Dynamic Meditation – How To Be A 3 Year Old Child Again

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dynamic meditation

"What I do is sort of like dynamic meditation.  I confront the useless beliefs and ideas you cling to, in a way that you'll react.  After you've gotten all your pent up emotions out, then you're more open to what I have to say."

I was on the receiving end of this a few weeks ago when Sol and I were in a discussion.  It made me reflect on something interesting: the more emotion and psychological tension we build up inside, the less open and receptive we are of the people around us, and the life we have in general.

How many times have you gone into a situation with an outlook already coloured darkly with a negative perspective?  Every single thing you see, feel and experience is suddenly a whole lot different than what you experienced before.  Our perception of life is extremely important, and is directly influenced by the level of pent up emotions we carry inside ourselves.

Our perception determines how many friends we have, what jobs we choose and stay in, how thankful we are of the people in our lives, who we partner with, and how big our general levels of happiness are.

The Best Form of Catharsis

Just think of a little 3 year old child.  How many rigid beliefs do they obsessively cling to?  How many passive aggressive displays of anger do they have?  How many tension induced headaches and neck aches do they put up with?  If the kid is like most 3 year old kids, none whatsoever.  But why?  Because they regularly engage in a very healthy form of catharsis: tantrums.

Just think of how you feel after you scream or cry.  More often than not, you feel a sense of relief and a whole lot more peaceful than before.  These are only two forms of very mild catharsis however, and unfortunately, the only ones that we usually choose to relieve ourselves of the cocktail of emotions we all carry with us.

So why don't we throw tantrums like we did when we were 3?  Wouldn't it be a much more thorough way to empty ourselves of all the emotional weights we carry?  Many of you will think words like: infantile, embarrassing, immature and uncivilized when the idea of throwing a tantrum comes up in your minds.

Fortunately for us "mature and civilized" adults, there is a controlled way of dropping all of our mental and emotional baggage.  It has rules too! ... Will that pique your interest?

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Dynamic Meditation

Dynamic meditation was first created by Indian guru and mystic Osho (or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh).  It's a full body catharsis that involves sporadic and spontaneous movements and noises that are aimed to increase alertness, and purify the body of toxic, repressed emotions.

The whole point of dynamic meditation is to become more open, aware and embracing of life, in the present moment.

For your entertainment, I've included a fascinating video below.  Try to watch this video in a state of open mindedness.

I did this for a long time.  It's the most powerful thing I know to help you get through stressful situations ... it just changes the entire day, everything.  - YouTube user

Stage 1:

Quick, deep, and chaotic breathing.  This is supposed to build up all the energy inside of you to breaking point.

Stage 2:

Go crazy, and let every emotion you have out, just like a 3 year old having a tantrum.  Scream, cry, jump or do anything that expresses and releases what you feel inside.

Step 3:

Jump up and down, breathing the mantra "Hoo!" continuously.

Step 4:

Stop and freeze exactly where you are!  In this stage you're supposed to observe your body and the sensations it's experiencing.

Step 5:

Dance around and celebrate through dance!

Although dynamic meditation may not be for everyone, it's one superb way to let go of all the poisonous emotions that we carry within ourselves, sometimes for years.  These emotions make us sick both in body, and in mind.


Any experiences with dynamic meditation?  Feel free to share them below!

Photo by: Maks Karochkin

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  1. Rook says

    Wow, this is cool =) Dont think I have enough space to do it though, something will get broken and it’ll probably be me lol

    I like this in children though. They have the right approach, just let it out.

    I feel like it’s down to repression really. The emotion its self, such as anger and sadness, are so often thought off as being negative, rather than the actions that can spring from these feelings. So you get taught to ignore them. I know I come from a ‘just get on with it’ type of family.

    (I think you’ve mentioned this in a recent article Luna, about letting your inner demons guide you)

    Our bodies naturally produce adrenaline in stressful situations as a method of survival but nowadays (generally speaking) our problems are our jobs, money, relationships etc So we’re all charged up to run for our lives and then we sit and eat ice cream instead, or some other method of relief. All that adrenaline just has no where to go but back in and then can sit there repressed for years.

    I discovered the first time I did yoga, I was trying to help lessen periodic bouts of back pain that I had been experiencing from high school and during the breathing exercises at the end to cool the body down, I burst into angry sobs.

    Most of the time now, I end up laughing which I would prefer (lol) but I find still, sometimes when I’m aware that I need to cry something out, breathing mediation helps bring it on.

    Well Wishes =)

    • says

      Yes, it all depends on the person. :) And I like the point you made about adrenaline, and how it tends to stagnate. Everything is composed of energy, so when we don’t find outlets to release that energy, we start getting sick. Whether that be by dynamic meditation, yoga, crying/laughing therapy, or others, there really is something for everyone. But most people in the dream state of our world, tend to not realize the importance of release.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. IndigoKitten says

    after reading this and watching the video i feel i must try this out. For many years i have kept everything i have ever felt inside my body. Sure i cry and than fall asleep from exhaustion but it seems no matter how much i do that it wont fully help. I was reading other articles posted to this site, it had a part about depression and anxiety well the statement about the doctors normally medication us is so true. i am on two medications for depression, impulsiveness, anxiety, ad mood swings. i have also taken some of your test and it seems as if i have openness, conscientiousness, creativity, imagination, im abstract, curious, im a deep thinker, intuitive, and i do value arts and aesthetic experiences, im a good planner, efficient, hard working, blunt emotionally intelligent, im an indigo child and im headstrong/ wise. ‘Not only were those the feelings of who i am but some test results and things ive come to realize through reading upon this site.

    • says

      IndigoKitten, it makes me so happy to hear that you have learnt a lot about yourself thanks to the work of Sol and I. For the Western mind, dynamic meditation is perfect. In fact, many recommend dynamic meditation followed by conventional meditation as it is the perfect preparation for a constantly busy mind. I truly hope it helps you to become less repressed! Feel free to let us know how you go.

  3. says

    Native Americans have said I have a wolf spirit. As a highly intuitive Empath, and tarot reader, I can strongly identify with the timber wolf spirit. I can embrace the concept that all humanity is connected through a divine force of energy. And I like to access this spiritual energy through use of the tarot because tarot serves as a conduit to the subconscious, the basin of all emotions.

    As a devout loner wolf, I can feel the irresistible attraction between spirit and humanity. I have learned that this energy of attraction is a crucial necessity to maintain an eternal connection to the Source. It compels heart-based love and serves to center the spirit.

    Lastly, we are all on a spiritual journey and can learn many different things from each other as we explore realms of the past, investigate what is taking place now, and what is to come when we practice the art of involution.

    • says

      Hi Sophie,

      Wow, what a privilege to have such a race of people help you identify your Spirit Animal!
      “Tarot serves as a conduit to the subconscious”, an excellent way of summing up the Tarot (which I too like to use as a way of building a bridge between the conscious and unconscious minds).

      The more and more I open my mind to the many different paths of self-discovery and expression in the world, the richer and more mysterious life becomes. This is the beauty of the path of Involution: there are thousands of tools at our disposal, and it is up to us to choose which ones work for us the most. Dynamic meditation is one of those.

      I appreciate your comment!


  4. Iqbal Halim says

    Taking a long deep breath help me a lot when i got stressed. At least it takes 10 times or more. Make me feel relief and peaceful just like what you said above. But i have my own ways to rid of the stressed situation. i usually take a long sleep about 10 hours or I’ll eat as much as i can. But sometimes the entire ways that we used are useless. The stress still haunt me. I need an enlightenment :(

    About being spontaneous, i don’t know to react. when kid, i used to love yelling, but after the number’s getting old, it feels awkward to do that again. people see it as an awkward act. you know, people get their own speculation about what we do. they may be think we’re a weirdo. The judge that made us feel down immediately and felt ignored.

    The fact is I’m a hyper sensitive man, let this heart takes control of me. Feeling guilty even i didn’t make any mistakes. i am a truly introvert who trying hard to see the bright side of it, but it sucks when it didn’t work at all.

    • says

      It’s very difficult being a highly sensitive person in the face of life’s daily pressures and stresses, so I empathize with you Iqbal ;) The point emphasized in this article was pretty much to try having a full-blown tantrum again, but not in front of other people ( instead, you should try it in the safety of your own house, or a quiet space.) Shouting at people won’t help anyone, that’s completely true, and neither will excessive eating (all of which I’ve done to no avail). I really hope that you get time to try dynamic meditation, I’ve tried variations of it, and as a HSP it truly releases all the deep-seated anger and upset that we can carry around within ourselves. Dynamic meditation certainly isn’t a quick-fix to overcome stress (as in, you can’t just leave a difficult customer at work to quickly practice it), but it’s something that requires a bit more time, say, right at the end of the week when you’re by yourself at home unwinding.

      Good luck :) There are many downfalls of being highly sensitive, but many beautiful things about being being a HSP as well.