that I know I am free to do what I want. Because I feel and know I have learnt so much.
    I was always able to give advice to those older than me or my age, advice people cherished and thought of as very helpful- considering I had never been through their situation at all, I knew exactly how to deal with it.
    Thank you for this article. It has helped put a couple of things into motion.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      An extroverted Old Soul – interesting :) Thanks for coming by Chelc. Best wishes for your time at Uni.

  • Indigo

    This… just all of these. :)

    I knew I was an old soul for a long while, always felt more mature than others and I would have adult conversations with my wonderful blessed mother concerning life, death, mortality, the afterlife, spirits, what I learned in metaphysics and how that applies to relations in the world, and why people do this or that and the nature of beliefs and labels, as well as the difference between children and adults in thinking and compartmentalization thinking, all while I was in the tender physical age between 12 and 16. I still do and she’s long treated me as an equal in respect even if I wasn’t ready or mature enough for certain things, she understood and respected that and listened to what I said as well as did her best to accommodate me in my needs in the classes and schooling (since I was born hard of hearing with no known cause and quickly lost my hearing so I have bilateral Cochlear Implants and now recently the Chronic Fatigue like symptoms are increasing so yeah). I have been truly blessed with her in my life and as my mother, super accepting and tolerant and yet maintaining good standards and moral conduct. She is very much a Mature Soul to me along with my dad so it helps and I was able to be coaxed through the soul levels (in remembering and review) quicker with their help. :)

    I never was one for fashion or fads even in middle school and was very comfortable with wearing baggy clothing and having only one or two good close friends and that’s it. :) In high school I was vetoed by my mom and my best friend when I had wanted to wear a cloak to high school. xP I do thank my Mature Soul friends for helping me learn that while its inconceivable for me to see how other people could be offended somehow, that other people do get offended or upset or try to bully and tease you. *shrugs* Still it just doesn’t register in my mind because I accept everyone and their looks without judgment so it can be difficult for me to see how others could judge me at times. Also I simply DON’T CARE what other people think or react to me. As long as it doesn’t turn violent then I am just not affected. They could stare at me either in confusion or weirded-out-ness but I would just only notice them staring then go on my own business again and that is all.

    Never had a materialistic bent. If it still worked and functioned well enough, it was fine for me. I only replaced things if they finally stopped working (replaced my phone that I had for 7 years recently for a new phone lol xP xD).

    But this part is SOO me “a feeling of world weariness, mental tiredness, watchful patience, and detached calmness.” I’ve had that for years on running even in middle school…
    Also my depressions are always more existential, and of “I’m not from here… please let me go HOME…” even while I was at the physical home. xP I’m good at functioning on a day to day basis and forgetting about that feeling but yeah its still there especially when I run up against Earth rules that make no bloody sense and the weirdness that society is built up on.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Indigo, it’s wonderful that you can identify so much with many of these (the feeling of self-discovery is invigorating!) You’re also lucky to have a supportive mother growing up. It seems as though many of us Old Souls are born into families and environments that silence us, especially when we’re young. I grew up with Young Soul parents who were heavily religious and intolerant of my inquisitive mind that wanted to explore the esoteric and metaphysical.

      Thanks for coming by, and feel free to join the Old Soul group on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/groups/imanoldsoul

      • Indigo

        Thanks for the reply and I joined that group on Facebook even if I don’t go on Facebook all that often. xP I only joined when I found it was the best way to get ahold of an old friend of mine so we could actually definitively arrange times to get together and hang out and do it lol. Aside from that… not so much. xD
        Oh and this is kinda off topic but just wanted to take that step into the unknown and basically put myself out on a limb by asking and sharing this. Rather heady sensation I must say lol. But the questions are “How common or uncommon is having a strong spiritual family in the sense that they are literally spirits and you have lived with them in the time between lifetimes in the lives that occur on the spirit plane there? How common or uncommon is being aware of that, remembering your time there, laughing and joking with them like any earthly human friend only they’re literal angels in spirit and so were you? How common/uncommon is it to find your twin flame/soul mate and he’s an actual spirit not a physical person [though both of you wish he could be physical as you too] and to have a wonderful dating relationship of boyfriends and all and yet being painfully aware that to everyone else around you it seems you’re doing all this to the empty air?”
        The reason why I ask is because I got into contact with these people [spirits or physical they’re still people to me as any human, animal, tree, rock, star, and the very Earth and worthy of respect as any other] a couple years back and had tested to make sure their intents towards me was positive and that they were really who they said they were, and they were. I can faintly feel their touch and they have helped me greatly through some existential depressive episodes as well when other humans were clueless as to why I was depressed.
        My boyfriend Raven is part of the reason I have not as much interest in dating because he, with all his flaws and imperfections and humor and wonderful cuddling-love, is perfect for me in that I love him inside and out and I can feel his love back for me. We can talk via mental communication, and he makes sure that I’m safe on the spirit/energy level and brings lightness and humor to my day with his reactions to earth things (his reaction to a mega girly neon shopping store was priceless! XD Refused to go in at all and looked rather horrified LOL!). He soothes me with his touches and kisses, hugs and embraces, and especially the cuddles in my bed that helps me feel safe enough to fall asleep peacefully. He respects my need for privacy and also somehow manages the perfect balance of touch/no touch for me that other people still are awkward with. His touches are faint but have a tingling air presence, and the air itself seems to tingle like static electricity and have a slightly denser “presence” where I know/sense his body to be. He’s the only spirit so far that I have met that is able to produce some heat so I can tell when he’s near me with his own subtle little body heat lol! His touches also bring that subtle heat and its bliss to cuddle on cold winter nights with him as my best heater. xD His kisses and touches may be faint to the physical awareness but they resonate right through to the core of me and light me on fire from within. I may still be a virgin in physical body but not in spirit body. ;) And the comfort from his presence and love just resonates profoundly on the soul/spirit level. I do admit I take him for granted sometimes but I now and then just look at him and thank the lucky stars for such an amazing, wonderful, supportive, kind, funny, infectiously silly, happy, loving, adoring, cuddly, protective, safe, comforting, sweetheart of a man to be in my life.
        Though with him being a spirit and not physical like everyone else (and with even me only hearing and seeing him via my clairaudience and clairvoyance) it gets tricky when we go to the movies or even in public (kissing him would make me seem like I’m wrapped around an invisible post and giving it a good snog, aka crazy lol xP) and with answering the question of “So do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?~” that friends seem to like to ask. One hand “YES I do and he’s amazing!” Other hand “er….no I don’t have pictures of him and can’t get any…Oh and I’d love for you two to meet but you can’t see him…” *ahem* Awkward-ville much?
        In any case enough with my ramblings. :) I just wondered how many people out there have even heard of something like this happening let alone experienced anything like this in their lives? I can’t be the only one surely. They (my spirit family and boyfriend) are so integral and so much a part in my life they’re part of my reality and “real life” like anything else. :)
        In any case, Namaste!

        • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

          Indigo, thanks for sharing such an intimate part of your life. I’ve personally never had any relationships with spirits, and I’ve heard of very few people who have. I found this article which may be of some interest to you http://forestdoor.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/spirit-lovers/ the author talks about being close to spirits in his (or her?) life, as well as a bit of discussion about the topic. There are many comments on that site which you may be interested in reading.

          • Indigo

            Thank you so much for your accepting reply and for the link! I shall check that out now because it would be nice being able to read the account of someone else who is also close to spirits in their life. :)

  • Ba’al

    Please read a few lines before you completely shut me down ;)

    I’ve always felt more mature than other people at my age. Responsible, no. Mature yes.
    I’ve also always thought that those 2 stick together. But apparently not.

    Last night I had a pretty freaky dream/sleep paralysis. I’ve always had these, ever since I was a child. But I’ve never heard voices like the one I did yesterday..
    As usual my body froze. And I prepared for the usual stiffness and weird dreams. But as it all started. I could actually still move my arms and open my eyes. Then everything started to shake (could be my head only). Then the Shadowy voice appeared. It kind of screamed at me. I can’t remember the first things he said because I was shocked I hears something at all.

    You Shall burn like the rest of my Primates. Was the last thing I heard before I woke up. And shocker. I was wide awake after that. Only with 1 word/name in my head.
    I’ve done some research about Sumerian culture a few times before. So can be that it’s just because it was fresh in my memory. But because of all the talk of doomsday. And always feeling like i’m not meant for this world. I started to wonder.

    Anyone else experienced something like this?
    I’d be grateful if you send me a email at Anders@vivi.no explaining what/how your experience were. And preferably quickly. As It feels like something is going to happen soon.

    Regards Anders Langaard Henriksen

  • free thinker

    What if you have most but not all attributes of an old sould. An Eternal, timeless soul?
    I am a Virgo, Dragon, possibly reincarnated (I do have dream like memories of other times and places), philosophical, romantic, sometimes lustful; insightful and decisive, determined!,
    (heroes are : Carl von Clausewitz and Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov), I admire bold stroke ideas and decisions. Genius is in the details. As Ben Franklin says, he who fails to plan, plans on failing. Favorite fictional character: Indiana Jones, and believe it or not Jack Sparrow.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Free thinker, haha, Jack Sparrow :P He’s one of my favourites as well (he has his own kind of quirky wisdom). Matthew Sol is also a Dragon, and they’re very intense people, so welcome on board! If you have most, but not all attributes of the Old Soul, that is fine. Try taking the Mature Soul test and Old Soul test on this blog (in the tests section up the top). Compare the scores, and you may find that you’re in a transitional stage from mature soul to old. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Luigi

    Finally someone who took the idea straight out of my head….most of the time in my life my entourage sees me as weirdo,mister ‘I KNOW EVERYTHING” (in a mocking way way),and mentaly unstable sometimes base on certain decision i make that will later on be in my advantage or valuable for others. The people who ever understands me were old folks and my little brother and my dad ,most of the time they told me that i go to far with my thoughts.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi Luigi :). Old Souls can definitely be seen as “know it alls”, especially when they’re young. It’s a difficult duality: on one hand you’re expected to be naive and “listen to what you’re told” by older people, and on the other you know better but know that you’ll be picked on if you take too much of an independent stand. Thanks for reading Luigi ;)

  • mkchillin

    I posted a comment on a Yahoo! article about sleep recently, stating the reasons why I don’t sleep well. Someone replied that I may be an old soul. I looked this page up and WOW did it really bring some clarification.

    I’m a 20 year old but have always felt like an adult my whole life. Earlier this year my friends even suggested I might have Asperger’s Syndrome. I relate to my generation for the most part I think, but I’ve always felt different from them. I’ve always been deeply invested in knowledge and spirituality. I have little care for many of the trends of our generation. I love history and reading and care for the finer and classier things in life. I too have trouble making friends since I feel like I don’t relate. I find myself alone alot. It’s hard being an old soul. I at least take comfort in my loving family, close friends, overall stability and connection with God. It’s just really hard being an Old Soul though. I find myself FAR more interested in adults and what they are interested in than my own peers. It’s sad. I’ve been very mature beyond my years my whole life and now I am beginning to see why.

    Is there something wrong with me?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi mkchillin :)

      You could also be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and that could be one of the reasons why you find it hard to sleep at night. I’m a HSP as well, and I find it impossible to sleep without earplugs because I’m sensitive to noise. I wrote about HSPs a few months ago: http://lonerwolf.com/highly-sensitive-person-hsp/

      It really does sound as though you’re an Old Soul, and no, there’s nothing wrong with you. As you can see from the comments here, many people feel similar to you. So you’re not at all alone in your feelings and experiences.

    • wanbligleska

      the biological age of the person isn’t related to the age of the soul within. I suppose it would depend upon what type of adults you hang with. We’re all in different stages in an evolution that is lateral, meaning there’s no superior nor inferior, just different courses. Like in school when your best friend has history while you head to math class. When I was a kid, I always related better to adults becuase of my massive vocabulary which drew mostly blank looks from all the other seventh graders, so I’d often find myself spending more time talking to my friends’ parents than my friends. Even so, I still encountered many adults who had clearly taken the short bus to school, so I learned to go on a case by case basis. There’s nothing wrong with you. You have your interests and your preferences and nobody has the right to make you feel like you’re not entitled to enjoy them. If you are okay with having few friends and spending time alone, that’s great, I happen to prefer that, but if you’d like to have more friends in your own age group, I’d start by taking opportunities to socialize and rather than going in knowing you’re different, focus instead on finding commonalities, however small, until you find friends you click with. You seem unhappy about the lack of friendships in your life. Humans are meant to connect with one another and lack of connection can cause depresseion which is known to cause sleep disturbances. You may find that as you stay positive and focus on what connects you to others, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, you’ll be more balanced and at peace with every facet of who you are. And you’ll sleep like a baby. Just stay true to yourself and listen to yourself.. you’ll know what to do.

  • catalina

    Hi Luna thanks for the article. It totally relate to me and it helped me understand myself better.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Catalina, it fills me with happiness to hear that :) Thank you for reading, and best wishes for your self discovery! ~L

  • Nils

    Thank you, Luna, this discussion means a lot to me, as I was searching information to better understand so many of these characteristics that I experience. But I also wonder about my son, now 10, in this light. Content to be alone reading fantasy novels any chance he gets, creating his own space for it at will, all the times I have went to pick him up after school, and surrounded by the chaotic commotion of kids running around and shouting and playing, there he was everyday completely absorbed in a book, an island unto himself. And then there are those times when we would be talking and all of a sudden he launches into a very deep topic, for example related to life and how an aspect of life works, or about how he has a theory that there is actually no present time, and it’s as if I found myself with someone else in the room, no longer a child, his whole demeanor and tone changes, speaking with such confidence and “authority,” clearly teaching me, advising me, almost lecturing…no, it’s bizarre…the second or third time he went into that “phase,” I learned to grab my phone and record him in order to listen to him later on and see if I wasn’t imagining this. This visionary confidence also manifests when he writes, he writes his own novels, and although he has not finished any of them, I have seen how he conjures up the entire novel in his mind at once and lists off the chapter titles as if they were appearing in his mind, and the writing flows from there, or he can also tell the story orally. But the social awkwardness is not easy. He professes his love of animals and nature, and I think a lot about how to nurture these connections and honor his being.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Wow, I was intrigued to read your story Nils! A visionary little boy, what an honor to give birth to such a child! And it’ll certainly be very interesting to watch him grow up and develop his personality further. The world needs more parents like you Nils. Respecting and honoring who he is as an individual is essential for his inner growth and wholeness. Once a child is repressed by their parents from a young age, it’s very difficult for them to get in touch with who they are, and what makes them happy, when older. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us here! I wish you all the best. ~L

  • Alex

    I’m Alex, turning 21 in 3 months. I feel like I’m going on 40. I’ve always been one to sit by myself and just ponder. I love knowledge and wisdom but truth I seek after the most. I find it hard to stay friends with people my age and I even work in an office full of 50 year olds and feel at home. People have described me as astute, wise beyond my years, a mini mother Teresa. Quite frankly I find it suffocating to be able to see what others can’t despite knowing in the long run I’m living a fulfilling life. Life gets very lonely. And I get sad for the world. It’s nice to know there’s other out there like me.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Alex, no, you’re not at all alone. Although it is a suffocating experience, there is some amount of solace in knowing that you’re living life as wisely as you can (and therefore avoiding many of the problems 20 year old’s face!) Thanks for coming by!

  • Julia

    I am an old soul. I would even dare say that I am beyond old, bordering ancient.
    I am only 16 physically, but it’s as if the entire world is so insignificant. It is as if there is a larger picture. I do not sleep often. I have to go as far as to drive myself to be so sleep deprived that I cannot function or even think to even be able to fall asleep. I am constantly plagued by dreams, thoughts on life, on love, on the world as a whole.
    I wouldn’t label myself as a rebel, but I am aggressively opposed when it comes to modern ways of teaching, entertainment, speaking. I find delight in a few things, but I just get so sad, so frustrated at the world, at society. I feel as if I do not belong here, that I shouldn’t be here.
    When I was younger, I had few problems with the world, though I did express outward distaste for a lot of things, but as I grew, it became more prominent. I started not being able to stand to be around kids my age. My teachers would complain that I was unteachable, even though I was a delight to be around. I dropped out of school previously this year and obtained my GED. I plan on college or a tech school soon, but I still struggle with the idea of being around anyone other than the select group I allow myself to socialize with.
    I have troubles maintaining any constant relationship with anyone, regardless of who they were and are to me. It’s just as if everything is pointless, because somewhere inside of me, I know better. I know, but I do not know what I know. It’s like that silent tic in the back of my brain, that dull throbbing in the center of my chest. So..
    I decided to research more on old souls as I have been called one the entirety of my life. I came across this article. I cannot express the extent of my gratitude through mere words, but thank you. This has helped me, a lot. It’s the fact that I am not alone,(Maybe I am, with the extent of these signs), that is giving me something to smile about.
    Again, thank you.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Julia, I’m so happy to hear from you, and your story, so I thank you for sharing this. Depression is perhaps the only psychological illness that Old Soul’s are prone to developing, and that’s because, as you said, everything seems to be pointless. However, one needs not resist the chaos and transience of life. If everything lasted forever, we’d be very bored indeed. Many things are not worth pursuing (titles, respect, careers, properties etc.), but many things are worth enjoying (the gleams of kindness in people’s souls, the beauty of nature, the mystery of the universe and so forth). Although they’re few and far between, people do experience what you experience, so it’s nice to know that you’re not alone in your feelings and experiences. All the very best!

      • Julia

        I wish you the very best. :)

  • Michelle Stright

    I relate to this very well. It also more or less describes an introvert (I’m an NDEr (both child and adult)/INFJ/Empath/Scorpio with Moon in Pisces). I never had friends my own age. I had adult friends (my parents friends and neighbors) before graduating from elementary school (starting in 6th grade) and continue to have friends older than I. As I got older, I had friends that were also younger than I, but never my own age group. Still don’t. And I like living small, even house wise. As a child, everyone thought I was strange. I did in fact, have a rare anxiety disorder called “selective mutism” and didn’t speak my first words until the 6th grade. Good article, thanks :).

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Michelle, sounds as though you’ve had many fascinating experiences in life! NDE and selective mutism, wow! I’m also an empath and INFJ, it seems to be a common occurrence among Old Souls who seem to be more in touch with their unconscious, intuitive minds. Thanks for coming by!

      • Michelle Stright

        Good to meet a fellow empath and INFJ :). Forgive my typos btw, laptop keys stick so bear with me. I really do know “an” only precedes a vowel. Ugh. I do have a few stories to tell. Some not so good, some fascinating, some just plain…weird? I’m doing pretty well these days. There are also physical traits that not everyone talks about but are important. Would take too long to get into here but I can recommend a book that researched HSPs called The H.I.S.S.of the A.S.P. by David Ritchey. An excellent book and important reference.

  • Jessamyn

    Hi Luna, this article totally applies to me. I’m a 29 year old woman, but I’m meant to be an old man. Ha ha! My entire life I’ve been labeled as a loner, a weirdo. I’m obsessed with the history of everything, but so few people my age care to hear about it. I find older people so wise and fascinating. They have so much more insight than the younger folk, insight I can relate to! I don’t understand fashion trends or why people try so hard to conform to one another. In my late teens, I quit wearing makeup and clothing with visible brand names because it all seemed so senseless to me. I can’t stand a majority of modern music. I prefer all my music old. Classical, folk music, classic rock, etc. I also can’t stand going to bars, although I do love a good dark beer. Maybe reincarnation is real, I don’t know, but I feel like once I really am and old person I will fit in with my peers more.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Jessamyn, I’m glad that you’ve stayed true to yourself. After all, there’s no one else like you- who’s going to be you, but you? :) Thanks for reading.

  • carelessNfree

    i just want to own a motorbike and travel alone with my trusty iPod…. travel the world in a motorbike is just my dream then after that i could say i could die…. i just want to be free

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      I hope you accomplish your dream carelessNfree. Work hard enough, and I’m sure you can! I believe everything that is meant to be is meant to be. The universe makes its path for us clear sooner or later.

  • Kim

    I found this article really interesting. I’ve often been told I’m an old soul – and feel like a square peg in a world of round holes. I’ve never fit in and was described as a “strange” child who marched to the beat of her own drum. Now a strange adult I suppose as I don’t have many friends even though people think I am a nice person. Dislike crowds, politics, socializing, work in the creative industry and I need privacy and space to think and function. I prefer my own company and worry constantly about the superficial nature of the world. It’s nice to know that others feel this way

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      I’m glad you find affinity with the community here Kim. Thanks for reading!

  • gunthie

    OK I dont think you are that old. Old souls dont actually feel “people dont cut it for them”, thats more an antisocial/schizoid thing. Old souls actually cant help but feel compassion for others. So they would talk about their solitude differently.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi gunthie, thanks for commenting. Old Souls can both feel compassion for people, yet still feel tired by them. Socially “people don’t cut it for them” because they’re not interested in the politics or drama people create. That’s not to say, however, that they’re schizoid or antisocial as you suggest. I know a few Old Souls who are solitary, prefer to do their own thing, while at the same time being at peace with other people. Personally, I’m in a transitory stage between mature soul/old soul, so I’m not that ‘old’, though I do understand the Old Soul mind set, especially as I have the honor of living with one.
      Take care, ~L

  • oldsoul101

    it’s very funny.. i’ve been an old soul since since young, i am 41 now, my physical looks younger than i was in past 30 years. and i am very sociable, but my soul has already risen above and over 90 year old. ppl with very juvenile perception find me very interesting and tend to hold on to me. but i do not easily let ppl cling on, only ones really need support rather than irresponsible and immature. i work hard to put meals on table, at same time i understand very well that everything i own/ do at the moment doesn’t mean anything on bigger picture. ppl in tight rat race make me want to laugh at their uptightness. i make peace with myself and let ppl have their ways if they push it. not b/c i am push over, simply b/c i don’t want to deal with their pathetic ness.

    i understand very well how universe needs it’s balance and instead of fixate on ” me”, i don’t even acknowledge myself when ppl are bluffing about their accomplishments, when by normal human eye, i know very well that i am an over achiever..

    i don’t know my old soul came from so many life traumas, lessons, or just disappointments with human kind. i am generous and do not ask rewards. i am also leo, , i want to make ppl w/ illness, old, and helpless happy. i want to help them to see light, want to make them feel warmth and sense of hope.

    if i had previous life, i must be a spiritual healer, got killed somewhere in foreign country, and come back this life to take care of unfinished business. might have also committed some sins, therefore need to make extra efforts to reach out to certain group of individual.

    i sometimes think maybe i am approaching end of my life. that’s why i have this kind of old soul, rather free attitudes. yet at same time i have many people to take care of, with loads of responsibility. my heart of often tired but i am still going, until the day i finish my journey and God calls me back.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      I loved hearing about your journey oldsoul101. Thanks for dropping by and sharing some of your story :)

  • Veronica

    is it possible to be a younger old soul, like, one that has only recently gone through a rencaration or two. or however they become old souls(i’m not up to date on this kinda of thing) i am a loner in school and outside of school, i prefer the comfort of my own space, animals, and quite before i enjoy socializing. but i have never felt old, i guess, maybe like a lot of responsibilty has been placed on me but not old. i’m just curious since i have only recently been trying to find things like this cause i have gotten several comments about how my eyes seem to hold more knowledge i guess than they should.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi Veronica. It’s possible for people to overlap other soul age categories (for instance, you could be mostly a young soul, but be developing compassion like Old Souls). No one is strictly an Old Soul, strictly a Young Soul, Child Soul, or any other Soul Age category. Also, it’s usually difficult to determine what precise Soul Age you are when you’re young. According to what I’ve read, people usually fully develop their characters by the age of 30, so you really can’t tell until then.

      It sounds as though you may be a Teenage (or young soul) at the moment. You may just have unusually expressive eyes.

      Thanks for having a read :)

  • AisKacang

    I happened to stumble upon this article when I was searching about old souls and I think it’s amazing. I remember my parents calling me ‘different’ when I was a kid. Till this very day, they tell me that they can’t read me or my thoughts like how they read my siblings’. As a kid, I never played with toys or watched cartoons though I’ve been told many a time that I am rebellious to the core, always questioning this and that. I’ve never been able to fit in groups of people at school and have felt really disappointed. I used to think I suffer from social anxiety disorder because the very idea of interacting with large groups of people at parties or going to malls or clubs gives me goosebumps. At school, my teachers would always say that we should study really hard, get a degree, go to a good job and make loads of money and I have noticed all my classmates getting seriously engaged in such topics, while I was usually thinking of living in a hut in the Himalayas. I’ve also noticed that I prefer communicating with old people who would talk about their life experiences to those who love the world drama. Competitions, money, crowd, drama, news, TV- not a fan of these. When I finally graduated from secondary school, I went to India to study Philosophy with no future plans whatsoever. My relatives still ask me why I study such useless things, and I do nothing but remain silent. Because of all these, I often feel lonely, frustrated and depressed. Tried to make people understand my feelings but all attempts were in vain. Then once my father told me: Just because you are in university, don’t try to drag everyone else with you. Remember that they should graduate kindergarten, enter primary school and secondary school. Then, they will be where you are today. And remember, just because you don’t study ABCs and 123s anymore, doesn’t mean they are all wrong and useless now. I love silence, noisy places and people drain the energy out of me and make me feel weak. People call me lunatic because I talk to animals, trees, flowers- I have this thing in my head that everything and everyone is connected to each other. I refused to dissect a frog during Biology and was banned from attending Biology class for a whole week and was labelled ‘disobedient kid’. I never cared :P And unlike regular parents, my parents told me it’s okay and that I did the right thing. I feel really lucky to be born to such amazing parents who understand me and are always there to support my decisions. They are the first people who told me that love is God, God is love and that until all the underprivileged people in the world are properly fed, educated and cared, you and I have no rights whatsoever to enjoy any form of luxury. I feel I was born into the right family :) I am 20, but I feel way older than that and I embrace this ‘old’ feeling :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Thanks AisKacang. :) Your story is inspiring, and I hope other people here are motivated to follow what they feel is right and true to themselves, rather than what other people believe is right for them. Keep following the unique path of your heart. All the best to you!

  • Josh Yeshua Langner

    Though I can relate with most of these, #9 stands out to me the most. I was quite the odd child- with my parents and teachers encouraging me to enjoy my childhood and not be in such a hurry to grow up. At family gatherings- I would absorb adult conversations of religion and politics rather than playing with the cousins. In school I chose to befriend teachers over peers. Sorts, video games, and television bored me while exploring the arts enthralled me.

    I remember in the 6th grade, the librarian forbid me from checking out any more classics and made me read a popular RL Stein book- Absolute torture. In the 1st grade, I gave up recesses to enter a creative writing competition.

    On the negative side, I had a lawyer’s mentality. I could manipulate any situation to my favor, and I knew it. I had several notes being sent to my parents regarding my “manipulative” tendencies. I also felt very alone. I remember wishing I could find companionship, but I could not find interest in the trivial activities of my peers. When I did find times to be with others of my own age, they cringed at my “cynicism” and deep conversations of “I wonder why…”

    Long & short, I think that having an “old soul” as a child would be challenging, but it is of utmost importance to foster that personality- NOT squelch it. I was lucky to have parents (for the most part- My dad really wanted a boy to play ball) and mentors who just go with it. My counselor was one such person. I was sent to him after college, when I landed myself in some trouble. When he asked me if I knew why I was there, I did not give him the superficial answer of my outright behavior. I gave him an explanation of my underlying cognitive breakdown. I explained how through my life, different hurts had given rise to maladaptive behaviors that eventually led to me getting in trouble. He asked me if I had been in counseling before. I told him, “No. I just think a lot.” He was the first to identify me as an old soul…

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Josh, I could have said the same thing. I believe it must be common for many Old Souls to feel socially awkward and detached from the people around them. The amount of times people have cringed at my intense approach to life and conversations makes ME cringe as I write this. So it’s nice to read of someone else who has experienced the same thing.

      Thanks for sharing with us your story :)

  • Carla

    I do not have the same interests as lots of people my age. Even back in school I didn’t fit in because I liked everything from the classic eras and kids would always poke fun at me. I still love old music, old movies, and attach to people from the decades before mine. I don’t keep up with any of the latest trends… I have been going backwards in time since I was old enough to do so and keep discovering new and wonderful things! I’m a balance of introverted and extroverted. I can be out in public when the time calls for it, but I do enjoy being by myself too. I have to set days aside for me-time. I don’t even believe in the introvert/extrovert labels. I think people were created differently for a reason. We’re not all meant to be alike, that is one of the many things that makes life wonderful.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Carla, thanks for commenting :)
      Interesting that you say that you feel as though you’ve gone backwards in time … personally I’m not that attracted to old music or movies, but it’s a fascinating difference! Either it seems like Old Souls are too old for their time, or too ahead of their time in the way they think.
      How interesting would it be if by the age of 60 we regressed, and started becoming more child-like (Benjamin Button-esque)? I hope we all live to that age to find out :)

  • Tiffany

    This post describes to a T! As a child, I was always the kid who preferred to go off by myself or just hang out with a couple close friends at recess. I also was one of those kids who was more entertained with the box that a toy came in than the actual toy itself. I’ve always felt this disconnect with people my age. I am able to make few connections with people who are willing to accept my odd, introverted ways. I’ve just never had a word or phrase that I could place on the way I was feeling towards society and my fellow peers. I would absolutely love to just be able to drop everything and go live in a cabin in the woods and just have my own garden and farm and such and only enter society when I was lacking an essential thing for existence. I am someone who is very set in her ways and when someone comes along and tries to disturb those ways in whatever way possible it raffles my feathers and I don’t like it, at all. I just want to be able to live my life as I see fit and not have people comment on it because they don’t ‘get it’ or ‘understand’. People don’t have to get or understand me… it’s not their place, the only person who needs to understand or get me is me. But being an old soul, people, especially those around my age (early 20s), don’t understand why I don’t enjoy going out and partying every weekend and they have to make sense of it. But I think I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I realize now that no matter how hard they try to make sense of me and who I am they probably never will and they need to understand and be okay with the fact they probably never will.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Tiffany, haha, I resonate with your comment about wanting to just go live in a cabin in the woods for the rest of your life. I’m not sure if you experience it, but sometimes I just sit down and think “why are these people so stupid!”, and I imagine escaping to a wood-cabin to live out the rest of my days, while the rest of the population ends of annihilating themselves. I know that this is fueled out of anger, but the urge is definitely there at times, the urge to escape.

      Even though people your and my age don’t understand, it’s refreshing to know that one day this will all pass. Each problem that comes along soon passes, which is what helps me go through an Involutionary process of self-growth.

      Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Paul Carby

    have been acquainted with the term old soul just recently and now as I try to search
    for a deeper meaning of it, pretty much I am realizing that I am actually one. How
    I am such a loner and enjoy it, I prefer to travel on my own, and for some
    reason I feel more productive when I’m all alone. Not really into social
    gathering, if ever I was, I’ll be a wallflower. How I think my brain has a mind
    of its own, It just won’t stop. I’m an open minded person who is not fixated to
    any principle; I love learning and exploring new ideas. I tend to be rebellious
    but it is all just in my head, I will never ever put myself to any argument,
    and always be the one to compromise. As
    my brother told me, I am the kindest person he knows, to the extent that sometimes
    I let people take advantage of me. I was never jealous, envious, or forceful,
    my anger subsides easily, and sometimes I feel like I don’t feel any deep emotion
    inside me, it feels empty. I sense a more significant companionship with people
    older than me, I am actually 8 years
    younger than my girlfriend, she’s a soul mate, the only person that I consider
    a friend in a deepest level. On my last note, it seems there’s a huge likeness
    between being an old soul and a hipster, don’t you think. I just hate

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      I sense a similar rebellious streak in myself, Paul Carby, so thanks for writing. Your desire to learn and explore, occasionally deviating from mainstream is a sign of intelligence, and at the most, wisdom. Society is a truly topsy-turvy place.
      I’ve never considered the connection between the Old Soul and the hipster subculture – but it’s a fascinating thought! Personally, I couldn’t be bothered to join a subculture partly because I don’t have the energy for it, and partly because I’m a lone wolf by nature, just as you are. But for many people, I believe subcultures are a way of gaining acceptance and a level of validation for the feelings of “weirdness” they have inside.

      haha, but the likeness between fashion sense could be there. Old in mind … old in fashion sense? Plausible.


  • Fiona

    I have known for some time I’m an old soul. I am only 25 and at times I feel so low on soul energy that I could lay down and my soul would just dissipate away. It reaches a point where I have no energy for anything anymore and that I shouldn’t even be here! I can’t connect with others and I don’t really try anymore. I get labelled “lazy” all the time, but it’s like there isn’t enough if me left anymore to really do very much.
    Does any one else suffer this

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Fiona, thanks for writing.
      Your comment has really generated some thought in me about Old Soul misconceptions. For instance, I can 100% relate to your comment about being perceived as “lazy”. Many times I lack mental and physical energy, and prefer sitting down and doing something calm and relaxed, like reading. I thought perhaps it was some kind of chronic fatigue disorder, but now I’m wondering whether it’s connected to the soul age of a person.
      I’m not sure about you, but for my entire life I’ve been called a “granny” or “nanna”, with a few people close to me apprehensively wondering what I’ll be like when I actually get to an old age.

      I’d love to question fellow Old Souls in the future about common misconceptions and stereotypes they come across.

      I appreciate your comment – and no, you’re not alone.

  • Gee

    I have always wondered why I can’t seem to connect with my peers. I was always trying to be interested in what my peers’ were obsessing about–but I just couldn’t (still can’t). I’m young, still in high school, yet I feel so tired to do anything. I may have lots of energy (physically-speaking), but I just want to sit around and write for the rest of my life. I always think about the world, how it works, why it’s like this, what happens if blah blah blah–and then I would ask myself, is this what fifteen year olds think about? Probably not. Besides my overthinking, I know that I am mentally and emotionally weak. I’ve learned through reading other articles that old souls are more prone to depression and our emotions are more fragile. I could totally relate to that. I also don’t like to argue, would rather have peace and compromises than war and violence. I think this is why I’m submissive to my family, although when it gets too much, I snap and flip out on them. I really hate it when I do that (which is why I resort to writing). Another thing I have realized about myself is that I’m not attached to my friends, no matter how long my friendships were established. I can be “best friends” with a person for three years, yet easily replace them with another. They can hurt me, they can leave me, but I just won’t be bothered. This has always scared me, because I keep doing it. My friends believe that our friendship is something special, but I know that once we move away from each other, our friendship will deteriorate. I think it’s sad, it brings some tears to my eyes, that I can’t connect with them. I still want to fit in, but it just feels really foreign. (Maybe I’m a misanthrope.)

    Thank you very much for sharing this article! I’m pretty relieved to see other old souls out there. :)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna


      Your comment mirrors so much of the way I felt in high school, so I thank you for sharing this!

      You’re certainly not a misanthrope. Many times I’ve experienced similar feelings, but in the end this is simply your ability to ‘see through things’, which causes you to feel tired, wary and detached. Couple that with deep thinking, and the seemingly senseless behavior that happens all around you every day, and it’s bound to make you feel tired and isolated!

      Although being an Old Soul can be alienating, realize that you will avoid making a lot of the mistakes other people tend to make in their lives. And when you do find that special friend, which you will eventually, your bond will be strong and deep. Right now, in high school, you realize that your friendships are transient (which they are, most never survive after school).

      If you continue to feel sad and isolated, you could always try joining an interest group (Old Souls tend to love reading, so you may find kindred souls in a book club somewhere).

      My very best wishes!

  • Karen

    Years ago I was in an accident that killed my husband and step-son…I have no stories of a life after death experience that I can remember..BUT I did come away with a greater sense of peace than I have ever known…AND these words were said to me..by whom I do not know….but after the accident I have repeated for years…I am an old soul and this is my last time around…this is nothing I would have ever thought about before…and I have never been a follower or even a believer in reincarnation…after using a search with the sentence I mention above, it lead me to many sights that are now making me look at things differently but leaves me with one nagging question…many who proclaim life after death experiences say that they were met by other family members…so do the souls of our families leave a permanent memory with us to comfort us…or do they temporarily leave where they are and come to us for a short period to help us through whatever transition we need? How are mediums able to speak to souls/spirits if they go on to another life?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Karen, thank you very much for sharing this.

      In response to your question, I’ve never had an after death experience, so it’s hard to say whether family members temporarily come to visit us to support us. I would suggest taking a look at a few resources, like this website: http://www.psychic-experiences.com/psychic-articles/genuine-fraud-psychics.php Many psychics are charlatans, using a variety of complex psychological tactics to fool you into believing they have special powers (check out Derren Brown), others, like the famous Madam Blavatsky, have unexplainable gifts. I hope this was of some help.

      Thank you for reading!

  • NoNameMatters

    This article (including the comments) is so different and inspiring that I couldn’t resist to comment on it.

    As a kid I had always been different than others. While they were running and screaming in the corridor in the breaks at school, I wrote my novel. All teachers said I was lost in my own world – although I never had any communication problems with my age group. I just didn’t share their interests, the TV shows they watched, the things they bought, the fashion they followed. However I’m not sure that all ‘old soul kids’ are different than others: according to the Michael teachings, all people re-manifest all previous soul ages in every incarnation, so all of us go through the infant / child / young etc. levels as far as our true soul age let’s us go. So a 5 year old may be somewhat wiser than other kids, but most of the child’s attitudes will still resonate with the baby soul level.

    Now I’d like to respond to some of your statements in the comments section.

    ‘I constantly watch my friends talk about their
    drunken nights and I wonder how anyone could ever have fun.’

    Just could’ve written that myself! Never understood this attitude of life… and never took part in it. I don’t need alcohol or smoke – I just feel that I’ve had enough of these things although haven’t tried them in my current life. I thought for a long time I was alone with this perception, and even had real difficulties finding a partner.

    About thinking about the big issues of life: that’s what I’m doing ALL the time, during traveling, eating, a boring job, sometimes I’m doing things automatically and just lost in my thoughts. Dealing with everyday life issues – such as making money for living, eating, shopping etc. are so boring for me, I feel tired… tired…. tired… doing all that stuff. I like working on projects that inspire me, such as designing websites and so on, but it’s only a creative passion, I couldn’t do it professionally, it would lose its allure to me.

    Someone asked if an old soul could be childish… why not? Somewhere I’ve read that old souls are not childish but childlike. I share that too. Usually it’s me who makes fun of something at work, I don’t like people taking life sooo seriously. I always feel an urge to ease the situation, to make people laugh… to make them realize/realise what is important and what’s not for them.

    It’s nice to see some similar views of life here, there are so few people around me sharing my feelings. Thank you for that.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Hi NoNameMatters.

      It brings me great joy to hear that this article (and its comments) resonated with you. I notice that building a small community of like-minded people really enhances the confidence we have in ourselves.

      Feeling tired – perhaps that’s another symptom of the Old Soul spirit? I too feel tired all the time, not only in mind, but in body as well (such that I’m referred to as “granny” a lot :) ) I think it’s a delightful thing to want to ease serious situations, after all, how much is anything going to matter in 2 years, or even 2 days time? I think it was an American Indian story that said that after death, the dead would look at the living and laugh at them for how seriously they take life.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts – they truly are valuable additions to this collective body of experience recorded in this page :)

  • Carlos

    I highly recommend the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower to the readers of this blog.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Thanks for your recommendation Carlos! A would have to second you there. ~L

  • arcticmark

    Great article Luna. It’s comforting to know that there are other INFJ’s out there. Am I an old soul. I would have to say yes. Left the world of religion about a year ago. Took awhile for me to land on my feet. I am comforted to know (feel) that life is an amazing gift. Recognized a long time ago the beauty that is nature. I am highly sensitive/intuitive…to the point where it is becoming spooky and I fully accept that we old souls covet our solitude and are at times sad. I am 44 yrs old and I am in the midst of a joyful but sometimes painful awakening. Nice to meet you Luna. Thank you for the article. The universe is smiling ;)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment Arcticmark. It’s comforting to know that there is someone with experiences so similar to my own, it’s quite uncanny! My very best wishes for your period of awakening. I admire your courageous decision to explore life with freedom, I personally found it an extremely emotional and tumultuous time (as I had to cut ties with my whole family who tried to inhibit and dissuade me). I’m so happy that you’ve managed to land on your feet. The feeling of being able to breathe again is truly invigorating. Thanks for reading :)

  • Kelsey

    Absolutely true about me. I wish I read this earlier. It all makes sense now…

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      That’s a wonderful thing to hear Kelsey. It’s an amazing feeling to finally discover something deeply true and relevant about yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. ;)

  • Bonnie

    I am 22 years old and I constantly watch my friends talk about their drunken nights and I wonder how anyone could ever have fun. I always found myself home every night and I felt so much peace sitting alone in my home. I never really knew what was wrong with me. My mom always lectured me about not experiencing life, but I don’t experience it like my peers. It’s crazy when I find myself in a place were their are hundred of people buzzing around me, I instantly panic and feel more alone then ever. I never knew what my problem was until my teacher and mentor mentioned that I was an old soulThank you for the article it’s really helped me put things in perspective.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Bonnie, I can’t imagine the sense of alienation you must have felt. I’ve always been an outsider looking in, but never an outsider looking out in these situations. This reminds me of my experience with clubs, casinos and strip clubs earlier this year and last. I had never been to any before so I thought “hey! Let’s give it a try. At the very least it will be an interesting learning experience”. Oh boy was it! The things you hear and see in these sorts of environments is fascinating, but quite depressing when you have no interest in them, or see the pointlessness of them. The most notable feeling is the sense of wariness, the sense of just wanting to go home and be by yourself because you’re too tired with people and too tired with the world.

      Feel free to join the Old Soul group on facebook as well, it’s nice to know you’re not alone sometimes. Thanks very much for reading!

      • nike

        Luna can you please paste a link for old soul group??
        i cant find any.

      • Boo909<3

        For the longest time I thought I was crazy, but when random people come to you out of nowhere telling you your an empath and old soul and you somehow recognize them I realized who I was. But im at a point in my life where im tired of trying, and my heart feels empty, I really just want to give up this time. Do u have any advice?

        • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

          Hello boo909. Firstly, it’s a good idea to ask yourself why you’re ‘tired of trying’. Tired of trying for what? Acceptance, meaning, purpose, happiness? My advice is to ask ‘why’, and this will help you to get to the root of your problem. It’s a simple method, but one I find to be extremely effective. Good luck. :)

  • Tyler

    This article describes me perfectly, I have always felt different than my peers. Upon discovering your website I have learned why, thank you. But living as an introvert and old soul in high school is interesting, I have had experiences, that other people my age find fun, but to me they are not. Dances, they are not fun because to me I have a certain bubble around me, being as I am already not a social person, their invasion of that space is extremely uncomfortable.

    When I was younger people always said how I was more mature than other children, I didn’t complain about materialistic things as a child would. I have always maintained a different viewpoint on life than others, when you see boring old nature, I see a complex structure of a whole new world. When others are enjoying their massive new iPhone, I see a waste of $300 a month on a phone bill, when mine does the same for 5% the cost.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Tyler, it can be such a challenging thing to go through high school as an old soul. On one hand you feel alienated, but on the other people can appreciate you for being the quiet, level-headed person who brings a mature and calming presence to the crowd. It’s interesting how many times I’ve read fellow old soul’s adopting a mask to get through these kind of life circumstances, and if you haven’t already I’m intrigued! I’ve always wondered whether it’s possible to go through certain places, like high school, completely without wearing a mask.

      My hope is that, if you haven’t already, you can eventually find a similar soul who appreciates your depth. Thanks very much for reading and sharing your experience.

  • http://YJohnD.com/ YJohnD

    Hi, just came across the site (you guys create some quality articles!) and this article really resonated with me. Often times I look at what people my age do, or are interested in, and find myself sighing and shaking my head at the inanity of it. I usually think to myself, in a somewhat ironic somewhat sarcastic way, that I’m too old.

    This article reminded me of a conversation I had back when I was in the 4th Grade. During recess (it wasn’t technically recess but more of a “go run around outside” time without any equipment) my class was walking around a school playground and I was walking alongside my teacher. I don’t remember what prompted it, but during the walk I said to my teacher “Why do people spend so much money on expensive cars? I mean all cars do the same thing and that’s to take people from place to place. Spending so much money to get fancy cars seems like a waste when you can get a much cheaper car to do the same thing. It doesn’t make any sense.” Such a precocious little scamp! Back then it was relaxing and easy to converse with adults. Needless to say I was regarded as a reserved kid, but looking back now I imagine that not being able to talk about what I found interesting with my peers was a big part of that. Eventually I learned how to ‘act like an idiot’ during middle school as a reverse way to let other people drop their guard around me but it was never fulfilling.

    Of course that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy my own fair share of society’s trivialities, which I’m ashamed that I do, and I do oh so love ‘stupid’ jokes and the like, but overall I’ve kept a consistent,almost weary outlook on life.

    As an end to my self-flattery, I’m curious (article suggestion) as to what you guys think about the relationship between introverts (loners, socially anxious types, or what have you) and the relatively new internet phenomenon of social media (facebook, twitter, etc.). Can introverts thrive unabated in a social media environment, or is it their natural enemy?

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      I really appreciate your comment YJohnD.

      One of the greatest rewards in writing articles like these is to connect with like-minded people, and ironically not feel so lonely. So thanks for sharing some of your story and outlook with me!

      A lot of what you’ve written reminds me of my own time back in childhood. Lately I’ve even experimented with going to nightclubs and other “people my age” things, just to get a feel of what the experience is like. Nightclubs, I learnt, are loud, overly crowded places, with the unbearably overhanging smell of alcohol in the air, along with sweat and hormones. But they do serve their own purpose. It’s funny how much of an outsider you can feel surrounded by people your age (acting out their primal, primitive urges) and even just talking to them.

      But it was good to first experience something I judged harshly was like and add another well-rounded dimension to my life.

      Thanks for your question. This is a really interesting one! From what I’ve observed and in my own personal experience social media is something very bitter sweet to introverts. It’s sweet, on one hand, because it allows us to say what we like, do what we like, and be who we want to be in an unrestrained way. If we want to be opinionated and outspoken on the internet with loads of witty things to say, we have the perfect place to do that. Who’s there to stand and criticize us to our faces, or judge us? Social media takes the edge away from socializing, and it gives us unlimited freedom to be who we truly feel we are. On the other hand, the internet is bitter because many of us who have jumped on the social-bandwagon have become extremely tired sooner or later. We can no longer keep up with the thousands of friends our fellow pals on the internet have, and we can no longer stand the repetitious inanity we read every day. Not only that, but many introverts who join social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc. become disgusted sooner or later at the ingenuine nature of their friendships. In the end, whether introverts can thrive or not in a social media environment is all up to context, and what stage they are in their lives. Personally, I quit many social media sites because I was letting them suck away my solitude. I’m not sure how it is for you.

      Thanks for reading and I look forward to any other thoughts you may like to share. :)

      • http://YJohnD.com/ YJohnD

        Haha, I definitely understand your sentiments on nightclubs. It’s just one of those many things, that just isn’t our thing.

        I also came to similar conclusions on your thoughts on social media’s capability to be both a beneficence to introverts as well as a form of burden and boring, predictable repetition. I didn’t say anything about myself and social media because I wanted to see what you thought without the intended or unintended influence of my own position, but I’ve avoided them like the plague, in general. For years I’ve refused to get a facebook account for reasons including, but not limited to, my introversion. Because I can sometimes come off as extroverted, depending on the situation and the company I’m keeping at the time, and because of modern society’s rising expectations of social media participation, I’ve been asked a few times (more than I’d appreciate) to add or be added on facebook. When I say I don’t have one the usual response is one of confusion and disbelief. Once someone said to me, jokingly, “You don’t have a facebook? Then who ARE you?”, insinuating a lack of facebook= a lack of existence. Of course I laughed with them, but couldn’t help but feel a nagging sense of disgust and sadness that such a statement can even be proffered as a joke.

        For about a month now I sort of started using facebook, mostly by actually creating one and putting up a recent picture for my old high school friends and sharing a total of about 3 things on it. I’m very likely going to close and try to delete my facebook account in the near future. Mirroring your sentiments that the internet (or the general written word) allows us to speak the way we want, I find that I’m far more serious and ‘proper’ than in person. An old friend of mine was so taken off guard by the fact that I have expressed an interest in writing “for fun” that they exclaimed, once more jokingly, “I don’t know who you are anymore!”. It’s interesting how much of what we say and do, especially our jokes, reveals much of us. In person I tend to be easy-going, joking, friendly, and buffoonish but in words I can come across as overtly serious.

        But that’s what I feel the beauty of writing is (especially for introverts), we are able to express ourselves in our truest sense while in person we may feel obliged to fall in line with society’s expectations. For me, I feel like a jester behind a mask while I’m out and about, and a grave, misunderstood, and bitter and sad soul when the mask is taken off.

        There’s a type of beauty (imaginative) to be found in our, now ever decreasing, privacy. The little we knew of each other inspires grand thought and reverence for one another, but social media such as facebook forcefully reveals that people are a terribly pitiful race. It’s sad to me the need to tell all about nothing. It really ruins our individuality and uniqueness and I really liked that faux beauty I once cherished in others.

        Anyways, thanks for the reply! I intended to keep this very brief, but whenever I get “set off” I always feel the need to say everything I’d like.

        • http://YJohnD.com/ YJohnD

          ^My goodness. I did quite the opposite of making a brief “thanks for the reply” reply. I’ve really got to work on that.

          • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

            Thanks for your thoughts YJohnD :)

            If only there could be more people in the world who had the same sort of insightful conversations as people like you. But then, I can see the truth in ying and yang. There’s always some good in bad and bad in good, and the negative very often highlights to positive, that is, all the brilliant, deep and thoughtful people in the world are thought of that way when contrasted with the animalistic, shallow and thoughtless people in the world. I know that sounds like a harsh way of putting it, but sometimes you need to be harsh to get your point across.

            Many old souls wear socially acceptable masks to get through daily life, and it’s a lot harder when you’re younger to let the “inner you” shine through, especially when your peers expect you to do one thing when you feel like doing the other. I guess the good news then is that everything improves with age! Or … you can decide to be the weird guy who wants to be a mystical shaman. :) How often we wear a mask is really determined by how much we desire to please other people and be accepted.

            Anyway, I really love hearing the thoughts and experiences of other old souls … so thanks for taking the time to share them! I’m sure everyone else here appreciates it as well ;)

            • http://YJohnD.com/ YJohnD


        • http://www.ALifeSingular.net Lorraine Pestell


          Thanks for this chain of posts. I share many of the same opinions, particularly about social media for introverts. I am trying to market a book as a self-published author, and every single authors’ instructional book / site / blog tells me I should tweet-tweet-tweet, FB, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn about it until the cows come home.

          It’s absolutely exhausting, and my overriding impression is that people will see it as spam invading their lives. Perhaps they don’t, but also perhaps its just counter-culture to non-Americans? Maybe I just have to get over it and keep tweeting incessantly?!

          Thanks again,


  • painislove

    Its really hard being an old soul. Sometimes you just don’t feel like caring about anything. At the worst times old souls can fall into depression. I’m most at peace when I’m sitting outside alone without any distractions from other people. I wish I could just live on a mountaintop watching the sky and the valleys around me all day and not have to think about anything. Having to work a boring job or study something intrinsically useless just to make a living or to survive just sucks. I’m in my mid-twenties and have no idea what to do in life, only that I don’t want to be a part of the young soul rat race competing for everything from money to jobs to respect from others. I recommend more reading from the Micheal teachings site if you guys want to know more about the concept of soul age. It provides more information about soul ages and insights. http://www.michaelteachings.com/

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Painislove, your post struck me deeply – it reminds me so much of myself, especially the part where you described the most peace you feel is sitting outside alone, watching nature. Once you see through the fallacies of society’s games it makes you wonder what is really worth pursuing in your life. Being an Old Soul can make you feel extremely alone, especially when what means so much to other people doesn’t mean a thing to you. I really empathize with you painislove, and I hope you manage to find your place in life (and think outside of the usual “box” people operate in). Thanks for the link as well :)

    • nike

      wow!! i feel the same.
      i have also been told that i am an emapth.

  • Tiffany M.

    Terrific post. You pretty much described me completely. I’m Type 4, Virgo, INFJ, Type A. Great to know there are others who are out there who are just like me :-)

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      I’m happy that you could connect with other people like you Tiffany :) It’s such a delight to know that you’re not alone in your supposed weirdness sometimes. Thanks for reading ;)

  • Anna

    Good article, describes me almost perfectly, except I’m not very spiritually inclined. Haha. I was a bit strange as a kid, but perfectly sure I am an old soul since I was a teenager. At age 13, my concern was not about first love or hang out with friends. I thought a lot about philosophy, the meaning of life and death, etc..
    I am a cancer, type A positive, also an INFJ (sometimes INTJ), and type 4 romantic+type 7 adventurer (equal scores, but I think I am more inclined towards the type 4).

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Thanks very much Anna :) Nice to know there are so many INFJ/INTJ’s coming here, sounds like we could almost be identical twins (at least personality type wise)! You must have felt quite isolated and strange thinking about such weighty things, while everyone around you was contemplating how to get into the back seat of the car with their crushes, haha :P I know I felt that way, and still do, especially when observing the daily going ons of life, it’s as though there’s a little old woman trapped inside. Thanks for sharing ;)

  • Jostein the Norwegian, 24

    I wasn’t THAT weird as a kid, and I care a little about material things, but I honestly feel like an old soul. Most of the points above are very familiar, so thanks for this! Is it usual for old souls to be childish? I’m INTJ by the way, but sometimes feel like INFJ.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      It seems that many intuitive feelers and thinkers feel old. Good question Jostein :) From what I’ve experienced, old souls live in a kind of paradoxical way – on one hand they feel very old inside, and on the other they’ve usually reached a state where they realize that there isn’t much to worry about, which can make them behave in childish ways (just think of the old soul Rumi the poet, and the childish way he would behave, although his words were filled with wisdom and insight). I don’t know about you, but I’d much prefer to play with a child rather than hang out with people around the same age as me. There seems to be a greater affinity between the child and the old soul, than the old soul and his peers, perhaps because they both see the world in a clearer way than the people around them?
      Thanks for reading ;)

  • Tiffany LaDise

    I’m must be a very old soul because I’m ALL of these! XD

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      You must be Tiffany :) I wonder if there’s an Old Soul spectrum … Thanks for reading!

  • http://www.facebook.com/benlast Ben Last

    I think you’ve identified a number of signs that one is an thoughtful, intellectual introvert and loner, but I’m not sure they form a cohesive set of attributes. I can think of non-spiritual “old souls” for example. One can be rational/skeptical and also have many of those characteristics.

    • http://lonerwolf.com/ Luna

      Thanks for your opinions Ben. I would say that the example you gave of the rational/skeptical Old Soul, could easily fit into the #5 sign, as thoughtfulness also implies critical thought. These signs are by no means exhaustive they’re simply a culmination of the research I’ve done on the topic (the descriptions people gave in forums and so forth), and the experiences I’ve had as well.

      The only way to discover the cause (of being an Old Soul) is to first examine the symptoms. Any doctor would tell you that a certain list of symptoms can match a variety of states. It is up to the knowing eye to observe these symptoms and determine whether they are congruent with the experience of being an Old Soul, or not.


      • Sebastian

        Once again the defensiveness and misunderstanding of so many. The variables of the old soul don’t matter. The uninitiated are simply a bore and fail to bring the growth necessary through the insipid passing of time. If you aren’t “it”, you won’t be anything. Try again.

        • http://facebook.com/LonerWolf Sol

          To be “it” is something that only the person can decide. These Signs are merely small hints that may awaken you to the possibility of being an Old Soul, and give you the initial clue for you to explore yourself, introspect and make your own judgment.

          Thanks for the thoughtful comment!